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Soldier Kith

References: CtL 122, WM 95
Theme: Combatants and Sentries

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Chain of Command

Soldiers gain +1 to any roll made in effort to complete a command from a superior. In addition, gain an automatic +1 bonus when using any bladed weapon.

Active Blessing: Battle-Hardened

Soldiers may reflexively spend a Glamour once per scene to ignore the penalties imposed by a tilt for one round OR reroll any one failed combat roll.

High Wyrd Blessing

Soldiers of Wyrd 7 and Higher bestow +1 to all rolls made by a subordinate in effort to complete a commands the Soldiers have issued, strengthening the Chain of Command.

Example Frailties

Cannot attack a person wearing white, must keep belongings well maintained, bane of lead shot, cannot injure a woman, may not enter a churchyard, repelled by a widow's tears.

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