High-Powered Mortals

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High-Powered Mortals

The Nature of Power

Power is what you make of it. There are many roads to it, and many tools to gain, retain, and lose it.

Mechanically speaking, it is true that non-magical humans are "weaker" in terms of fantastic abilities. You will never be able to go toe to toe with a Changeling warrior whose Keeper remade him, blood and bone, for war. You will never have every advantage an unscrupulous mind-reading Psychic has during interrogations. You will never be able to curse your enemies as effectively as an angry Thaumaturge.

More to the point, you are going to have umpteen zillion xp and comparatively little to pour it into.


Not even a Changeling, with all the Glamour in the world, can easily stop the sheer momentum of the human race. There are more of you out there.

  • You are teachers who shape the minds of the future.
  • You are the politicians who wield power over nations.
  • You are the policemen who uphold the law.
  • You are the lawyers who defend it.
  • You are the military who puts your life on the line, with the courage to do so knowing full well you have no "magic" power to protect you.

No one can deny that you have power, and even here, even in fantasy, it's your own choice whether or not you exercise that birthright.

Game Realities

With all of that in mind, please remember that staff would prefer not to have a "holy war" or witch hunt going on between our mortal players and our supers.

Assuming you gain the consent of the players involved, yes, the conflict between human kind and Faerie, the uneasy truces and the terrifying truths are a large part of why staff purposefully invites players to roleplay so many variations on "human" templates.

Be creative.

Be bold.

Never believe that humans in this game are powerless. You really, really aren't. Let people hear your voice.

Suggested IG Roles

  • Business owner
  • Criminal mastermind
  • Politician
  • Wealthy guru
  • Trusted advisor who may or may not truly be a backstabbing weasel too clever to be caught...
  • Spy