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Player Arcade

Located off the Games Cafe, which is itself linked to the OOC Nexus, the Arcade is a way to reward players for roleplay without giving them unfair quantities of XP.

When playing at an arcade, winning at a game gives you paper tickets, which you can then bring to a counter to trade in for prizes.

This system operates on the same general concept!

Staff has written up a list of "prizes" which can be purchased with tickets. Tickets themselves are earned when a player A) has their +account set up and B) exceeds the 5xp total weekly limit on +activity use. Any +activity entries past 5xp automatically flip over into ticket gain instead.

Tickets are shared across your Master Account, and are stored on that object, not you, as they are a prize to the player, not the character.


The following table lists available prizes. More will be added as time goes on. Trifles, in particular, are listed here with their effects to give players an idea of the types of things their trifles should be doing. Custom trifles are described here.

Remember: if you are on any kind of character NOT a changeling, YOU CANNOT USE A TRIFLE. Trifles have no catch. You CAN use a 1-dot Token.

Available Prizes
Prize Price Type Staff Needed? Book Description
Plot Antagonist 50 PC YES CUSTOM Play a PC antagonist (Loyalist, Hunter, Privateer, evil minion of a corporate psychic-collecting overlord, etc.) with established limits and goals. Limited play lifespan (i.e. once the plot's gone, the character's gone). Does not count toward your alt/xp tier total. Marked with [ANT] tag for OOC disclosure. You get to work with staff to determine your plot/the character's xp tier. Other players may purchase antagonists to play with you. Staff will take away your toy if you use it to abuse or persecute players you dislike.
Lefevre Proximi 100 PC YES CUSTOM Full benefits. No opportunity to Awaken. This is a permanent Lefevre Family PC and does count toward your alt/xp tier total. If you are already in the Lefevre family, you will need to freeze your current alt in order to have a Proximi approved. Work with staff to determine details and get you through CG.
Custom Private Channel 40 Channel YES CUSTOM What it says on the tin. You get to pick a channel name, choose the colour(s) for the header and tell whomever you please about it. Staff is not going to remove your channel if you freeze the PC which bought it; this falls under the aegis of cross-account tix. If the player who purchases the channel is banned from the game, that is another story.
Brownie's Boon (CH only) 4 Merit No RoS p.88 Do mundane projects more quickly if nobody is watching.
Direction Sense 4 Merit No GMC p.176 You can always retrace your steps and know where north/east etc. are.
Perfect Stillness 4 Merit No RoS p.94 -2 to find you if you're still when hiding. You can stay still in odd positions without penalties.
1-dot Token 30 Token YES CtL Prompts a +myjob's creation to discuss ideas with staff. Mortals MAY purchase these. Part of the purchase price involves accidentally discovering the catch which makes the item do its thing.
Trifle 10 Trifle No CUSTOM A trifle of your choosing. Be creative, but don't be a twink. Must be approved by staff and added to the +equip/+inv system.
Bilefruit 10 Trifle No CtL p.209 A bitter fruit that, if consumed, suppresses the changeling's mien and seeming for eight hours.
Bottlevoice 10 Trifle No WM p.114 Found in Hedge oceans. A corked bottle that takes effect when you breathe in the miasma contained within. A mental skill you choose gets +3 for the rest of the scene.
Clayface 10 Trifle No RoS p.154 A face made by the changeling out of clay. When worn, it will take 1 lethal or 3 bashing damage in place of the changeling before it shatters.
Glimmerbraid 10 Trifle No CtL p.209 A lock of hair from a True Fae or a figure in the Hedge, which grants a temporary illusion of the three-dot Fame merit.
Dream Charm 10 Trifle No AN p.67 True Fae trying take a penalty to affect the dreams of a mortal using the charm. Very difficult to make, and can only protect one mortal at a time.
Givertaker 10 Trifle No RoS p154 A bracelet or anklet made of Fae bones that when donned, provides the wearer with an automatic exceptional success to the next instant or reflexive action, and a dramatic failure to the action after that.
Gravenails 10 Trifle No RoS p.145 The fingernail of a corpse from the Hedge. When placed under a pillow, it does 1 bashing to the sleeper upon waking and prevents willpower gain for 8 hours.
Hoarcotton 10 Trifle No RoS p.145 Immune to fire for a number of turns equal to user's Wyrd.
Hoarflakes 10 Trifle No WM p.114 Found in Hedge mountains. A rock frozen for so long it has taken on the appearance of a snowflake. Gain Windwing Blessing for one hour. Must spend a point of Glamour.
Pricks 10 Trifle No CUSTOM A thorn from the Hedge strung on thread or twine which, if jiggled or disturbed, sets up a sharp, shrill whistle loud enough to be heard for 100 yards in all directions, even through earth and stone.
Spinnerthorn 10 Trifle No RoS p.145 +2 dice to Wits + Crafts (or Strength + Crafts) roll made to perform hedgespinning.
Stingseed 10 Trifle No CtL p.209 A small seed from the Hedge, which if implanted in a bullet and watered, if used within the next scene inflicts a penalty on the victim to all actions until the damage partially heals.
Sweetblood 10 Trifle No CtL p.209 The blood of a fae creatures sweetened with sugar, if consumed it grants 9-again on all Socialize rolls for one scene.
Thimbleblack 10 Trifle No CtL p.209 A small thimble in which a drop of blood is splashed, placed under the user's tongue. The user may then add Subterfuge to all Craft or Computer rolls for one scene.
Trousersnake 10 Trifles No CUSTOM A pencil-thick vine 3-6 feet long which, when laid over the ground, entangles the legs of anything stepping over it. Roll Dexterity + Athletics to avoid falling while bound.
Tumbleglass 10 Trifle No CtL p.210 A small glass bauble, that if broken underfoot, allows the user to fall up to 100 yards once and suffer no damage.
Torchfly 10 Trifle No RoS p.145 A dried, human-faced Hob fly. The shell can be broken and the goo within, when smeared over anything, illuminates that object in a 10-yard radius for a scene. Perception penalties due to darkness are negated, and perception penalties outside of the immediate area are reduced by 2. However, anyone in the area is easier to see, and any perception rolls to see the character are at +2.
Twistring 10 Trifle No RoS p.154 +3 to secondary actor rolls during teamwork rolls involving your motley.
Utterbarb 10 Trifle No CtL p.210 A thorn from the hedge which, if used to scratch a victim, robs them of their voice for one scene.
Waspshot 10 Trifle No RoS p.154 A shell casing filled with hedgewasp wings and sealed with wax. This bullet completely ignores penalties caused by concealment or cover, as the bullet goes straight through. It damages the gun when it is used, giving -1 to the gun for each waspshot fired until looked at by a gunsmith.
Webmark 10 Trifle No CUSTOM A spiderweb from the Hedge which you can roll up and unroll somewhere else. The next person who walks through it may be tracked through the Hedge as though their Wyrd were 2 dots higher for the next 30 minutes.
Welkinstick 10 Trifle No CtL p.210 A branch taken from high up in the Hedge which, when snapped, doubles the user's next jump roll.