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Purchasing Equipment

Your Resources level represents both your disposable income and your easily-liquidated assets, i.e. the possessions you could sell quickly to get cash.

This game is set in Vermont, with a median yearly household income of ~$50,000. Since we are in a rural area, that brings the average down closer to $35,000 a year. Vermont is not a poor state. It's not the wealthiest, but it isn't poor. Consider this your ballpark for a 2-dot Resources merit.

Bear that in mind when choosing your Resources level, because that will directly impact which Equipment you are capable of buying. As a quick refresher:

1 Dot: a little spending money here and there.
2 Dots: a comfortable, middle class wage.
3 Dots: a nice, upper middle class life.
4 Dots: moderately wealthy.
5 Dots: filthy rich.

Staff has floated the idea of making a more fluid system of automated purchases for anything not requiring prerequisites, but that will require code, a lot of data entry, and isn't game-critical. For the time being, these will be the rules for handling equipment purchases.

Monthly Expenditures

Resources 1: One Cost 1 item per month.
Resources 2: One Cost 2 item per month / two Cost 1 items.
Resources 3: One Cost 3 item per month / two Cost 2 items / any number of Cost 1 items.
Resources 4: One Cost 4 item per month / two Cost 3 items / any number of Cost 2 and Cost 1 items.
Resources 5: One Cost 5 item per month / two Cost 4 items / any number of Cost 3, Cost 2 or Cost 1 items.

Starting Equipment

All characters may include up to six months' worth of expenditures in the +myjob created upon completing CharGen. These expenditures reflect your previous life purchases, and must be made at your current Resources level.

If you do not have the Resources merit, for purposes of starting equipment, consider yourself Resources 1.

You have up to one month post-approval to put in your starting equipment request if you aren't certain what you would purchase in CharGen and want to take some extra time to settle into the character's mindset.

Buying for Someone Else

If you are using your Resources to purchase an item for another player, have THAT player put in the +eqreq, and +myjob/cc you to the job created, so you can say on the +myjob that you are donating X of your Resources for that month.

Buying Restricted Equipment

See the Equipment/Restricted page for explanations and a list.

Include in the +myjob created by your +eqreq a reference to the appropriate merit/Contacts on your +sheet.