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XP Tiers

Fate's Harvest is a game designed to work with high XP.

To ensure a good balance of high vs. low power, our game operates on a system of tiered xp, allowing players five choices for how much XP their new brainchildren will start the game with. See Alt Limits for limitations there.

Consequently, there is no 'catch-up' XP on Fate's Harvest. XP is gained at a flat rate, and as a happy 'thank you' to long-term players, yes, someone who has been here longer will have more xp than someone who hasn't.

You have one month (30 days) post-approval to decide you would like to change your Starting XP Tier.


For the sake of clarification, since you will see these terms flung around:

  • Starting Tier - This is the tier you choose in Character Generation.
  • Current Tier - This is the tier you currently have, which may be higher than what you got in CG, if you've been playing for over 9 RL months.

Tier Values

Tier 1: 100xp
Tier 2: 300xp
Tier 3: 500xp
Tier 4: 700xp
Tier 5: 900xp

No player will ever have less than 100xp.

There is currently no hard XP cap, but given that players receive a max of 5xp a week, it will take 40 OOC weeks (~9 months) for even the most ardent XP-monkey to go up from one tier to the next.

Players are given their tier xp during character generation, and are under no obligation to spend all of it while they are there. Point in fact, Staff _recommends_ saving some to spend on impromptu purchases, as ideas for, say, Tokens and Hedgespun are prone to pop up and go 'Make me! Make me!!' at the least convenient moments in xp cycles.

NOTE: Tiers are restricted by STARTING Tier. (see Alt Limits) If you play the game long enough to bump yourself up another tier, you do not suddenly need to worry about alt conflicts. Freezing policies, too, specifically reference your STARTING Tier, not your current Tier. You can see both your Starting and Current Tiers listed in your +account.

Power and Fame

If you have power, people are going to notice. This is a fact of life. If you're as nimble and strong and enduring as an Olympic athlete (we're looking at you, everyone with 5s in all physical stats :P), that's visible. People can see it in the way you move, or notice it in the way you go to work out and lift weights, or run, etc.

With great power comes great visibility.

The requirements below are based on the premise that at 900xp, you are bound to be noticeably better than the average Joe Schmoe. White Wolf considers 75xp an experienced adventurer.

Fame and Inconspicuous reflect things you're known for, or things that you are hiding to avoid being known for.

If you aren't sure what qualifies, check the Inconspicuous page for examples.

Staff requires the following of players with characters in specific tiers. Note that, unlike other systems, these requirements are based on your Current xp tier. As soon as you hit an xp total over the next bump up, you must comply with the following:

Tier 1: absolutely nothing. You are good to go.
Tier 2: mostly nothing. You're starting to get good, though.
Tier 3: 2+ dots in Fame/Inconspicuous (custom merit). You've got enough experience that people are going to start taking notice...unless you stop them. If you are playing a secretly powerful character who does not want the rest of the world to know he is as skilled as he is, Inconspicuous is your choice.
Tier 4: 3+ dots in Fame/Inconspicuous. Your fame may or may not have changed. If it has, +request for staff to fix it. If you think you would have been noticed by more than the locals, you are welcome to boost your Fame, but it is not necessary. However, remaining inconspicuous is beginning to be more of a challenge.
Tier 5: 4+ dots in Fame/Inconspicuous. As above. Remaining inconspicuous requires quite a bit of effort on your part to maintain.

Ex. Jessica is Tier 2. She has 2 dots in Fame (Ballerina) because she is well-known as a talented dancer.
Ex. Jim is Tier 5. He has 1 dot in Fame (Local Newscaster) and 3 dots in Inconspicuous (Swordmaster). This reflects the fact that he has a lot of XP dumped into being a fantastic swordsman, but doesn't want anybody to know about it.

It doesn't matter how many dots you put into each merit, but you do need to purchase them before you purchase others.

Please note that Anonymity is not the same as Inconspicuous. Anonymity specifically relates to remaining off the radar and out of government databases. Inconspicuous is designed to conceal your skill level or reflect effort on your part to blend in with the surrounding culture. You seem average, normal, and don't stand out to the point that an entire town could recognize your name, unlike those who don't put in commensurate effort..

I Forgot! What Tier Am I?

Your tier is displayed in your +finger, but +xp will tell you your XP total.

(If you need to know what level of xp someone is working with when planning an event, +finger is your friend.)

If you forget the tier of an alt, check your +account.