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Restricted Equipment

Some things are illegal. Others require special licenses to get, or require you to know somebody who knows somebody, if you know what we mean. Wink wink.

The equipment on this list requires you to have something more than cash to acquire. Typically, that will be some variation on a Skill, Specialty, or Merit.

How to Request

Nothing complicated -- just add a note to your +myjob once you've sent up the +eqreq, telling staff which merit you are using to meet the requirement. If you don't have QUITE the right prereq, but think you have a good argument as to why you should get it anyway, you're welcome to explain your position. Staff may well let it slide.

Alternately, if you are outright STEALING the item(s), you will need to include a link to a log.

Using another PC's Contacts

If your friend has Contacts in the Black Market, and you really want that illegal but totally cool drug, never fear, you can buy it.

  1. Put in a +eqreq for the item yourself.
  2. +myjob/cc your friend so they can explain that they are using THEIR Contacts merit for the prerequisite.

The appropriate Resources fee will be deducted from what you can purchase that month.

What your friend ICly charges you for the privilege of abusing their Contacts is up to them... ;)


See the main Equipment page for links to local weapon laws. Vermont really doesn't have that many.

The prerequisites below are written as broad categories, rather than specific items, as there are typically several variations which would make your character eligible to purchase items under their purview.

Available Equipment
Name Type Prerequisite
Non-Generic Assault Rifles Firearms (Assault Rifle) Military/Black Market