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Gargantuan Kith

References: CtL 118, WM 88
Theme: Most Gigantic of Giants

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Big & Tall

Gargantuans gain the benefits of the Giant merit. They are size 6, which grants +1 Health.

Active Blessing: Spurious Stature

Gargantuans may spend a Glamour to add their Wyrd to their Size once per day. When returning to normal size, they suffer 1 Lethal (1L) damage.

High Wyrd Blessing

Suffer no damage when returning to normal size and add Wyrd/2 (rounded down) to all Strength rolls while supersized.

Example Frailties

Loses strength when chained, frightened by trumpet music, cannot wear leather, may not injure mice, riddling compulsions, may not shave.

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