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The table below lists all currently code-accepted virtues on the game. Since we are using GMC's Vice/Virtue rules (GMC pp.152-5), if you have a virtue in mind which is not listed below, please send in a +request to staff. The request must contain a one-word virtue, its 7-equivalent, and a concise description of how to regain Willpower by using it.

Seven Virtues


The seven original nWoD virtues above are also accepted.

Virtue Equivalent Regain Willpower When...
Ambitious Fortitude ...your character puts herself at risk for the sake of following her long-term goal.
Chaste Prudence ...your character stays true to her ideal of purity in spite of direct temptation.
Confident Fortitude ...your character succeeds at a risky task against the odds.
Courageous Justice ...your character's bravery causes or prolongs risk or danger to her.
Creative Hope ...your character's experimental approach to problem solving puts himself or his work at risk.
Determined Fortitude ...your character is placed at risk or misses out on a major advantage by refusing to abandon a plan to which she is committed.
Diligent Justice ...your character either places himself at risk or gives up a need or major want for the sake of persevering in his work.
Forgiving Charity ...your character's act of forgiveness or trusting nature puts her in risk or danger.
Frugal Temperance ...your character's frugality puts her at particular risk or danger by an unwillingness to waste even when it would be prudent to do so.
Generous Charity ...your character has deprived herself of a vital resource through her generosity, putting herself at risk.
Honest Prudence ...your character puts herself in danger by refusing to lie.
Honorable Justice ...your character stays true to her personal code and principles in the face of great risk or danger to herself.
Humble Prudence ...your character turns down the opportunity for power that would solve his problems.
Just Justice ...your character's drive for Justice leaves his own goals half-done.
Kind Charity ...your character prioritizes someone else's welfare to the detriment of her own.
Loving Fortitude ...your character puts himself in danger for the object of his love.
Loyal Fortitude ...your character puts himself in danger by refusing to act against the group's interests.
Optimistic Hope ...your character finds the positive in an awful or seemingly hopeless situation.
Patient Prudence ...your character is caught wrong-footed because she was too busy planning to properly react to events.
Peaceful Charity ...your character resolves a conflict that puts him at risk without the use of bloodshed.
Reliable Fortitude ...your character endures hardship or sacrifices personal gain to maintain her routine or fulfill her responsibilities.
Righteous Justice ...your character's refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts him in danger.
Sensible Prudence ...your character refuses to gamble on an opportunity by which he could brave great risk for great reward, and instead chooses a safer, more reliable course of action.
Spiritual Faith ...your character puts himself in danger or risk for the sake of his religious beliefs or in defense of the faithful.
Supportive Charity ...your character's involvement in someone else's problems puts him at risk.
Trustworthy Prudence ...your character keeps a promise, even only an implied one, despite keeping it putting her at risk.
Vigilant Prudence ...your character's protective and watchful nature successfully prevents her or those whom she is watchful over from falling into risk or great danger.