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XP Policies

See below for details. In essence, while we are not using strict GMC beats/experience, we are working out a compromise between the spirit of GMC and the non-fractional numbers of regular nWoD.

Summary: 5xp max per week, and any overflow is automatically converted into Arcade Tickets.

How Do I Get XP?

We're glad you asked.

XP on Fate's Harvest is gained in three ways:

  1. Every approved character gains 1xp a week automatically.
  2. By using +activity to log items which give experience.
  3. Staff awards xp to all players to celebrate this or that thing.

Automatic XP

This xp is deliberately low. In the spirit of GMC, you gain xp by pushing your character and getting out to do things.

It is fairly easy to do enough +activity in a weekend's roleplay to warrant 3xp a week. If you're playing every single night, it's not tough to get 5xp either.

Staff Plot XP Gain

Staff-run scenes are worth 1, 2, or 3xp for all players involved. These include scenes run by both Wizard staff and Storyteller staff.

The guidelines below are just that: guidelines. Scenes are more often than not a combination of social and combative.

Reward Levels for Scene XP
<3 1xp 2xp 3xp
Social Casual RP. Chatting, hanging out. Parties. Meetings. The social consequences here are fairly minimal. Minor risk to reputation/social standing. You could lose face or briefly be a laughingstock for what you are doing. Any scene in the Hedge outside of a Hollow should have enough danger to qualify as this level. Major risks. Talking to Keepers. You could lose your job or be imprisoned/banished, or otherwise punished severely for your actions. Maybe you make a gaffe on live TV which results in you resigning from a coveted political position, etc., or narrowly avoid making one.
Combat Nothing life-threatening. You are in minor danger or take bashing damage from bumps/bruises. Dangerous, maybe you take some lethal, agg if you're extremely unlucky. There is considerable risk, but you are unlikely to die. Crazy danger! You know going into this that you are facing the potential of gruesome agonizing death, dismemberment and Very Unpleasant Things.

Activity Logs & PRP XP/Tix Gain

This information is also located in 'news prp xp' in game.

All scenes are worth at least one +activity, which may be either xp or tix depending on how much activity you have already put in that week.

If the PRP falls under any of the categories listed above, you/your ST should send up a +req/xp to request that additional +activity points be awarded to all participants.

NOTE: Only ONE player in the scene needs to send in a +req/xp.

If you do not have a log, staff will not award additional points. You may claim it as a single-point +activity, but greater danger requires proof. Sorry!

Types of Activity Logs

This information is also located in 'news activity' in game.

  • Any types with a worth of 1xp do NOT require you to send a +req/xp. These will automatically be calculated as xp/tix by the system.
  • Any types with a worth over 1xp must be sent in as a +req/xp per the details above, and the xp staff grants you for them will not exceed the weekly 5. It will be converted to tix as need be.
Type Description Worth
Aspiration You achieved an aspiration, whether short- or long-term. 1xp
BP Your character experienced a Breaking Point. Please remember that ALL rolls for Breaking Points should be done to a job. See Breaking Points for how to submit your job.
If a staffer is on duty on +staff, you can, alternately, page them to +join you and witness your roll. That counts too! Requires log UNLESS you called staff in to witness.
Damage You took damage in one of your last (right-most) health boxes.
Note: if this damage is taken during a PRP, you may still put in the damage as a separate +activity. Staff will expect to see you RPing out your grievous wounds in the log you link.
Incentive Staff is incentivizing a particular thing, and you are doing it. By default this is worth 1xp/tix, but if staff is offering more, please send up a +request explaining what you have done. Include the log number from +activity/log. 1xp
Scene You RPed a scene with somebody (or somebodies). The scene included items which require logs, or was part of a PRP. Requires log. 1-3xp
Social You RPed a light social scene with somebody (or somebodies). No log is necessary. 1xp
ST You ran a scene for someone(s) else as their ST.
Note: If the scene was in the Hedge, or otherwise worth more than 1xp, please +req/xp with a log of the scene instead, with a suggested danger level. Staff will add the correct number of points for you all at once, rather than splitting it between multiple +activity log entries.

Staff Awards

This won't happen every week, but every now and then, staff may feel a yen to share largesse with the many minio--ahem, much-loved protagonists in their little world.

Please don't ask staff to sprinkle xp fairydust on you. Even if you would look charming and glittery, these are happyfunsquee surprises, not something done on request.