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Fate's Harvest has revised seemings and kiths to provide a more diverse and interesting experience for our players. This includes the creation of eleven new kiths to balance the offerings across seemings. It is strongly advised that all Changeling players familiarize themselves with these changes. The rules on the wiki will always be favored over the rules in the book; if there is ever any ambiguity which needs to be resolved, please file a +request with staff.

  • Any italicized entry below is pretty true the original mechanics. The normal text is our house ruled and custom content.
  • Additional information and clarification on mechanics are provided on the individual Seeming and Kith pages which are linked in the headings and tables below.
  • An explanation of general rules pertaining to kiths can be found on the House Rules page.
  • Detailed information on the few changes made to seeming blessings can also be found on the House Rules page.
  • Whenever Wyrd/2 or 'half the changeling's Wyrd' is referenced, round up unless otherwise specified.

You are not limited to what is on this list; For information on fleshing out your own Kith, refer to Winter Masques p. 59. All new kiths must be approved by staff, which may take a bit of back and forth.
You may forgo a Kith blessing to go Kithless. For information on how to gain a Kith in this situation, refer to Winter Masques p. 59.
For information on shedding a Kith or Seeming, refer to Winter Masques p. 99.

Seeming and Kith

Even if you have multiple Kiths, you can only ever have one Seeming. You gain the blessings and curses from ONLY your primary Kith's Seeming, but gain the kith blessings of all other Kiths you may have through the Dual Kith merit, Wyrd Evolution or the Pilgrims of the Endless Road Entitlement.

The handy +kith command will show you all of your Seeming and Kith blessings and curses, including those provided by High Wyrd.


  • Passive Blessing: Bonuses always available to any character with the appropriate kith at no cost to use.
  • Active Blessing: Abilities which require 1 Glamour to activate, unless otherwise noted.
  • High Wyrd Blessing: Upgrades to existing blessings which are bestowed at Wyrd 7.


References: CtL 101, WM 15
Affinity Contracts: Den (WM 19), Fang and Talon (CtL 142), Wild (RoS 111)
Seeming Blessings: /8 on Animal Ken; Free Animal Ken specialty; Spend Glamour to increase Presence and Composure dice pools
Seeming Curses: -4 Untrained Penalty on Mental skills; /0 on Intelligence dice pools
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
(CtL 102, WM 62)
Take encumbrance penalties at a rate of -1 for every 50 extra pounds (instead of 25) over base weight allowance for carrying items farther than a yard or for extended periods of time. +2 to all rolls involving Stamina for one scene OR +2 to all rolls involving Resolve for one scene, excluding breaking points and degradation rolls. Only one of these bonuses may be activated per scene. Active blessing bonus increased from +2 to +4.
(WM 106)
+3 to all social rolls when interacting with creatures from the Hedge. Reflexively gain /rote on a single roll to contest or avoid any contract or supernatural effect targeting the chimera specifically. Hobgoblins treat the character as one of their own, rather than as a half-human mongrel, and the Chimera gains an hour's grace before the Hedge begins to prick him for his Glamour.
(WM 67)
+2 on all Perception (Wits+Composure) rolls. Heighten an appropriate sense, allowing for superhuman ability. Perception rolls applying to that sense are considered exceptional at 3 successes. Gain +4 on all Perception (Wits + Composure) rolls.
(WM 67)
+1 to Composure when resisting emotional manipulation; +2 to Stamina when resisting poisons or extreme heat. After initiative has been rolled, gain highest initiative for one turn. Gain +2 to Composure when resisting emotional manipulation; +3 to Stamina when resisting poisons or extreme heat.
(WM 107)
Harvest 1 Glamour on any successful Persuasion or Subterfuge roll in which the coyote is lying to, tricking or coaxing a Mortal, feeding on their impressionability. Add +1 to a Manipulation roll; usable multiple times per roll. Gain +2 to Investigation rolls involved in unraveling tricks, puzzles or deliberately hidden things, facts or people. The Coyote is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of deception.
Quadruple speed only for the purposes of charging. +2 to a single attack immediately after charging; a successful hit imposes the Knocked Down tilt on the target. Gain 1/0 natural armor at all times, due to stiff/heavy hide.
(CtL 102, WM 63)
Unarmed Brawl attacks deal 0L damage. Add Wyrd to one Survival or Investigation roll when relying on their keen senses. Gain +2 to unarmed Brawl attacks.
(WM 107)
/9 on all Survival and Persuasion rolls performed in aquatic environments. Once per scene, hold an audience captive by speaking or singing, reducing their ability to notice anything but the Nix by half the Nix's Wyrd. Her song has become truly powerful, and reaches deeply into her prey's psyche. Targets of the Nix's Active Blessing suffer lasting effects, taking a -2 to any Perception (Wits + Composure) rolls for the remainder of the scene while in the Nix's presence, even once she has stopped singing.
(NH:GF 102)
/9 on Investigation rolls. +2 to all Wits rolls except perception for one scene. Gain +4 instead of +2 on non-Perception Wits rolls for one scene.
(WM 67)
+2 to resist poison/disease; +3 if ingested. Scrounge for a useful item without any roll. If the item is used in the same scene, gain +2 equipment bonus to rolls using it. Gain /9 on Investigation rolls. The Roteater's ability to scrounge for food and shinies is beginning to extend to other areas of life.
(CtL 102, WM 63)
+2 to Speed. Count your total Stamina+Athletics pool as your successes (without rolling) in a foot race; usable once per scene. Bonus to Speed increased from +2 to +4.
(CtL 102, WM 64)
+1 to Defense. Once per scene, triple Defense on a single attempt to dodge. Once per scene, spend 3 Glamour to automatically dodge a single physical attack (does not work against magic) due to their extremely skittery reflexes. Damn bug is hard to hit!
(CtL 102, WM 64)
+3 to climbing rolls; /9 to Athletics rolls when at a height of 30' or more off the ground (except for climbing). Climb up to 30' as an instant action on a successful climb check. Only one success is necessary to manage the 30' in this manner. The passive Athletics bonus for balance checks/maneuvering when moving in high places applies on any unsteady or elevated surface (ice, greasy floors, ledges, branches, cliffs, railings, curbs, fence-tops, etc.), regardless of height.
(CtL 102, WM 65)
Hold breath as if possessing Stamina 7 (30 minutes) and swim at full speed. For one round, reflexively, move to the top of the initiative and triple movement speed while underwater. Breath can be held for 60 minutes; gain +3 to speed while swimming.
(WM 67)
All rolls to coerce or force a Truefriend to betray someone they care about suffer a -3 penalty. Grant an ally +3 on any one roll. May not be used on self. Once per scene, by spending 1 Glamour, reflexively allow a friend's failed roll to count as a single success. May not be used on self.
(CtL 102, WM 65)
/9 on Medicine or Science rolls pertaining to poisons or venoms; /9 on Stealth rolls to stalk or ambush prey. Imbue a Brawl attack with natural venom once per scene dealing no damage and imposing Poisoned (Moderate) tilt on hit. Poisonous attack may be attempted twice per scene instead of once.
(CtL 103, WM 66)
Take only 1B damage for every 15 yards fallen; damage does not change to Lethal until 150 yards. Glide for one minute per dot of Wyrd. Suffer no bashing damage for falling, taking lethal damage only on falls of more than 150 yards; active ability lasts for twice as long.


References: CtL 104, WM 21
Affinity Contracts: Darkness (CtL 136), Shade and Spirit (WM 26)
Seeming Blessings: /9 on Stealth rolls; Spend Glamour to increase Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth dice pools
Seeming Curses: -1 to activate contracts during the day; -2 to activate contracts while in sunlight
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
(CtL 106, WM 68)
+3 on Academics and Investigation rolls pertaining to ancient lore or books/artifacts over 100 years old. Once per scene, roll Wits + Occult to ask one yes/no question per success about place or thing, as per the Psychometry merit, with penalties for recent events. The Antiquarian's memories of his time in Arcadia are growing ever stronger, and with them, the knowledge gained on his Keeper's behalf. Gain the effects of the Encyclopedic Knowledge merit.
+2 to Stealth rolls and rolls to initiate grapples. As an action as part of a successful grapple, the Brollachan may roll Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd to render the grappled victim insensate OR frighten the victim for a number of rounds equal to half the Brollachan's Wyrd. The Brollachan is growing ever nearer his Arcadian self. Gain /9 on Intimidation rolls.
(CtL 106, WM 69)
You can see, hear and speak with any nearby ghosts in Twilight. If using Contract of Shade 1, the Gravewight gains an additional +2 to social rolls when interacting with ghosts. Roll Wyrd + Resolve + Composure vs a ghost's Power + Resistance to add or remove the Anchor, Open, Controlled or Materialized condition to a person, place or thing. Look into a ghost's eyes, and gain a brief glimpse of how they died, upon rolling a successful reflexive Wits + Empathy check.
Once per day, gain free, limited benefit of the Omen Sensitivity merit, receiving an honest answer to one yes/no question from an ST (or fellow player) on a successful Wits + Occult roll. Once per day, predict another's misfortune, imposing /weak on their next roll. Sensitive to the presence of misfortune, once a day, a Harbinger may reflexively re-roll any failed non-breaking point roll.
(WM 107)
SL2 from dusk till dawn or if isolated from all sunlight; cannot take SL of any level. In same dark conditions, get exceptional success on 3 successes on any rolls benefited by appearance for the duration of the scene or until the darkness abates. Gain /9 on Social rolls benefited (or worsened by) appearance.
(CtL 106, WM 69)
+2 to Perception rolls to detect anything from which they might drain life, including spotting those who are hiding or laying in ambush. Deal 1L to target and use that stolen health to heal self. May be used a number of times per scene equal to the Leechfinger's Wyrd. Double the damage dealt and amount healed by active blessing.
(VL 22)
Gain the benefits of the Perfect Stillness merit. Add Wyrd/2 to all Larceny or Stealth rolls for scene; spend 2 glamour to apply both benefits. Gain +2 to Subterfuge rolls, especially those made to deceive marks whose pockets have just been rifled through.
(WM 71)
+2 to non-combat Athletics and Stealth rolls at heights above 5 yards over ground level. Fall 100 yards without taking damage. Ignore up to -2 in penalties related specifically to low-light conditions or darkness. Weather conditions such as mist or snow do not qualify for this bonus. The Lurkglider is at home in the shadows, and others had best remember that.
(CtL 106, WM 70)
/9 on disguise rolls; all disguise rolls affect both Mask and Mien. Once per scene, roll Manipulation+Subterfuge to either ask the ST a question per success about the person being impersonated OR add the successes to a single roll relevant to the impersonated person's abilities. The Mirrorskin is a convincing actor. Others receive a -1 penalty to their own dice pools when attempting to see through the character's deceptions.
(WM 71)
+1 to three skills depending on the moon's phase. Once per day, kiss a target and roll Intelligence + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd to apply the same derangement to both Moonborn and target; if applicable, the target receives the more severe version. Derangement fades at sunrise for Changelings, but lasts a full month for mortals. The Moonborn is more in touch with the ebb and flow of her madness, gaining greater skill at wielding its changeable power. When using Lunatic's Kiss on mortals, she can temporarily lessen its effects by touching her target, reducing the inflicted derangement's severity by one step for the remainder of the scene.
(WM 72)
+2 on Expression rolls and Empathy rolls to read emotions. Once per scene, draw an audience's darker feelings to surface by rolling Wits + Expression + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd. On success, render the audience guilty, deprived or shaken for the remainder of the scene. The Nightsinger's bonus on Expression and Empathy rolls to read emotions increases to +4.
(WM 72)
In low-visibility, gain /9 to Stealth rolls and ignore penalties to sight-based perception rolls. +1 to Defense and use Defense vs. firearms while in low-visibility conditions; effect ends if visibility clears or scene ends. The /9 to Stealth rolls is no longer limited to situations of low visibility, and the Palewraith's Defense in low-visibility conditions increases to +2.
(WM 107)
+3 to rolls to Harvest Glamour from targets suffering from any derangement. Once per week, lick a target to either impose a mild derangement of the Pishacha's choosing or upgrade a minor derangement to major. Effect lasts one week. Gain 1 extra point of Glamour each time the Pishacha harvests from a target who is actively suffering from a derangement.
(WM 73)
Natural weapon dealing 0L is usable at will. Once per scene, deal aggravated damage when attacking with Razorhand's natural weapon and cause that natural weapon to shine and glitter menacingly, granting +2 to all Intimidation rolls for remainder of the scene. The Razorhand is intimately acquainted with his natural weapons, and now gains a +2 on any attack rolls made with them.
(WM 107)
/9 on all Stealth and Survival rolls performed outside. Enslave a beast to be his "pet" until the next sunrise or sundown (whichever occurs first). Animals will obey simple commands (unless the animal is already under supernatural control), even to their own detriment. The Skogsra may now control non-bird, non-mammalian animals. This does not include microscopic life. In addition, animals he controls gain a +1 to actions taken under his influence, to represent the ferocity, cleverness and overall dedication toward fanatical obedience.
(CtL 106, WM 71)
Gain the benefits of the Double-Jointed merit. The changeling can slip, slide and squeeze through tight or twisty spaces no human could fit through. Escaping narrowly-spaced prison bars? Child's play. If the distance is longer than Wyrd yards, the Tunnelgrub must make a successful extended Dexterity + Athletics roll and gain at least 3 successes (or more, ST decision pending for extremely long squirm-travel), or be stuck until he spends Glamour to use this ability once again. Dramatic failure means the character is stuck and cannot use this talent again to help escape. Gain a +2 bonus to resist Grapples, due to the Tunnelgrub's slippery hide/experience with wriggling out of confinement.
(WM 73)
/9 on Empathy and Subterfuge rolls used to gather information. Whisper a message to anyone within normal earshot. The message may be whispered to anyone within Wyrd miles. The Whisperwisp may choose whether or not the target automatically understands who whispered it to them.


References: CtL 108, WM 27
Affinity Contracts: Communion (WM 32), Elements (CtL 138), Wild (RoS 111)
Seeming Blessing: Once per day, spend 1 Glamour to increase Health by Wyrd for one scene
Seeming Curse: /0 on dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize except for seeming-affinity contracts
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
You can see, hear and speak with any nearby spirits in Twilight. If using Contract of Spirit 1, the Aetheric gains an additional +2 to social rolls when interacting with spirits. Roll Wyrd + Resolve + Composure vs a spirit's Power + Resistance to add or remove the Resonant, Open, Controlled or Materialized condition to a person, place or thing. Look into a spirit's eyes (if it has any), and gain a surface-level understanding of what type of spirit it is, upon rolling a successful reflexive Wits + Empathy check.
(CtL 109, WM 74)
+1 to Defense. Ignore any penalties imposed by wind-related environmental tilts. Attack using the air itself. Ignores Defense. Roll Wits + Resolve to attack. Short range equal to Wits + Resolve + Wyrd in yards. Medium (short x2) and long (medium x2) range suffer -2 and -4 penalties respectively on attack roll. Spend 1 Glamour to impose the Heavy Winds environmental tilt on an area of up to Wyrd yards radius.
(WM 108)
+2 to all Manipulation rolls against a target if the Aspara is appealing to their vice. Change the target's vice to a vice of the Apsara's choosing. Effect lasts for 24 hours. The Apsara has a deeper understanding of her own nature, her misty, cloudy beauty. She gains +2 to Manipulation rolls relating to using her appearance whether or not she is appealing to a target's vice.
(WM 108)
+1 (or -1, as applicable) to all effects for Contracts of the Hearth. Reduce penalties imposed by darkness by 1. Once per scene, reflexively force a reroll of a successful roll at -Wyrd penalty. The Ask-wee-da-eed may force a re-roll of a successful roll twice per scene, OR, you may increase the passive blessing from a +1 (or -1) to +2 (or -2). Only one of the above options may be chosen per scene.
(WM 78)
+3 to resist manmade poisons. Once per scene, roll Dexterity + Wyrd - Target's Stamina to breathe pollution dealing 1L per success. The Blightbent may now breathe pollution twice per scene.
(WM 108)
All allies within 10 yards of the Di-cang, excluding the Di-cang, ignore wound penalties. Once per scene, magically unlock any non-iron lock or disable any mechanical or electronic security measure. Once per day, as an instant action, the Di-cang may heal Wyrd points of Bashing damage suffered by allies within 10 yards. This may be split between multiple allies.
(CtL 109, WM 74)
/9 to Brawl and Intimidate rolls while in direct skin-to-dirt contact with earth. +1 to non-combat strength rolls; may be used more than once per roll. The Earthbones can draw upon the patient strength of mortal soil, bolstering himself against illusion. So stolid is he, so rooted in the realities of life, that he gains a +2 on all rolls to resist Clarity loss.
(CtL 109, WM 75)
The time required to perform primarily mental extended tasks is reduced; if each roll requires an hour or less, the Fireheart can do one roll per turn. Affect fire as per the three-dot Psychokinesis (Pyrokinesis) Merit, spending glamour instead of WP. The Fireheart may ignore up to half her Wyrd in weaponized elemental fire/electricity.
(WM 79)
+1 to Initiative, Defense and Speed. Reflexively triple speed and use Defense vs Firearms for one turn; can be used in response to an attack. The Levinquick gains limited control over the electricity which so shapes her lightning-swift nature, able to discharge a sharp and painful, but not damaging jolt of electricity up to Wyrd times a day. This jolt is strong enough to start small fires or spark engines into motion, or fritz hand-held electronics.
(CtL 109, WM 75)
+2 to Crafts rolls; +2 to Stamina for the purpose of resisting fatigue, hunger, thirst or lack of air. Once per scene, apply /rote to a single roll to either replicate a physical action they have watched someone else perform before OR resist fatigue, hunger, thirst or lack of air for the scene. The Manikin may use his Active Blessing twice per scene, instead of once.
(WM 79)
Using Willpower to bolster a resistance roll grants +4 instead of +2. Once per day, the Metalflesh may spend 1 Glamour to add +2 to Stamina, Resolve or Composure for the remainder of the scene. This benefit does alter derived stats, providing for greater health or willpower, depending, due to the Metalflesh's inhuman resilience. Damage on these extra dots transfers to the character's original dots at the end of the scene, unless healed. Downgrade up to Wyrd points of Lethal damage to Bashing. Usable once per scene.
+3 to resist natural poisons. Once per scene, apply toxin to target's skin or single serving of food/drink. Skin contact or ingestion bestows Drugged or Poisoned (Moderate) to a single target. The Poisonpetal may use per Active Blessing twice per scene.
+2 to resist all supernatural or ephemeral powers not rooted in the Wyrd. A single specified ephemeral entity treats the Saltborn as a Bane for the duration of the scene. The Saltborn may designate up to Wyrd number of ephemeral entities, instead of a single entity, when using his Active Blessing.
(WM 79)
+2 to all grappling rolls. Become less solid, automatically escaping from grapples or slipping through any opening a finger can fit through; effect lasts Wyrd rounds. Effect of Active Blessing lasts for Wyrd x 2 turns instead, or until the Sandharrowed chooses to end it. During this period, while no one can harm her, she cannot harm others, either. Falling into a glassworking furnace or being similarly exposed to great sources of heat WILL cause damage to the Sandharrowed, however, as sufficient heat will melt sand.
(CtL 110, WM 76)
/9 on Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls. Reflexively reroll a failed Intimidation or Subterfuge roll. Can only be used once for any specific roll. Gain the /rote quality on rolls intended to conceal through nonreaction, icy reserve and unreadability unmelting.
(CtL 110, WM 77)
Breathe underwater and swim at full speed. Grant the ability to breathe underwater and swim at full speed to an ally for Wyrd minutes per Glamour spent. Swim speed doubled for both blessings.
(CtL 110, WM 77)
Gain bonuses to cultivating plants as if possessing Plant Empathy, using Wyrd/2 to determine bonus. Bonus also applies to Stealth and Survival rolls while on soil or natural surfaces. The Woodblood may use this Stealth to conceal herself in naturally growing material even if it logically should not work (i.e. a lawn, a garden, a forest -- not a stand of potted plants). Add Wyrd to Stealth rolls made in any vegetation which might conceivably cover the Woodblood. On a successful Wits + Empathy roll, the Woodblood may identify whether any mundane plant is helpful, harmful, edible or not, even if it is dried, shredded, or otherwise mangled beyond ordinary identification.


References: CtL 112, WM 35
Affinity Contracts: Reflection (ER 34), Separation (WM 40), Vainglory (CtL 146)
Seeming Blessings: No Untrained Penalty for Social skills; Spend Glamour to increase Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion dice pools
Seeming Curse: -1 on rolls to avoid Clarity loss
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
Bright One
(CtL 113, WM 80)
Illuminate an area at will. /9 to Empathy rolls. Make the light blinding, penalizing attempts to target the Bright One by -2. All rolls to Stealth and Subterfuge suffer -2 while within this brilliance. The Bright One's passive illumination doubles in scope, lighting an area up to 30' x 30' x 20' tall. She may choose to illuminate only part of that potential area. In addition, the penalty to target her while she exercises her Blinding Brilliance is now -3 instead of -2.
(CtL 114, WM 81)
+1 to Dodge; +1 Glamour gained from all agility-based performances. Gain /rote on a single Athletics or Expression roll involving agility once per scene. Passive blessing increased to +2 to Dodge and +2 bonus glamour from agility-based performances.
(CtL 114, WM 81)
Purchase equipment as if at one resource dot higher. Add Wyrd/2 to all Intimidation rolls and an additional +3 to Presence rolls for remainder of scene. Usable once per scene. Once per day, the Draconic may draw upon the bestial savagery, the awe and the majesty of the mythological beast in whose image he was made, adding his Persuasion score to Brawl attacks for Wyrd rounds.
(WM 83)
Flamesiren and allies within 5 yards gain +1 to all Perception checks to spot opponents or objects concealed in darkness. Everyone who can see the Flamesiren rolls Resolve + Composure, suffering -2 to all actions for scene (or until Flamesiren ends effect) on failure. The Flamesiren may use her Active Blessing twice per scene.
(CtL 114, WM 82)
/9 on all Persuasion rolls. Add Wyrd to a single Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge roll. Gain +1 to all Persuasion, Socialize and Subterfuge rolls.
(WM 108)
Expression, Socialize and Politics rolls become exceptional successes at 4 instead of 5. Gain the ability to speak and understand a spoken language for one scene. Does not apply to written languages. Instead of 4, Expression, Socialize and Politics rolls become exceptional successes at 3 instead of 5.
(NH:GF 63)
Gain the benefit of the Sleight of Hand merit. (Reminder: that merit was house ruled) Gain /rote on a single Larceny or Stealth roll once per scene. The Larcenist may use his Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene instead of once.
(NH:GF 46)
+2 on Expression rolls; gain an additional point of Glamour on a successful Expression roll when harvesting from an audience. Once per scene, draw an audience's brighter feelings to surface with a successful Wits + Expression + Wyrd roll, rendering the audience inspired, steadfast or determined for the remainder of the scene. The Minstrel may use her Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene instead of once.
(CtL 114, WM 83)
Mortals receive +2 to all Crafts and Expression rolls while in the Muse's presence. Once per scene, grant a target of any template /rote on a single Crafts or Expression roll. Active blessing may instead be used to apply /weak to a single Crafts or Expression roll.
(NH:GF 122)
As long as another participant in a teamwork roll has the required skill, the playmate suffers no untrained penalties when participating in a teamwork roll. Add Wyrd/2 to a teamwork roll. Never offend your Playmates. They know how to help, which means they know just what to withhold to hurt. Rather than ADD Wyrd/2 to a teamwork roll, the Playmate may choose instead to SUBTRACT it.
(WM 84)
All rolls to deduce a polychromatic's emotions or thoughts, including all empathy rolls and many psychic abilities, suffer -1. Reflexively gain +2 to resist all emotional manipulation, both mundane and supernatural, for scene. +1 to Investigation rolls; ignore up to -2 on penalties to Perception depending on visibility, per ST discretion.
(NH:GF 63)
All rolls to identify the romancer suffer -3. Romancer and target gain each others' Virtues in addition to their own for one day, granting another means of regaining willpower. For purposes of seduction and wooing another with his charms, the Romancer gains +2 to Persuasion rolls. This relies upon the Romancer's physical appearance and leveraging that against the target. If the target is blind, reduce the bonus to +1.
(WM 84)
Darken an area, comparable to a Bright One's ability to illuminate. /9 to Subterfuge rolls. Darkness becomes impenetrable, applying -5 to all sight-based Perception. Shadowsouls may add +Wyrd to one Intimidation roll while in this darkness. Usable once per scene. The Shadowsoul's passive darkness doubles in scope, shadowing an area up to 30' x 30' x 20' tall. He may choose to darken only part of that potential area. In addition, he gains a +1 bonus to Intimidation at all times while within shadows of his own creation.
(WM 109)
+1 to all Social rolls vs. a target who possesses the same Vice as the Succubus. Succubus and target gain each others' Vices in addition to their own for one day, granting another means of regaining willpower. Gain +3 to all Social rolls against a target who possesses the same Vice.
(WM 84)
+3 on rolls requiring precise timing; while in mortal world, gain benefit of the Direction Sense merit and always know what time it is. Once per scene, roll Wits + Occult (plus appropriate modifiers) to make use of the Clairvoyance merit. The Telluric may use her Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene instead of once.
(WM 85)
+2 to any Social roll which might benefit from appearing to possess wealth or status. Reflexively reroll one Stamina, Resolve or Composure roll once per scene, excluding Breaking Point rolls. The Treasured may use her Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene instead of once.
Weisse Frau
(WM 109)
Others may not regain willpower from indulging in their Vice while in the company of the Weisse Frau unless the Weisse Frau has also indulged in their Vice this scene. Kiss a target to grant them grant +2 (targets with Integrity/Clarity 5-7) or +3 (targets with Integrity/Clarity 8+) armor for the scene. Usable once per scene. The Weisse Frau may kiss up to Wyrd number of targets at once when using her Active Blessing.


References: CtL 116, WM 42
Affinity Contracts: Oath and Punishment (WM 47), Stone (CtL 144)
Seeming Blessing: Spend Glamour to increase Strength, Brawl and Intimidate dice pools
Seeming Curses: /0 on Composure rolls except for Perception; -1 when using Composure as a Defense trait
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
(WM 90)
Suffer no penalties to only attack dice pools for either using an untrained skill or an improvised weapon. Turn anything into a melee weapon as if using 'Always Armed' (Improvised Weapons 1) without needing a roll. Bloodbrutes now get a +2 when using improvised weapons. Anything is deadly in their hands.
(WM 90)
+1 to attack rolls against undead or enemies at half health or less. Once per scene, as an instant action, deal 1L and 1WP damage to a target you've already injured this scene. The +1 bonus increases to +2 when attacking the undead or enemies at half health or less.
(CtL 118, WM 86)
/8 on Wits-based perception rolls as per three-dot Trained Observer merit. Once per scene, impose Blinded or Deaf tilt on a target to grant the same target a bonus to Perception rolls pertaining to a different single sense. Gain +2 bonus when tracking someone the Cyclopean has previously met or interacted with. He never forgets a scent (or face, or footprint).
(WM 109)
Destroy mundane weapons or suppress non-mundane bonuses to magical weapons on a successful disarm check. Ignore durability for one attack when attempting to damage a structure. Reflexively spend 2 glamour to destroy even non-mundane weapons on an exceptional disarm check. Usable once per scene.
(CtL 118, WM 86)
Attempts to track the Farwalker suffer a -3 penalty. Gain /9 on Stealth and Survival rolls for the remainder of the scene. Reflexively reroll one Stealth or Survival roll at a +Wyrd bonus.
(CtL 118, WM 88)
Gain the benefits of the Giant merit. Add Wyrd to Size once per day; suffer 1L damage when returning to normal size. Suffer no damage when returning to normal size and add Wyrd/2 (rounded down) to all Strength rolls while supersized.
(CtL 118, WM 88)
May choose to Bite opponent as a Grapple action, dealing 2L. Once per scene, reflexively change a normal success on a Grapple check to an exceptional success, taking two actions. Bite now does 3L. Does not require successful grapple.
Ignore penalties imposed by Extreme Heat tilt. Gain +2 to Persuasion and Intimidation rolls made in high heat conditions. Raise temperature as per the three-dot Thermokinesis Merit, spending Glamour instead of WP. In high heat conditions, the Ifrit gains a +4 to Persuasion and Intimidation rolls instead of a +2.
Old One
Improve Investigation, Occult and Expression rolls of those within 10 yards, inclusive, based on Integrity/Clarity. Trigger an existing derangement in target or, in targets with no derangements, force a Breaking Point instead at -2 to the roll. Passive bonuses are increased by +1 each (7+ still has no bonus).
(WM 110)
Ignore up to -2 (blunt weapons) or -1 (any other weapon) in penalties for not meeting the Strength requirement for a melee weapon. Once per scene, empower attack to heal 1L or 2B for every point of damage dealt against a target with Integrity/Clarity 6 or lower. Face Breaking Point and gain no benefit if target's Integrity/Clarity is 7+. The Oni may use his Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene.
(WM 91)
Ignore 3 durability when attacking objects with bare hands. Gain /9 to a single Brawl roll. Gain +2 to attacks, but only to attacks where the Render intends to destroy an inanimate object. The Render's knowledge of vulnerabilities and weak points is innate and reliable. This bonus also applies to Perception/Investigation rolls related to locating said vulnerabilities for purposes of instructing others.
/9 to all Stealth rolls made within a crowd or otherwise busy urban environment. Add Wyrd to a single Subterfuge roll made to impersonate another person or profession OR to a single Stealth roll to hide in a crowd. Gain a +2 bonus when activating any Mirror Contracts related to physically changing the Skinwalker's appearance.
(CtL 118, WM 88)
Gain Armor equal to Wyrd/2; suffer -1 (Wyrd 4-7) or -2 (Wyrd 8+) to Defense. Gain Armor equal to Wyrd, replacing passive bonus, as an instant action for one scene; suffer -1 to all Dexterity rolls; suffer a -1 penalty to Defense for every 2 Wyrd above 1. Active blessing may be used reflexively, including as a response to being attacked.
(WM 110)
Mundane Manipulation rolls made against the Troll suffer -1. Add Strength to a Manipulation roll. Mundane Manipulation rolls against the Troll suffer a -3 instead of a -1.
(CtL 119, 89)
Suffer no penalty to sight-based perception rolls while underwater or in Heavy Rain. Roll Presence + Wyrd + Intimidation vs Resolve + Composure to Frighten targets who cannot see you directly; retain a +2 to intimidation rolls against anyone they'd Frightened for remainder of scene once moving into plain view. Remove all perception penalties while underwater or in Heavy Rain. The Water-Dweller's experience with seeing through obstructions gives a +1 bonus to alleviate any other visual perception penalties, such as snow or darkness.
(WM 91)
/9 on Occult rolls. Once per day, curse someone as with Thief of Fate merit; must look victim in the eye while pointing at them. The Witchtooth now gains /8 on all Occult rolls, and may curse victims twice a day.
Ignore penalties imposed by Extreme Cold or Blizzard tilts. Gain +2 to Stealth and Intimidation rolls made in snowy conditions. Lower temperature as per the three-dot Cryokinesis Merit. Gain +4 to Stealth and Intimidation rolls made in snowy conditions, instead of +2.


References: CtL 120, WM 48
Affinity Contracts: Animation (WM 52), Artifice (CtL 134), Forge (RoS 99)
Seeming Blessings: Spend 1 Glamour to gain /9 on Dexterity rolls for one scene; Spend 1 Glamour to add Wyrd to Dodge
Seeming Curses: /0 on Presence rolls; -2 Untrained Penalty for Social skills
Kith Passive Blessing Active Blessing High Wyrd Blessing
(CtL 121, WM 92)
/9 to Crafts and Expression rolls to create new work of art. Once per scene, gain /rote on a single Crafts or Expression to create art. Only applies to one roll for extended actions. The Artist's Active Blessing now applies for every roll of an extended action.
(WM 96)
/9 on rolls involving the written word (whether reading or writing). Understand any written text for the duration of the scene. Does not apply to spoken languages. The Author's /9 bonus becomes /rote.
(CtL 121, WM 92)
+4 to all rolls to contest poisons or intoxication; +2 to resist poisons. Make up to Wyrd beverages alcoholic on a successful Wits + Crafts roll. The Brewer gains a +2 bonus on his rolls to create booze, and in addition, may boozify as often as desired.
(CtL 121, WM 93)
/9 on Social rolls dealing with manners or etiquette. +2 to Manipulation and Presence dice pools for one scene. The Chatelaine gains /8 on Social rolls pertaining to manners or etiquette; +3 to Manipulation and Presence instead of +2.
(CtL 122, WM 93)
/9 on all medicine rolls and never suffer equipment penalties; daily visits from chirurgeon downgrade wounds as intensive care treatment. Allow patient to heal wounds four times faster than normal and add chirurgeon's Wyrd to rolls to recover from disease. Gaining a steadily deeper understanding of the body and how to relieve what ails it, the Chirurgeon's passive bonus improves to a /8 on Medicine rolls. In addition, after being tended by the Chirurgeon, a patient may subtract -1 from any wound penalties they are suffering for the remainder of the day.
(WM 96)
/9 on Stealth rolls; simple tasks are completed in half the time while unobserved. Once per scene, gain /rote on a single roll taken while unobserved. The Drudge is expert at going unnoticed while performing mundane tasks, part of the background of life. Observers suffer a -2 penalty to notice the Drudge's presence.
(WM 96)
+3 to rolls involving gambling or games of chance. Win any mental-based game. Strategy is in the Gameplayer's bones. Once per scene, he may re-roll a single failed instant action, or substitute another action in its place, strategy flowing according to his intuition of the playing board of life.
(WM 110)
+3 to all rolls to disable or dismantle a mechanical or electronic device. Touch a mechanical or electrical device to negate its equipment bonus for one scene or until repaired. Usable once per scene. Spend an additional glamour to negate the equipment bonus of any device simply by looking at it.
Gain use of the Eidetic Memory merit. Read surface thoughts if touching or making eye contact with someone as per the 3-dot Telepathy merit. Once a day, the Grey may spend 1 additional Glamour while their Active Blessing is in effect to blur memories of his presence, the recipient left only with vague impressions of another person being there. This action is a contested Manipulation + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd roll. If the defender wins, memories are not altered and the Grey has wasted his Glamour.
(VL 22)
/9 and Good Time Management on Computer, Crafts and Science rolls to design, build, modify, repair or understand any device, mechanism or software. Add Wyrd to any one such roll. The Inventor's passive bonus improves to /8.
(WM 96)
/9 to Survival rolls while underground; /9 to Science rolls pertaining to rocks and metals. Send a coded message over up to 1 mile through vibrations in the ground; message is always understood by recipient. The coded message may travel up to Wyrd miles instead.
(CtL 122, WM 94)
+1 to Initiative and Defense; make reflexive Perception check to detect ambushes one turn before attack. Once per day, apply /rote to a single roll for either self or another. Benefit fades if not used within 24 hours. The Oracle may use her Active Blessing twice a day. May not be used on the same target.
(WM 110)
Gain the benefits of the 1-dot Hardy merit. Touch at least 1lb of raw meat to nourish a number of people equal to Wyrd for 24 hours. He knows his meat, and how to use it. At this level in his development, the Pamarindo can easily gauge precisely how much meat he needs to feed any number of people, or how many meals a given carcass will provide. In addition, his magical meat nourishes those who taste it for 48 hours instead of 24.
(CtL 122, WM 94)
/9 to all craft rolls when working on objects made primarily of metal. Make extended Dexterity + Crafts roll to improve a primarily metal object to give it a +1 equipment bonus. Improvements may be made faster (15 minutes per roll) and add +2 equipment bonus instead of +1.
(CtL 122, WM 95)
+1 to any roll made in effort to complete a command from a superior. In addition, gain an automatic +1 bonus when using any bladed weapon. The Soldier lives and breathes the art of war. Once per scene, ignore the penalties imposed by a tilt for one round OR reroll any one failed combat roll. May be used reflexively. Grant +1 to all rolls made by a subordinate in effort to complete a command issued by the Soldier.
(WM 110)
/9 on all rolls to perform music. Roll Wits + Expression + Wyrd vs Resolve + Wyrd; listeners who fail the roll subtract Thusser's Wyrd from all rolls to notice their surroundings, are unable to take any combat actions and will follow wherever Thusser leads. Usable once per scene. The Thusser may use her Active Blessing twice per scene.
(CtL 123, WM 95)
/9 on Survival rolls; any plant may provide sustenance. Once per scene, roll Dexterity + Stealth to hide behind one tree and appear behind another within 50 yards as an instant action. Free Direction Sense merit while in the wilderness; +Wyrd/2 to all Survival rolls.