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Food Court Proposal

When Springer Stuff Happens...


Widget Damion Haruki Lolly C.B. with Shelley as StoryTeller.

15 April, 2018

Drama at the Food Court



The dinner rush at the local mall has finished. A sunday evening still finds a surprising number of people here despite the horrid weather outside. Then again, its Vermont. The people are used to this kind of weather. There is even one guy wearing shorts. Shorts.

A small local band plays some soft rock of questionable quality over between Carl's Subs and the Pizza Plaza. They seem to have been hired by mall staff, but no one is really paying attention to them. No one except a single young woman who stands practically alone in front of the small stage, bobbing to the music. She looks like a typical groupie, jean jacket a few decades to late and badly done makeup and way to many bracelets. A acne filled teenager with brown hair stands off to the side, with a cheap camcorder up to his face, filming the band on stage. He keeps moving about (and the footage is going to be very shaky for his work) to try and get them from different angles.

After the song finishes the band takes a breather, putting down instruments and joking with one another. The girl runs up to the guitarist and throws her arms around his shoulders, showering him with sloppy kisses. A jealous sort of look comes over the cameraman, who stands back from them and puts the cap over his camcorder for the moment, sighing then glancing at his toes.

Ugh. The mall. Not C.B. Alexander's hangout of choice...uh, pretty much ever. BUT, there is a bookstore in this godforsaken place that is not owned by Scott "Kip" Kensington, so that's a bonus. And when you don't buy books on Amazon...yeah. What else is he to do?

He's ended up in the food court, god help him, and is currently drinking /something/ from a cup with a straw that is probably not actually whatever should be in there, like soda. There's a bag from the bookstore on the table as he peevishly glowers at the shitty band and its shitty onlookers. At least no one's bothering him, at the moment anyway.

Across the food court from the band, Lolly waits in line at Dairy King with a bag of who knows what from Bullseye and a bag of anyone-can-guess from Strip Teas. Unlike C.B., she is neither glowering nor peevish, waiting patiently in the queue and accepting the compliments of strangers on her outfit. She is NOT dressed like a pirate. Vocaloid Lily, yes. (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/195484440046267913/)

Once it's her turn, she places an order for a small swirl cone dipped in chocolate, pays in cash, and steps out of the line to survey the tables for a likely seat.

The lead guitarist finally pushes the young woman away, giving her a grin. The rest of the band is still idling about on the edge of the stage, talking with one another. The drummer shoots looks toward the guitarist and the young woman occasionally, but the rest of the band basically ignores them. Finally, after another look at his gal, the Guitarist seems to come to a conclusion. He reaches out and grabs the still live mic, looking over the non interested crowd still eating.

"Heeeeeyyyy Fort Brunsett!" The guitarist shouts over the mic. "It has been an evening! Again we are Red Lost Dead Lost, and we have been playing songs from our first debut album!" He makes a gesture to a table where some clearly homemade CDs have been left in haphazard stacks. "And thank you for having us! There is just one more thing I want to do tonight!" He turns toward the young woman who was kissing him earlier. "Maralyn! You have been with me since we started this, and I want you with me for the rest of our lives!" He gets down on one knee. "Maralyn Rosewood Smith will you marry me?" He doesn't even have a ring.

There are a few random cheers and jeers from the crowd, mostly disinterested looks from bored people eating. However the drummer suddenly looks very alarmed. And there is the camera kid. He looks -crushed-.

C.B. squints, watching this debacle from his seat, slurping on his straw. He does pass a glance in Lolly's direction, just because she's 'different' and he vaguely knows him. There may be trouble brewing ahead, but it's not the sort of thing he's likely to get involved in unless -- well, who knows? He can probably understand this sort of scenario; he's been in a few of them himself, if Enid's to be believed.

Lolly brushes her wig's bright yellow bangs out of her eyes when the 'heeeey' rings out over the food court, attention caught, even if her interest isn't. She does, however, find an empty table while she's looking in that direction...

Ice cream cone and bags in tow, she makes her costumed way toward the seat before it can be taken, noting C.B. with a brief double-take and a flicker of recognition.

Haruki's dressed all magiciany, or at least half magiciany, in that he's wearing the top hat with rabbit ears, the tuxedo jacket, but with a white-tshirt underneath, and black slacks. And glitter. Lots of glitter. He's leaving a trail of the stuff as he moves, all sparkly shiny. He looks rather bedraggled, as he rushes through the mall. Being a gluten free Vegan tends to mean avoid the food court, but well he does stop when the band mentions they're name, and then there's the marriage proposal, which he stands to gawp at like the others.

To her credit, Maralyn seems to be happy about this. She jumps up and runs toward the Guitarist, wrapping her hands around his head and grinning widely. "Yes! Yes!" she screams at the top of her lungs, smiling wide and laughing as she jumps for joy.

Suddenly, the cameraman is there. Nerdy kid, probably part of the AV club, right? And he's pulling the guitarist away. "No way! No way! Maralyn, you said... you said..." he stutters, his voice going tight. Rage suddenly spatters across his face. "You dont deserve her!" he says and throws a punch guitarist. It is a weak one, but enough to send the kid back a few steps.

At the same time the Drummer is suddenly moving toward them too. "What the fuck Marcus!" He is furious as well, but... something is different about his. "No way man! You said... you said!" he is aiming his anger at the guitarist. He trails off as the camerakid throws his punch, shocked, then turns away, unable to face them.

Maralyn is beside herself. She reaches for the camerakid "Daniel, no! Its ok!" she starts to yells, trying to pull him away.

C.B. makes a brief gesture to Lolly as she notices him, a tiny two-fingered saluted from his forehead, but that's about it. He is not wearing PVC, sparkles or anything else but his usual uniform of plaid flannel work shirt, jeans, and work boots, with a newish Red Sox cap perched on his head, matting down hair he hasn't washed in awhile.

He opens the top of his drink to pour the rest of the contents into his mouth, but almost sputters it out again when the drama begins on stage. Wait, is he laughing? At other people's pain? That's not very /nice/, C.B. Around the same time, he can't help but notice Haruki, and he'll nod in the magician's direction should he notice him, but not wave or call out. His face and ears are turning red from swallowed laughter.

Lolly, being a responsible person, sees this punchfest beginning and promptly straightens in her seat, looking for mall security.

Does she go up there and get herself involved? Heck no. She does not, alas, notice Haruki just yet, distracted by the search for uniforms.

Haruki pulls out his phone and quickly googles the band, trying to find their facebook page, their names, what's going on. Yes because that's such a better idea than joining a fight. At least he's not recording it.

Okay. Recap: Maralyn. Caught in a weird sort of triangle. Marcus, Guitarist, just proposed and got punched (weakly) by Daniel, the nerdy AV kid. And still unnamed Drummer Boy suddenly looking away.

Marcus sputters from where he staggers backward, looking at the others with surprise in his face. Maralyn looks at Daniel, pulling his arm back "No, Daniel No!" She cries out in fear. "No! it's okay. Really, its for the best! He's trying to do the right thing. He's trying to be a good dad!"

Daniel turns back toward her, pain in his eyes. "It's not his..." he says, louder probably than he intends. He shakes his head and moves back away from her.

"What?" Both Marcus and the still unnamed drummer boy say at the same time, eyes wide and blinking. They steal glances with each other. A decision is made, in silence, and suddenly the drummer moves to Marcus side, putting a hand on the guitarist shoulder. It is not just a friendly gesture, as the hand is covered by marcus a moment later.

"It's not mine?" Marcus asks, louder than Daniel. "Then no way in hell bitch. Offer taken back!" He spits to the side, angry. "And you, nerd boy. I'll take you apart!" he says, trying to get back to his feet.

Someone is running off toward mall security, but no one is showing up yet.

Haruki really, really, really wants to play Jerry Springer. Like totally and utterly and stick his tiny nose in where it's not welcome. "Hey," he buts in. Look at the magician, all cute and defenceless and adorable. Please don't hit him for interupting. "You shouldn't call people bitches, that's not nice. And you should always, always wrap it up. Now I get everyone's being all emotional, it's upsetting stuff, but you should all go, sit down and talk it out like adults, because Jerry is not here." He gives a quick glance around to be here. "Fighting will just have you all end up in jail, and while that'll be great for the bad boy press of the band, it's not that fun a place to be. And it accomplishes nothing, really."

C.B. is definitely not helping out with the quest for mall security -- though to be fair, there may be a few mall cops around him already, as he has this uncanny ability to draw police and their ilk. At least for now, he remains where he is. 'Enjoying' the show may be a bit of a stretch. He's observing it, laughing a little. That's about all.

After about the time a fight seems to be brewing, he eschews his now-empty cup (after chewing on a few ice cubes) and has already gone and drawn out his flask for further consumption. That is, until he notices Haruki getting /involved/. "Oh for fuck's..." He sighs, rubbing a hand over his face, and slowly gets to his feet, heading towards the stage. This can't end well.

Game: CB has a -1-point "Flaw - Cop Magnet" Merit.

Lolly-as-Vocaloid-Lily watches the fight in progress, the drama, and mutters something quietly in Japanese under her breath before lifting her ice cream cone to take a bite before it starts to melt.

Not even seeing the 'famous' magician stripper Haruki trying to Tuxedo Mask the situation is enough to prompt HER up there; she does get out her phone, however, and start dialing the mall to find their security number.

Maralyn, now with tears streaming down her face, tries to run back to Daniel, but he turns away even further. And then Marcus is standing and starting to walk toward him. He picks up an abandoned tray on the table and flings it. A shouted warning from the girl and the drummer causes Daniel to duck, letting the tray go flying... right at the Haruki. Another fallows a moment later, much to the protest of the woman who was eating it. This goes wide, heading toward C.B.

"Daniel!" Maralyn calls in distress.

"Marcus!" cries out the drummer.

"SHUT UP" Marcus yells at ... Haruki? The Drummer? Both?

And... there comes a fat mall cop, hustling out of nowhere. He practically runs into the table where C.B. rests, glaring at the man before he shakes his head. "Oh man," the old guy whispers mostly to himself. "I hate this crap."

Haruki is now getting the brunt of the Guitarists attention, as Marcus starts yelling at him to mind his own business. Daniel has retreated and Maralyn is standing between them. And the drummer. "Hey Marcus," he says, soothingly. "Come on babycakes," he coos. "You were gonna get rid of that cover anyways. Come on... it's not worth it,"

-> >> CB to Here << <-================================================

   Rolled 4 Successes
   < 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 7 7 7 9 9 10 10 >

============================-> >> Dexterity + Wits + 3 [9-Again] << <-

WAIT? Is that CB Alexander laughing? Has Haruki ever seen him so happy and amused and laughing before? And he's eating too - even if it's ice cubes. No, this can't be CB this must be his evil doppleganger. Haruki only only glances at him briefly but it's with so much judging. 'Famous' Magician Stripper Haurki was totally in disguise and wearing a mask when he was stripping. Plus it was probably his own evil twin doing that. Not this wholesome boy. It's never Haruki. This is good pure fairy glitter not bad 'we'll-never-let-you-perform-at-any-children's-parties-again' stripper glitter that he's covered in.

Haruki looks at Marcus and says. "Lots of people tell me to shut up but it doesn't usually work. Even though it's none of my business, you're sort of making it my business by being all loud. Besides, Fred's damned hot, like smoking, and I was wondering if I could get..." he looks at the drummer, "your number?"

"SONUVABITCH!" C.B. hollers. He ducks in time for that tray to miss him and the mall cop and go catapulting into a column behind him. The mall cop gets a glare for his trouble, but mostly, C.B. is trying to intervene with Haruki. He puts a hand on the magician's shoulder and glowers at the whole band for good measure. "Not only are you all idiots, but your band sucks, too. I hope you all gave each other Vee Dee." V.D.? Who even calls it that anymore?

"Haruki," he mutters to the smaller man, tugging his shoulders. "Knock it off. C'mon, they're hardly worth the bullshit."

Unknowing of what's going down, into this mess wanders Damion. The big dragon isn't alone, Widget accompanying him. Apparently they were checking out the mall on a Sunday night for whatever reason. He's dresses fairly casually, a loose button up and a pair of jeans with sneakers on his feet. There's a slight smile on his face, and he glances over the crowd. His smile fades a little bit when he notices the commotion, his brows drawing together. "The hell is all this?" He turns towards this area and moves.

-> >> Haruki to Here << <-============================================

   Rolled 2 Successes
   < 1 2 3 3 3 4 8 10 >

======================-> >> Presence + Persuasion + 2 [No Flags] << <-

Widget walks alongside Damion, holding his hand. Her bottomless stomach brought them to the food court, the gremlin willing to actually pay for food for once. That, and Damion might get upset if she started trying to steal things. Or go in the dumpster. It was okay, though. Maybe the bee-burger place would let her have one of those hats. And there was a fight! This was already fun!

SOMEone believes that C.B. is entirely correct.

Pity that someone isn't Haruki!

Lolly, currently cosplaying Vocaloid Lily (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/195484440046267913/), considers the incipient violence and tray-throwing, eyes the column nearby which just had said tray thrown AT it, and mutters under her breath again, hefting up the rustly plastic bags and heading off through the crowd toward the concourse to eat her ice cream somewhere less likely to get her beaned!

Fred blinks, then blushes. Marcus, now having kinda been outed, blinks, then looks angry at that fact. He starts to swell up, trying to get bigger, but Fred is pulling him back.

Daniel is doing much of the same, turning his head to look at Maralyn who is pulling his arm. "Did you know ... about that?" He asks her in a slightly awe'd voice. She shakes her head, it is a shaky short of movement unsure of itself. As if she had an inkling.

Marcus seems to be calming down as Haruki intervenes. He is glancing back and forth between Fred and the magician. Maralyn isn't even getting a second glance. She takes that opportunity to drift over and hold onto Daniel's arm. Looks like the nice kid may have finally gotten something. Course she also says she's pregnant.

The mall cop is now moving into the fray, heading toward Haruki with a resigned look on his face (and one last final glower for C.B.) "Hey, you kids! Break it up!" he shouts into the Springer'ish looking situation. "Come on come on, not here. Take it outside!"

Fred meanwhile has Marcus securely in his grasp, pulling him toward the exit of the food court, toward the exit of the entire mall. Marcus seems a bit embarrassed, unsure of himself, unknowing of what to say or do.

Daniel and Maralyn are heading the other direction, toward the mall itself. The security guard looks satisfied that they are starting to disperse, and the rest of the band... the rest of the band (the bassist and second guitarist, and someone playing a triangle?) are cracking up. They can't stop laughing.

"CB?" Haruki asks. "Or is it BC?" On account of being an evil/good mirror twin. "It's STIs now." He says helpfully. "VD is DOA. Don't you think Fred's hot? Everyone focuses on the guitarists and the lead singers, and not on the true talent. No one's better at banging then drummers." Yes he opens his mouth and the words just keep coming out. And miraculously he hasn't noticed Damion yet. As they walk off and he doesn't get a number he just looks so disappointed. But then he's smiling at CB. "Are you the evil twin? Or the good one?" Because it's important to ask. "You were laughing, but you smell of whisky, so it's hard to know."

Damion watches this all happen with a puzzled look on his face. He eventaully notices the glittery, tired looking Haruki and makes his way over to him. "Hey hon. What did I just miss?" He nods his head to the other Lost with him. "CB." It's a little disappointing he only caught the tail end of whatever that was. It seemed to be interesting.

"I was laughing at them, not with them. And what the hell does 'STI' stand for? Sounds like a mouthful to me." C.B. tells Haruki with a frown. He doesn't bother with that whole 'evil twin' part of the conversation. He hasn't managed to notice Damion or Widget either, which is hard to do, but give him time. "Seriously," he says to the rest of the band, since the lovebirds seem not to have heard him the first time: "You guys suck. Play some REAL music next time, if there even /is/ a next time..." His head jerks around at the sound of his name, and he seems surprised to see Damion, giving him a nod.

Widget has no idea what's going on, but it seemed to be ending. The gremlin wriggled loose from Damion's grasp, making her way over to Bumble Burger. She liked the hats. She liked them so much she's spending most of her time trying get one instead of ordering. Widget's nothing if not peristent and eventually she got one with her food, little yellow orbs bobbing about on her head as she takes her place beside Damion. She takes his hand again, staring at the pair and giving them a small wave.

Fred shoots a look back at Haruki, a kind of satisfied smile, before he pulls Marcus out the door. Marcus is trembling, unsure of himself. The band is probably done, you know?

Maralyn and Daniel change direction, heading for a table. They sit and start to talk in low whispers. It's kind of angry sounding, from both sides, but ... Well its young men and women. They can't be much older than 19. 20ish maybe. Obviously didn't make it to college.

The rest of the band looks around. One of them curses. "Aww man. They left and we have to do all the breakdown!"

"Sexually Transmited Disease." Wait that's a D. "Infection." Haruki supplies helpfully. "You don't have to be mean and nasty to them. They're young and just starting out. And they've clearly got some issues. I'm sure when you first picked up at a guitar you weren't a sex god either, but you practiced until it happened." He smiles up at Damion. "Just a band publicity thing. I'm sure it'll be all over the news, or at least in Enid's column, tomorrow. Young love and all that. Always put a glove on it." He smiles at Widget. "Hi Widget!" he waves over at her. "I like your hat!"

"I have to side with CB on this one. What is STI?" Damion doesn't notice Widget slipping away immedietly, eventually noticing the lack of a small hand in his. He glances around, spotting her at the Bumble Burger. He watches her for a bit to make sure she's not stealing anything, then returns his attention to the two Lost nearby. "Ah. Did they change what those are called or something?" He glances around. "What say we have a seat?" He motions to a table nearby, moving to sit down at it himself, stretching as he does. "You okay, Haruki? You look kind of out of it."

"Are you guys deaf?!" C.B. yells at the rest of the band, since they are patently ignoring him. "I hope you drop your equipment and stub your goddamn toes!" He mutters some more curses under his breath and just shakes his head at Haruki. "Wrong, I was clearly a sex god from day one, Haruki." He glances at Damion, but maybe doesn't assume that he is involved in being asked to sit, because he doesn't do so. He stands there with his bag from the mall bookstore over his wrist, one hand on one hip. Though he does explain to Damion, "Moronic love triangle or something going on in the band. I said I hoped they all gave each other Vee Dee." Yeah, he's still not saying STI. Sorry, Haruki.

One of the remaining band members, the Bassist, perks up at the mention of Publicity. "Hey man," he draws at Haruki. "You an Agent?" he asks.

CBs yells finally seem to get through to them. They shrink back, and his words look like they hurt. But they get moving, pulling stuff together to put it away. The Security Guard gives CB another nasty look. "They're just kids, man," he says with a shake of his head. "Why don't you head on out of here too, eh?" He asks, hooking a thumb in his belt. Small Man with Big Power delusions, probably. Without really waiting for a response, he wanders off."

"Just been a busy day," Haruki smiles. "Did a party. Came to the mall. Didn't get a date with the hot drummer, but that's ok. Was too much drama not enough communication." He nods. "Okay, a seat." He sighs at CB. "You're such a dick. Don't pick on the kids. That's just horrid. They've had a crappy day and you're making it worse. Just leave them alone. Or volunteer to show them what a real musician plays like? And you're the last one that gets to judge anyone elses love lives."

Haruki looks at the band member. "Go to Green Records, speak to Amanda Green there. She's better connected than I am. I'm just a magician. Ignore CB, he's like that. Of course you'll hear far worse if you get more famous. If being in a band is your passion and what you love keep doing it. Don't let the man grind you down. If you don't believe in yourselves no one else will. And look how awesome you did getting booked for this place."

C.B. gives the Small Man with Big Power delusions the finger on his way out. Then he waves away Haruki's concerns. "You're taking all of this too seriously, Haruki. And it's Majesty Records, not Green Records. Who knows if Green's even still in town? Haven't seen her in months." He has to roll his eyes a little at Haruki's various platitudes, but Damion gets a little smirk from him. "I try my best." Then he makes a gesture: index finger and middle finger together around his eye, pulled off again. "Be seeing you." No need to keep besmirching all the happy people with his presence; he needs to get the hell out of this capitalist paradise anyway.