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Mortals & Fae-Touched Templates

Don't want to play a Changeling, but still want to be part of the community? There are three types of non-Changeling "templates" you can play. Ensorcelled Mortals and Enchanted Mortals are not technically a template, but rather a type of mortal who can see past the Mask.

The Fae-touched, on the other hand, are a minor template in and of themselves. Traditionally, once you become Fae-touched, the only kind of Super you can become later in life is a Changeling. Since this game is Changeling/Mortal only, that won't be an issue.

Ensorcelled Mortal
A mortal who has made a pledge, knowing or unknowing, with a fae creature (typically a Changeling) which allows them to see fae miens for X amount of time.
+ They are wholly mortal with no faerie powers.
+ Their ability to see miens is directly limited to the duration of the pledge they are bound by.
+ This status is gained by pledging with a Changeling IC or in backstory, defined and agreed to by staff. May be done at any time post-CG.
Enchanted Mortal
A mortal who was either born with different-coloured eyes etc., or has eaten/drunk in Arcadia, or has experienced particularly traumatic events related to faerie/Faerie and those who dwell there. (HR)
+ They are wholly mortal with no faerie powers.
+ The closest they come to a "power" is their ability to see fae miens. Mechanically they are treated as if permanently ensorcelled.
+ This status is gained by purchasing the Enchanted Mortal merit. Requires staff approval. May be done post-CG with appropriate Becoming PRPs.
Fae-Touched Mortal
A mortal who lived in Arcadia between 1 week - 5 months and made some of the most basic pledges with his Keeper.
+ They are mostly mortal with minor powers.
+ They still use Integrity.
+ The 'Seeming' merit may be taken at CG/after a Becoming to represent any physical changes to their appearance. These will be very minor, consisting of, at most, pointy ears, different skin colours, slitted eyes, the occasional leaf in otherwise normal hair, etc. If a Seeming is chosen, the Fae-touched gains the Blessing/Curse of that Seeming.
+ With or without a Seeming, they gain the +1 Infirmity/illness bonus and +10 years to life expectancy of a Wyrd 1 Changeling.
+ They have 1 Glamour.
+ They may use this 1 Glamour to open a doorway into the Hedge or trigger a Token.
+ They can only regain Glamour via goblin fruit or via pledges with Changelings willing to 'donate' to the cause.
+ They may gather/make use of goblin fruits and oddments in the Hedge, but cannot support them outside of it.
+ They do NOT have kiths.
+ They do NOT have Wyrd.
+ They do NOT create pledges; they weren't bound into the Wyrd enough to wield its power.
+ They do NOT harvest Glamour as Changelings can. They derive nothing supernatural from human emotion.
+ They do NOT enter the dreams of mortals.
+ They do NOT use/learn any Contracts.
+ This status is gained in CG or, post-CG, by going through the appropriate Becoming PRPs.

Psychics/Thaumaturges vs. Fae 'Templates'

So you're a psychic hot-shot, and now you want to see those wily faeries. What are your options?

You WILL lose your access to Psychic/Thaumaturge powers if you become Fae-Touched.

You are still human, but just barely, and not enough for human magic to work for you anymore.

That said, it is totally fine for you to go and pledge with Changelings or decide you want to be captured-but-not-kept and end up Enchanted. In the first case, Ensorcelled are just plain Jane human beings who happen to have the fae equivalent of an eye-opening spell glomped on for the duration of the pledge. In the second case, you weren't in Arcadia for long enough to start losing humanity. You may end up with horrible nightmares for the rest of your life, especially if you find out your Darkling friend's face really looks like the arse-end of rotting corpse, but you're still human enough to keep your gifts.