Elliot Jones

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Name Elliot Jones
Birthday November 10th
Apparent Age 20s
Occupation Janitorial Technician
Virtue Wouldn't hurt a fly...
Vice ...except when she does. *SPLAT*







Elliot is from ... somewhere. She doesn't really talk about it. The young woman showed up in Fort Brunsett recently but as to when exactly? People arrive in the city all the time; one can't keep track of every nameless face that filters in. Elliot has kind eyes and a ready smile but she's quiet -- quiet, mind you, not shy. She sticks to sweeping floors and minding her own business but she's always watching. Watching for what?

Dunno. Who's to say?

Elliot animated.gif

Roleplaying Hooks

New in town
She showed up in Fort Brunsett not too long ago, a stranger looking to get lost in a city. She's still feeling her way around, getting the lay of the land.

No nickname
If people call her Elle or Ellie or any other kind of nickname, she will very politely -- but firmly -- let them know that her name is Elliot and that she prefers to go by that, thank you.

Quiet, reserved, watchful
She tends to be quiet, her manner reserved. Don't mistake that for shyness though! Elliot just prefers to observe her surroundings before committing to anything.

Looking for work
Living requires essentials and essentials are paid for with money, something she seems to be sorely lacking. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have skills of any kind -- Elliot is always looking for work, preferably something that isn't customer service oriented. Need someone to work a stock room? Need someone to sweep your floors? Elliot is your girl. Jobs acquired thus far:
      Dirty Laundry: Janitor
      Cat-22 Collective: Girl Friday

What's that over her shoulder?
She's always looking, looking, looking -- glancing back, around, up, down. It's like she is worried that she is being followed. But that's why people fade into cities, right? To escape their past? That must be it. She's probably running from an ex or something.

Elliot just .. doesn't .. quite .. fit in. Like, she doesn't seem to get it: the vernacular, the current trends, all that stuff. Maybe she used to be Amish? Or perhaps she escaped from a cult?

...And just a little bit sad
When she smiles, Elliot is adorable. Her eyes go all squinty and practically disappear, her nose scrunches and her dimples come out in full force. But even when all that is going on, there is a sadness to the girl that never leaves her. It is always there, a quiet, hidden thing that has rooted itself to her soul.


There are people you know...

Boss #1, Dirty Laundry. Feeds me.

Supervisor at Dirty Laundry. Nice. Shakes hands for a long time.

Boss #2, Cat-22. But not my boss, co-owner? Also feeds me.

Friends & Fam
..and then there are people you know.

Stuff! Things! They will go here.

Stuff! Things! They will go here.


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