Jacques Desrochers V

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Jack Desrochers Jr.
On Game As: Staff
Played By: Sam Heughan
Date of Birth:
Apparent Age:
Virtue: Determined
Vice: Cruel

Freehold: None
Motley: None

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”
– Muhammad Ali Jinnah


      Jack Jr is all the serious his father (Old Jack) is not. Family is all about good times and fun, Jack is not. Keeps things running, though, and almost everyone respects him for that. Some family members view him as a taskmaster, taking things to the opposite extreme of his father, but at the end of the day? He's the one who makes sure the lights stay on. What else can you say?

RP Hooks

  • Work - If you work for one of the Desrochers family businesses or have contact with them, you probably know Jack Jr.
  • Antique Cars - Even his hobby is work: on his rare 'days off,' Jack can be found at junkyards or car shows, looking for his next project or parts for his current one.


  • Reputation - He's not just concerned with getting things done, Jack Jr. is concerned with family reputation. Rumors float that he's not above twisting arms, literal or metaphorical, to make sure things stay running... the way Jack Jr. thinks they should be running.
  • Bullheaded - And sometimes even a little blinded by his own ideas of how things should be. His (rumored) clashes with his father can't be verified, but...


Information and Roleplay

This NPC is played by Staff and is active in Tamarack Falls.

If you need something from this character, please use +req/npc <NPC Name>=<explanation of request>.


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