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As Fate's Harvest is not using the full Conditions system created for GMC, flaws, rather than persistent conditions, are the mechanical means of declaring negative aspects of your character which hinder him in some way.

To purchase flaws post-CG, please send up a +request with your specific flaw and any required details.

In stat/list, you will find these with stat/list merit=flaw*. All Derangements are set via 'Flaw - Derangement' with a type/instance of the specific derangement, i.e. Derangement (Claustrophobia).

Certain flaws may only be taken by Changeling characters. These are separately listed below.

Each flaw includes a brief summary of its effects as well as the book and page number of its source. A value of -1 is represented as -•, while -2 is -••, -3 is -•••. Means to resolve each flaw are included in italics below the description text.

Should you find any of the persistent conditions from GMC particularly delectable and wish to suffer it, please send up a +req/pitch to staff to suggest adding it to the list of available flaws.

See House Rules/Flaws for our House Rules.

Changeling Flaws


  • Flaw - Functional Multiple Personalities -• (CtL p.44)
A specific form of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) where a Changeling has two personalities. One views itself as pure human and rejects the supernatural. The other is the Changeling's current true form, as a Changeling. Neither personality knows the other exists.
This flaw may be resolved through long-term therapy with, say, a Blackbird Bishop. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Glamour Addict -• (RoS p.98)
Identical to Flaw - Addiction. The changeling is addicted to Glamour and goes out of her way to get it regularly. Alternately, the changeling may be addicted to the act of harvesting itself, rather than the Glamour she receives.
If she goes three weeks (HR) without indulging this addiction, she is assumed to have beaten it, and loses the flaw.


  • Flaw - Major Frailty -••
Staff has chosen to allow Changelings to purchase frailties as elective flaws gained in Arcadia/via goblin market, in addition to the mandatory development required at high Wyrd levels.
A major frailty causes significant issues in a Changeling's life. These may include banes such as the sound of children laughing or taboos such as an inability to knowingly lie to others, or yourself.
Breaking a major taboo requires the expenditure of a Willpower point per turn (that is 1 Willpower drained every 3 seconds, people) the character acts against it. Exposure to a major bane inflicts one automatic level of lethal damage per turn until the bane is removed or the changeling can escape its presence.
Frailties cannot be resolved.
  • Flaw - Minor Frailty -•
Staff has chosen to allow Changelings to purchase frailties as elective flaws gained in Arcadia/via goblin market, in addition to the mandatory development required at high Wyrd levels.
A minor frailty causes the occasional inconvenience, but is relatively easy to avoid triggering. These may include banes such as stepping on spilled rice or taboos such as never taking left turns on a Tuesday.
Breaking a minor taboo requires the expenditure of a Willpower point per scene (we'll call this an hour) the character acts against it, while exposure to a minor bane causes one automatic level of bashing damage per turn until the bane is removed or the changeling can escape its presence.
Frailties cannot be resolved.


  • Flaw - Cumbersome -• (RoS p.98)
May be taken in conjunction with the Giant merit to exacerbate difficulties "fitting" in a world designed for average sized humans. Unlike normal Giants/others, the extra mass your character carries around causes problems. He weighs 3-4 times more than an average human his size does, has problems sitting in chairs with arms, fitting through doorways or crossing weak floors, etc. You may never raise Stamina above 3.
May not be resolved. Must be taken in CG or in conjunction with Wyrd Evo/Dual Kith into something suitably heavy.
  • Flaw - Manifest Mien -• (RoS p.98)
The character's Mask is imperfect in some small way. His hair may be too bristly, or her too-perfect beauty may make people wonder about plastic surgery. This flaw never benefits the character. See book for examples.
May not be resolved.


  • Flaw - Anachronism -• (RoS p.98)
The character is deeply unfamiliar with the modern world and has significant problems handling or understanding modern technology.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.

Universal Flaws


Mechanically, these are set on your +sheet as 'FLAW - DERANGEMENT (type of derangement)'. When requesting a derangement or setting one during CG, please remember to include the type.

Certain derangements are pre-written to work together, with mild/severe/extreme variations.

See the table below for a list of these. Their corresponding severities are also written in the base description entries beneath the table. If a derangement does not have a more severe version, it is not included in the table.

Derangement Escalation Chart

Mild (-1) Severe (-2) Extreme (-3)
Blood Fascination Hemophilic Compulsion
Dehumanization Loss of Compassion
Delusional Mania Delusional Mania
Depersonalization Dissociation
Depression Manic-Depression
Fetishism Masochism
Filthy Brutes Hunter King
Fixation Bulimia
Obsessive Compulsion
Hallucination Delusional Witness
Inferiority Complex Anxiety
Diogenes Syndrome
Insomnia Cataplexy
Irrationality Delusional Obsession
Dependent-Personality Disorder
Irrational Defiance
Multiple Personality Disorder
Magical Ideation Divination Obsession
Memory Obsession Memory Obsession
Narcissism Megalomania
Phobia Hysteria
Repression Denial
Rote-Action Repetition Submission
Supernatural Fascination Zealotry
Suspicion Compulsive-Aggressive Disorder
Vocalization Aphasia Aphasia
Vinculum Vinculum Vinculum
Wanderlust Hedge-Calling

  • Anxiety -•• (WoD p.98)
See Inferiority Complex. Rather than a -1 on failure, you suffer -2 to all rolls for the remainder of the scene, and may not spend Willpower on any rolls, period, until the anxiety has passed (i.e. the scene is over).
Escalation of: Inferiority Complex
  • Aphasia -••/-••• (The Blood p.108 + HR)
This flaw, while designed for Vampires, is still applicable to the psychology of the living. Something has so shattered the character's thoughts that they never fully return to rationality, trapped in psychosis. They can neither speak nor interpret the spoken word, though sign language/writing/telepathy is still possible. Their attempts at speaking are meaningless babbling, smacks, clicks, and similar. Those affected may roll Wits + Empathy to get the basic emotional gist of a conversation, but only if the speaker is within eyesight.
  • Avoidance -• (WoD p.100)
Roll Resolve + Composure to master your nerves and face situations your character would prefer to avoid (things associated with previous significant failures). On failure, your character may flee, or disguise himself as an innocent bystander to avoid notice. If you must confront the source/can't escape, all rolls suffer a -1 penalty due to anxiety.
Escalates into: Fugue
  • Blood Fascination -• (Vampire: the Requiem - Ghouls p.87)
Roll Resolve + Composure any time your character encounters blood. On a failure, take a 'souvenir' (whether to keep or to taste). If Composure-number of days have gone by without encountering any blood, or images thereof, roll another Resolve + Composure to avoid going out to search for more.
  • Bulimia -•• (Vampire: the Requiem p.188)
Your character tries to drown stress with things he likes, especially food. Binge and purge cycle of gluttony and subsequent self-disgust-induced vomiting.
Escalation of: Fixation
  • Cataplexy -•• (Asylum p.49, Ghould p.87)
The day after a sleep roll fails, roll Stamina + Composure after any circumstance resulting in an intense emotional reaction such as laughter, anger or fear. If the roll fails, the character slumps/falls, paralyzed and weak, but still fully conscious, for one turn (3 seconds).
Escalation of: Insomnia
  • Compulsive-Aggressive Disorder -•• (Nomads p.92 & HR)
Your character is suspicious to the point that he views everything around him as a threat. His only Social skill is Intimidation; he uses nothing else. All rolls related to keeping his cool or staying calm to avoid attacking something/someone suffer a -2 penalty.
Escalation of: Suspicion
  • Dehumanization -• (Werewolf: the Forsaken - Blood of the Wolf p.28)
Other people are frail, weak and ultimately disposable to your character. Any time you're inconvenienced or frustrated by perceived weakness/stupidity, roll Resolve + Composure. On failure, gain -2 penalty to all non-Intimidation Social rolls for remainder of scene, due to being brusque with all the imbeciles around you.
Escalates into: Loss of Compassion
  • Delusional Mania -•/-•• (Lords Over the Damned: Ventrue p.108)
May be gained after surviving something you shouldn't have. Your character, for whatever reason, believes he is much tougher than he is.
For -1 version: if you take any damage during a scene, roll Stamina + Composure minus -3 (bashing), -2 (lethal), or -1 (aggravated) depending on the type of damage you received. If you fail, you don't appreciate just how bad the injury really is, and may not Dodge without spending Willpower.
For -2 version: same as above, but you feel like you're invulnerable, and additionally must spend Willpower to stop the action causing you harm in the first place (e.g. fighting, or clinging to the hood of a car).
Escalates into: itself!
  • Delusional Obsession -•• (Vampire: the Requiem p.189)
You are very, very obsessed and so irrational that you must spend Willpower to resist acting in accordance to whatever it is you determine your particular obsession is about.
Escalation of: Irrationality
  • Delusional Witness -•• (Banishers p.44)
Any obvious supernatural phenomena are overlaid with hallucinations to bring them within your character's personal belief system. A changeling calls light into her hand? She must be a nature spirit! Bring her offerings.
  • Denial -•• (Asylum p.50)
As with Repression, but the character has outright replaced the initial memories with others, denying that the first ever existed. Roll Resolve + Composure if someone tries to correct the memory. On success, become irate and refuse to discuss it at all.
Escalation of: Repression
  • Depersonalization -• (Mage: the Awakening - Summoners p.184)
When under stress/emotional trauma, your character steps back into her own mind, functioning on autopilot. Others might not even notice the difference, but the character has no real sense of connection to herself, and feels like she's observing a life not quite her own. You may spend no Willpower for the remainder of the scene and suffer a -2 penalty to all Resolve + Composure rolls.
Escalates into: Dissociation
  • Depravity -•• (Intruders p.203)
No sense of social mores at all. If someone tells you to behave, you must pass a Resolve + Composure - 2 check to resist the immediate impulse to do the complete opposite just to spite their request.
  • Depression -• (WoD p.97)
Roll reflexive Resolve + Composure after failing to achieve some IC goal or rolling any Dramatic Failures. If you fail your Res+Comp, you sink into depression for the remainder of the scene, lose a point of Willpower and may not spend any further Willpower points until the scene is over.
Escalates into: Manic-Depression, Melancholia
  • Diogenes Syndrome -•• (Vampire: the Requiem - The Blood p.107)
You aren't worthy of consideration or personhood, and ignore your own personal hygiene and cleanliness, gaining a -3 to any Social rolls as a result of your eccentricity and filth. Cleaning yourself requires spending Willpower to get the backbone to do it.
Escalation of: Inferiority Complex
  • Dissociation -•• (Mage: the Awakening - Summoners p.184)
In addition to the effects of Depersonalization, the character cannot recuperate Willpower through Vice/Virtue at all, as the effects have no true emotional or spiritual significance. The important parts of the mind are locked away, world feeling unreal and devoid of emotional depth.
Escalation of: Depersonalization
  • Divination Obsession -•• (Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet p.118)
See Obsessive Compulsion, but this is specifically a compulsion to perform some form of divination.
Escalation of: Magical Ideation
  • Fetishism -• (Asylum p.49/Ghouls p.86)
Your character fetishizes a particular object, situation or appearance. When reminded of the fetish, roll Resolve + Composure to avoid having to recreate or try to come into contact with the fetish in question.
Escalates into: Masochism, Sadism
  • Filthy Brutes -• (Changing Breeds p.104)
Your character hates animals, and goes out of his way to tease and torment them. Roll Resolve + Composure to resist indulging in such abuse if you happen to run into a helpless one.
  • Fixation -• (WoD p.97)
Roll Resolve + Composure after failing OR succeeding at an important action (leaping between buildings, making a quick escape, etc.). If you fail, you obsess over the offending/inspiring task. Roll a single die. That is the number of scenes you are fixated on what you believe helped/hurt you win/lose the event.
Escalates into: Bulimia, Obsessive Compulsion
  • Fugue -••/-••• (WoD p.100)
Your character has a specific trigger. When subjected to that particular stress (manslaughter, seeing a black dog on a full moon, etc.), you must succeed at a Resolve + Composure roll or he slips into a fugue for the remainder of the scene. Essentially, he blanks out and works on autopilot, and has no memory of what he has done when he "wakes up" at the end of the scene. If people try to stop this autopilot destressing, your character may attack them in order to carry on.
Escalation of: Avoidance
  • Glossolalia -• (Promethean: the Created p.185)
Roll Wits + Composure any time you spend a Willpower point. If you fail, you 'speak in tongues' for the remainder of the scene, unintelligible, convinced of divine communication.
  • Goetic Fracture -••/-••• (Banishers p.44 & HR)
Somehow, your broken brain decides that your Vice is actually a demon telling you what to do. Since this isn't Mage, we're not casting magic with it, but it's a cool derangement. Changelings, you're welcome to use the original with Contract/Wyrd instead of magic/Wisdom (either satisfy your Vice before you use the power or psychically overpower the 'demon' by succeeding on an extended Wyrd roll with your own Resolve as the target number). For non-magical folks, see the book. Plenty of ways to have fun being broken!
  • Grandiose Delusions -• (Shadows of Mexico p.65)
Your character believes himself to be the supreme authority regarding a specific territory, object or occupation. Any time someone not in your service attempts to exert influence on what you think is yours, roll Resolve + Composure. On failure, your first priority becomes excluding/tearing the interloper down and proving your dominance.
  • Hallucination -• (HR)
Your character suffers from hallucinations related to a particular event, circumstance or traumatic incident. She genuinely believes these hallucinations to be the truth until they are pointed out as falsehoods. If they are pointed out, roll a reflexive Resolve + Composure. On failure, she strenuously argues why the hallucinations must be real.
  • Hedge-Calling -•• (Changeling: the Lost p.215)
As Wanderlust, but on a failed roll, the character enters the Hedge and walks there for at least an hour. While she stays on a path, if the path goes out of view of the mortal world, she follows the path, not sanity, unless she makes a successful Resolve + Composure roll with a penalty equal to her Wyrd.
Escalation of: Wanderlust
  • Hemophilic Compulsion -•• (Ghouls p.87)
You are deeply, deeply fascinated by blood, the sight, the scent, the feel, to the point that every time Composure number of days have passed, you must roll Resolve + Composure to avoid drawing blood fresh from yourself or someone else.
Escalation of: Blood Fascination
  • Hunter King -•• (Changing Breeds p.104)
You really, really hate animals. Violently loathe, despise, revile. You are the equivalent of a serial killer, going out of your way to hunt, torture and murder animals whenever possible for your own sick pleasure.
Escalation of: Filthy Beasts
  • Hypnagogic Hallucination -• (Shadows of Mexico p.65)
When your character is on the verge of sleep, he experiences vivid hallucinations, visual/auditory/etc., any time the day has been too stressful for him. Unless he spends a Willpower, he suffers a -1 penalty to all Mental rolls the next day from exhaustion.
  • Hysteria -• (WoD p.97)
As with Phobia, but a failed Res+Comp means your character can't even be in the same room with the object of her fear. She must run away immediately to get out of sensory range at full running Speed as soon as she can take an action. She cannot attack it under any circumstance. If it touches her, roll another Resolve + Composure. On success, leave the room at a run. On failure, your character runs as fast and far as she can, thinking of nothing else until she is past sensory range.
If the object appears suddenly/you aren't aware of it your initial Resolve + Composure roll suffers a -3 penalty. If it touches you but you can't see it (i.e. a spider dropping from the ceiling onto the back of your neck) the penalty is -5.
Escalation of: Phobia
  • Inferiority Complex -• (WoD p.98)
Roll Resolve + Composure to remain composed rather than freaking out at the possibility that you might fail at something when you are a single choice/dice roll away from winning/losing something stressful. If you fail the roll, all rolls (including the momentous act itself) suffer a -1 penalty for the remainder of the scene, and you may not spend Willpower on the 'momentous act' roll.
Escalates into: Anxiety
  • Insomnia -• (Asylum p.49/Ghouls p.87)
Your character has trouble sleeping regularly. When under significant stress, roll Resolve + Composure to see if you can manage to sleep restfully, and if you fail, take -2 to all rolls the next day from groggy exhaustion. Every day after that is considered a "stressful" day until you successfully pass your Res+Comp before bed.
Escalates into: Cataplexy
  • Irrational Defiance -•• (Lords over the Damned: Ventrue p.108)
You feel trapped by your superiors and may lash out if you feel persecuted/accused/smothered. Roll Resolve + Composure to keep your cool. On failure, take -5 on all actions which contribute to fulfilling your superior's orders as you undermine your own efforts. See book for examples.
Escalation of: Irrationality
  • Irrationality -• (WoD p.99)
Roll Resolve + Composure to keep your cool when threatened/under extreme tension/persecuted/challenged/accused. Said tension must bear some realistic threat to some aspect of your character's well-being, be it monetary, emotional, social, societal, etc. Upon a failed roll, your reaction is completely over the top insane, exaggerated, and you are likely to take risks far worse than what precipitated the event. See book for details.
Escalates into: Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Loss of Compassion -•• (Blood of the Wolf p.128)
Your character simply doesn't feel compassion toward others, and their emotions have no meaningful value. When committing Integrity/Clarity sins against another person, roll one fewer die.
  • Magical Ideation -• (Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet p.118)
Your character believes that there is a greater plan, and that it is everywhere. Once a scene, roll Resolve + Composure. If you fail, your character finds 'evidence' that God/dess's hand is at work, or little green men, or any other greater intelligence suitable to her personal belief system.
Escalates into: Divination Obsession
  • Manic-Depression -•• (Vampire: the Requiem p.189)
Your character has severe mood swings, often bewildering to others. One variant is psychologically based, and the other is a defect in your brain chemistry.
Psychologically, this is a modified form of hysteria where any success can push the character into a manic ecstatic state, and any failure can sink them down into lethargy and despair.
The second form tends to follow a regular cycle which ranges from hours to weeks, sliding up into an excess of energy, mania, ecstatic frenzy of activity and creativity, then sliding right back down into depression, often to the point of being suicidal.
Mechanically, the ST may secretly roll your Resolve score at any time you fail a task. If the roll fails, or if you ever roll a dramatic failure, your character lapses into depression. Each scene afterward, the ST (or you, more likely, since this is a MU*) rolls 1 die. If you succeed, you become upbeat and energetic for the same number of scenes as you were depressed, regaining any Willpower lost due to Depression.
Escalation of: Depression
  • Masochism -•• (Asylum p.49/Ghouls p.87)
See Fetishism. Your particular fetish is only satisfied if you suffer Bashing damage equal to your Stamina while you fulfill it.
Escalation of: Fetishism
  • Megalomania -•• (WoD p.97)
See Narcissism. Same effects, except the penalties intensify by one. In addition, your character is also highly competitive and obsessive, and cannot allow himself to fail a contest. He just won't let it go, demands it be tried again, etc., no matter where the group is. If he ever loses to someone he considers a social inferior, he loses a point of Willpower due to shame/self loathing.
Escalation of: Narcissism
  • Melancholia -•• (WoD p.97)
In addition to the effects of Depression on a failed Resolve + Composure roll, all dice pools suffer a -2 penalty for the remainder of the scene.
Escalation of: Depression
  • Memory Obsession -•/-•• (Lords over the Damned: Ventrue p.109)
You suspect that someone/something is rewriting your memories, or that every impulse has been mind-controlled into your psyche. Whenever you fail a Mental roll to recall a detail/scan your own memory, you get increasingly paranoid.
For -1 version: take -2 penalty on all Mental rolls for the remainder of the scene due to wasting time double-checking instincts/rational thought.
For -2 version: take -2 penalty on ALL ACTIONS for remainder of scene.
Escalation of: itself!
  • Multiple Personality Disorder -•• (WoD p.99)
See book. More or less, something so awful happens that your character's personality fractures into different personas, so he can deny the trauma or any actions it causes by blaming someone else.
Mechanically, this means you may effectively have stats on your +sheet that only one of your personalities "knows" how to use. Staff encourages you to sit down and work out the details of which dots each "persona" would have. One may be a social seductress who could persuade blood from a stone, while the other is so inept she can hardly ask for change at the supermarket without offending the cashier. There is no change in how you spend your xp. This is strictly for how your broken head uses those spends.
Escalation of: Irrationality
  • Mystic Personality -••/-••• (Banishers p.44)
Similar to other multiple personality disorders, this derangement is specifically a case of developing an alternate personality with a diametrically opposed perspective on the supernatural. The more extreme case may have multiple personalities.
  • Narcissism -• (WoD p.97)
Roll reflexive Resolve + Composure any time your character succeeds at a goal to see if it goes to his head. If the roll fails, for the remainder of the scene, you are so busy congratulating yourself on your awesomeness that you only help others half-heartedly. Why aren't they focused on you, who did this awesome thing? Sure, maybe they helped... Teamwork efforts get -3, and all Social rolls suffer a -1 penalty.
Escalates into: Megalomania
  • Obsessive Compulsion -•• (WoD p.98)
Determine a set of specific actions/behaviors your character follows to the exclusion of all else. See book for helpful examples. Resisting these actions requires a successful Resolve + Composure - 2 roll. If something/someone prevents your character from acting on his compulsive obsession, he may well lose control and strike out at those around him, ally or not.
Escalation of: Fixation
  • Occult Fugue -• (Banishers p.44)
Your character occasionally slips into a fugue state where he conducts a long, typically benign magical working while mentally absent. The equivalent of sleepwalking. Sleep-magicking? The character does not remember doing any of it when he wakes from the fugue.
  • Paranoia -•• (WoD p.98)
More or less: you believe the world is out to get you, and you have excellent, daily-honed theories as to why, whether or not they are actually rational things to believe. Do tin hats really protect from alien mind rays? Automatic -2 penalty on all Social rolls. The slightest hint of suspicious behavior provokes a Resolve + Composure - 2 roll to retain control. Failing means your character either flees or attacks (verbally or physically) the offender.
Escalation of: Suspicion
  • Phobia -• (WoD p.97)
Roll reflexive Resolve + Composure when encountering what your character fears. If you fail, you are terrified beyond reason and can't be any closer to the source of your fear than your Speed in yards. Attacks against it suffer -5 penalty. If you can't escape right away, you freeze in place until you can. Defense/dodging to take cover do still apply while frozen.
Please look up the name of your phobia online and use it when requesting the new flaw. Phobia (Ailurophobia) vs. Phobia (Fear of Cats).
Escalates into: Hysteria
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -•• (Ancient Mysteries p.69)
Somewhere in your character's history, there is a deep, traumatic event which has left him with lingering internal scars. Any time he is reminded of the event (fireworks or loud bangs may remind a former soldier of gunshots), roll Resolve + Composure to avoid a powerful panic attack on every movement except hiding. For the remainder of the scene, take -2 penalty on all rolls, and Willpower may not be spent to boost rolls.
  • Repression -• (Asylum p.49)
Sometimes, memories are too painful to keep. Your character has blocked out the memory of what caused this derangement, and refuses to acknowledge that it exists, acting as though it never happened. Roll Resolve + Composure any time you encounter a similar situation to avoid 'forgetting' the new memory too.
Escalates into: Denial
  • Rote-Action Repetition -• (Prometheans: the Created p.184)
Everyone has their own method of reacting to stress. Yours just happens to be obsessively absorbing yourself in a meaningless, trivial task instead of facing what's causing the issue. Roll Resolve + Composure when your character is under significant stress. On failure, take -2 penalty to all dice pools while the stress persists, except pools related to the particular rote action you are hiding from the truth with.
Escalates into: Submission
  • Sadism -•• (HR)
As Masochism, but rather than causing harm to yourself, you must cause at least as much Bashing damage as your Stamina score to the object of your fetish.
Escalation of: Fetishism
  • Schizophrenia -•• (WoD p.99)
See book for detailed explanation. More or less, conflicting feelings/impulses cause a withdrawal from reality, which can manifest in violent changes of behavior and hallucinations. Classic insanity. You talk to walls, believe you're a King, or that your cat told you to murder your neighbor for not letting it pee in the petunias. Automatic -2 to all Social rolls, and if someone provokes you/accuses you/tells you something disturbing/argues with you, roll Resolve + Composure to avoid attacking them (verbally or physically) or fleeing from them.
Escalation of: Vocalization
  • Submission -•• (Promethean: the Created p.184)
Your character lacks confidence in his own decisions, or perhaps suffers from terrible self-doubt after an epic failure which ruined his life. Or, he just likes doing what other people say. In any stressful situation, roll Resolve + Composure and on failure, follow the orders of the character with the highest Presence who issues direct commands. You cannot spend any Willpower in these pursuits, and may only shirk the tasks with a successful Wits + Resolve - 2 roll.
In the absence of any commands, roll Wits + Composure - 2 to avoid sinking into a useless inactive heap.
Escalation of: Inferiority Complex OR Rote-Action Repetition
  • Supernatural Fascination -• (Asylum p.50)
Your character is absolutely convinced that the supernatural is out there. You don't need to wonder if vampires exist. Of course they do. So do gods, or whatever other force fits your personal belief system. At the beginning of every scene, roll Resolve + Composure. On failure, perform some appropriate action to appease the supernatural force most appropriate to your character and the current situation.
Escalates into: Zealotry
  • Suspicion -• (WoD p.98)
When your character suffers intentional misfortune (someone cuts you off in traffic, preempts you in the water-bubbler line at the office to flirt with a girl, etc.), roll Resolve + Composure to resist becoming extremely suspicious of everyone's motives toward him, trust undermined no matter who they are, whether or not the person actually meant him harm. See book for details. Social rolls suffer -1 penalty.
Escalates into: Paranoia
  • Synesthesia -• (Promethean: the Created p.189)
Your character's head has its wires crossed somewhere. Whether this is an effect of birth, or something brought on later in life through drugs or injury, two of your senses are somehow tied. You might taste colours, or feel sounds, or find that words smell different when spoken by different people. You can't turn it off, and in situations where you are surrounded by your particular kryptonite, overwhelmingly so, roll Wits + Composure. On failure, you're so distracted that you take a -2 penalty on all Presence and Manipulation rolls until the overwhelming input ceases.
  • Unbridled Confidence -• (Astral Realms p.92)
You are absolutely, 120% sure that your first impulse is always right. When it comes to making choices and decisions, and you are around, roll Resolve + Composure. On failure, do what comes first to mind, with no fore-planning. Take a -3 to any rolls related to using skills to plan things out beforehand until the next time a decision must be made.
  • Vocalization -• (WoD p.98)
Roll Resolve + Composure when under stress to see if your character starts compulsively talking to herself (internal monologue montage!) to reason it out. Your character doesn't realize she's speaking aloud unless it's pointed out, at which point she may stop for 1 turn (3 seconds) per dot of Wits she has, at which point she goes right back to doing it all over again, no matter who is there. For the rest of the scene.
Escalates into: Aphasia, Schizophrenia
  • Waking Nightmare -• (Ancient Mysteries p.69)
Your character's nightmares follow him into the waking world, and at some pre-arranged trigger (determine for yourself and share with your ST, if any), you must roll Resolve + Composure and succeed, lest failure dooooom you to falling unconscious and reliving your nightmare vision for the remainder of the scene. A dramatic failure means you do not fall unconscious, but instead hallucinate that everyone around you is one of the beasts/enemies in your horrific dream.
  • Wanderlust -• (Changeling: the Lost p.215)
When physically exhausted or emotionally drained, your character has trouble staying in one place, the urge to walk, often in a large circle (around a block/through a neighbourhood), is overpowering. Mechanically this occurs after you are subject to Fatigue or spend your last Willpower point. Roll Resolve + Composure. If you succeed, you take a -1 dice penalty to all Mental rolls for the remainder of the scene, due to fidgety distraction. If you fail, you must walk for at least an hour, at half your Speed or faster. Pacing is not enough.
Escalates into: Hedge-Calling
  • Withdrawal -•• (The Blood p.108)
The world is just too much. You can't handle it, and you effectively become a hermit. Roll Resolve + Composure to leave your home at all, and take -3 to Social rolls unless resisting/contesting others.
Escalation of: Irrationality
  • Zealotry -•• (Asylum p.50)
Same effects as Supernatural Fascination, but they also proselytize the fact to everyone.
Escalation of: Supernatural Fascination


  • Flaw - Addiction -• (WoD p.218)
Your character is addicted to a given substance, and needs a hit on a regular basis. You may claim +activity any time the pursuit of your addiction interferes with significant aspects of your character's life.
May be resolved if your character goes three weeks without indulging in the addiction.
  • Flaw - Amnesia -• (WoD p.218)
Your character cannot remember a certain period of her life. This seeming disregard for those known during that period might insult others or result in, say, the sudden discovery that she is wanted for murder in another state. Please specify the period of your amnesia on a +note placed on your character.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon how it was caused.
  • Flaw - Coward -• (WoD p.219)
Your character is afraid to confront unknown situations, and hesitates when he should act boldly.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Forgetful -• (WoD p.219)
Your character forgets things a lot. This is not amnesia. This is just a horrible memory. What was the name of that book someone has already told you the name of three times before you got all the way down the hall? So sorry, started thinking about puppies and forgot! Again.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Headstrong -• (The Rage: Forsaken Players Guide p.105)
Your character is often brash, and leaps into situations without stopping to think through why that miiiiight be a very, very bad idea.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Illiterate -• (RoS p.98)
Your character cannot read, and may only recognize simple words and symbols/sign his name.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Impossible Standard -• (Lords Over the Damned: Ventrue p.107)
Your character is held to strict and exacting demands, of which failure has its own consequences. This may include examples such as extremes of "gentlemanly" behaviour, upholding honour, or perhaps fealty to others.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Learning Disability -• (HR)
Your character has trouble learning new things. This could be APD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia or other similar neurological disorders. Choose a specific type when requesting this flaw. Staff will include it on your +sheet when it is added.
May not be resolved.
  • Flaw - Nightmares -• (Spirit Slayers p.140)
Dreams with an intensity higher than your character's Resolve score become nightmares, keeping the new intensity. Roll Resolve + Composure upon waking. Failure indicates the character did not regain their nightly point of Willpower.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Racist/Sexist -• (WoD p.219)
Your character has a strong bias against or for a certain social group to the exclusion of others of the same type.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.


  • Flaw - Essence Vessel -• (Book of Spirits p.111)
Your character contains the soul of a powerful spirit/neutral residual Essence, which will release upon the character's death. You receive unwelcome Spirit attention.
May be resolved by dying.
  • Flaw - Vinculum -•/-••/-••• (Vampire: the Requiem p.42/p.161)
Your character is blood bound to a Vampire. The three dot levels represent the degree to which you are bound. This flaw is included in our game because there are NPC Vampires around, and it is entirely possible that, say, a Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches might be required by one of said Vampires to allow himself to be bound in order to gain their trust.
Please note that we will NOT be allowing players to be Ghouls, or to use any blood magics.
May be resolved by a year without further indulgence or the death of your regent/domitor.


  • Flaw - Allergy -•/-•• (HR)
Your character has an allergy of some kind. At the -1 dot level, this is a fairly mild allergy and non-life threatening. At the -2 dot level, you suffer from severe allergic reactions which will result in death if left untreated. This flaw may be taken in place of Dietary Restriction if the allergy is not food-related. A character often exposed to the fae world MAY have allergies to Hedge-specific flora or fauna.
May not be resolved. Symptoms can be lessened by immunotherapy, but not removed entirely.
  • Flaw - Blind -• (HR)
Your character is blind. This may be temporary, or permanent, depending upon the cause. Any Perception rolls relying on vision alone are automatic failures. You cannot read without audio translations, Braille or similar tactile aid.
May or may not be resolved, depending on type of blindness.
  • Flaw - Cannibalism -• (RoS p.98)
Your character has developed a taste for human flesh. It isn't quite an addiction, but it is a strong preference and influences your actions.
May be resolved with long term effort. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Crippled -• (WoD p.219)
Your character is confined to a wheelchair. Your Speed is equal to your Strength attribute. In combat terms, movement requires an Instant action OR applies a -2 penalty to Speed and any action performed (i.e. you're using one arm to spin a wheel to move and the other arm to do something else).
May or may not be resolved, depending upon why you are crippled.
  • Flaw - Deaf -• (HR)
Your character is deaf. This may be temporary, or permanent, depending upon the cause. Any Perception rolls relying on hearing alone are automatic failures. You may suffer social stigmas if your speech is affected by your lack of hearing.
May or may not be resolved, depending on type of deafness.
  • Flaw - Deformity -• (WoD p.219)
Your character has a misshapen limb, terribly visible scar or some other physical affliction which might cause revulsion in others. You suffer a -2 penalty on Social rolls with new acquaintances.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon plastic surgery.
  • Flaw - Dietary Restriction -• (HR)
Your character can't eat certain foods without suffering some form of penalty. This could be food allergies, or perhaps renal failure, or any other medical/social/religious reason.
May or may not be resolved, depending on the nature of the restriction.
  • Flaw - Dwarf -• (WoD p.219)
Your character's adult Size is 4. Unlike Small-Framed, your character legitimately suffers from dwarfism, with shorter limbs and all social stigmas included. You also have one fewer health box.
May not be resolved.
  • Flaw - Hard of Hearing -• (WoD p.219)
Your character's hearing is very poor. Apply a -2 penalty to any hearing-based perception rolls. This specifically does not grant +activity points unless the hearing loss caused you notable trouble, such as missing the sound of a car pulling up nearby when you were about to cross the street.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon how it was received.
  • Flaw - Lame -• (WoD p.219)
Your character has a leg or foot condition that impedes his movement, slowing him down. Your basic Speed factor is 2 instead of 5 (Strength + Dexterity + 2 = your new Speed). As with poor hearing, you do not get a +activity unless this slow speed caused you story-worthy problems to overcome.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon how it was received.
  • Flaw - Medicated -• (HR)
Your character requires a particular medication to remain healthy. This could be blood thinners for heart disease, ADHD meds, or any other type of drug which is designed to prevent a specific ailment. Without access to this drug, your character suffers appropriate physical and/or social penalties.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon the issue being medicated.
  • Flaw - Mute -• (WoD p.219)
Your character cannot speak and must communicate through other means.
May or may not be resolved, depending upon how it was received.
  • Flaw - One Arm -• (WoD p.219)
Your character is missing an arm. At ST discretion, tasks which normally require two arms take twice as long to perform, or are simply impossible. Take a -3 penalty to complete challenging tasks in a normal amount of time.
May not be resolved, but getting a prosthetic can reduce the penalty to -1, while a token limb removes the penalty altogether.
  • Flaw - One Eye -• (WoD p.219)
Your character is missing an eye. She has no real depth perception, so all penalties for ranged attacks are doubled. Rolls in heavy traffic require the /weak modifier in +roll (no-again and ones (1) rolled subtract from successes).
May not be resolved, though a token limb may remove the penalties involved, depending on its purpose and construction.
  • Flaw - Poor Sight -• (WoD p.219)
Your character's sight isn't great. Apply a -2 penalty to any sight-based perception rolls. See hearing for +activity note.
May not be resolved, though wearing glasses can remove the penalty.


  • Flaw - Aloof -• (WoD p.219)
Your character holds herself aloof from others. She is uncomfortable being the center of attention, or simply doesn't enjoy the company of other people for one reason or another. +Activity is gained when this avoidance causes you to miss out on potential rewards.
May be resolved over time. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Behavior Blind -• (WoD p.219)
Your character doesn't really understand human behavior and is blind to common social cues/other people's basic feelings, doesn't know if people are being sarcastic, or if they're bored with him, etc. Buying up the Empathy skill can allow you to successfully gauge someone's emotional response with a successful roll to compensate for this flaw.
May be resolved over time. No logs required.
  • Flaw - Cop Magnet -• (Custom)
You got off on a charge that would have put you away in prison forever (or at least a very long time), on a technicality. You did it. Cops Know you did it, and everywhere you go, they seem to be there. -2 to dealing with all local police/law officers. If you are in a public place there is a high chance the police might just show up, casually, minding their own business in your general vicinity. If year really unlucky, they might knock on your door at 4 AM claiming they heard screaming and are coming in.
May or may not be resolved, depending on the nature of the crime and staff judement
  • Flaw - Dishonorably Discharged -• (Dogs of War p.40)
Cannot purchase Allies, Contacts or Status related to military services. Your character gains the effect of the Notoriety Flaw among ex-service members.
May not be resolved.
  • Flaw - Embarrassing Secret -• (WoD p.219)
Your character has a deep dark secret which would result in shame or ostracism from her peers if anyone found out. +Activity is gained if your efforts to keep this secret somehow cause significant stumbling-blocks for something else you're doing. If the secret gets out in a wide public way, you may exchange this Flaw for Notoriety instead.
May or may not be resolved, depending on the nature of the secret and potential notoriety.
  • Flaw - Enemy -• (HR)
Your character has an enemy of some sort who goes out of their way to block him or injure him. Gain an +activity point any time this enemy actively causes problems for your character.
May be resolved by losing the enemy, whether to death or by persuading them to your side.
  • Flaw - Expectations -• (Lords Over the Damned: Ventrue p.107)
Your character has rigid expectations, be they of himself or others, that don't exactly fit reality. You suffer social penalties when interacting with others outside of that framework.
May be resolved over time if your character's opinions change.
  • Flaw - Fealty -• (Damnation City p.199)
Your character has a master who makes decisions for her. Any time you obey your master's orders at the expense of acting on your own opinions or wishes, it is worthy of +activity.
May be resolved by ditching the master, though that may have its own consequences...
  • Flaw - Lost Love -• (Ancient Mysteries p.69)
Your character was deeply in love with someone earlier in life, but lost them. Anything reminding you of that situation causes a -2 penalty on all rolls until you can escape the situation.
May be resolved over time via roleplay.
  • Flaw - Notoriety -• (WoD p.219)
Your character is notorious for doing something; this is the inverse of Fame. If you are recognized for what you did, you suffer negative reactions from others, who may no longer want anything to do with you.
May be resolved over time via roleplay.
  • Flaw - Racist/Sexist -• (WoD p.219)
Your character has biased opinions of other races, genders, gender-preference groups or cultures. He feels so strongly about it that he has a tough time staying silent when the subject comes up, even if someone in that group is right in front of him, or thoughtlessly makes comments which will make others want to pummel his face for being a jerk. You know. A mechanical excuse to be an arse.
May be resolved over time if the character has a change of heart.
  • Flaw - Speech Impediment -• (WoD p.219)
Your character can't speak properly, be it from a lisp, stutter or a wound of some sort causing damage to the mouth/throat/brain. This Flaw should be RPed every time your character speaks.
May or may not be resolved, depending on the nature of the cause.
  • Flaw - True Tongue -• (RoS p.99)
Your character is a horrible liar. People he lies to, for whatever reason, can just tell he is deceiving them or omitting something they should know.
May not be resolved.
  • Flaw - Untrustworthy -• (RoS p.99)
Something about your character engenders suspicion in others, be it shifty eyes, or bad rumours spread about her past. All rolls for Persuasion, Socialize or any challenge using Manipulation are at a -2 penalty.
May or may not be resolved with effort, depending on type of untrustworthiness chosen.