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The following tables list all Contracts available on Fate's Harvest. These include all of the available Contracts from the books as well as any custom Contracts written for this game. Custom Contracts are in bold colorful text and are explained below the table lists.


Court Contracts

Eternal Autumn CtL p.159 Autumn Harvest blessings and curses of withering.
Fleeting Autumn CtL p.156 Autumn Powers to induce/ward against fear.
Spell-Bound Autumn LoS p.79 Autumn Sorcerous manipulations and ghost-speech.
Potential SaD p.138 Dawn Using potential to evoke/guide change.
Entropy DitD p.141 Dusk Breaking things down, manipulating Fate.
Four Directions WM p.134 Directional Powers to find one's way or lose it
Misdeed HR Sun & Moon Powers over shame, disgust, day & night.
Eternal Spring CtL p.151 Spring Powers for growth/rejuvenation/healing.
Fleeting Spring CtL p.149 Spring Powers to induce/use desires.
Verdant Spring LoS p.40 Spring Using strong passions to achieve goals.
Eternal Summer CtL p.155 Summer Powers of the sun, heat, vigor.
Fleeting Summer CtL p.153 Summer Powers to manipulate wrath.
Punishing Summer LoS p.59 Summer Powers of blistering heat/sun/blight.
Eternal Winter CtL p.162 Winter Contracts of snow and ice.
Fleeting Winter CtL p.160 Winter Powers to invoke and control sorrow.
Sorrow-Frozen Heart LoS p.99 Winter Sorrow's numbing, emotional emptiness.

Seeming Contracts

Alembic HR Wizened Powers over alchemy and science.
Animation WM p.52 Wizened Magically create, repair, destroy objects.
Artifice CtL p.134 Wizened Talent for supernatural craftsmanship.
Communion WM p.32 Elemental Communicate/relate to chosen elements.
Darkness CtL p.136 Darkling Powers of cunning and nocturnal witchery.
Den WM p.19 Beast Powers to protect/build/trick the home.
Dread HR Darkling Powers of dread and darkness.
Elements CtL p.138 Elements Powers to command the elements.
Fang and Talon CtL p.142 Beast Emulating, speaking, commanding animals.
Forge RoS p.99 Wizened Alter/shape the mortal world or Hedge.
Night Terrors HR Darkling Creepy crawlies that go bump in the night.
Oath and Punishment WM p.47 Ogre Sense, pursue and punish oathbreakers.
Reflections ER p.34 Fairest Powers over mirrors, reflections.
Separation WM p.40 Fairest Circumvent reality/physics/solidity.
Stone CtL p.144 Ogre Blessings of might and brute force.
Vainglory CtL p.146 Fairest Mastery of supernatural beauty/splendor.
Wild RoS p.111 Beast / Elemental Control raw/wild natural powers.
Witch Woods HR Darkling / Elemental Powers over nature, illusion, intimidation.

Universal Contracts

Arcane HR Power over mystery and reality.
Board SaD p.46 Power over strategy/world as a board game.
Colors HR Manipulation of color, trickery, play.
Dragon's Fire HR Power over fire as a transformative force.
Dream CtL p.124 Entering and shaping the dreams of others.
Hearth CtL p.128 Traditional fae blessings of fortune.
Hours RoS p.102 Powers over time and age.
Illumination HR Powers over light and revelation.
Illusion HR Powers over illusion & disguise.
Intensity HR Manipulation of bonuses and penalties.
Lost and Found HR Power over losing/finding things and places.
Lucidity DitD p.69 Manipulation of sanity and clarity.
Mirror CtL p.129 Powers to alter one's appearance.
Moon RoS p.105 Powers over derangement and hysteria.
Omen RoS p.108 Powers to see into the past or future.
Raging Seas HR Powers over the sea and wild water.
Satiation HR Manipulation of satiation for you/others.
Shade WM p.26 Communication and travel to/with ghosts.
Smoke CtL p.132 Powers over stealth, invisibility.
Spirit HR Communication and travel to/with spirits.
Spite HR Powers over making others suffer.
Thorns and Brambles SaD p.49 Using the Hedge to your advantage in war.
Wind HR Wind finesses movement, safety, messages.

Custom Contracts

The following Contracts were written for Fate's Harvest by staff or players. The creator will be noted in the description. If you are interested in submitting a new Contract for consideration, please follow the requirements in 'news homebrew3' when doing so.

If you are interested in submitting your own ideas for a custom Contract, please see the House Rules/Custom Contracts page.

Contracts of the Arcane

Mystery and wonder. These are the foundations of the unknown and preternatural. Inamba created this contract to better understand the world around him as seen through his Wyrd perspective after swearing himself to discover.

(•) Mind Over Matter

Many Changelings flex their Wyrd for greater agility and might, but the users of this contract gain greater mental acuity.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intelligence
Action: Reflexive
Catch: Holding the ashes of a mustard seed in her mouth.

Dramatic Failure: The Changeling's mind is warped. They receive -1 to their next Intelligence or Wits roll, and 1s remove successes (+roll/weak=STUFF)
Failure: Her intellect remains the same.
Success: The Changeling receives +1 to their next Intelligence or Wits roll.
Exceptional Success: The roll receiving the bonus also receives 9-again and all 1s are re-rolled.

Suggested Modifiers:
+1 She remains calm and there are no distractions.
-1 The Changeling is in a distracting environment.
-2 The Changeling is acting loud, brash, or violently (even in self-defense).

(••) Wyrd Insights

The Wyrd bends and warps the reality Changelings see by their own Clarity, but even that has loopholes if a Changeling is willing to see things from another angle.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits [vs. Resolve + Wyrd]
Action: Instant
Catch: Snorting the ashes of houndstongue.

Dramatic Failure: The emotions they see are inverted, supernatural auras appear mundane and human, a human aura appears to be supernatural.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: For the remainder of the scene, the changeling may see a single target's aura unless they are obfuscating it in some way. If the target is hiding their aura it is contested via Resolve + Wyrd (as noted above).
Exceptional Success: The Changeling gains all the benefits of a normal success. In addition, the character gains an additional +2 dice on all Social rolls made against the target for the remainder of the scene due to his being so in tune with her personality.

Suggested Modifiers:
+1 The changeling is currently sober.
-1 The changeling is currently intoxicated.
-2 The changeling is currently fighting.

See House_Rules/Merits#Aura_Reading for a list of aura colors.

(•••) Second Sight

A Changeling's fae-touched eyes allow them to see things beneath the mask, but they are still blind to certain things. Power hidden beneath the surface, covert concepts without meaning.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult - target's Composure (if resis)
Action: Instant
Catch: Painting a third eye on her forehead with the ashes of holly leaves.

Dramatic Failure: The Changeling sees something that isn't there, and discovers things well outside the realm of what they may be looking at.
Failure: She discovers nothing, and feels as if the object of her curiosity is mundane.
Success: The Changeling may uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and relative concepts associated with an individual person or object. For each success they may ask for one advantage, currently active power or ability, or supernatural weakness of the subject.

Examples:A vampire belonging to a feral bloodline might reveal that they can control animals with a few words or a thought, that they easily fall to their rages, that they can shapeshift, or that they might be supernaturally tougher than the mundane. A Changeling made of water might reveal that they can move at lightning speeds below the surface, that they are repelled by salt, or that they take additional damage from ice.
Exceptional Success: Additional successes are their own reward.

Suggested Modifiers:
+1 She has a general idea of what or who she's looking at.
-1 The Changeling is completely unaware of what she's trying to scrutinize.

(••••) Touch of the Past

Magical things and places usually have a storied history. This clause allows a changeling to see a glimpse of that past, and potentially of a place's purpose for being.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Investigation
Action: Instant
Catch: Covering her hands in the ashes of buttercups.

Dramatic Failure: The Changeling instead loses a piece of their own memory.
Failure: The Changeling, at least for a moment, forgets what they are searching for.
Success: For each success the Changeling may ask one question of the storyteller related to what they're observing with Touch of the Past. The answers she receives are a glimpse of an item's use or a place's history.
Exceptional Success: The scene the Changeling sees is much more detailed, and they see more of it. This is convered by way of more detailed, exact answer.

Suggested Modifiers:
+2 The Changeling knows the creator of the item or location.
+1 The object or place is supernatural in nature.
-1 The Changeling is in a distracting environment.
-2 The Changeling does not know the creator of the item or location.

Example Questions and Answers:

  • Who made this?
    • A giant of a man laying carving out a mountain.
  • When was this made?
    • Disco plays in the background, an empty syrnige rolls down the street.
  • How was this made?
    • The pained whimpers of canines, a pile of briarwolf bodies with their insides free to see.
  • What was this made for?
    • Scared beasts huddled away from something stronger that beats on the door.
  • Who was the lest person here?
    • A glimpse of a red man frantically searching for a clue.
  • Who was the last person to touch this?
    • A young man dressed in blue lifts the gun, firing into the shadows.
  • What is the strongest emotion tied to this?
    • Sanguine fear, a predator fresh on your heels.
  • Why was this item made?
    • A towering woman made of electricity holds a sword hilted in her chest.

(•••••) Door to Nowhere

The Door to Nowhere is a portal to one of the realms invisible crafted from experience or knowledge of the supernatural. This doorway is in no way covert, and announces its presence in some way. Fog where it shouldn't be, a pillar of light, a surge of fire or electricity. These effects are purely illusory, but are obvious to anyone around regardless of the effect.

Cost: 5 Glamour + 2 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult
Action: Extended, each roll takes 1 minute
Catch: Drawing out a detailed door and threshold with the ashes from the tongues of adders.

Dramatic Failure: The portal opens, but it is impossible for the Changeling to pass through it, and Something from the other side comes through instead. Whatever being comes through the portal is immediately hostile towards everything and everyone present.
Failure: She makes no progress.
Success: After achieving a total of twenty successes they create a gate to their chosen destination. This gate, however, isn't easily shut, and other entities may go in or out. The portal made by Door to Nowhere lasts for as many turns as the Changeling's Wyrd.
Exceptional Success: The Changeling is refunded the Willpower spent.

Suggested Modifiers:
+3 Travelling to a familiar location.
+2 Travelling to the Hedge.
-2 Travelling to an unfamiliar location.
-3 The Changeling is in a distracting environment.
-3 Travelling to the mortal world.
-5 The Changeling is in combat.
-5 Travelling to the Tenemos.
-5 Travelling to the Skein.
-5 Travelling to the Spirit World.
-5 Travelling to the Underworld.

Contracts of Alembic

Credit goes to Revlid on the Onyx Path forums

Thought to have been first forged somewhere in the Middle-East, where the Courts change with the passage of hours, the Contracts of the Alembic allow changelings to work wonders of alchemy that rely more on narrative convention than atomic law. Particularly popular among the wizened, these powers rely on use of a lab space, and reward some fairly erratic behaviour - as such, alchemists tend to work alone, in inhospitable but well-stocked laboratory-Hollows. This position does little to improve their sanity, perceived or otherwise.

Though these Contracts often refer to “potions” and similar terms, they have no bias in favour of liquid - or even edible - products. Balms and oils, pellets and powders, even incense and smokables are all valid ways in which the alchemist’s art can manifest itself.

Universal Modifiers: All but the first of these clauses require the use of chemical equipment, whether modern distillation tanks or a home-made pestle and mortar, and apply equipment modifiers to the Contract's dice pool. Specialties in “Alchemy”, “Chemistry” or similar areas are always considered applicable to these activation rolls, regardless of the Skill they are associated with.

Extended actions produced by these Contracts consist of a number of intervals no greater than the changeling's Science. These are distributed throughout the process according to the Storyteller's discretion. He can also add a +1 or +2 bonus by doubling or tripling the amount of time the process takes, taking especial care over his concoctions. Further extensions offer no benefit.

(•) Litmus Tongue

The changeling divines the entire chemical makeup of an object or substance with but a taste.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The Contract must be used to analyze something that is dangerous to the changeling when ingested. This offers no protection against the substance, and the applicability (or not) of this clause cannot be used to determine a substance’s safety ahead of time.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling is completely mistaken about the recipe of whatever he’s tasting, drawing misleading or even dangerous conclusions.
Failure: The character learns nothing concrete.
Success: The character intuits the substance’s composition - every present element, mixture, compound and so on. He also learns the proportions in which they are present, and the nature of their inclusion - contamination as opposed to coating, for example.
Exceptional Success: Along with its composition, the changeling also learns the details of the substance’s creation - how long it was heated at what temperature, what tools were used to distil or smelt or glaze it, and so on.

Suggested Modifiers: The character swallows at least a full mouthful of the substance (+1); the changeling is familiar with the substance’s fundamental ingredients (+1)

(••) Genius of Improvisation

The changeling can replace ingredients in his brews with implausible substitutes, whether replacing Sudafed with gravel when cooking up drugs or using paper in place of apples for a hot pie. Only mundane ingredients can be replaced in this way.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Science
Action: Instant
Catch: Every time the changeling has made something using the replaced ingredient in the past month, he's used this same substitute to replace it.

Dramatic Failure: The substitution appears to work perfectly, only to totally spoil the mixture in some unforeseeable way - beverages become poisons, explosives become stink bombs.
Failure: The Contract fails to function, and the added item clearly retains its usual properties.
Success: The added ingredient perfectly replaces whatever the original recipe called for. It does not transform, but simply gains all the appropriate properties for that recipe. These properties only manifest as part of a greater mixture, and last for only (Wyrd) days after the concoction’s completion, before the ingredient returns to normal.
Exceptional Success: The altered recipe retains its intended properties indefinitely.

Suggested Modifiers: Other ingredients have been substituted with this Contract (-1 each) (-1); the changeling is experienced with this recipe, regardless of substitutions (+1)

(•••) Elementary Distillation

The changeling can reduce any object down to one of its constituent substances through an arcane alchemical process. This can involve anything from boiling to sun-drying and takes no fewer than object’s Size in hours, but is fairly low-intensity and can be left mostly alone between intervals. Objects with a Size greater than the changeling’s Wyrd + Intelligence + Craft cannot be processed.

Cost: (object’s Size ÷ 4) Glamour, rounded up
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Craft + equipment
Action: Extended
Catch: The changeling intends to use the product of this Contract as an ingredient in a mixture.

Dramatic Failure: The object is violently wasted, yielding nothing but a useless, half-recognizable mess of rust and hedge-mud which damages the changeling’s equipment beyond use.
Failure: The object breaks down into an unusable, half-dissolved mess.
Success: The intended material is extracted from its parent object in whatever (physically possible) form the changeling desires - powder, crystals, liquid solution, etc - reducing the latter to an unidentifiable stain in the process. Only substances that actually exist within the treated object can be extracted - this Contract does not create matter, just retrieve it. Common materials such as iron, glass or rubber require two successes to distill. Rarer or more precious materials such as gold, uranium or diamonds require five successes.
Exceptional Success: At the last moment the changeling spots a rare reaction, and can capture its product instead of the material he originally intended to extract. This substance is some ethereal quality of the original object, captured in a physical form - crystallized crimson, or liquid sharpness. Though useless for practical craft, such things can fetch a price at Goblin Markets or be used in hedgespinning.

Suggested Modifiers: The distilling equipment is large enough to fully encompass or submerge the object (+2); the changeling has a Clarity of 5 or lower. (+1); the object is not even half-way submerged or encompassed by the distilling gear (-2); the changeling has a Clarity of 6 or higher (-1)

(••••) The Great Work

The changeling can produce potions and tinctures with the same effect as the mystical bounty of the Hedge (Changeling: The Lost, pp. 222). He can duplicate any he has so far encountered, or create effects original to him with sufficient research.

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool:Wyrd + Occult + equipment
Action: Extended (8 successes; each roll represents 30 minutes of work)
Catch: The character is working in the Hedge, alone except for any hobgoblin assistants.

Dramatic Failure: The synthetic "fruit" has all the downsides - and none of the benefits - of its “natural” equivalent. If it has normally has no downsides, the Storyteller may invent a suitable one, or else choose one from another fruit.
Failure: Despite the changeling’s best efforts, his creation is at best harmless.
Success: The changeling has managed to concoct a compound with a magical effect equivalent to a goblin fruit, oddment, or trifle. The logic of the imitated token must remain intact - a Stingseed might be an Arcadian-derived chemical for use in dart rounds, while a Gravenail would be a Hedge-perfume sprinkled on a pillow. He can also spend a point of Willpower to allow mortals to make use of it. These tokens do not spoil as fruits and oddments do, but still count against the usual limit that can be carried (1 for mortals).
Exceptional Success: The creation is particularly concentrated, allowing it to be used twice. This does not increase the number of “slots” it occupies.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling uses an existing fruit, oddment or trifle with the same qualities as a component in his brew (+2); the changeling has Clarity lower than five (+1); the changeling’s Clarity is higher than five (-1) ; exclusively mundane ingredients are in use. (-1)

(•••••) Cauldron for a Womb

The changeling can derive artificial life from his experiments, incubating something that could pass for a soul within his beakers and vats. This requires one week of largely uninterrupted work, and fifteen successes. Creating life with this Contract is a Clarity 5 Sin.

Cost: 5 Glamour, 1 Willpower Dot
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult + equipment
Action: Extended
Catch: At each roll the changeling makes, he must include a lethal health level's worth of flesh or blood from a different changeling.

Dramatic Failure: The homunculus is born as described below, built by the Storyteller with successes equal to the changeling's Wyrd x 4. However, more than a hobgoblin, it ultimately resembles a Fetch. It naturally hates its creator for bringing it into existence, and can include any Echoes as though they were Contracts with a dot rating equal to their minimum Wyrd - treat the creator as "its" changeling.
Failure: The clause fails, producing nothing but unsightly sludge of half-formed inhuman organs.
Success: A synthetic hobgoblin stumbles from the changeling's workshop. It resembles a stunted human, with other qualities determined by the ingredients used - which always includes at least one Flaw. Its traits are determined by the player at its birth, though the alchemist should have a general idea while incubating it - it begins with 1 dot in every Attribute, Size 1 and no Skills. Successes are spent to increase these values, up to the usual maximum for a human, at a rate of two per Attribute and one per Skill, Size or Specialty. As its name suggests, a homunculus cannot be bigger than Size 4. It is Wyrd 1, though it can only regain Glamour through artificial versions of the Hedge's bounty, created through this Contract. It has the qualities of a single Seeming appropriate to its ingredients, and can be born with innate powers derived from the flesh of any fae creatures used to make it - these are represented by Contracts, at a cost of three successes per Contract dot. It is naturally loyal to its creator, but is ultimately an independent being - if sufficiently maltreated, it will consider betrayal. Most do not live long enough for this to become an issue, as the creature's natural lifespan is one year.
Exceptional Success: A truly brilliant creation is formed - the extra successes are their own reward.

Suggested Modifiers: A sapient creature was used as a primary ingredient, freshly killed for that purpose (+2); the changeling has Clarity lower than five (+1); the changeling’s Clarity is higher than five (-1); the ingredients include no flesh or blood from a sapient creature (-3)

Contracts of Colors


This Contract's first iteration was written for The Reach MUX, and it has been brought over by its creator to be used here. All text is written by Annapurna.

Colors are a mixed blessing. Skin, fur, feathers, even the petals of a flower, all can be used to communicate, to attract, to warn, deceive, hide, but they aren't a tangible force, or a direct one. Give a girl a yellow rose, and you're a friend. Give her red, and you're in love. It is this essence of changeability, this mercurial and beautiful illusion, with which the following Contracts are sworn.

(•) Palette

Color is everywhere, and an inconstant companion to the eyes which see it. This contract calls on color's variety and changeability to grant the changeling power over perceived pigmentation. The change is seen by all. Mortals may question why the polka dots on their new skirt are suddenly fluorescent green if used unwisely!

Colorblind characters suffer a -1 penalty on this clause. For the truly blind with no concept of color, this penalty increases to -3.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Crafts
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is wearing or carrying an object which changes color. Examples: opals, rainbow LEDs, holographs, mood rings.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract yields the least favorable color for the changeling using it. E.g. if altering clothing, the color is hideous or garish. If trying to be subtle, the color is eyeblinding neon.
Failure: The Contract fails to change the object's color.
Success: For each use of the Contract on an object under Size 5 (or a single part of an object, that part not to exceed size 5), the changeling may change one of the object's/that part's colors to any other color, for 1 scene. The change includes small variations of a single color type, e.g. a pebble in many shades of grey is counted as one 'grey' by the Contract, and a fire in many shades of gold is counted as one 'gold'. A handful of small objects may be changed at once. For purposes of this contract, nails, hair and fur qualify as dead protein, and may be affected by its power. Eyes and skin may not.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the change lasts 1 week.

Note: The use of Promise Leaves in the successful activation of this clause increases the duration of its effects to one week. Use of Promise Leaves in an Exceptional Success renders the effect permanent.

(••) Inkwell

Color in nature is a communicator, a warning, a deception. A flower's lines may guide vital insects toward its pollen, a frog's bright colors may warn predators not to dare the poison of its skin or a Viceroy butterfly's orange, white and black deceive the eye into believing it a Monarch, safe, unhealthsome to the palate. This clause calls on the facet of color recognized by nature as a language all its own.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Expression
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has used liquid ink or paint to write a secret in the past day.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract fails, emblazoning the colour or message in ordinary paint or ink visible to all eyes.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: The changeling may cause the Mien of an object to change color while the Mask stays the same, or effectively grant a limited Mien to an object without one. Paint and ink used by this clause are infused with Glamour, their original color and visibility superseded by the effects of this contract. Each use can cover the equivalent of a 10'x10' wall with paint (no penalty) or a single page of writing (-2 penalty). Any writing utensil/paintbrush and source of liquid can be used for this purpose. Ex. a changeling may use a smudge from a sweaty finger to leave a desperate mark on a wall for friends to track him by, or paint a line of text under a business' sign cautioning that fae Hunters dwell within. The change in color lasts until the object is painted over/erased (a painted sign would, for example, be more permanent than a quick note jotted on an office white board in dry-erase marker). Only changelings, fae-touched and ensorcelled can see the markings made by this clause, though the markings do not need to be seen to be accidentally removed. In the examples above, the sign could be painted over by a new owner, or a colleague could decide to clean the board, all unknowing of what message was scrawled in the corner.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the changeling can affect up to three objects in sight. Examples: up to three different walls, three pages of a book.

(•••) Camouflage

Hunted or hunter, the ability to blend with one's environment is a key role of color for the sighted world. This contract draws on color to grant a changeling facility with hiding in plain sight.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Expression
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is touching a living animal exhibiting camouflage when the Contract is activated.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract not only fails, but changes the colors of the changeling to stand out against the background. -2 to all stealth rolls for remainder of scene or until a successful activation is achieved.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: The changeling's coloration shifts to better match his or her surroundings, changing accordingly as the changeling moves from place to place. The camouflage is true from all angles, and includes any clothing or gear carried at the time of activation. Any items or persons picked up after activation do not change, though they may be stored in items which have. For the remainder of the scene, the changeling adds the number of their successes to all Stealth rolls. The changeling is not invisible, nor does this clause affect scent or sound. Be wary: this effect is not covered by the Mask. This bonus stacks with other contracts and specialties.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success. Additionally, the camouflage is so convincing that observers suffer -2 to any visual Perception rolls against the changeling.

(••••) Synesthesia

Colors aren't only useful for deception or communication -- they can also be used to confuse, confound and distract threats, and that is what this contract seeks to do. Changelings inflict artificial synesthesia on their target if successful.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence vs. Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling has used hallucinogens/perception-altering substances within the past 24 hours. (This may be a Clarity break!)

Dramatic Failure: The changeling's attempt backfires, the binding affecting their own senses instead. The effects of an ordinary success are applied to the Contract holder, distraction penalty included.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate. It cannot be used on the same target again for the next 24 hours.
Success: When activated, the changeling specifies one of the target's senses to bind to Color. This binding lasts a single scene, and while it is in place, the target experiences colors every time that sense is used. The exact colors are consistent for the target (a particular pitch/flavour/scent/sensation will always be the same color), but the Contract holder cannot specify what these colors will be. This causes a -3 distraction penalty to all rolls for the scene as the target tries to understand and accommodate for their new perception. Only one sense may be bound per target per scene.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the change is so disturbingly intense that targets at Clarity 7 or higher must roll to avoid the risk of Clarity loss (level 7 standard penalty).

(•••••) Color Leech

What is a world without color, without the definition of edges we take for granted? What would happen if ink fled the page, if shadow's greys dissolved? This contract answers that question, and the answer is invisibility.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Persuasion
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling must erase/destroy an important physical record of their mortal life while activating the Contract. Examples: Birth certificate, beloved childhood art project, marriage license, military dog tags.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling's ability to perceive colour is damaged in the backlash of the Contract's failure, causing a -2 visual Perception penalty for the remainder of the scene. Colors blur, edges are indistinct, and small details are impossible to differentiate.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: The changeling causes an object (or handful of small objects) Size 5 or less to become invisible by draining it of all color. Invisibility lasts for a single scene. If the object contains other items, the items are invisible until they are drawn out of the container.
Exceptional Success: As with ordinary success, but the invisibility can affect living things as well as objects. The effect cannot apply to the Contract holder. Example: a changeling wants to sneak into a building with his dog Hedgebeast Companion. He gets an exceptional success, so the dog is invisible (but not inaudible). To be invisible himself, he must use Smoke 5 or a similar ability.

Contracts of the Dragon's Fire


Fire, the most destructive and beautiful of the primeval forces. It can bring about cataclysmic damage if left unchecked, but through destruction allows life to begin anew. Dragons were said to hold this power, despite supposedly being nothing but myth. Eziyishumi en Thoba believed their to be truth in this myth, and channeled the destructive nature of fire through their very being. While the Contract itself is part and parcel of fire, it's theme and clauses are in reverence to those mythical, mighty beasts.

The fires required for the various clauses and catches of this contract cannot be used with fire from one's Mien or the fire that surrounds you via the second clause of Elements (Armor of the Elements). Additionally, the heat levels of any fires created by this Contract will always cap out at 3 as a mundane fire would. More information on fire can be found in Chronicles of Darkness on page 98.

Heat Levels:

  • 0: Candle (first degree burns)
  • 1: Torch (second degree burns)
  • 2: Bunsen burner (third degree burns)
  • 3: Chemical fire/molten metal

(•) The Dragon's Shadows

Stories exist of faeries, dragons, demons, and all manner of creatures manipulating fire to entrance and tell a story. The fire required for this clause must be at least size 2 (the size of a typical campfire).

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: Burning a representation of the story to be told.

Dramatic Failure: The fiery illusion comes to life, and attacks the Changeling. They suffer lethal damage equal to their Wyrd and suffer the burning tilt.
Failure: Fire turns to smoke as nothing happens.
Success: The Changeling conjures a fiery image that dances and moves as they direct it. This requires an existing fire to use, and the size of the figure or figures has a total size equal to the Changeling's Wyrd. This effect may be used for as many minutes as the user's Wyrd x4, and the fire is rendered harmless and unusable in combat. Lastly, they gain their successes to any related Expression or Intimidation rolls for the story to be told. The images created by this clause may dismissed as a reflexive action.
Exceptional Success:The images last as many hours as Wyrd x4.

(••) The Dragon's Scales

A dragon's scales were said to be nigh impenetrable, and impervious to flame. This clause turns myth to reality in a twisted, burning fashion. When bathed in flame the Changeling is covered in fiery, illusory scales that defend them against incoming blows and pain.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The Changeling is defending something of great monetary value.

Dramatic Failure: The fire burns greatly, and use of the dragon's scales become impossible.
Failure: Nothing happens, and they are simply surrounded in fire.
Success: When surrounded by or covered in fire the Changeling gains greater defense by way of ephemeral, flaming scales. These scales offer armor equal to the heat level of said fire, and ignore the damage of said fire.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the armor gained they also gain defense equal to the heat level of the fire.

(•••) The Dragon's Breath

The greatest myth associated with dragons is their ability to breathe fire. With the Clause the Changeling may do similar enough, although they won't be burning down any villages. Their work is only a pale imitation to the legends.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Dexterity - Defense
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling keeps a still hot coal in their mouth.

Dramatic Failure: The fire doesn't leave the Changeling's mouth, and instead they accidentally consume it. They receive as much Aggravated damage equal to their Stamina -1.
Failure: The Changeling simply blows smoke out of their mouth.
Success: She exhales a long plume of fire at their directed target. This fire does 1 lethal damage and applies the Burning Tilt. The heat level of the fire is equal to her Stamina -1.
Exceptional Success: The initial point of damage done is aggravated instead of lethal. The fire damage from the Burning Tilt is lethal and may be ended as normal.

(••••) The Dragon's Heart

Fire is a thing of purification and rebirth. Through this clause a Changeling can wash away pain, scars, and other such maladies if they bathe in fire.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: Burning something important to you that cannot be replaced. Examples are the last photo of yourself from before you were taken, a lock of hair from someone lost loved one, et cetera.

Dramatic Failure: The target is instead irreparably scarred. They take as much aggravated damage as the fire's heat level +1.
Failure: Nothing happens, and the target suffers the usual pains of being standing inside a fire.
Success: For this Clause to work she must stand wholly within fire, and must not possess any active defenses that would mitigate the typical damage and destruction of fire. The fire heals as much damage as the user's successes with the most grievous wounds being healed first (aggravated, then lethal, and bashing last). Any clothes the target wears are burned away in the fire, regardless of their makeup, along with the loss of any scars or tattoos.
Exceptional Success: Additional successes are their own reward.

(•••••) The Dragon's Fury

Through fire the Changeling unleashes every ounce of fire's destructive might. After a time they are reborn in flame and ash, but fine themselves weaker for their sacrifice.

Cost: 1 Glamour, 2 Stamina Dots, Special
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina
Action: Reflexive
Catch: Killed by fire, The Dragon's Fury doesn't count for this.

Dramatic Failure: The Changeling still explodes, but she is not reborn.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: She dies in an explosion of fire that has a blast area equal to her Wyrd, has a heat level at a rating equal to her Stamina -1, and does damage equal to the Force + successes. This explosion has a Force of 4. She is then reborn in a number of minutes from the ashes equal to 10 minus her Wyrd. General rules for explosives can be found in Hurt Locker on page 134.
Exceptional Success: Additional successes are their own reward.

Contracts of Dread


This Contract was created for The Reach, and is used with permission.

(•) Owl's Keen Eyes

The character gains the eyes of a nocturnal creature, able to see with little light even over long distances. This clause enables the character to use low-light vision, just as a nocturnal animal. The character’s visual range remains the same even in darkened conditions, such as dim light or moonlight. The character does not receive penalties for operating in poor lighting conditions or darkness. This clause lasts for one scene.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Catch: The character tucks a feather plucked from the head of an owl behind each ear.

(••) Fear the Dark

The character can command the darkness to hinder his enemies, as if they were walking through a nightmare.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intimidation
Action: Instant
Catch: A child screams in terror at the sight of the character.

Dramatic Failure: The darkness turns against the character, applying a -4 Speed penalty for the scene.
Failure: The character fails to command the dark.
Success: For each success rolled, the subject of the clause suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls involving movement (running, jumping, climbing, etc.). The subject’s Speed is also decreased by -1 per success. The subject’s speed can be reduced no lower than 1. Shadows & darkness becomes substantial & viscous around the subject. The character feels as though he is moving underwater in darkness. This clause is only effective under moonlight or in total darkness. If the subject is standing in sunlight or within bright artificial light (street lamp, ceiling light, spotlight, etc.), the clause has no effect. The light must be a strong ambient light to dispel the effects of darkness. A candle is not bright enough, and a flashlight is too narrowly focused to be effective. This clause lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success: The same as above, increased successes result in increased results.

(•••) Nocturnal Swarm

The character can summon a living cloud of darkness to descend upon his enemies, obscuring their senses and assaulting them like a plague of nocturnal insects.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken
Action: Instant
Catch: The character consumes a live nocturnal insect harvested from the Hedge.

Dramatic Failure: The character absorbs the darkness. The character feels a thousand crawling critters underneath his skin for the rest of the scene, imposing a -2 penalty to all action rolls.
Failure: The character fails to invoke the contract.
Success: A cloud of darkness emerges around the character, filling the air like a swarm of insects. The cloud extends in a roughly circular fashion, a 1 yard radius plus an additional number of yards equal to the character’s Wyrd. The cloud blots out the ambient light, applying a -2 concealment penalty to all characters inside the cloud or characters outside directing attacks into the cloud. In addition, subjects also feel a creepy tingling sensation all over their body, as though they were covered in cockroaches or other creepy crawlers. There are no tangible bugs in the cloud, but the sensation is certainly there. Subjects within the cloud must make a successful Composure check reflexively each turn before taking actions. Otherwise, they are too distracted by the bugs to do anything else. This clause lasts a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled.
Exceptional Success: The intensity of the cloud is strengthened, actually scraping & stinging the subject’s skin. A subject suffers 1 point of bashing damage per turn exposed to the cloud.

(••••) Child of the Night

The character breaks into a pestilent swarm of bats.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult
Action: Instant
Catch: The character swallows the blood of a bat.

Dramatic Failure: The mishap occurs during the transformation. The character feels a sharp pain in his joints, and suffers two point of bashing damage.
Failure: The transformation does not take place.
Success: The character breaks apart, transforming into dozens of rat-size bats. Though in a fragmented form, the swarm of bats is considered a single entity with a shared Health score equal to the character’s Health. The swarm moves together with a collective consciousness and cannot break off in many different directions. The character can still be damaged normally by attacks to the swarm. In this form, the character flies at his Speed +5 and can change formation to move as needed. The character can also see normally in the dark, applying no penalties for operating in dim lighting or darkness. However, because of the limitations of the bats’ size, the character cannot manipulate physical objects or cause any damage. Lasts for the remainder of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The character can fly at his Speed +10 and applies a +2 defense bonus. This defense bonus does not apply attacks that could conceivably damage many of the bats at once, such as an explosion.

(•••••) Bogeyman's Sidestep

The character uses the connections of the Wyrd to reach through the darkness, stepping through a shadow in one location then instantly reappearing from a shadow in another location.

Cost: 4 Glamour or 6 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stealth
Action: Instant or Reflexive
Catch: The character holds the eyes of a teddy bear, taken forcibly from a child.

Dramatic Failure: The character finds himself transported into a scary & dangerous part of the Hedge. The character cannot use the contract again until a day has passed.
Failure: The character fails to invoke the contract.
Success: The character teleports from one location to another within a number of yards equal to the character’s Wyrd x 10. The shadows used must be large enough for the character to step into or fall through. The character cannot use his shadow. The character does not have to know where exactly he is going: only needing to decide on the approximate distance & direction he intends to go. Since the exact destination is somewhat random (at the Storyteller’s discretion), the character must accept the circumstances of where he appears.
Exceptional Success: The character appears at the most advantageous position in the direction chosen. The character must still appear from a shadow of sufficient size.

Contracts of Illumination


This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

Illumination is the act of bringing light to darkness, of bringing clarification, lucidity, to what was hidden or not understood. In the World of Darkness, that covers many, many things.

A Changeling with this Contract gains power over both his own and others' understanding of the world and of himself.

(•) Witchlight

With this clause, characters bring light to the darkness, quite literally illuminating the world around them. Metaphor is all well and good, but sometimes you just need to make sure you don't fall down a flight of stairs.

This clause may be used multiple times to create multiple individual witchlights. Controlling each individual light is a separate action.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling snaps the head off of a wooden match.

Dramatic Failure: A bright flash, painful, light-blinds the caster and all other sighted creatures, human or otherwise, in a radius of Wyrd x 2 yards. Creatures outside that range see the flash but are not blinded. If flash-blinded, take a -2 on all perception-related checks for the next 10 rounds (30s), then reduce the penalty to -1 for a following 10 rounds.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The changeling calls up a palm-sized sphere of soft white light. The light's colour and size may be altered reflexively at no extra cost, though it can be no larger than the user's head and no smaller than a corn kernel. By default, the sphere floats behind the head of the caster, following their movements. This light will provide comfortable illumination in an area up to Wyrd yards in diameter, with dimmer light reducing darkness penalties by 2 for Wyrd yards beyond that and very dim light reducing them by 1 for an additional Wyrd yards.

As an instant action, the changeling in control of the light may cause it to move to any location they can see, to a maximum distance of 1 mile. The user may choose whether the light teleports to the new location or takes its time moseying along. The location may be inside of an object or a living thing, e.g. "within this crystal" or "inside of Joe's stomach" if desired. Its illumination is blocked by anything which ordinarily blocks light. The light will return to the user if the user's distance from it exceeds 1 mile.

While the light reacts as if full-spectrum to aspects of its environment, it causes no harm to supernatural entities affected by sunlight. To plants, it is the equivalent of artificial sugar; sure, it feels like sunlight, but it doesn't give any nutrition.
Exceptional Success: Moving the witchlight is now a reflexive action.

Suggested Modifiers: the character is in combat (-1); the character is within an area of supernaturally-created darkness (-2)

(••) Highlighter

Sometimes, a puzzle is just TOO puzzling. With this clause, changelings get a little help to make intuitive leaps worthy of the great Sherlock himself.

When using this clause, a character must have a clear question in mind: a mystery to solve. “Why was this room rifled through and tossed?” or “Who murdered this woman?” or “Where did the last cookies from the cookie jar end up wandering off to?” If there is nothing in the immediate area (a single room or Wyrd x 10 yards, whichever is smaller) which the clause can highlight as a hint, the character will be illuminated in that regard instead, and become aware that searching there is fruitless.

This clause does not explain the reasons WHY something is pertinent. It merely highlights objects/places/people in a character’s surroundings, and leaves the character to determine their relationship to the questions asked.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Investigation
Action: Instant
Catch: The character looks at the scene through a naturally-formed “holey stone” -- a water-smoothed rock with a hole in it, as if drilled.

Dramatic Failure: Items in the environment are highlighted, alright, but none of them are the CORRECT objects, and the clause seems to delight in providing implications which will complicate the user’s life as a result. If a woman is missing, for example, and the changeling stands in her bedroom and asks Illumination where she might have gone, the clause might highlight a framed photo of the woman laughing in the arms of her brother, then highlight a, ahem, questionable stain on the mattress and a pair of lacy undergarments, rather than the door to the cabinet nearby concealing bloody towels left over from her murder.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: For each success the changeling rolls, one item/person/animal in their environment is highlighted for them, appearing to glow from within. This glow is always bright enough to be seen, no matter how bright the ambient illumination of the room. By default the glow is white, but the clause will modulate its illumination to ensure that it is noticed more easily. For example, a small spot of incompletely-cleaned blood on a white wall in bright sunlight might glow a bright blue instead of white. The glow fades once the changeling consciously becomes aware that the item has been marked.

For example, in the Cookie Jar Caper, a smudge of crumbs might be highlighted on the chest of a friend walking by…
Exceptional Success: All available clues in the immediate area are marked, along with any clues the changeling witnesses for the remainder of the scene, regardless of location.

Suggested Modifiers: the character is intimately familiar with the area/individual being examined (+2); the character has known them/been there before, but not for long (+1); the character is unfamiliar with the person/area (+0)

(•••) Revelation

The world is a dark place, full of power and Powers not all changelings know. The key to survival can be as small, and as great, as knowing exactly what kind of being you’re dealing with. Using the power of Illumination to shed light upon the hidden secrets so few know exist, the changeling learns the template of a single target.

Note that, as this is still a faerie ability, Fetches with the Normalcy Echo will ping as human unless this is performed while they are using another Echo, per standard Fetch mechanics.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has deliberately and unequivocally revealed their supernatural status to a mortal within the past day, and earned that mortal’s belief. Note: just using powers doesn’t count. Just saying “I’m a fairy!” doesn’t count. The catch will only work if and only if the mortal genuinely believes the changeling.

Dramatic Failure: At the worst possible time during the next day, someone in a position to affect the changeling’s life will suddenly learn that they are not human, the information simply placed into their mind as though a light had been turned on in a dark room.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: Choose a single target. Upon successful activation, the changeling immediately knows whether the target is Mortal or Supernatural, and which version of Mortal/Supernatural they are (Mortal, Ghoul, Mage, Psychic, Vampire, Beast, etc.). The changeling does NOT need to be familiar with the template. It will come as an “Aha!” moment -- the metaphorical lightbulb over the head. “Aha! Jonas is a Promethean. Uh. Guys? What IS a Promethean?”
Exceptional Success:

Suggested Modifiers: the changeling is familiar with the template of the target (+1); the changeling is in combat (-1)

(••••) Unveiling Light

Throughout history, light has been used as a metaphor for drawing knowledge out of ignorance, the bright shining truth from the dark shadowy squalor of unknowing. We become illuminated when we learn, and this clause gives changelings a powerful method of doing precisely that.

When using this clause, a changeling may only ask very specific questions about locations, powers, objects or people they have seen/sensed with their own physical senses. No listening devices, no sniper rifle scope from a safe distance, no scrying, etc. Until you have physically with your own body sensed the target, you may not ask about it.

The questions asked may not “read minds” -- you may not ask about someone’s motivations, intentions, thoughts or beliefs. For example, while you could not directly ask which deity your spooky neighbour Karyn believed in, you could, if you were in a secret room with an altar in her apartment, ask which deity that altar was consecrated to.

The answers to player questions are very literal. STs, have fun with this.

For sanity’s sake, this clause cannot answer questions such as, “Why do humans exist?” or “How did the universe come to be?” or “Are gods real?” It is specifically intended to be used for illumination on a smaller scale than that. We can’t unveil EVERY mystery for cheap!

Example questions/answers:

What happens during the last three chapters of “War and Peace”?
The character becomes aware of the ending of the novel as though they had read it all.
What is the name of the company or individual that owns this building?
Character learns the name. Note that they only learn the name of the individual/company who owns the building. If that company is a holding company which itself belongs to another company, the player would not know that unless they used another question to ask.
Who was the last person to use this knife?
Suzie Two-Eyes.
Why did that tree fall?
It was struck by lightning during a storm which flooded the earth and loosened its roots too much to allow it to stay up.
Where is the nearest exit least likely to result in me being shot when I walk through it?
A hole in the roof 20’ above you.
When did this building burn down?
August 3rd, 2002 at 3:23pm Eastern US time.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intelligence (if uncontested)
If the roll is contested, contest it with one of the following:

  • Power Stat + Composure (if asking questions about a person; humans just roll Composure)
  • The successes rolled to supernaturally conceal the information (if opposed by, say, Obfuscation, some other supernatural ability, or the fifth clause of this Contract)
  • A relevant stat (if the information is supernaturally concealed by nature. For example: if, say, your question is “What did Charlie O just say to that stranger in Mourning Cant?”, which is a supernaturally granted language only accessible to those with Winter Mantle, you would need to get more successes than the Charlie O’s dots in the ‘Mantle (Winter)’ merit.)

Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has written down a personal statement (“I am the owner of the ‘Batman Wears Underpants In Public So Why Can’t We?’ fan club.” or “My son, John Keates, was born July 23, 1982”) and left it somewhere in a public place within the past five minutes. Forums on the internet do count.

Dramatic Failure: The answers the changeling receives are wrong. Very, very wrong.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The player may ask the ST three questions about eligible targets. The clause remains active for the remainder of the scene, allowing questions to be saved for pertinent moments, but if the activator doesn’t use all of their available questions, the opportunity elapses. Multiple activations will not “roll over” or “stack” questions, though there is nothing to prevent the character from repeatedly activating this clause/paying the cost to learn information about their surroundings.
Exceptional Success: The character adds their Wyrd score to the number of questions they may ask.

Suggested Modifiers: the character is familiar with the target/has researched it before (+1);

(•••••) Ward of Ignorance

Knowledge is power. Every changeling knows this, deep down in their tattered souls. To swear an oath on a True Name, to know the Title of a Keeper? These are priceless, and perilous, and zealously guarded, but every secret can be found, as the previous clause confirms. With this clause, a changeling wields the power to withhold illumination from others.

Note that anyone watching you while you perform this clause will not be affected by it.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: The character destroys an important symbol of their human identity. This can be literal (e.g. destroying a Social Security Card or Driver’s License) or symbolic (e.g. pledging to join a group of anti-humanity motleymates).

Dramatic Failure: Bad idea. Very, very bad idea. The clause not only doesn’t hide the user, it outright makes the user easier to find. Web searches pull up more information about the user than they should, at the worst possible times. Books related to things which could reveal connections to the user’s darker secrets or activities/proclivities mysteriously appear, shelved incorrectly, precisely where they can illuminate the user’s rivals.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: Upon success, the changeling wards himself against others’ knowledge for the remainder of the scene. This manifests in three ways.

  1. While he is fully visible, and all technology will still record his image, no one will notice him as anything unusual, and he will be no more than a part of the woodwork, as long as he does nothing to draw attention to himself. Guards would remember that someone went past, and while they couldn’t quite recall who it was, they’d be adamant that it was someone who was supposed to be there. Moving quickly, talking loudly, performing/performing tricks, drawing/visibly carrying weapons, all qualify as drawing attention. Reading, knitting, or other quiet activities are acceptable. Those who are specifically searching for the character take a -2 to all perception checks related to noticing him, but can still find him if they succeed. A guard alerted to an intruder’s presence would be paying sharper attention, for example, and a character’s worst enemy would be far more likely to notice that the perfume on the air behind him was suspiciously familiar. Changelings with the 5th dot in the Deep Kenning merit automatically get a chance to notice the character.
  2. All mundane and non-supernatural (mortal/minor template) means of acquiring information about him, be they digging up data at a library, reading auras, Web searches, scrying, attempting to read his thoughts or more, automatically fail for the duration of this clause. It is as though the character has never existed. National databases will not find his name, but the moment the clause expires, it will be there again, right where it belongs.
  3. All supernatural means, be they reading emotional states, other clauses in this Contract or otherwise, suffer a penalty to their activation rolls equal to the caster’s Wyrd for the duration of this clause.

Exceptional Success: The effects of this clause last until the next sunrise or sunset, whichever is farther away.

Suggested Modifiers: the character is in combat (-1); the character is actively being pursued by someone/someones, e.g. they have just pissed someone off and run away, when this clause is activated (-3)

Contracts of Illusion


This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

Trickery and deception are hallmarks of faerie, and mind-addling illusions are part and parcel of the art. Changelings have claimed access to a small subset of these elusive gifts. If your character possesses any natural or supernatural resistance to supernatural mental influence or mind control, apply any appropriate bonuses when contesting the clauses below.

In all cases, the effects of this Contract are illusory. Nothing physical is ever changed, though it may feel as though it were, if the illusionist has made it so.

For all clauses, IF your character has cause to suspect illusion, you have one chance to roll Resolve + Composure to contest the caster's successes with that clause. All clauses used within sight/hearing are affected. If your successes do not EXCEED the illusionist's successes, you are fooled, and believe the illusions to be real. If you do roll more successes than the caster, you are not affected, and the target of the illusion appears as it should, with the illusion laid over it.

Should a comrade in arms fail to notice the illusion, having it pointed out to them gives them a +2 bonus to an extra roll to break through it.

In cases where the illusionist is using patently false images (say, boldly creating a drift of luminescent butterflies out of thin air), no roll is needed.

Note: as this is a MENTAL effect, it does not change what shows up on, say, security feeds or cameras. Be careful.

(•) Faerie Gold

This contract allows the changeling to cast an illusion on a small object or handful of objects no larger than Size 2. The target(s) must be able to be held in, at most, two cupped hands. If your hands are exceptionally large, lucky you. If there are more to change than that, the clause must be used more than once to conceal them all. No living animals (microorganisms don't count) or plants may be used, but if the flower/mushroom has been picked, it is already dying. That counts as not-living.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: You have someone else’s money, which you acquired without their knowledge or permission within the last 24 hours, in your pocket.

Dramatic Failure: The illusion fails to everyone EXCEPT the changeling using it. He believes it was a lovely success. At least, he does until the driver on the bus asks him why the heck he’s paying in mushrooms.
Failure: The illusion fails, and the object(s) remain what they were.
Success: The changeling’s efforts bear fruit, masking the object(s) with an illusion of their choice. This illusion affects one sense (sight, sound, smell, taste, texture) per success rolled. For example, a handful of small mushrooms could be overlaid with the illusion of a handful of coins (at a -1 modifier, as mushrooms look nothing like coins) to get past a toll booth. If the changeling rolled 3 successes, he could specify that the 'coins' LOOKED real, sounded real, felt real, but anyone smelling or tasting them would smell/taste what they really were: mushrooms. Illusions created by this clause last for the remainder of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The illusion lasts until the next sunrise.

Modifiers: The objects concealed were already very similar to the illusion cast on them (a dime becoming a quarter) (+1); objects were completely different from the illusion (soft tissue becoming shiny heavy metal, etc.) (-1)

(••) Chimerical Diversion

This Contract allows changelings to create freeform illusions, similar to stage illusions and other equally obvious, performance-centered arts. One using this clause might trail a hand over a hoop and make it appear to be wreathed in icy flame, wear a dress and make brilliant red ‘blood’ appear to flow down over the fabric, or perhaps pull a rose from behind somebody's ear, then make it disappear in a spray of falling stars. A flight of gleaming silver doves in pearly mist might flash and glint about a paramour, misting her in diamond dust to highlight her loveliness, or other, similarly extravagant gestures.

All such illusions bear one key facet in common: they are very obviously fake. The illusory objects are too perfect, or too artfully ruined, or glow, or sparkle cartoonishly, etc., or appear too spontaneously to be real, rather than arriving naturally.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling uses this clause to entertain someone he reviles.

Dramatic Failure: For the next 10 minutes per Wyrd level, uncontrolled, obnoxious illusions follow the character. He may reek of rotten eggs for no apparent reason, be smothered in a noxious green cloud, feel greasy to the touch and ooze putrid waste, hear the strident cries of dying children, or any other suitably horrible, inconvenient and discommoding illusions.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: For the next 10 minutes per Wyrd level, the changeling may spontaneously create artistic illusions. The illusions may be no larger than Size 5, and the changeling may control as many different illusions at a time as their Wyrd score. These illusions may affect as many senses each as successes rolled, and do not all need to affect the same senses at once. For example, with two successes, a Wyrd 2 changeling could call a ribbon of sepulchral light, which might glow and feel cold as it whispered past someone’s skin, while at the same time a misty green fog billowing up could smell like grave dirt and almonds. One of these illusions would need to fade before a third could be created. The changeling has complete control over when his illusions come and go.
Exceptional Success: The clause’s power lasts 15 minutes per Wyrd level instead.

(•••) Latency

One of illusion’s many gifts is the art of going unseen among enemies and those who would seek to harm you if your presence were made known. With this clause, changelings take on the appearance of an inanimate object, concealing themselves from others. The first success is always visual, but subsequent successes may be assigned to any mundane senses the user chooses.

The object may be anything which does not move of its own power, including curtains, crates, shrubberies, trees or other, similar background items. As this is illusion, not substance, the changeling must beware: no shadows will be cast, and just because you look like a closed set of curtains, that doesn’t mean the sunlight won’t shine through.

If the changeling is unobserved at any point during the effects of this clause, she may reflexively alter her illusion to become a different object, whether or not she changes her location while doing so. All aspects of this clause are subject to the modifiers below.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intelligence
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is wearing no perfume the day this clause is used, has used no scented hair or skin lotions/cleansers, no laundry detergent or fabric softener.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling disguises herself as something extremely large, visible, eye-searingly out of place, and anyone seeing her immediately knows what she looks like beneath the illusion.
Failure: The contract fails to activate, leaving the changeling without illusions. The world. It is so real.
Success: The changeling disguises herself as an inanimate object which would fit in with the local surroundings unremarked. Effect lasts one scene. The changeling cannot stop the illusion, but can overlay it with other clauses in this Contract.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may stop and resume this clause’s effects at any time until they expire.

Modifiers: add -1 penalty for every Size level of difference between the illusion and reality.

(••••) Veil of Lies

A little old woman on the side of the road pleads for kindness from strangers, her faerie nature concealed beneath aging humanity. The desperate, injured hero calls upon faerie’s power to disguise himself as a horrifying beast with more fangs than any reasonable monster should possess. With this clause, a changeling gains the ability to veil herself as someone else, casting an illusion to change sex, age, height, weight or even species.

Illusions created with this clause can be used to disguise any body type as any body type, per the modifiers below. A giant may appear to be a waifish tween. A tiny Wizened may appear to be a glorious Fairest. The princess may be a giant talking humanoid duck. These illusions must be humanoid, however far-fetched they are otherwise.

Nothing lasts forever. At the twelfth strike of the twelfth hour of the night, its power is broken, and all is as it was before.

Cost: 3 Glamour (+ 1 Willpower if impersonating a real person)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation (vs. Wyrd + Resolve if used on an unwilling target)
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has lied about their identity to everyone, known and unknown, for an entire week.

Dramatic Failure: The illusionist not only fails to create a successful veil, but also manages to addle his own ability to recognize others. For the rest of the scene, any time someone goes out of sight, the changeling suffers from local amnesia, forgetting who they are or mistaking them for someone else.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: The changeling successfully veils himself or his target in the illusion of another form (or overlays his own) for the remainder of the scene. This can be used to impersonate others, with a disguise bonus equal to successes rolled. Modifiers are mandatory.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may shift their veil to another, equally potent veil once during the scene.

Modifiers: add -1 penalty for every Size level of difference between the illusion and reality; the changeling is impersonating someone she knows very well (-1); the changeling is impersonating someone he has seen often, but isn’t close to (-2); the changeling is impersonating someone she has studied thoroughly for at least one hour (-3); the changeling is trying to impersonate someone he has never seen (-5); the illusion is the changeling’s normal form with only minor cosmetic changes, for example, to conceal wounds, bad acne scars, a torn-up party dress or the scent of a skunk spraying her boot before a meeting (+1)

(•••••) Dance the Hollow Hills

Where faeries dance, mortals fear to tread, and while changelings aren’t Fae themselves, they’ve managed to learn a trick or two to imitate their splendour. Using this clause, an illusionist creates what is essentially a stationary, multi-user shared hallucination, tying it to one particular location. The location needn’t be a building, but it does require some form of specific boundary marker. These may be tumbled walls of old field stones, the forest’s edge about a clearing, or even a ring of salt hastily sprinkled over a parking lot. The area covered may not exceed half an acre.

The illusory surroundings could cause a mundane office meeting room to seem a patch of mist-wreathed moors, or perhaps transform a sweetly lovely flower garden into a pitchy dark, abyssal hell of terrifying howls and flaming beasts. The details are entirely up to the creator, though aspects of a physical structure are never truly removed; those affected by the illusion will subconsciously avoid them.

No hobs, humans, changelings or other truly sapient races are transformed by this illusion, though other clauses of this Contract may be used to make them match the planned decor. Similarly, while the animate actors created by the illusion, be they ballroom dancers, clinging vines or servants eager to accept your coat, may SEEM real, they never are. The moment you relinquish your grip on your coat, you’d better hope the floor is clean, because that’s where it’s going...not that YOU will see it land there. Animals may be disguised at will, but their Size may not change.

For every extra Glamour spent, efforts to break free of the illusion suffer a -1 penalty, up to a maximum equal to the caster's Wyrd. Should subject(s) be reduced to a chance die and roll a dramatic failure on their resistance, they are thoroughly convinced of the illusions' reality, to the point of arguing it with others.

If you are standing in the area when it is cast, have been told beforehand that it will be, or it is something so far-fetched it can’t possibly be realistic (walking into the ocean floor and still breathing air when you step through the doorway on the 14th floor), you are automatically exempt from rolling to disbelieve, as you already know that it is false.

Cost: 4 Glamour (+1 Willpower for each extra contiguous room it is extended into)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Crafts
Action: Extended, 1 minute each; rolls capped at number of dice in pool plus/minus modifiers
Catch: The changeling has bled at least 2L’s worth of blood to mark the outline of the space to be affected. This blood may be diluted or mixed with sand etc. at will.

Dramatic Failure: Offending a force which can change how others see you is never wise. For the remainder of the day, until the clock strikes twelve at midnight, the changeling suffers a -3 penalty to his Presence, persistent illusions causing him to seem slight, subtle, not particularly eye-catching.
Failure: The contract fails to activate. With no successes, nothing happens. With between 1-4 successes, shreds and wisps of unformed illusion, vague, unfinished, drift aimlessly for Wyrd minutes before dissipating into nothing.
Success: The changeling successfully calls up a mass illusion for the area. Minimum 5 successes. Lasts until next sunrise. See chart below for mechanics.
Exceptional Success: No additional benefits. Extra dice are their own reward.

Modifiers: the changeling owns or is intimately knowledgeable of the property the illusion is being cast over (+1)

Successes Rolled Mechanics
5 The changeling’s illusion is relatively sparse, bare-bones, with few non-stationary aspects. It isn’t very detailed, and may include up to 3 animate, seemingly intelligent actors.
10 The changeling’s illusion is sparse, but realistic. It is moderately detailed and may include up to 5 animate, seemingly intelligent actors.
15 The changeling’s illusion is fully fleshed out and very real. It is very detailed and may include up to 10 animate, seemingly intelligent actors.
20 The changeling’s illusion is supernally beautiful, lush with detail and may include up to 25 animate, seemingly intelligent actors.

Contracts of Intensity


This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

NOTE: This Contract was ICly created by (NPC) August Bordeaux of Autumn, who has requested that freeholders keep it secret from non-members. If you are not a member of the freehold, you may not purchase these clauses.

Have you ever wanted a volume control for your noisy neighbour? Is it raining cats and dogs on your parade when you’d really rather it rained mice and parakeets? Is a business agreement with a rival going just a smidge too well, despite the fact that you know the customer doesn’t like their style?

These, and more, are in the purview of Intensity.

Intensity applies to forces acting upon other objects/people. It has to be something which can effect changes if increased or decreased. To be very clear, if there is nothing to work with, the Contract will not be able to function, and if there is too little to work with, well, you’ll be getting penalties out the patoot as it attempts to do what you intend.

Modifiers are mandatory, and are listed beneath each clause.

(•) Volume Control

Ever had a noisy neighbour doing things on a squeaky bed against your wall that you REALLY didn’t want to hear about? Or, ever unexpectedly come upon someone having a secret conversation in a crowded pub that you simply knew would be critical to the Freehold’s safety if you could only manage to overhear it? Change the volume!

This clause affects your senses and the senses of those nearby. It has no effect upon the target.

The target area is limited to Wyrd yards in diameter. E.g. a Wyrd 1 character could increase/decrease the sound within a sphere with a 1-yard diameter. Additional Glamour may be expended, up to the character’s maximum allowable per-turn number, to increase the target area on a 1:1 ratio (1 Glamour = 1 additional yard in diameter). Yards are added from the center outward -- adding 1 yard to the sphere will, in effect, add half a yard to all sides.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: Within the past hour, you have used a noisemaking device (radio, swirly noisemaker toy, playing instruments, etc.) within five feet of where you intend to sit/stand when you activate this Contract.

Dramatic Failure: You shouldn’t have done that. No matter how hard you try to control your voice, for the remainder of the day, you alternate between whispering and yelling at the top of your lungs with no warning, usually at the least convenient times for each.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: You successfully increase or diminish the intensity of all sounds coming from a target area within sight of your current position by +3/-3. If you lose sight of the target, the clause ends (blinking does not count as losing sight of the target). For blind characters, the clause relies on their primary sense (hearing, scent, etc.) instead of sight. The target area overlaps with physical structures (i.e. a Wyrd 3 person staring at a wall would have a ‘center’ point of the wall, with a 1.5 yard overlap on the other side of the wall to hear (or not hear, ye gods not hear) what was happening there.). Clause otherwise lasts the remainder of the scene. This applies as a bonus to perception rolls or a reduction of distraction penalties, among other creative uses.
Exceptional Success: The bonus/penalty increases to +5/-5.

Mandatory Modifiers: apply a cumulative -1 penalty for every 50 yards of distance between you and the target area. E.g. a target 168 yards away but still in sight would require a -3 penalty on the activation roll. This represents decreasing intensity of perceptible sound.

(••) Free and Easy

With this clause, a changeling may increase or decrease the difficulty of a given task, helping a friend or hindering a foe who may be attacking said friend.

If you have already successfully used this clause to modify the ease/difficulty of a specific target’s actions during the past 24 hours, your activation roll is made at a -5 penalty.

Each subsequent attempt adds another -2 to the penalty.

For example: Tommy Hillflicker used this clause an hour ago to help his friend Betty Boone. Now Betty is in trouble again! Oh no! He makes the roll at a -5 penalty because it hasn’t been 24 hours yet. Unfortunately, he doesn’t succeed. He tries again, but this time he is at a -7 penalty. The next time he tries, he is at a -9 penalty, and gets a Dramatic Failure, at which point he gives up on trying at all, and just waits until 24 hours have passed from his first attempt, seeing as he now has a -11 penalty AND a -4 to his next roll, thanks to the DF, and he really doesn’t even want to contemplate a -15 for a 2-dot clause.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Empathy vs. Wyrd + Resolve (unless target is willing)
Action: Instant
Catch: The target has given you a freshly-picked sprig of basil grown in their own garden (a flower pot on the kitchen windowsill counts as a garden) within the past day.

Dramatic Failure: The next roll you make is at a -4 penalty.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: Choose a target. Target may be self. Target must be within sight/hearing distance. You successfully raise or lower the difficulty of the target’s next instant action (may be used to affect a single roll during an extended action), applying a -2 penalty or a +2 bonus to their roll. To the target, the action seems oddly difficult/easy to perform. A sword is heavier than expected, throwing off an attacker’s swing, or perhaps a leap which looked insurmountable is managed with unexpected ease.
Exceptional Success: Select a second eligible target to receive the benefit of this clause.

Mandatory Modifiers: you share a strong emotional bond with the target, such as being a lover/passionate enemy (+1); the target has no dots in one of the abilities/skills they are using (-1)

(•••) Thief of Fate

A small change can make a big difference. With this clause, a single Attribute of your choice is temporarily raised/lowered. This Attribute must be focused on while the clause is being performed. This bonus stacks with all other mundane and supernatural bonuses.

In effect, this is a temporary Greater Adroitness or what would occur were a Greater Adroitness affected by the Poisoning of the Boon pledge Sanction.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Larceny vs. Wyrd + Wits (if target is unwilling/unaware)
Action: Instant
Catch: Trade a life for power. While activating this clause, you tear apart a Size 1 or larger creature with your bare hands.

Dramatic Failure: All of your own Attributes are lowered by 2 until the next sunrise/sunset, whichever is farthest away.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: Choose a target. Target may be self. Roll is contested if target is unwilling or unaware of the clause’s use. You successfully raise (or lower) the target Attribute by 1 for the remainder of the day. This applies to all rolls where that Attribute will be used. The target feels nothing when it happens.
Exceptional Success: In addition to raising the attribute, the target gains 9-again on on their next caster’s-Wyrd number of rolls with it. Or, in addition to lowering the attribute, the target loses 10-agains on their next caster’s-Wyrd number of rolls involving that attribute.

Mandatory Modifiers: the target has 0 dots in that Attribute (this is impossible for humanoid N/PCs, possible for hobgoblins/animals) (-1);

(••••) Alter the Environment

Ever been creeping down a pitch black staircase in an abandoned house surrounded by ooky monsters, but didn’t want to turn on your flashlight because, you know, surrounded by ooky monsters? Ever needed to drive in a hurricane, but the rain and wind were just too strong? This is the clause for you!

Using the powers of Intensity, you alter the environmental penalties around you. When activating this clause, choose a specific penalty to be affected first. If there are any points left over after that penalty is negated, apply them to a second (or third, etc.) penalty.

For example, let’s say you and your friends are in a heavy storm at night, and you are trying to see where you are going so you don’t end up falling to your dooooom while chasing Bad Guys over a rocky mountainside. The storm applies a -2 penalty and the darkness applies a -3 penalty, for a total of -5 environmental penalties on your perception rolls. You use this clause to remove up to 3 points of existing penalties. This clears out the -2 penalty from the storm, and because you only used 2 of the 3 points on the storm, you can apply the third point to reducing the darkness to a -2. In effect, you took your -5 and made it a -2.

Cost: 2 Glamour (+2 for every additional Wyrd's worth of characters to be affected, limited by user's per-turn Glamour value)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Survival
Action: Instant
Catch: The primary target/center point of the clause is someone you share a strong emotional bond with. They could be your child, your spouse, your most hated rival, your best friend, your worst enemy. The intensity of the bond is the important part.

Dramatic Failure: As with a success, except that you and any allies within range automatically take a -5 due to increasing penalties, and anyone opposing you gains +5 points with which to negate penalties. You are the center point of the 12-yard radius.
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: Choose whether you are causing or relieving penalties. All affected parties receive the same effect. You can’t pick and choose who gets which. Choose a primary target. Target may be self. For the next Wyrd x 10 minutes, you successfully alter the environmental penalties of the area around your target. For 12 yards in all directions, you either enforce a new -3 penalty to all applicable rolls OR remove up to 3 points of existing environmental penalties. You may specify up to Wyrd number of targets to be affected by this power.

If you are in a heavy storm, the rain around you mysteriously slackens to a light pattering or increases to a torrential downpour for no apparent reason. If you are in the dark, it is mysteriously not quite as dark, or oddly darker than expected, etc.

This clause does not automatically target you. You must specify yourself as one of the Wyrd number of targets to be affected. The first target you choose will be the center point of the 12-yard radius. The effect of the clause follows the primary target. If one of the recipients leaves the area covered by the clause, they no longer suffer its penalties/receive its benefits.
Exceptional Success: The effect is the same as a regular success, but the dice penalty to be afflicted/number of points to be removed from existing penalties is now 5.

Mandatory Modifiers: there are no current environmental penalties (-1);

(•••••) Discharge

Where the previous clauses affect one specific focus, the final culmination of the Contract strengthens or diminishes EVERYthing, for better or for worse. This clause has no effect if a character is not currently under the effect of a bonus or penalty. This clause does not create environmental penalties from nothing. If it is a hot, dry day, you are not going to get a blizzard.

All bonuses/penalties within Wyrd x 5 yards of you are either intensified or reduced by 2 points, in the case of numeric bonuses/penalties, or pushed one step up/down the permutation list. The air itself seems either filled with energy and odd intensity or strangely limp, the area having an aura of peculiar weakness, depending on which option is chosen upon activating the Contract.

Intensify: If it’s good, you make it more good. If it’s bad, you make it more bad.
Reduce: If it’s good, you make it less good. If it’s bad, you make it less bad.
Intensification Chart
Bonus/Penalty Increase Reduce
+1 +3 -1
9-again 8-again 10-again
8-again Rote 9-again
Rote Rote + advanced action (roll twice, keep the better roll) 8-again
-1 -3 +1
No-again Weak 10-again
Weak Weak + reversed advanced action (roll twice, keep the worse roll) No-again

This clause affects the following: existing environmental penalties, wound penalties, kith blessings, seeming blessings/curses, numeric bonuses/penalties derived from magical items, numeric effects of Contracts (i.e. it could increase the intensity of a +2 to a +4, but would have no effect on showy illusions, since there is no numeric bonus involved).

This does not increase or decrease a weapon’s innate damage bonus, or the Toxicity of a poison. It does not give a bonus to rolls, unless another effect is active on the character which would already give them a bonus (i.e. if someone used Hearth on you to give you a +4, and this clause would make that 4 + 2 = +6 to your next instant action).

Cost: 5 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult (vs. highest Wyrd + Resolve pool if contested)
Action: Instant
Catch: You have amplified or reduced the volume of your voice (by constantly and deliberately shouting, using a megaphone, microphone, whispering, etc.) for an entire day, dawn to dusk, within the past week.

Dramatic Failure: Any bonuses become penalties of equal value for the entire duration the clause would have held. That is to say, if you had a +1, it becomes a -1. If you had 9-again, any 9 you roll is withdrawn from your dice pool, effectively a failure, rather than being rolled again. If you had 8-again, any 8 or 9 you roll is withdrawn from the pool as above, meaning you can only get a success on 10. If you had Rote, roll your regular pool and count successes. Take away any dice which failed. Roll the dice which succeeded as your new pool. i.e. if you rolled 6 dice and got 2 successes, you would take away the 4 failures and effectively have 2 dice for a dice pool. Roll those dice. Effectively, you are only counting a roll as a success if that die succeeds twice in a row.

The rule of thumb is that this failure will never benefit you. It will always happen to you and anyone on “your side”, as well as that one bad guy in the room you REALLY didn’t want to upset. Or two bad guys. Anything which will ultimately cause you to suffer, really. This IS affected by the standard range limitations. Hopefully the worst baddies are beyond your reach...
Failure: The Contract fails to activate.
Success: You successfully discharge a burst of energy, either intensifying or decreasing any bonuses or penalties in the area. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the contract-holder’s Wyrd, and any bonus/penalty applied during that time is affected by this clause. The area of effect is fixed once the clause is activated. It will not move with you. Anyone entering the area after the initial burst is unaffected.
Exceptional Success: Anyone entering the area after the initial burst also receives the 2-point modifier to any of their own bonuses/penalties.

Contracts of Lost & Found


This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

NOTE: due to a Goblin Contract with the same name, when purchasing this via +xps, use 'Lost' instead of the full name.

Two sides of the same coin, for something to be found, it must be lost, and who better to find the lost than Lost?

This contract grants a Changeling power over lost items and the location thereof, the restoration thereof, and the selective losing of minds, to a lesser extent.

(•) Finders Keepers

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Maybe you were traveling, and left your credit card behind. Maybe you have a sudden hankering to find the nearest Krispy Kreme. With this clause, the changeling involved is able to locate any object or building s/he has in mind. It may not be used on living things (see Four Directions 1 for that). The closer your affinity to the object, the easier it is to find.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Investigation
Action: Instant
Catch: You are finding the item for someone else, without expecting compensation.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling is filled with utter conviction that she knows exactly where the object is, but she is wrong. Very, very wrong. Her failure leads her straight into a spot of difficulty, be it a ravine she has to climb, a group of thugs who want to mug her or an expensive flight across the country. At the end of the scene or when the changeling reaches the supposed destination, whichever comes first, this conviction fades.
Failure: The contract fails to activate, and the changeling feels neither certainty nor conviction of where the object lies.
Success: The changeling successfully finds the object, learning exactly where it is and, if it is being carried by a person, what that person looks like. The changeling does not learn the person’s name, or supernatural status, or anything else about him/her/it. Only appearance and location, and if the location doesn’t have a sign on the building to say the building’s name, well, tough luck. The changeling still knows where it is. Just not the name. If the object has been destroyed, the changeling will know, the contract filling him with a hollow sense of loss/absence. If the object exists, but is broken into pieces, the location will feel fuzzy and indistinct until ‘the nearest piece of x’ is separately searched for instead. Similar to its behaviour when targets are held by living persons, this knowledge does not include the name of the location, but the changeling would instinctively know where to point at on a map, or when to stop when scrolling through a list of town names on a GPS.
Exceptional Success: The changeling not only knows where the object is, but also knows exact directions to GET to where it is, no matter which method of locomotion she is using. These directions do not include street names, but are rather “turn left here, take a right at the red house on the corner, stop next to the tall brunette” and similar, with a vague sense of distances involved. The more often the clause is used, the better the changeling will be at estimating just what a particular variant of “it’s a long way away” translates to in actual miles, through simple experience with interpretation.

Modifiers: The object belongs to the changeling/the changeling is intimately familiar with it (+1); the changeling has never/seldom seen the object before (-2); the changeling is searching for a general example of the object, i.e. the nearest silver ring made by Jacques the Jeweler, or the nearest stained glass window (-3)

Modifiers stack. You may receive +1 for being very familiar with Krispy Kremes and -3 for searching for the generic doughnut in the first place.

(••) Pieces of Eight

Lose the emerald from your mother's ring and need to return it tonight before she disinherits you? It knows where it used to be. You just need to give it the oomph to get it back where it belongs. With this clause, a changeling calls together the lost pieces of any object, regardless of where they are. A broken handle from an ancient vase trapped under a mile of volcanic ash? No problem...if you have the power to pay for it. The farther away the pieces are, the more Glamour their reacquisition will require.

The changeling may only call a number of pieces equal to his Wyrd. If the number of broken pieces exceeds his Wyrd score, he calls some of them, and then must use this clause a second time on the partially restored item, or more, depending on how low his Wyrd/how many broken pieces are missing. Please remember the limitation on how much Glamour may be spent per round.

If any pieces were utterly destroyed (say, a book with torn out pages, and one of the pages was burnt) that piece will not be retrieved and will not be replaced. If the object is ancient, and parts rotted away, those, too, will not be retrieved/replaced. If the rotten parts were, say, the thinner metal where a handle was bolted to the body of a container, there will be no way to bolt them together, but the handle will clank into existence where it should be, even if it then falls to the floor because it can’t attach.

Cost: 1 Glamour; +1 per 50 miles away the object’s pieces are
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: You are in a public place with at least three other people when this clause is used.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling calls the pieces, sure, but they attach themselves in entirely the wrong places, the joinings as seamless and as natural as something so obviously incorrect can be.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The changeling successfully calls the lost pieces of an object together, restoring it seamlessly to its former wholeness -- if the pieces were close enough to do so. If an object’s lost pieces are farther than the changeling’s Glamour will retrieve, they travel as far as possible toward the changeling before the power of the transportation fades. The changeling will feel a sense of “unfinished”-ness if pieces are still out there, but couldn’t reach him. The clause may be used multiple times, until all pieces are accounted for one way or another.
Exceptional Success: The changeling’s control over moving the pieces is more refined. They will travel another 10 miles per success rolled.

Modifiers: The changeling owns the object (+2); the changeling is very familiar with the object (+1); the changeling is vaguely familiar/has a description of the object (+0); the changeling has no idea what the object is supposed to look like (-2)

(•••) Turning a Blind Eye

Living a secret in the midst of mortal society can be a challenge, but changelings are nothing if not resourceful. Making a place changelings can find and mortals can’t is well worth the effort. With this clause, a changeling may ‘lose’ an object, section of wall, doorway, building, etc., in such a way that mortals simply don’t notice it is there. They may walk past the doorway in the alley all the time, but unless it's really pointed out, they just don't see it and don’t wonder about it. The gap in house numbers is simply oversight on the developers’ part, or any other convenient excuse the affected mind imagines.

The effects of this clause qualify as supernatural obfuscation for purposes of detection by other Supernaturals. If you are able to detect such powers, you are able to combat this/see through it. Mortals don’t have that luxury.

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Subterfuge
Action: Extended (see table below); each roll takes one turn, and the number of rolls is capped at the changeling’s Wyrd
Catch: The changeling shares a secret aloud (murmuring and whispering count) with the target object/area which s/he has never before told anyone else.

Dramatic Failure: For the next day, the target of the clause is supernaturally interesting to all comers, drawing the attention of humans and others alike. Walking down an alley and seeing a door they had never noticed before results not in a moment of curiosity, but in a fixation on finding out more about it.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The changeling successfully conceals his target object from mortal ken for Wyrd x 3 days. See the table below for successes required per Size.
Exceptional Success: The object remains concealed for Wyrd x 5 days.

Modifiers: The changeling is the owner or acknowledged caretaker of the object to be concealed (+1)

Successes Req'd Mechanics
1 Objects small enough to carry, no larger than Size 3.
5 A single door or doorway-sized section of wall, mundane hedge, cave tunnel, etc., or objects no larger than Size 6.
10 A single automobile, small shack, larger entrance, driveway or object no larger than Size 10.
15 A small home, brownstone, or similarly sized building.

(••••) Brownie Bolthole

Using this clause, a changeling may deliberately lose an object in a ‘pocket’ of lost space caught between the Hedge and the mortal world, to retrieve at a later date. This may look like tucking an item in your pocket, or hanging a coat which mysteriously disappears midair, reaching into a patch of nothing, or perhaps an emulation of a modern day Mary Poppins with a hatstand “in” your carpet bag.

The total Size of the objects stored may not exceed twice the changeling’s Wyrd. E.g. a Wyrd 5 changeling could store up to Size 10 worth of objects, such as five Size 2 swords.

After a number of days equal to the changeling’s Wyrd score, objects left in the lost space are truly lost, deposited in the Hedge. Using the first clause of this Contract can aid in locating them, but finding them will always take a fair amount of effort.

Objects may not be alive, sentient, or sapient, in any way. Plants and pets will die. Corpses are already dead, and thereby fine. Your annoying Vampire neighbour who keeps the music on All. Night. Long, while certainly a corpse by all pertinent definitions, is not fine, as he is a sentient, sapient being. You do not get to play undead pocket Pokemon. Hedgespun automata, being machines, do not qualify as alive, or sentient. They have no feelings or opinions to worry about.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Dexterity
Action: Instant to activate; Reflexive to retrieve/stash once active
Catch: The changeling is stashing/retrieving an item which they stole/received from someone else.

Dramatic Failure: The ‘lost space’ is toothy, unfriendly, and may well be the inside of a nasty creature’s maw. Take 1L to the hand from the damage-of-choice reaching into it does to you. Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The changeling successfully gains access to a snippet of lost space. Their ability to reach into and store/retrieve items lasts one scene. As the access has no specific physical location and is, in fact, tied only to the changeling himself, there is no physical movement necessary beyond the intention to put something away or retrieve it. Close your fingers and intend to retrieve a stored dagger by the hilt, and it will be there.
Exceptional Success: The changeling’s access to the storage space lasts an entire day.

Modifiers: the changeling is in combat when this clause is used, or otherwise extremely distracted/multitasking (-1)

(•••••) Mad World

Not all who wander are lost, but those subjected to the power of this clause would beg to differ. Also beg for directions to their destination, not that it would do them any good.

Using this clause and the appropriate modifier below, a changeling may skew the perceptions of a target or targets, to the point that even if they were on their very doorstep, they would be lost. The sun would seem a different direction in the sky, they would walk past emblazoned trees seeing no woodsman's marks, and city streets would be an unrelenting maze for five minutes per Wyrd level of the caster.

Following the directions of others is impossible; the target may start down what they believe is the right street, or count to what they believe is the right brownstone down from the corner, but what seems like a straight road to anyone else could be any number of twisting alleyways to the one affected by this clause, though the changes must always be plausible. A building is always a building of some sort which fits the local neighbourhood, a series of tunnels in a mine will always be a series of tunnels in a mine, and a highway will always look like a highway, for example. It may be a completely different highway, but the cars driving along it are not going to disappear. The clause would simply ensure that the driver of the car took the wrong exits, believing that they would take him to his destination.

The changeling using this clause has no power over the specific images the target sees.

Cost: 2 Glamour (+1 Willpower to affect multiple targets. See modifiers below.)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Composure - (highest) Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling spins around counterclockwise on one foot thrice or until they are slightly dizzy for the action.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling’s attempts to deliberately lose somebody else’s mind backfire: she loses her own, instead, and can’t find it again for 1 minute per Wyrd level.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: The changeling successfully warps the perceptions of his target(s). In effect, the target completely loses his sense of direction, sense of location. He could be walking down a straight city street, and his brain would replace that street with any number of other city streets, with signs reading the wrong name. His front door would look like the door to a completely different place, the buildings would look different, billboards have different images, and if he turned the corner and stepped back around, he would see different places all over again. Nothing repeats once a corner has been turned. The maze of the mind is endless in its infinite variety.
Exceptional Success: The effect’s duration is doubled, lasting Wyrd x 10 minutes instead.

Modifiers: There is a single target (+0); 2-4 targets (-1); 5-8 targets (-2); 8-12 targets (-3); 12-18 targets (-4); 18+ targets (-5)

Contracts of Misdeed

SUN/MOON COURT AFFINITY - Non-Affinity to all other Courts.

This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna and Rainier. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

The Courts of the Sun and Moon are not as popular here in the west, but their history lives on in the echoes of immigrants from eastern Europe seeking a more righteous, or, a more liberated future in the New World.

It is fitting that, as two faces of the same ideal, the duality should share a Contract devoted to furthering their own purposes.

If you are a member of the Sun or Moon Court, you have access to your Court's variant whether or not it is day or night.

The Contract is non-affinity to non-members. If used during the day by a non-member, the shame variant manifests. If used during the night, the disgust variant manifests. Non-members may use the opposite variant off-hours by spending an extra point of Glamour on activation of the clause.

While the Moon Court takes a more laissez-faire attitude toward those with Goodwill using the sunny side of shame, the Sun Court does not share their easy acceptance. NOT spending the extra point of Glamour will be considered a mark against those who would seek the Sun's blessing.

(•) Discerning Eye

"To err is human; to forgive, divine." Alexander Pope may or may not have the truth of it, but it's a surety that time and again, people screw up, and sometimes, they behave so poorly that it's well worth knowing just what they did, or what they'll react to if YOU do it. For your own far more noble endeavors...

Prerequisite: Mantle (SUN/MOON) 1 or Court Goodwill (SUN/MOON) 2

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Empathy
Action: Instant
Catch: The target recognizes you as an authority figure over them.

Dramatic Failure: SUN/MOON: The changeling receives an incorrect shame/disgust, and believes it to be true.
Failure: SUN/MOON: The character cannot discern any shames/disgusts.
Success: SUN: You discern one of your target's secret shames. MOON: You discern one thing which utterly disgusts your target. Contract does nothing if the target feels no shame for past deeds/holds nothing in disgust.
Exceptional Success: SUN/MOON: You discern two shames/disgusts, or learn that there are none, respectively.

Suggested Modifiers: the target is feeling guilty (+1); you have never met the target before (-1)

(••) The Guiding Hand

If someone's behavior isn't quite aligned with your goals, it's only to their benefit, clearly, that you should give them a nudge in the right direction. This clause can only be used while you are actively attempting to persuade someone toward/against a particular action, belief or similar line of behavior.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Mantle (SUN/MOON) 1 or Court Goodwill (SUN/MOON) 3

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has knowingly given someone else that person's favorite food, or has personally eaten something which revolts her within the last hour.

Dramatic Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause backfires, and the target gains a supernatural bolstering of their own beliefs, receiving a +2 on their own roll to contest the changeling's next attempt at persuasion.
Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause has no effect.
Success: SUN: The target feels supernaturally induced shame for not behaving as the changeling indicates is "right" to do. MOON: The target feels supernaturally induced disgust toward what the changeling specifies upon activating this clause.
In both cases, the changeling gains a +2 to the next Persuasion roll relating to the targeted behavior. The object of shame or disgust must be relatively specific. "Existing" would not be a permissible source of shame or disgust. "Being late to work" or "dogs whose faces look like they were cartoonishly squashed against hard objects" would.
Exceptional Success: SUN/MOON: The +2 bonus applies for the remainder of the scene, but only to Persuasion rolls specifically toward that topic.

Suggested Modifiers: the changeling has succeeded at a contested Persuasion roll with the target within the last half hour (+1); the changeling has failed at the above within the last half hour (-1)

(•••) And In The Darkness, Light

Fulfilling their ties as the Court of Day and the Court of Night, the pair shares two faces of one ultimate expression, multifaceted and all too real. Revelation and concealment, sun-fire and moon-madness, light and dark, the clause alters time and space itself to bring true day or night at the changeling's call. The effects ARE seen by mortals, and DO affect the sky, a column of blue or star-spangled black clearly visible to anyone viewing the area from a distance.

Prerequisite: Mantle (SUN/MOON) 2 or Court Goodwill (SUN/MOON) 4

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The clause is used at noon or midnight.

Dramatic Failure: SUN/MOON: The changeling's attempts backfire, dazzling his/her senses. Shadows are pitch dark, light is blinding, and for the remainder of the scene, s/he suffers a -3 environmental penalty to all vision-related rolls (Perception, seeing to climb a difficult course, gauging a jump over a gap, etc.).
Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause fails to activate.
Success: SUN: The dark conceals secrets, conceals the shameful acts of those who creep and crawl beneath the veil of night, and those of the Found Path have bargained to reveal them. For a radius of Wyrd x 10 yards, lasting one scene, the area around the changeling is bathed in the full light of a sunny afternoon. MOON: Light is all well and good, but not everybody's willing to go out in it. Liberating those of the disgusted who prefer to live in shadows, the Wayward Road's ultimate power is a dark echo of their brighter opposite. For Wyrd x 10 yards, lasting one scene, the area around the changeling is bathed in the cool dark and silvered light of midnight.
In both cases, the sun or moon is at the appropriate angle/phase for the current time of year, and plants and animals, while potentially confused, behave accordingly. For purposes of combat against or support for vampires and werewolves, the sunlight of this clause IS true sunlight and day, as the moonlight is true moonlight and night. The effect moves with the changeling.
Exceptional Success: SUN/MOON: As above, but the radius expands to Wyrd x 20 yards.

Suggested Modifiers: SUN: the contract is performed at dusk to extend the sun's power into the night (+1); MOON: the contract is performed at dawn to extend the moon's power into the day (+1)

(••••) The Forked Path

Changelings, more than many, understand what it is like to lose yourself, or to be lost. While those in the Found Path seek to help others find their way and guide them through more virtuous pursuits, the Wayward Road is lost, likes being lost, and revels in the power of forcing enemies to lose their path. Whether or not their targets will enjoy the curse as much as they do is yet to be seen.

Prerequisite: Mantle (SUN/MOON) 3 or Court Goodwill (SUN/MOON) 5

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has spent an hour or more within the last 24 hours working on a project/goal which will benefit someone other than himself.

Dramatic Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause instead curses the wielder with the negative effects of a standard success.
Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause has no effect.
Success: SUN: Guide a single target (self or other) down the Found Path. As below, save that the penalty is applied to those who would hinder the target from pursuing her goals. Select a category (physical mental social) to receive this blessing at the time this clause is activated. Lasting a number of hours equal to successes rolled, the target is supernaturally blessed, and those who would seek to influence her or contest her using rolls within that category are unable to muster their customary charm or skill.
MOON: Guide a target (hopefully other) down the Wayward Road. Lasting a number of hours equal to successes rolled, the target is cursed, prone to doing, and going, precisely what or where he shouldn't, as regards actions in one of the categories writ above. While there is no innate damage related to the clause, the player of the target is welcome to invent narrow escapes to explain the jarring effects of the curse; the wayward road is often one of mischief close to malice. The changeling using this clause cannot specify exactly what troubles the target suffers. Select a category as above. The target of the curse receives a -2 penalty to all actions taken using attributes or skills under that category. They are clumsier or slower on the draw, a bit befuddled or distracted by extraneous thoughts, their oratory falls flat or they pick angles just a bit off true when they try to persuade someone toward their way of thinking.
Exceptional Success: SUN: as above, with the additional benefit of lasting a number of DAYS equal to successes rolled, and of +2 to any Breaking Points suffered under the clause's influence. MOON: as above, with the additional benefit of lasting a number of DAYS equal to successes rolled. Additionally, the curse is so deeply disturbing that the target must succeed on a Breaking Point roll or lose Clarity. The targeted player is encouraged to invent a reason for the lapse. As always, roll to a +myjob.

(•••••) True Of Heart

While the Courts of Sun and Moon disagree about as much as possible, they can't deny the value of being true to yourself and your ideals. Granted, their version of WHICH self you should be true to does differ...

Prerequisite: Mantle (SUN/MOON) 4

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: There is another party complicit in the act. You are an excellent/horrible influence.

Dramatic Failure: SUN/MOON: The contract backfires, reversing its effects. If the changeling rolled for Sun, gain the benefits of Moon, and vice versa, along with a -3 penalty to act according to the intended vice/virtue.
Failure: SUN/MOON: The clause fails to activate.
Success: SUN: +3 to rolls to act in accordance with one's virtue. Gain 9-again if the action is done to uphold a promise or pledge. MOON: +3 to rolls to act in accordance with one's vice. Gain 9-again if the action is done to break a promise or pledge. The clause remains active for the remainder of the scene.
Exceptional Success: SUN/MOON: As above, but the changeling gains 9-again on all actions to uphold his virtue/vice and 8-again if the action is done to uphold/break a promise or pledge.

Contracts of Night Terrors

These clauses all relate to the creepy crawly dreaded things that go bump in the night.

All clauses written by Reagan@Fallcoast, used with his permission.

(•) Quietus

The quiet of the night, so still and serene. The Darklings know how silent the night can be. That from silence dread can thrive. Every small creak of a home can sound like a distant scream, the sigh of a furnace can sound like breathing. Why do some places just sound so much more quiet than others? The Darklings know.

With the activation of this Contract, the Darkling can create a blanket of supernatural quiet. Making sure the sounds they do make are hard to hear in the next room. Their footsteps preternaturally silent, the same as the screams of those they visit upon.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stealth
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The Changeling must eat a handful of spider webs, with or without spiders in them.

Dramatic Failure: The Darkling is unnaturally LOUD. Anyone nearby can hear the Darkling and gain +3 to perception rolls with hearing for the scene.
Failure: The Darkling fails to activate the Contract.
Success: The blanket of eerie silence covers the area equal to the Changeling's Wyrdx3 yards. Any noise that happens inside of that area is heard as normal. Noises that occur outside of that zone incur a penalty equal to successes to all perception rolls to hear or listen for noise. The victim(s) left wondering why no one can hear them scream. Making easy work for some Darklings bent on assassination. This effect lasts for the scene. Once it is set, it is set and if the Darkling should happen to be the one screaming for help? They may soon find themselves the ones in trouble.
Exceptional Success: The zone is absolute and the Darkling has the power to cancel out all noise completely, if she so wishes. Making it impossible for anyone or anything to be heard inside or outside the zone. The Darkling also gains the ability to turn this Contract off at any time.

(••) Long Fingers

Some Darklings are capable of squirming in to tight spaces naturally. Some hide within the shadows. Some just need to have a little longer of reach to get something... or touch someone... or peek into a second story window.

With a successful use of this Contract, a Changeling may modify the length of their arms, legs, spine, neck, fingers, toes for the scene. Making it easier for them to snake an arm through an open window above a door to unlock it.

This specific application of this Contract is to blame for a lot of 'Slender Man' mythology that has sprung up in recent years. A Mirrorskin in Michigan claims to be the one who had started it and says the Mirrorskin in Georgia is a copycat. Then again that is what Georgia says about Michigan and that Johnny Come Lately in Seattle.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Dexterity
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling spends ten minutes stretching their limbs. Yes, Yoga counts.

Dramatic Failure: Severe cramping means they don't stretch their limbs but have pulled something. It hurts. They take 2B and are at -1 to all Physical rolls for the remainder of the scene. Walk it off.
Failure: Nothing happens other than the Changeling standing there looking silly.
Success: The Changeling may stretch a limb, just one, by Wyrd feet. Note that this does not grant the Changeling anymore size as their body contorts into hideous ways and they are still limited, roughly, by how their bones bend. This does not grant some Reed Richards style snake-like flex. It grants the Changeling a bonus equal to successes on a relavant, non-combat physical roll that the ST deems would be appropriate. This lasts for the scene or until the Changeling wishes to return their limb back to normal.
Exceptional Success: The Changeling has complete control over her body. Able to stretch and bend in odd and usually disgusting looking ways over and over again until the scene ends. While they still do not change their Size, as their mass remains the same just stretched out, they do enjoy another bonus. Ontop of the bonuses to relevant non-combat physical roll they also gain their successes in attempts to frighten others with Intimidation.

(•••) Witch Shroud

Darklings are adept at hiding, that is no secret. However a particular secret of theirs, the Witch Shroud, does not render them invisible but allows them to almost hide in plain sight. Hidden as something other than themselves, so long as they stay perfect still.

By remaining still and activating this Contract, the Darkling can bring a minor illusion over themselves. They may take the appearance of a curtain, a fence post, part of a tree, an extension of a bookshelf, an ottoman. So long as the object they are mimicking is nearby and make sense for the area. This camoflauge cannot make a Darkling appear like a steamer trunk while they curl up into a ball while they are in the middle of the woods but it could make them look like a pile of leaves.

At least until someone disturbs them or tries to move them for whatever reason.

Contracts that expose hidden supernaturals or illusions negate this contract per the use of the Contract used.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling does not wear shoes or socks of any kind.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract fails horribly and the Changeling actually is so easy to spot, they just look ridiculous. Might of had better luck wearing a lampshade on your head. +3 for perception rolls for people to spot them. The Changeling is not aware that the Contract has failed so horribly... at first.
Failure: Contract just doesn't activate.
Success: For those who are in the area of the Changeling take a penalty of the Changeling's Wyrd to spot them. Otherwise they are apt to believe nothing is amiss, even if they are activately looking for the Changeling. The illusion still ends if the Changeling is touched or someone tries to sit on them or, say, move what they believe is a curtain. They must remain still, and moving or attacking drops the illusion. Lost entering the area are allowed a standard Perception roll penalized by the Changeling's Wyrd.
Exceptional Success: The illusion is hard to penetrate. The illusion takes form. Those who are not actively seeking out the Changeling flat out do not see them, their eyes moving right over where they are at. Further, if disturbed, the Changeling may roll Wyrd + Wits + Subterfuge vs Wits + Composure + Wyrd of the one disturbing them to maintain the illusion. Stay strong, little ottoman!

(••••) Summon Swarm

The Darklings are one with the darkness and all the things that creep and crawl into the night of it. The nasty, squirmy things with too many eyes that can crawl on walls. Hairy and silent that creep up your covers at night.

From this connection, Changelings who have learned this power are capable of summoning swarms of local insects from the area to do their bidding for them. These can be spiders, cockroaches, moths, flies, gnats, mosquitoes for example. Anything that makes sense for that area to have. So conjuring up butterflies in the middle of a Maine winter probably isn't going to happen. Unless you are in a butterfly farm, then have at it.

This power does work in the Hedge but it is generally not a good idea. Hedge Bugs tend to be rather insane and hard to control.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Persuasion
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling smears their body with a substance that bugs go bananas for. Jelly, syrup, butter. Smearing it on their hands and face. An offering for the bugs to enjoy. Even other bug guts work if you have enough of them.

Dramatic Failure: OH GOD THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! The Changeling did something wrong and now the bastards are swarming him! -3 to all actions until the Changeling can get away from them as they sting and bite and get in the way.
Failure: Yeah, nice try.
Success: The Changeling summons up a local swarm with a Size equal to Wyrd that follow the rules for Swarms. This can be a mish mash of bug types or one specific one, the mechanics remain the same regardless of 'type' and, no, if 'Spiders' are chosen they are not a hellstorm of Black Widows, twinkmeister. They still hurt like the dickens and maybe one or two might be poisonous but amidst all the rest? Hard to say if they get a good nip in. The bugs can be directed where to go and to redirect them to attack a new person requires the use of an Instant Action. The Changeling has a mental link of a kind with the swarm but it can only communicate in one word that bugs would understand. Like 'Dark' or 'Blood' or 'Flyswatter' or 'Humans' if send to go do recon.
Exceptional Success: Mother of God that is a lot of bugs! Wyrd+Successes is the Swarm Size and these guys can be controlled with a reflexive action rather than Instant. In either case, the power lasts until either all of them are dead, the scene ends or the Changeling orders them to disperse.

(•••••) Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is a very real condition for many people in the world. With it comes the claims of feeling like someone or something is on top of them. Making them unable to move. Laying there, frightened and helpless as some figure lurks in the peripherals.

While it is a real condition more than one Darkling is to blame for unsubstantiated reports heard about seeing witches or goblins in the person's room. Taunting and frightening them as they ly there, motionless.

This contract is only capable of being used on those who have fallen asleep or who have been put to sleep in some manner. Painkillers, alcohol, a fist upside the head, Darkness 3 are all suitable means. So long as the person is not awake.

NOTE: This contract can NOT be used for a free Killing Blow. Attempts to do so will end the Contract. Threats of killing or scaring is allowed, but once a Killing Blow is attempted, the contract ends and Initiative needs to be rolled like normal.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation vs. Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling strikes a match and puts it out on their tongue doing 1B.

Dramatic Failure: Well that wasn't the plan now was it? In stead of paralyzing the sleeper the Changeling has doomed themselves to sleep. It is not a magical sleep and they will wake on being disturbed, hearing a loud noise or simply being woken up.
Failure: The Changeling is not so sure it works at all, really. They will find out soon enough.
Success: The subject is paralyzed and unable to move anything but their eyes. Attempts to scream for help never come. Able to communicate in blinks if necessary. The person will remain paralyzed for the scene unless they are woken up by someone outside the original scene. A parent, a roommate entering into the room or area that can touch them will do it. The paralyzed will also snap out if they take anything more than 1 Bashing, giving the Changeling a free slap to the face if need be.
Exceptional Success: The paralyzed can not take more than either 2 bashing or 1 Lethal from any source. So something could hurt them for up to 2 Bashing or 1 Lethal. Any damage beyond that they will snap out of it and be able to defend themselves. This Contract may only be used upon someone once a scene.

Contracts of Raging Seas

Created by Odin on Fallcoast


Ever since humanity has plied the oceans of the world, it has found itself at the mercy of storm and tide. The Contracts of Raging Seas serve as a partial remedy to this problem for those Lost who make their homes and livelihoods either on or near the sea.

(HR) The original writeup specified that these clauses could only be used on salt water. As this game is located in land-locked Vermont, we have House Ruled the writeup per the bold text below.

These clauses are intended for use on salt water oceans. Any use on landlocked or fresh water (lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.) automatically incurs a -2 penalty on activation rolls.

(•) Sea Legs

The character gains the ability to walk upon the surface of any body of (HR)<strikethrough>salt</strikethrough> water. Enacting this magic causes the user to treat such water as though it were solid land. In calm seas, this presents little difficulty. In rougher waters, this may prove challenging.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Athletics
Action: Instant
Catch: The user is barefoot.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling finds themselves trapped on the underside of the water. While they can still stick their faces into the air (and thus breathe), they will require a successful Strength + Athletics roll to break free. Once they do, normal buoyancy is returned.
Failure: The clause fails to take effect.
Success: The changeling may walk upon water as though it was solid ground. Rough conditions may necessitate Dexterity + Athletics rolls to keep one's footing.
Exceptional Success: The character may keep their footing on even the roughest seas, and find their speed increased by 3 while traveling on the water's surface.

(••) Ending the Widow's Vigil

This clause allows the user to send a message of no more than thirty words to a recipient, no matter the distance. This power will function only as long as both the sender and recipient are on the same plane of existence (the real world, the Hedge, Arcadia). Transmission is instantaneous. The message arrives as a breeze that speaks with the user's voice to the target. It cannot communicate in any way beyond relaying the message given. If the message cannot be given (the subject is asleep, dead or on the wrong plane), the user will recognize this fact (though not the reason why it might be).

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression
Action: Instant
Catch: The user writes down the message, placing it in a bottle and dropping the bottle in the nearest body of water.

Dramatic Failure: The message ends up in the ears of the person the user would least like it to find.
Failure: The message is not relayed.
Success: The message is relayed to the target.
Exceptional Success: The message is relayed to the target, and the target may craft a reply following the same rules.

(•••) The Ocean Within

This clause frees the user from one of mankind's greatest fears upon the sea. Under its effects, the user may breathe saltwater as though it were air. The pressures of the depths are likewise harmless, though the cold and darkness still require consideration.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling willingly inhales saltwater upon activation of the contract, taking 1 Bashing damage as a result.

Dramatic Failure: Not only does the contract not take effect, but the user suffers from debilitating coughing for the rest of the scene. This incurs a -1 penalty to all actions, and a -3 to Stealth rolls during that time.
Failure: The clause fails to take effect.
Success: The user can now breathe saltwater as well as air. The pressures present in the depths of the ocean does no damage to the user. This lasts for the rest of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The user is protected from cold related to the ocean, though not supernatural sources of cold. Furthermore, the user gains a +3 bonus to all Athletics rolls relating to swimming for the rest of the scene.

(••••) Saint Elmo's Fire

Sailor's speak of balls of light in the high riggings and masts of their ships. These displays are known as Saint Elmo's Fire. Blue or violet in color, this energy can wreak havoc with compasses, communications and more advanced forms of navigation. Changelings with access to this clause can strand a ship at sea with little hope of return beyond knowledge of the area and blind luck. Any metal object may be a target of this clause, provided it is used upon (HR)<strikethrough>salt</strikethrough>water.

Cost: 2 Glamour, 1 Willpower (optional)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling and the ship to be effected are exposed to a naturally occurring storm.

Dramatic Failure: The user is wreathed in a corona of Saint Elmo's fire himself, and suffers 2 Lethal damage as the electricity burns his form.
Failure: The clause fails to take effect.
Success: A display of blue or violet light encompasses the target. Spears and ball lightning are common manifestations. With the expenditure of 1 point of Willpower, the user may dictate a shape or form the fire takes. It must be of no more than size 10, but can take any form within those confines. All manifestations last no more than three rounds. Compasses or technological forms of communication and navigation within the user's Wyrd+10 in yards cease to function. Though structurally intact, they simply will not perform their function. This effect lasts for a number of days equal to the number of successes on the activation roll.
Exceptional Success: No special benefit is had, beyond an exceptional number of days in duration.

(•••••) Charybdis' Maw

The ocean can be a harsh mistress. Ancient sailors spoke of a pair of creatures that brought death and destruction to all who passed within their reach. One of these was a creature that would create a whirlpool that would draw sailors down to their death. The monster's name was Charybdis, and this clause causes similar catastrophe for (HR) any large body water.

Cost: 5 Glamour, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Action: Extended (each roll represents 1 minute of gesturing and exhorting the sea) 10 successes required.
Catch: The user throws a treasured object into the sea. This object will be lost and may never be recovered.

Dramatic Failure: The whirlpool forms, but targets the user or the user's vessel instead of the intended target. The user does not have the option of ending the whirlpool early. The player must roll the base Manipulation + Occult pool without bonus or penalty to determine duration of the whirlpool.
Failure: The clause fails to take effect
Success: A whirlpool begins to form in the targeted area, which must be within line of sight. This whirlpool lasts for a number of rounds equal to the successes in activation+1. During the first round after activation, the seas are rough enough to apply a -2 penalty to any swimming or navigation rolls. Thereafter, the whirlpool is in full strength. Those caught within take three bashing damage per round, and suffer a -5 penalty to attempts to swim their way free. Structures or vehicles take five points of damage per round, and suffer a -3 penalty in attempts to break free. The whirlpool is large enough to require five total successes to escape. The user has the capability of ending the whirlpool sooner than its duration. This requires a Willpower point, however. The sea is not quick to settle once it is riled.
Exceptional Success: The user may end the whirlpool at will. Further, the user may create a safe zone of her Wyrd in yards around her not subject to the clause's effects.

Contracts of Satiation

This Contract was created for Fate's Harvest. All text was written by Annapurna. If you like it and want to snag it to use elsewhere, credit us and be shiny.

The Goldilocks zone is not just for finding the perfect mattress (or planet). Struck with the essence of satiation itself, the following clauses focus on that special moment when you have exactly what you want, need satisfied.

(•) No Really You Want This

Bringing someone around to your point of view can be problematic, especially if you just insulted their mother by accident because the word for gerbil is really close to the word for...well. You get the picture. This clause allows you to supernaturally evoke feelings of satisfaction in a single target. This clause may, however, be used multiple times, say, while schmoozing at a party before giving a business proposal on stage.

This is a supernatural mind-affecting power.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Persuasion - target's Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: You have given the target something they really wanted earlier that day. This could be something as simple as buying coffee for a coffee addict when he left his mug at home, or something as in-depth as searching out a lost family member.

Dramatic Failure: Not only does the contract fail, but it also backlashes on its wielder, giving the changeling a -2 dice penalty on all rolls made to persuade the target of anything within the scene.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: Choose a target. If successful, that target feels unnatural satisfaction toward the first proposal the changeling suggests during the next scene, giving the changeling a +2 to his first Persuasion roll against them. Any subsequent rolls will not have this bonus.
Exceptional Success: The effects of this clause linger, extending the bonus (for this specific target) through the rest of the scene.

Suggested Modifiers: the target is well-disposed toward you (+1); the target is neutral toward you (+0); the target passively dislikes you or something you represent/are part of (-1); the target actively and strongly dislikes a group/category you represent/belong to (-2); the target actively and strongly dislikes you, personally (-3); the surroundings are congenial and comfortable (+1); the surroundings are unpleasant or your offers are made in haste, i.e. in combat or otherwise fraught situations (-1)

(••) Unstoppable

Some days, you just don’t have time to worry about eating, drinking, sleeping. Or maybe you’re out in the howling wilderness and you know there’s a path somewhere, but you’re so thirsty. So, so thirsty… You know you could find your way, if only you could concentrate on the map you lost a river or two ago. Or was it three rivers ago..? You’re so tired, you can’t recall! Never fear. This clause is here.

Cost: 1 Glamour (or 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: You discard/destroy/render inedible any food in your possession. Specifically, any food in your hands/stored in your clothing/in containers you carry.

Dramatic Failure: Your existing penalty/penalties are doubled for the next scene. If you have no penalties, you get a -1. Using this clause again after failing so badly will only remove your natural penalty; the penalty inflicted by the dramatic failure will remain for the full duration of the scene no matter what you do to remove it.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: With an effort of will, you strengthen yourself against the effects of privation, convincing your body that its needs have been satisfied. Until the next sunrise or sunset, you suffer no penalties associated with hunger, thirst or exhaustion. You may spend 1 Willpower to use this clause on a target other than yourself. This clause has no effect upon wound penalties or other forms of pain. This clause does not feed you, or heal you; your body is still complaining to you. You just can't hear it.
Exceptional Success: The effects of this clause affect not only you, but also a second target of your choosing, at no additional cost.

Suggested Modifiers: the target of this clause has been suffering for only a day (+0); the target of this clause has been suffering for 1-2 days (-1); the target of this clause has been suffering for 3+ days (-2)

(•••) Slow and Steady

While it would undoubtedly be faster to find a local Spring and have them heal you up, sometimes, you don’t have that luxury. Satisfying the body’s need for energy, this clause will allow you to expedite your own natural healing over time.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Medicine
Action: Instant
Catch: You have not left the Hedge, and have eaten only goblin fruit for the past week.

Dramatic Failure: The energy backlashes. You take 1B each round for Wyrd rounds. Failure: You fail to heal the target.
Success: You successfully ramp up the target’s body’s defenses, enabling supernaturally fast healing over time. Working from most-damage to least-damage, each success automatically downgrades Lethal to Bashing or, if there are no more Lethal to downgrade, heals the Bashing. The target (can be self)’s injuries heal at a rate of caster’s Wyrd/2 (rounded down) per round, minimum 1 per round, until successes are depleted.
Exceptional Success: The target’s body is sustained exceptionally well by your power, and retains fast healing for Caster’s Wyrd/2 (round down) days, Bashing injuries healing twice as quickly as usual.

Suggested Modifiers: you are healing yourself (+2); you are healing someone you know very well (+1); you are healing a stranger/someone you don’t know very well (+0); you are in restful and comfortable surroundings (+1); you are in stressful surroundings (-1); you are in combat (-2)

(••••) Skeleton Key

Ever wanted to sneak into a museum at night? Save energy on that super expensive clause for later, or, frankly, just wanted to pull one over on fate? This clause is for you!

This clause works on one (1) inanimate target. This is not a way to mind-control a living being.

Security systems accept you without a key, because of course you just gave them the right code, didn’t you? Bank ATMs give you access to a stranger’s account because naturally you just entered their PIN and used their card. Guest lists clearly had your name on them in the first place. Check again, why don’t you? See? It’s there. Contracts are convinced that you just paid their catch. Mind, this is only useful on Contracts with a cost higher than what you are paying for THIS one...

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Larceny
Action: Instant
Catch: You have left an important password/key of your own, which will give access to your home or personal information, taped/written where anyone walking by could see it and use it.

Dramatic Failure: Don’t offend the element of fate responsible for satisfying conditions. For the next week, you will have to try at least three times before any door, lock, password, system, etc. will allow you to access it. This includes paying three times for any Contracts you attempt to use, no matter what you roll.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: You successfully convince the target that its conditions have been met.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the success above, you gain a +2 on any Larceny rolls made for the remainder of the day.

Suggested Modifiers: you are very familiar with the target/it belongs to you/a close family member/you created it (Contracts count as creations) (+2); you are familiar with the target/the target’s owner/creator/creatrix (+1); you aren’t familiar with the target/the target is a public device, such as a security system or an ATM (+0); your environment is quiet and stress-free (+1); your environment is stressful and hurried (-1); you are in combat (-2); someone is actively attempting to stop you from getting access to your target at the time you use this clause, such as a guard locking down systems as you try to sneak through a bank vault (-3); It is an exceptionally complicated lock/ security measure (-Variable)

(•••••) Everything's Just Fine

Satisfaction is not always beneficial. See, if you’re completely satisfied, what drive do you have to change the status quo? You’re content to sit right where you are, doing what you’re doing, because it’s good enough for you. It’s also mighty convenient for the person using this clause on you…

Have a prisoner you want to keep content? Want to stop someone from following you? Use this.

Cost: 4 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Persuasion vs. Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: Within the last 12 hours, you have stolen something of deep import to the target, which they are actively seeking. This could be their beloved dead mother’s engagement ring, kidnapping one of their children, identity theft, etc.

Dramatic Failure: The failed clause rebounds onto its caster. All effects which should have affected the target now affect you, as if you had rolled an Exceptional Success.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: You successfully convince the target that everything is just fine the way it is, stopping them from actively seeking to better their situation for the remainder of the day. They’re lost in the Hedge without any weapons, food or water? That’s fine! Everything will be okay. Any rolls to convince them that everything is NOT fine are penalized at -Successes for the next scene, and the target will actively resist and argue against those trying to help them. Obvious danger or immediate threats to their life (being in a burning building, having a gun pulled on them) will immediately break the clause’s temporary hold on the target, allowing them to react normally, but targets will ignore slow dangers such as starvation or checking for traps. Clearly, the area is perfectly safe. They are satisfied that they have seen all there is to see. Threats to loved ones or beloved objects/places will give the target a chance to break free of the compulsion on their own with a successful Resolve + Composure roll.
Exceptional Success: The satisfaction is so convincing that the target suffers a -2 penalty on Resolve + Composure rolls to break free of it.

Suggested Modifiers: the target is in congenial, comfortable surroundings (+1); the target is in unpleasant, uncomfortable surroundings (-1); the target is in dangerous surroundings (-2); you/your companions/those in a group to which you are known by the target to belong have recently attacked the target (-3)

Contracts of Spirit

Finding a Spirit in the Hedge is a rare occurrence. Finding one in Arcadia, well, it would take a Gentry to measure how common the alien entities are. However infrequently they might be found, it is clear that the Gentry have dealt with Spirits before, and contracted a great deal of power over them. Changelings, meanwhile, benefit from some of these ancient dealings, and are able to learn clauses of the Contract of Spirit.

(•) Ephemeral Presence

Spirits flit about the world, unseen and unfelt, touching almost every corner of the world. This clause allows the changeling to see, hear and attempt to speak to any spirits in her area (same room, or conversational distance outside) in Twilight for a scene.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: The Changeling carries an object that shares a spiritual resonance with the spirit they are attempting to see. Ex: A lit candle, to speak with a fire spirit. A leash, to see a spirit of obedience.

Dramatic Failure: The clause fails, but the changeling thinks she is talking to a spirit and holds a conversation with empty air.
Failure: The changeling cannot see or speak to the spirits.
Success: The changeling sees, hears and can speak to spirits in the area. This grants no ability for the spirit to converse with the changeling if they are not already able, nor any ability for the spirit to understand languages it does not already know. Spirits that have been near humanity for years tend to pick up human languages, but otherwise speak in the First Tongue. In addition, ghosts are in no way compelled to speak with or assist the changeling, though making deals is always possible.
Exceptional Success: The nearest other person is also affected by the clause -- whether the changeling wants him to be or not.

(••) Spirit Companion

This clause causes a spirit to partially materialize, granting them access to the material world in a way that is so often denied to them. The spirit being targeted is given the ability to affect one sense (sight, touch, hearing) of everyone participating in the clause for one scene. If Spirit Companion is cast indoors, everyone in a single room is susceptible to the clause; if the clause is cast outside, everyone within sight of the changeling using the clause is affected.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling presses a drop of her own blood to the forehead of everyone participating in the clause.

Dramatic Failure: Instead of giving the target spirit the power to interact with the living, a minor, malicious spirit gains the freedom of sensory interaction for the scene. The spirit will act in as cruel and vicious manner it can, with the sense available, for the duration of the scene.
Failure: The spirit is unable to interact.
Success: The spirit is able to interact with the material world for the scene. Note that this contract affects the spirit, who is considered to be partially materialized. Any sense that is affected will go "both ways", so the spirit in Twilight can be seen, heard, or felt, and likewise, living creatures can see, hear, and touch the spirit.
Exceptional Success: The spirit can be seen as well as whatever other sense has been selected. If sight was the chosen sense, then touch is the one added for free.

(•••) Paranormal Activity

Spirits were not meant for this world. They exist in Twilight, usually, because they simply have no means to exist in the material world. This clause gives substance to the insubstantial, and fully materializes a spirit.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Extended (one success per target)
Catch: The changeling has set up a means to aid in the manifestation. This usually means several material representations of the spirit itself, such as idols, or figures made of clay or sticks. The spirit does not inhabit the physical representation of itself, and instead materializes as it's own entity.

Dramatic Failure: The spirit is not made manifest to the living; severe "poltergeist" activity is generated instead. For the duration of the scene, the location is full of loud roaring noises and horrible smells, hair and clothing are pulled and the like. The dishes are thrown and shattered; fragile objects are particularly subject to the poltergeist activity.
Failure: The spirit is not made manifest.
Success: The spirit gains the Materialize condition for the scene. The spirit is wholly in the material world. Note that this does not give the spirit a new form, or any means to communicate that it does not already have.
Exceptional Success: The spirit remains material from sunrise to sunset, able to move and interact freely.

(••••) Commune With The Spirits

Spirits are decidedly alien. They exist in another world, and when they cross to this one, they are often without a physical from at all. Not only that, but communicating with them can be incredibly difficult, as they lack human-like understanding, and also generally do not speak any human languages. This power rouses a spirit and infuses it with the necessary sentience to converse with the Changeling.

This clause can target a specific spirit, or be used on an object or in an area to awaken a spirit mote.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Strength
Action: Extended (one roll per turn, target is four)
Catch: The changeling "feeds" the spirit by wounding herself and offering her blood, taking one point of bashing damage per question.

Dramatic Failure: A spirit appears, but the information provided is incomplete or incorrect in some significant way that is not immediately obvious to the changeling.
Failure: No spirit appears.
Success: If the Changeling targets an existing spirit, the spirit will be granted the ability to speak and comprehend whatever language the changeling chooses, and be compelled to answer one question per success. If there is no spirit to target, the changeling will target an object, a place, or speak aloud a concept. A spirit mote is created (which counts as a Rank 0 spirit) in a form appropriate to the resonance of the spirit, and it will answer one question per success precisely and honestly. Largely, the spirits are limited to questions about their own nature, the nature of their resonance, or something the object may have observed. The spirit will not provide any information beyond what is requested.
Exceptional Success: The spirit will provide any important additional information that the changeling might not have known to ask for, or knew she needed.

(•••••) Piercing The Gauntlet

Spirits exist in the spirit world known as The Shadow. This is a strange, fun-house mirror version of reality, where concept has form, and emotions have true power. This clause creates a doorway through the gauntlet, allowing the changeling to pass through and end up in the exact same spot in the Shadow. This clause must be invoked on some manner of physical portal that could serve as a doorway - an actual doorway, an archway, etc. This passage cannot be created in the Hedge, or Arcadia; attempts to do so are quite likely to draw the attention of the Gentry.

Cost: 2 Glamour, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina + Gauntlet Strength Modifier (See Below)
Action: Extended (five successes; each roll represents one turn)
Catch: The clause is invoked under the light of a full moon.

Dramatic Failure: The passage is one-way. Those who take it will be trapped in the Shadow.
Failure: No passage is created.
Success: A passage, the size of a normal door, is created between the land of the dead and the world of the living. The portal stays open for a number of hours equal to successes rolled, during which anything living or spirit may cross between worlds. When the time lapses, the portal seals itself shut. On the side of the shadow, if there is no corresponding physical structure, then the gateway will appear a shimmering portal floating in the air.
Exceptional Success: The passage opens as with a normal success, but will remain open exactly as long as the Changeling wishes it to remain open, for up to a whole day. After the clause is invoked, the Changeling may lock the gate, and choose a unique, mystical key required to open it. This can be anything, from "blood of a virgin" to "a pear floating in perfume". For the next 24-hours, the Changeling can also choose to collapse the gateway. The physical structure will be unharmed, but the mystical link to the shadow will be severed.


Location Strength Modifier
Dense urban areas 5 -3
City suburbs, towns 4 -2
Small towns, villages 3 -1
Wilderness, countryside 2 0
Loci 1 +1

Contracts of Spite

The unfriendly bugger who created this Contract wanted so badly to curse others that he would gladly spite the nose right off of his own face.

Every clause of this Contract has its own specific drawback. These are mandatory effects and will occur the moment the clause is activated. Modifiers are also mandatory. All clauses are, in one way or another, an attack on another person, and there is no way to reduce their duration short of using other powers (such as Entropy 5) to affect their results. While the power itself may be halted, the drawback on the caster will be unaffected.

Unlike most clauses, where failing has no effect unless it is dramatic, Spite is, well, spiteful. If you fail, you are going to pay for it no matter how close you are to succeeding.

A single specific victim may only be targeted once a day by each clause. Even if you fail on your roll, it still counts as an attempt on that victim, and you can’t try again to hit that person with that particular clause until 24 hours later unless you want to suffer the overuse penalty. These are written in the description of each clause.

Spite is mean-spirited. Would we really expect anything less?

(•) Sticky Fingers

Deceptively simple, this clause has been responsible for many a disaster as a foe’s last mote of power was siphoned away.

If used twice on the same target within the same 24 hours, you immediately lose every single scrap of your own Glamour.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Empathy - target’s Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: You are in an alliance pledge with your victim, or have tricked your victim into THINKING you are in an alliance pledge with them.

Dramatic Failure: Congratulations! You not only lose the 3 Glamour (4 total, unless you used the Catch to activate the clause) you would have lost for a standard failure, but you also add your Wyrd level to the number of Glamour you lose. If you don’t have that many points right now, no worries. Spite will steal them as soon as you harvest them, until it is paid in full.
Failure: You fail to affect the target at all, but feel a painful sensation as 3 points of your own Glamour (4 total, unless you used the Catch to activate the clause) bleed away. As above, if you don’t have enough Glamour left to pay the price of failure, Spite will steal the next points of Glamour you harvest, until it has what it demands.
Success: You successfully (and painfully) tear away a number of Glamour points equal to your successes from the target’s current total. This Glamour is given to Spite, not you. While the target may not know you have done it, the sensation is terrible enough and unique enough not to go unnoticed. May wake light sleepers. Drawback: for the remainder of the day, you suffer -2 on all rolls to harvest Glamour for yourself.
Exceptional Success: Add your Wyrd to the number of points you rip away from your target. Drawback: also add it to the existing -2 penalty you’re taking on your harvesting rolls… Your wits dull, your empathy fades, and differentiating emotions becomes abruptly troublesome as Spite interferes.

Mandatory Modifiers: you are intimate/close friends with the target (+3); you are friends with the target (+2); you are acquainted with the target, have met them a few times (+1); you have never met the target (+0); you dislike the target (-1); the target is your enemy (-2)

(••) Sap the Drive

Have you ever met those people who just go out and DO things? Like, say, the guy who stole your job because he actually put in effort, instead of watching cute cat vids on YouTube. How dare he have more drive than you to Get Stuff Done? This clause drains the target of Willpower, lowering their ability to muster the oomph they can normally apply to the world.

If used twice on the same target within the same 24 hours, you immediately lose every single scrap of your own Willpower.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Resolve - target’s Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: You and the target are currently striving toward the same specific goal. E.g. you are teammates on the same soccer field, or you are both attempting to capture the same person, or you are competing for the same job at a business, or...

Dramatic Failure: You should really get better at this. You lose 5 points of your own Willpower. If you don’t have enough, the clause will make up the difference over time, absorbing any you gain from the sources mentioned in the standard Success below.
Failure: You fail to drain Willpower from the target, losing 2 of your own Willpower points instead. If you don’t have enough, the clause will make up the difference over time, absorbing any you gain from the sources mentioned in the standard Success below.
Success: You successfully drain 2 points of Willpower from the target. This Willpower is given to Spite, not you. Drawback: you also drain 1 point of Willpower from yourself. If you don’t have 1 WP at the moment, don’t worry. The clause will wait. You just won’t regain WP the next time you get restful sleep or fulfill your Vice/Virtue. It will specifically NOT be satisfied by Willpower gained through other supernatural abilities.
Exceptional Success: You drain 5 points of Willpower from the target. Drawback: instead of draining 1, you drain 3 points of Willpower from yourself. If you don’t have enough, the clause will make up the difference over time, absorbing any you gain from the sources mentioned in the standard Success above.

Mandatory Modifiers: you are intimate/close friends with the target (+3); you are friends with the target (+2); you are acquainted with the target, have met them a few times (+1); you have never met the target (+0); you dislike the target (-1); the target is your enemy (-2)

(•••) Cut Off Your Nose

Sometimes you just want someone to hurt. A lot. Maybe you’re a noodle-armed wimp, though, or you’re super duper really bad at hand-eye coordination, and couldn’t shoot the broad side of a barn. Don’t you worry! This clause has your nose. Er. Back.

This is a physical attack using metaphysical means. Indomitable does not apply. Powers which provide shields count as worn armour, as they are not an innate boost of your existing toughness.

If used twice on the same target within the same 24 hours, you immediately take enough Lethal damage to fill all of your Health boxes and knock you unconscious. There is no roll to resist this.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Weaponry - target’s Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: The target has done something kind to help you within the past week.

Dramatic Failure: You take the same damage as a regular failure, but it takes twice as much effort to heal. E.g. if you have 4L, it will take 8L of healing to get rid of it.
Failure: You fail to damage the target, instead taking half of your Wyrd (round up, minimum 1) yourself in Lethal damage.
Success: The target immediately takes Lethal damage equal to half of your Wyrd (round up, minimum 1). This damage ignores Defense and worn Armor. Natural Armor is NOT ignored (such as the Stonebones blessing), and Supernatural Armor such as the Summer Mantle bonus will also still lessen the amount of damage taken. Drawback: you take Lethal equal to a quarter of your Wyrd (round up, minimum 1).
Exceptional Success: The attack also ignores Supernatural Armor. Drawback: on top of the damage from a regular Success’s drawback, you take a -2 Defense penalty the for the next round of combat you enter. If you don’t enter combat for a year (or more), that’s okay. Spite will wait.

Mandatory Modifiers: you are intimate/close friends with the target (+3); you are friends with the target (+2); you are acquainted with the target, have met them a few times (+1); you have never met the target (+0); you dislike the target (-1); the target is your enemy (-2)

(••••) Senseless

Revenge can, indeed, be sweet: a famous pianist who finds that he can no longer see, an hour before he is supposed to play for the Governor’s Ball; a chef who can no longer taste the food he serves his patron’s guests… This clause effectively negates one of the following five senses:

  • Sight: Blindness. Any rolls requiring sight may only use a chance die.
  • Hearing: Deafness. Any rolls requiring hearing may only use a chance die.
  • Taste: Ageusia. Any rolls requiring taste may only use a chance die.
  • Smell: Anosmia. Any rolls requiring scent may only use a chance die.
  • Touch: Numbness. Any rolls requiring touch may only use a chance die. In addition, the target takes a -2 penalty to any rolls related to balance/any actions requiring knowledge of how tightly they are gripping an object. They will not feel a fire burning their skin, or stitches being sewn through it.

In all cases, if another sense can reasonably be substituted, make the roll at -3 instead of a chance die.

If used twice on the same target within the same 24 hours, you lose the sense you had intended THEM to lose, for an entire week.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Medicine - target’s Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: You have voluntarily blinded/deafened/etc. yourself for the entire previous 24 hours. Any sense may be used for the catch; it does not need to correspond with the sense you choose for your target to lose.

Dramatic Failure: You really shouldn’t have done that. Take a -5 on all rolls which relate to all possible physical senses for the next 48 hours. You are almost entirely blind, deaf, ageusic, anosmic and numb.
Failure: The target’s senses remain just as they are. Yours, however, suffer a -2 on all rolls relating to the sense you tried to steal for the next scene, that particular sense temporarily dulled.
Success: Select a sense from the list above. A single target of your choosing loses that sense for the remainder of the scene. Drawback: You take a -3 on all rolls relating to it, yourself, for the same duration.
Exceptional Success: The target’s senselessness lasts for the next 24 hours. Drawback: Congratulations! So does yours. In addition, roll 1 die. 1-2 = sight, 3-4 = sound, 5-6 = taste, 7-8 = scent, 9-10 = touch. Take a -2 to that sense in addition to the -3 you already have on the sense you removed from your target. Roll again if you got the same sense as your existing penalty. It will not stack. That would be too kind.

Mandatory Modifiers: you are intimate/close friends with the target (+3); you are friends with the target (+2); you are acquainted with the target, have met them a few times (+1); you have never met the target (+0); you dislike the target (-1); the target is your enemy (-2)

(•••••) Don't Be So Dramatic

Ever wanted to curse someone for being a You Know What? Here’s your chance. This clause ensures that your victim will seriously regret the day you chose to use this Contract on him. You’ll probably regret it, too, but revenge is worth it. Isn’t it?

If used twice on the same target within the same 24 hours, you will consistently fail at everything you try for an entire week. Your alarm won’t work, so you will wake up late. Your shirt will go on backwards. Your coffee will be scorched because you got an important phone call inexplicably at the very moment you wanted to take the pot off the heat. The call will result in offending your best friend with something you really should have known better than to say. Your high heel will snap off in a storm drain as you stomp out of your apartment to wait on the sidewalk. Your fingers will get caught in the door of the cab you limp into because last time YOU tried driving, you wrapped your car around a tree. A cat then fell out of the tree and scratched your face when you got out to examine your car. Et cetera. Be creative! Make yourself suffer, and get a story your character will remember for years.

Cost: 4 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina - target’s Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: You have voluntarily sabotaged something important to you this week. It could be tanking a relationship with your girlfriend, or maybe putting up Scrooge McDuck posters in your boss’ office (while he’s there to see you), when he didn’t give you a raise, or...

Dramatic Failure: You know all that stuff which was supposed to happen to your target? Yeah. That’s yours now. Plus, after the Wyrd’s-worth of dramatic failures, you get an additional Wyrd’s worth of regular failures. It will be worse than you think. Hope you didn’t want to impress anyone today.
Failure: Oops. That was a miss. It’ll be memorable, though, so hopefully you won’t want to do it again. Your next action will automatically be a dramatic failure. Be careful about going to the kitchen to filet a fish… Those knives are sharp.
Success: On the bright side, the next number of actions (equal to your Wyrd score) that your target takes all qualify as Dramatic Failures. If they roll an Exceptional Success, however, they only count as regular failures. Drawback: on the not so bright side, the next Wyrd-number of actions YOU take are all regular failures. If you roll an Exceptional yourself, you can get a regular success. In cases such as combat where the number of successes affects the outcome, subtract 5 successes from the total number of successes rolled. If you only rolled 5 successes, you are considered to have Succeeded with 1 success.
Exceptional Success: Add half of the target’s own Wyrd score (rounded up, minimum 1) to the number of dramatic failures they suffer. Drawback: add half of your own to the failures YOU suffer (rounded up, minimum 1).

Mandatory Modifiers: you are intimate/close friends with the target (+3); you are friends with the target (+2); you are acquainted with the target, have met them a few times (+1); you have never met the target (+0); you dislike the target (-1); the target is your enemy (-2)

Contracts of Wind

Thank you to Kurt@TheReach for inspiring the first and final clauses of this Contract. All text is written by Annapurna.

Wind is fickle, wind is strong, and wind is everywhere open even the slightest bit to sky. This Contract calls upon the wind to share a few of its more useful capabilities.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

(•) Fleeting Grace

Dancing through and around all in its path, the wind's grace is an enviable gift. With this contract, the changeling calls upon the wind to guide his hands and body toward a greater deftness.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Dexterity
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The changeling wears fluttery, eye-catching ribbons or tassels.

Dramatic Failure: The wind called by the changeling's will is muddled, contradictory, movements pushing too swiftly or dragging too slowly. The changeling's next roll suffers a -2 Dexterity penalty.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: The wind responds to the changeling's intentions, subtly aiding and finessing their movements. Each success adds 1 to Dexterity for the next roll. A faint, but lively breeze whisks through the changeling's vicinity.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the changeling's attunement to the wind is unusually strong. Receive the benefit of this clause for the next three rolls instead.

(••) Whispers On The Wind

The consummate traveler, wind passes over all on earth, carrying with it traces of the land it whisks itself along -- and, at times, the words of certain changelings, a willing, if not always reliable messenger. Using this contract, a changeling may reach out to any target she knows, supernatural or not, and speak a brief message as though she were standing at the target's side.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

If your space is hermetically sealed to any and all wind, this contract in particular will always fail.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Persuasion
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling burns a wisp of hair or fingernail clipping belonging to the target immediately prior to using this clause.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling's clumsy efforts so offend the winds that they carry the message, alright, straight to the nearest of the changeling's enemies. There is no limitation on the distance winds will travel to achieve this small revenge.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: After successfully persuading a breeze to listen to her, the changeling concentrates on a single person, whom she must know, and speaks a brief message aloud; this message must fit within a single three-second turn unless the changeling declares in advance she will be speaking through the next. Messages may be three turns long, at most, and while speaking, the changeling may take only defensive actions and activate no other contracts. The wind carries the intended message up to Wyrd miles away, and the target hears the changeling's words as though the changeling were standing at her side. A whispered message may be lost, for example, at a loud outdoor event, or a yelled one startle the recipient in a quiet locale. No one but the intended recipient hears the changeling's words. If the recipient is indoors/where wind cannot reach, the message cannot be delivered; the sender does not know whether or not the message was received.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the effects of an ordinary success, the wind was so charmed by the changeling's persuasive call that it returns to confirm or deny the message's delivery before returning to its play.

(•••) Windswept Stones

Will or nill, when the wind is blowing, dust flies, and this contract draws on that aspect. Sweeping away all traces of passage, the breeze erases the changeling's trail, or the trail of any single other in the changeling's sight, scrubbing away any hints of his presence.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Survival
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has destroyed/burnt important records, his or others', and scattered the scraps/ashes on the wind in the past 24 hours.

Dramatic Failure: The wind, instead of sweeping tracks away, sweeps small detritus and clues to the changeling's presence into sight, no matter how well hidden. Trackers gain a +3 bonus to any attempts at following the character.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: The changeling may designate a set of tracks to be erased, his or another's, within 500 ft. per Wyrd level, leaving nothing for trackers to follow. Footprints are smoothed, scents removed, leaves disturbed are flipped back to their places and any threads or other clues caught on bushes or their urban counterparts are swept away in a rush of wind. Fluids such as dripping water, vomit or profuse bleeding cannot be entirely covered up by the effects of this clause. Any penalties for tracking leaky characters are ST dependent. This clause has no effect on supernatural tracking methods such as Four Directions 1.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the winds also erase the tracks of the changeling's companions (no more than five others). To all forensic purposes, the changeling and his allies simply weren't there at all.

(••••) Defender's Bellows

As any sportsman can attest, strong winds can win or lose the day. More dangerous yet are the cyclonic forces of a storm, thrusting away all in their path. The changeling who calls upon this contract draws down a blend of the two, summoning a swiftly spinning shield of winds to protect herself from harm.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling drops all weapons and spreads open hands in a sign of peace.

Dramatic Failure: The winds rise, they swirl, they _seem_ to do as they were called to do, but in actuality, they offer no defense at all. They also reveal the changeling, should she be hiding where the winds' motion will visibly whip about light objects in her surroundings.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: A swirling shield of wind surrounds the changeling for a number of turns equal to her Wyrd score, leaving enough room for free movement. This clause immediately reveals the character if she is hiding; the winds whip branches or pick up any grit and detritus in their vicinity, as any natural wind would do. Arrows and thrown objects are deflected harmlessly away. Firearms take an attack penalty equal to the number of successes rolled, winds strong enough to nudge astray, but not block, bullets. Melee attackers are sharply thrust back and must roll a reflexive Dexterity + Athletics to avoid falling prone. Shieldbearers may take only movement actions or renew this contract while the shield is in use.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the changeling adds his successes to the number of turns the shield exists.

(•••••) On Zephyrs' Wings

While the wind will scour the dusty earth, will clean the soil, will clear dry leaves, what it carries must eventually come to earth, and it is in this essential truth that this most powerful clause of the contract has been forged. Taken up in the winds' heart, a changeling springs from place to place in a matter of moments, dissolving into wind and returning to corporeality in an eyeblink at a location of his choosing.

All clauses of Wind suffer the following penalties: -3 if the changeling calls upon it in a completely enclosed area, -1 if the changeling has only a small entry point open to the winds, such as a single window.

Cost: 3 Glamour (or 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Instant (or Reflexive)
Catch: The natural wind speed is greater than 10 miles per hour. (Determined by +time or ST)

Dramatic Failure: The failure of the contract wrenches the changeling so horribly within the maelstrom that their flesh begins to tear itself apart. The changeling takes one point of bashing damage per 10 feet of attempted teleportation.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: Swept away within a gust of powerful winds, the changeling can teleport up to 10 feet per dot in Wyrd to any location within line of sight. This includes locations above or below. Normally an instant action, by spending a point of Willpower, this action is reflexive, allowing the changeling to act immediately once he reaches his destination. This ability does not allow travel through solid objects; a user cannot teleport outside a closed window. However, if the window is open even a crack, the changeling may pass.
Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the changeling can instead travel 20 feet per dot of Wyrd.

Contracts of Witch Woods

These contracts are most effective in ‘wild places’, natural venues. Unless otherwise noted, attempts to use these contracts in urban environments have an additional -1 to -3 penalty, depending on how heavy the stamp of the modern world the area has. A farm might only be a -1, a small rural town -2, and the inner city a -3

Created by Elmo@Fallcoast, and borrowed with his permission.

(•) That Which Shrouds

Summon a haunting blanket of mist and fog to cover the area, shrouding the caster and all that is around.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stealth
Action: Reflexive
Catch: Character starts a fire, smokes a cigarette, vapes or otherwise creates fog/smoke/mist.

Dramatic Failure: Only the caster's eyes and are clouded, his own form covered in a fog that gives him penalties equal to his wyrd.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: A thick fog blankets the area equal to 10 x Wyrd yards, a swirling mist rises from the ground, causing successes in perception penalties to those caught within it to see the caster and their surroundings, to maneuver and find their way for the scene as fog clouds vision, and muffles sound.
Exceptional Success: Caster can selectively dismiss and resummon at will for the scene’s duration. Revealing and re-concealing small pockets in the fog.

(••) That Which Deceives

A strange sound in the woods, bobbing lights that lead one astray. The caster makes sensory illusions to lead stray or draw one into a trap.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits vs. Wyrd + Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: You create a doll or other representative facsimile of the target.

Dramatic Failure: The caster starts to hallucinate and takes additional -2 penalties to find their way. In addition the target gets a +2 to resist this contract for the rest of the scene.
Failure: Contract Fails to activate.
Success: You create an illusion that affects a single sense to lure a target away from an area, off a path, or alternately, towards the caster and potentially into a trap. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch or Smell. If attempting to make the target lose it’s way and get lost, the target suffers a penalty equal to the targets wyrd for finding their way. If luring towards the caster the target gets a bonus equal to the casters wyrd to find the caster. Range Wyrd x 10 yards. Must at least know the general area your target is. May affect more than one sense with additional castings. Illusions must be fairly static. A wobbling weaving ball of light. The sound of a little girl crying in the woods. The sudden taste of doo doo. The sensation of spiders crawling on your skin.
Exceptional Success: Affects two Senses at the same time and the caster can cause the illusion to move as a reflexive action.

(•••) That Which Watches

Observe an animal and transfer your sense of sight and hearing into the animal.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken
Action: Instant
Catch: Touching/Petting the animal.

Dramatic Failure: Your Senses attaches itself to a random inanimate object, and you cannot anything but that objects single perspective for the next hours.
Failure: The Contract simply fails.
Success: See through the animal's eyes as if they were your own. One cannot completely control the animal in this fashion, but with a reflexive presence + animal ken roll, may give it suggestions on where to go and where to look. Kith bonuses and contracts may make these suggestions easier. If he re-invokes the contract while in use, the caster may jump from the mind of one animal to another, provided the first animal is observing the second, and so forth (this will not however cost more glamour). While in use the caster is vulnerable, meditating and cannot see the world around him. Character has a -5 to all perception rolls to react to anything happening around them as they are effectively blind and deaf.
Exceptional Success: You may guide the animal wherever you wish and make it look wherever you wish with no additional effort, provided one does not go against the creatures nature.

(••••) That Which Follows

The caster melds into a natural object or place (a tree, a stone, a stream, the earth itself), and emerges some distance away in a similar manner. The place must be connected to the earth itself, one cannot appear in someone’s balcony garden, though may at some difficulty use this in a public park.

Cost: 2 Glamour or 2 Glamour + 1 Glamour (Per person) + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Survival (or Wyrd + Survival vs. Wyrd + Resolve)
Action: Instant (or Resisted)
Catch: Caster’s bare feet are touching the earth/wading in water.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling becomes disoriented and spends the next three turns stumbling around, unaware of who or what is around him, and possibly bumping into trees or passers-by.
Failure: The changeling remains in her current location, unaffected by the Contract.
Success: The changeling melds into a tree that he is touching/the earth upon which he is standing, the water within which he is wading, and teleports to another such natural location number of miles from his current location equal to his Wyrd. The changeling must have seen the desired location before and know it well enough to concentrate on it. Passengers taken along must hold hands with the Caster or otherwise touch them. The Caster must spend 1 Willpower, also the Caster will pay 1 Glamour per person on top of the base activation cost. Non-Elemental passengers are inflicted with a -1 to their next action from being disoriented by the movement. Unwilling passengers are allowed a Resolve + Wyrd (or Supernatural Defense) roll to resist, they will still need to be grappled first, of course.
Exceptional Success: The changeling arrives as her destination, where she briefly remains within the element, the changeling is free to spend a second or three (one round) observing the location where she wishes to appear, facing whichever way she desires. While he remains however, the tree/stone/earth/water in question reveals them in some small manner, a face in the water, a shape in the bark, etc. Further, passengers are not affected by the -1 to their next turn as the motion was so fluid for them as well as the Caster.

(•••••) That Which Trespasses

Mark a territory as your own, Those that trespass suffer the wrath of the land itself as it rises up to injure and impede, hampering movement and combat abilities while the trees strike and grab, the earth shifts, roots dig and trip those uninvited. While this contract is active over an area, the forest/environment therein seems more foreboding, ominous, dangerous.

Cost: 4 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intimidation
Action: Instant
Catch: The Contract is cast on personal property/territory.

Dramatic Failure: The world lashes out and attacks the caster instead, as if gaining his own wyrd in successes against himself.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The forest rejects the trespasser. A sense of dread and foreboding rolls over those that do not belong. Roots shift and trip, branches snag, sharp rocks move underfoot. Shadowy figures at the edge of one’s vision, distracting sounds in the forest. As a result, everyone within range (which is Wyrd x 10 cubic yards) suffers a penalty equal to the number of successes the changeling rolled to all rolls involving perception, movement/navigation or combat for one full scene. The caster can choose up to Wyrd number of people that are immune to this effect as invited guests into his territory.

The Speed of everyone within range is also reduced by the same amount. In addition, everyone within range suffers minor damage. Everyone within range takes the number of successes rolled, subtracts their Armor, taking the remainder as Bashing damage. Defense is ignored. This damage consists of a mixture of the impact of branches, rocks, and debris. Contract lasts until the next sunrise or sunset, remaining dormant until triggered by an unwelcome trespasser. After which it lasts the remainder of the scene.
Exceptional Success: Bashing is raised to Lethal.