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The table below lists all currently code-accepted vices on the game. Since we are using GMC's Vice/Virtue rules (GMC pp.152-5), if you have a vices in mind which is not listed below, please send in a +request to staff. The request must contain a one-word vice, its 7-equivalent, and a concise description of how to regain Willpower by using it.

Seven Vices


The seven original nWoD vices above are also accepted.

Vice Equivalent Regain a Willpower Point When...
Addictive Lust ...your character voluntarily fulfills her addiction.
Ambitious Pride ...your character attempts to increase her social standing instead of pursuing more useful activity.
Arrogant Pride ...your character takes an opportunity to express his greater worth relative to someone else.
Avaricious Envy ...your character acquires either money or an object of monetary value at the expense of another.
Corrupt Gluttony ...your character misuses status or influence over a group on behalf of herself or another interested party.
Cowardly Sloth ...your character persuades or tricks another character into a risky situation instead of doing it himself.
Cruel Wrath ...your character needlessly victimizes someone in his power.
Deceitful Pride ...your character successfully maintains a lie despite others having the opportunity to see through it.
Hasty Greed ...your character forces a scene to start by taking decisive action.
Hateful Wrath ...your character spends time in a scene persecuting the object of his hate.
Hedonistic Lust ...your character satisfies his desires without regard for consequences.
Jealous Envy ...your character's possessive behavior is detrimental to his best interests, or he successfully prevents the object of his jealousy from being taken away.
Obsessed Greed ...your character pursues her obsession in a way that takes advantage of others.
Paranoid Pride ...your character's paranoia toward a person or situation is proved to be correct.
Pessimistic Sloth ...your character refuses to act in a scene because he believes anything he does will be fruitless.
Selfish Greed ...your character refuses to help an ally in need when he has the resources or abilities to easily do so.
Skeptical Pride ...your character maintains her own beliefs in the face of contradictory claims or evidence.
Stubborn Pride ...your character refuses to back down despite significant pressure to do so.
Treacherous Wrath ...your character betrays a person or group, but be very careful about using this Vice against other players' characters.
Untrustworthy Greed ...your character breaks a promise for her own sake.
Vengeful Wrath ...your character observes the suffering of someone she holds a grudge against.
Violent Wrath ...your character resolves a scene by using needless violence.