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Along Came A: Dragonfly

Oh shit!


Ink, Widget, Logan, Ben, ST


A group of Changelings discover that rumors of a new hedge beast are true.


Echo's Lament

The Hedge near Stoneheart isn't really that dangerous. Unless you don't know the way. And this close to the Freeholds place of residence one probably isn't going to get jumped. It's probably not that hard to run into others either. That might explain why everyone is around Echo's Lament, or if they are popping in to visit the Harvestmen.

One thing is for sure, there's been a rumor spreading about new hedge creatures popping up all over the place. So it's quite possible that if the keep their eyes open that they are liable to spot one. Maybe even one will fall on top of them.

Coming from the Freehold's Hollow is Ben. He's wearing his usual Hedge outfit composed of a hoodied robe made of rags that conceals almost completelly his own form. On one hand, he carries an old tome that he probably got from the Library.

Logan also comes in from the Hollow, whistling to himself. As is often the case in the Hedge, he's dressed in some Hedgespun finery, complete with white capelet, along with a crossbow on his back and a rapier strapped to his side. He raises a hand in greeting to Ben, smiling, though he doesn't immediately approach. It'd be hard not to see him, anyway, given all the light that beams out from his person. Light and shadow.

Widget's only been in the wild Hedge about twice now, so she's not exactly well-dressed. She's still in her filthy mechanic's jumpsuit and nothing else. She /has/ brought a bulky bag of....stuff. Home-made bear traps, netting, wire, caltrops, and other nasty traps for beastie-catching. She just sort of followed everyone else when they started setting up, so she barely has any idea what she's doing. The tiny rusty thing looks around with wide eyes, pupils flickering with a soft electric crackle. Oh! It might be fun!

A short time after Ben and Logan exit the hallow another figure does the same. Ink is a tall, lean muscled man made entirely of a black , shadowy substance with glowing eyes. He wears a leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers. "Hey Ben," he says to the one changeling he knows while waving to the others as he hefts his spear. "Heard there may be some action..."

Everyone manages to see or hear...something. Whether it's the shift in the rocks as something comes scurrying down the way from the steepscrabble or the noise that is made that draws everyone's attention to that direction.

In the end though, it is Ink that sees the little creature fully, and it hides quickly behind a rock. Because there's a group of changelings and it's not wanting to be dinner. There's a little huff of breath that can be heard by the others as it tries to wiggle it's way into the smallest of spaces.

Ben, knowing Logan briefly, nods to the shining man. To Widget, he offers nothing despite his intimidating gaze with wicked yellow eyes behind his deer skull mask. Its all trinkets hanging from the antlers making small noises upon hitting each other. When Ink talks to him, though, the Magus turns to face the man properly."I was looking for you, Ink." He says as the noises announcing an incoming beast starts. At that moment, Ben turns to face the source of the noises wherever it is, missing the creature all togheter while he was talking to people. He doesn't come up with weapons at all. He just stays there, watchful.

Logan turns his smile from the others to the creature approaching. He stays still, not reaching for his weapons, merely waiting to see what will happen next. Though he does say quietly to the others, not without a note of his usual cheerfulness, "Careful. It could still be a trap."

Widget eyes the beast, smile growing a bit sharp as she very carefully rummages through her bag, setting it down for the group to pick through. They were strong than her, so they might use what she's made a little better. A nice assortment of nasty traps indeed. "Traps for traps. Yes."

"You know how it is Ben, busy busy but we can catch up. I know Syl's been spending time with you Oslo

"You know how it is Ben, busy busy but we can catch up. I know Syl's been spending time with you so you could just send a message with her." A smile follows and the others are given another wave just before that noise draws Ink's glowing gaze to the creature. "It's a little guy, there..." Pointing to where the creature tries to hide the darkling gives the other a look.

Oh shit he's been spotted and the Changeling is calling MORE attention to him! MUST PANIC! MUST DIG!

So it's no surprise that if the others come closer there's tiny chunks of dirt being chucked backwards by chubby little paws and stubby little wings are in panic mode. Like they can lift his hefty ass off the ground.

Ben glances quickly to Ink and back to the source of the sound. The Magi then starts his way up to the place just to find out what's going on. To that, he arches a brow in mild curiosity and glances between the others."Look like traps won't be needed". He murmurs to the others as he tries to get a closer look at the creature.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Logan says. He starts around the other way from where Ben's coming in, whistling to himself, keeping his keen gaze on the little creature. Adorable as it is, one can still get rabies from a toy poodle. Et cetera.

Widget looks up, halfway through arming something with multiple fuses and nail studs. Aw. Okay. She puts it back, settling for a sturdy looking net. It's pretty big, hopefully enough for the oddly chubby monster. Well. It's already seen them, and it's already digging. So...maybe it's time to try something? The gremlin advances as stealthily as she can, readying her net. C'mere you pudgy purple beastie. C'mere....

Dig. Dig. Digdigdigdigdig! The creature is definitely not trying to meet anyone. Probably hasn't encountered Changelings at all, or very briefly in it's time. The word 'Trap' makes it stop though and something happens. It's body shudders.

Pudgy big beastie suddenly becomes tiny pudgy beastie. The little chubby winged guy slipping off between the rocks in an escape!

Ben arches a brow deeper as his curiosity deepens when the creatures shrinks and escapes through the rocks. To that, he grins menacinly before turning to the others."That was a real surprise to me." He says from behind his mask.

There is a smile as Ink watches the creature try to hide. Nodding his head he looks to the others and lifts one dark brow. "It would seem, this is better at hiding and escaping then we'd be at catching it..." A look is given to the sharp tip of the spear and then the creature. Grinning he doesn't move for it and instead watches as Logan walks off. A shrug follows and then the darkling waves. "Well... We'll keep an eye out for more of this thing..." Smiling he moves and follows after Logan.