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Crown Blessings

Similar to one's Mantle blessing, each Court has a particular blessing for the bearer of its Crown.

The Seasonal Blessings are largely derived from pp.97-8 of CtL, though they have been tailored in minor ways to our House Rules.

The Transitional/Solar Blessings are entirely custom.


Blessing of the Green

The Spring Monarch may spend 1 Willpower point to bestow the Blessing of the Green, allowing her to add her Mantle rating as bonus successes to a single roll related to gathering Glamour. The Monarch may use this ability up to a maximum number of times per day equal to her Mantle dots, but individual recipients may only be blessed once per day. The blessing may be cast upon herself, or upon others. If cast upon others, it must be used before the next sunrise or it is lost.


The Blooded Thorn

The Dawn Monarch is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve a better world, and their blessing reflects their dedication. By spending 1 Willpower, the Monarch may sacrifice his Glamour at a 1:1 ratio to bless others with bonus dice up to his Mantle rating in value. This blessing may only be given to a single roll, and may not be given to the same recipient more than once per day. It does not, however, allow the Monarch to spend more Glamour per turn than their Wyrd limit allows. If the Monarch regains Glamour after activating this ability, he forfeits his ability to bless others until the next sunrise.


Challenge of the Black Spear

This applies in one-on-one combat situations, such as duels. By spending 1 Glamour point, the crowned character receives a bonus to his Initiative equal to his Mantle dots for the duration of the duel, and is not considered surprised by ambushes or other unexpected trickery, though if the duel shifts to a mass combat, the Initiative bonus gained drops to a flat +1. The Monarch may use this blessing a number of times per session equal to his Mantle rating, but it may only be used once against any particular opponent per day.


The Guiding Light

Dedicated to leading others along the path the Sun Court chooses, the Monarch gains the blessing of the Guiding Light. By spending 1 Glamour, a pale gold radiance touches all within Wyrd yards of him, blessing them with a bonus equal to the Monarch's Mantle rating to their first roll to resist Clarity loss, or their first roll to resist a derangement. Characters affected by this blessing retain a faint glimmer of light even once they have left the vicinity of their Monarch, though the blessing fades to a simple +1 once the sun goes down, and disappears entirely by the next sunrise.

The Crown may not activate the blessing after sunset/before sunrise.


Harvest of Whispers

Once per day, after contacting staff for verification that the information qualifies for this ability, the Monarch may perform the Harvest of Whispers. For each valuable secret, important truth, revelatory fact or other significant piece of information she has uncovered that day, up to a maximum number equal to her Mantle rating, the character receives 2 Glamour points that are placed in a special pool separate from her regular points. They may only be used to power Contracts/tokens/dream travel or cross into the Hedge. Upon the next sunrise, they fade away to nothing. This Glamour may exceed the character's Wyrd limit. If it ever does, however, the character is considered especially noticeable by creatures which detect Glamour or magical energy.


Vigilance of Axes

The Monarch of Dusk knows that everything will end. Lives come and go, but legends last forever...however long that will be. Once per day, he may spend 1 Glamour to grant Wyrd number of people (including himself, if he so chooses) the Vigilance of Axes. This blesses them to receive a bonus equal to their own individual Presence scores on a number of rolls equal to the Crown's Mantle rating. The blessing's power does not operate on rolls where the character is unobserved, and is not expended on activation of Tokens or Contracts. It is rare that the blessing would remain unused, but if it is, any remaining charges fade upon the next sunrise.


Feast of Ashes

Once per day, the Monarch may devote himself to the Feast of Ashes, converting 1 Glamour to 1 Willpower, up to a maximum number of points equal to his Mantle rating. He may even exceed his normal Willpower limit with these points, though any in excess of that limit are lost upon the next sunrise. In addition, for the remainder of the scene in which this ability is activated, the changeling's Resolve + Composure rolls are effectively increased by a number equal to his Mantle rating.


Beauty in Madness

The Monarch of the Moon leads others toward their own desires, however beautiful or hideous those paths may be. By spending 1 Willpower, she activates the Beauty in Madness and may designate a number of recipients up to her Wyrd to gain a bonus equal to her Mantle rating on any one Social roll of their choice. The blessed character gains an additional +1 to their roll if it is designed to tempt/frighten another character into doing something they really, really shouldn't. The blessing is reduced to a simple +1 after sunrise, and by the next sunset, it fades entirely.

The Crown may not activate the blessing after sunrise/before sunset.