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Welcoming Erebos Home

"Oh Jesus Christ!"


Erebos, Zelda


Erebos returns from a long absence from the Freehold to new faces in the Harvestmen.


The Hedge

It's late in the evening and with all the shit going on in the Hedge it's really stupid to be out here alone. So that's probably the reason that Zelda is waiting for someone else to be heading back from the Harvestmen Hollow to the real world. She's carefully leaning against the outside of the Hollow door and just waiting as she scrolls through some things on her phone. Internet doesn't work, but the phone and it's memory does.

The darkness is his friend and Erebos flows through it easily as he heads back towards the hallow from the mission he was sent on months ago to deliver a package to a far off Freehold. Approaching he notices the figure standing near the hallow and seems to remember her. Moving at his normal silent and sneaky way he tries to see how close he can get before she notices him and then says, "Hey. I remember you. You are... Ummm... Wait." Frowning in the darkness his pale face seems to nearly glow. "Zelda right? I'm Erebos." Smiling he slips out a pale hand from the darkness that is his robe in way of greeting. "What're you doing? Is there going to be icecream or cake coming?" Golden eyes look out the way she faces to see if he can tell.

Zelda doesn't even see Erebos. Until he's talking. "Oh Jesus Christ!" the Native American woman almost jumps out of her skin at that. Then she laughs as she bends over a little, hands on her knees. "Hello, Erebos." she chuckles as she puts her hand over her heart and then offers it to shake his. "I was just waiting for someone to head back to the gate with. Not wanting to get my ass handed to me by myself I guess." she muses.

A smile is given as he looks back towards her, obvious use to this kind of reaction but unconcerned about how he is the cause of it almost every time. Those metallic eyes search her features and then he smiles again to say, "I can go with you. I wasn't heading back but I wouldn't mind doing so to keep you company. I've been traveling alone for a while now so it'll be good to be back in the company of someone I can trust. Also I can watch your back." Waiting for her he adds, "Why are you going?"

Zelda straightens back up when she's done having her mini heart attacks. So many shadow gods around. It was enough to make a girl have a scare. "I'm just trying to go home for the night. I'm not working tomorrow and I'd like to go crawl into bed so I can get some sleep before I lounge around and watch football tomorrow." she muses to that. "And it's good to see you back." she adds.

"Thanks!" he says quietly as he moves with her down the road and back towards the gate that would lead to the city. He's quiet at first, use to the silence from traveling alone and then he looks back towards her to ask softly. "You have many friends here? Or out there?" Brow lifting he studies her from the corner of his eye to look back to the road ahead.

Zelda offers him a smile to that. She wasn't a short woman, so he didn't have to worry about keeping his strides shorter for her. She's got an axe strapped to her back, so it's not like she's unarmed. "Most of my friends are the harvestmen and then the firefighters I work with, you know?" she looks to him. "We kinda get caught up with the people we work with. They become close friends and family." she nods to that. "And you?" she asks him.

"That's good. It makes sense right, those you fight and work with are the ones you form the most bonds with." Nodding his head he gives a little purse of his lips and then shrugs. "I don't really work with anyone so I don't really make very many friends." Its all said very matter of factly as if its all normal for him even if there is a slight tremor of loneliness buried deeply in those words. Another look is given as he scans the darkness then the road ahead. "You like watching sports?" Looking back he laughs softly, "I thought most females in this time didn't enjoy sports watching."

Zelda gives a look to him and there's a smile, "Well, you'll be back on a team with the Harvestmen since you're back now. So there's that." she points out. "You and Vorpal will probably get along great though." she adds. Then there's a hand that reaches out and gives his arm...hopefully that's an arm....a squeeze. "I'm almost six feet tall and I'm almost full blooded native american...I was not a cheerleader growing up. I grew up on a farm and I'm a firefighting. Of course I like watching sports." she laughs. "And beer." she adds as they near the gate.

"Yeah. I'll get back into the swing of things in no time." Grinning he looks from her back to the road and then to the gate as she squeezes his arm which is almost impossible to tell from the rest of his body with that robe on. "I don't know Vorpal but I'll let him know we should be buddies." A smile follows and he says, "Sports are ok I guess. But beer is good! I like the harder stuff more but I sometimes enjoy beer too." At the gate proper he gives her a smile adding, "You made it safe and sound! Enjoy your night and day of sports watching!" A wave follows as he watches their surroundings to make sure she'll be safe on the way through.

"You will." Zelda assures him with a smile. Then there's a chuckle, "I don't know if you guys will be buddies, you both just have that...shadow god thing going on. So I'm guessing you've got something in common there." she winks. When they are through the gate there's a look back to him, "Well, do you want to go get drinks or something? I don't have to go straight home. Don't have anything waiting there." she tells him.

Nodding he says, "Ok. I'll just be nice when I meet him since he knows you." Grinning at that he looks back to the gate and then to Zelda and seems stuck for a moment. Not expecting the offer he thinks through it and then says, "I'd like that. A lot actually." Nodding to himself he then looks back, "Where is good though? When my friend that came here from Boston was here I use to go drink at her place. She use to get mad because I'd just show up, drink while watching TV without telling her. But! To be fair when we were all in a motley we use to do that all the time!" Chuckling he shakes his head then adds softly, "She wasn't really mad. She just use to act like she was."

"I think he knows me by the fact that I hit some dude when I was riding a motorcycle." Zelda chuckles as she looks to him. She then heads towards the trail that leads back towards where her car is parked. "There's a few bars that are changeling friendly. Figured we'd hit one of those up." she tells him. Then she chuckles, "Maybe put a bell on you then, yeah?" she offers.

Grinning he follows her to the car and then says softly, "I know I'm sneaking around. Or at least I do most of the time. Sometimes I honestly forget that I'm doing it as it is just what I do." At the car he slips in once the door is unlocked and spends a long moment looking over the interior then to the large woman with a wide smile. "Nice ride! I should get a car too but I don't stick around on this side that much anymore."

"Well, you are good at it and you're going to give one of us lesser mortals a fucking heart attack." Zelda tells him with a laugh. The truck is an older model, but well loved, "It's too cold to ride my motorcycle. So I got the truck out." she grins. And no need to get a car if you aren't over here a lot. Just get a fae mount." she tells him as she starts the truck.

"Ooooh, good idea!" Its a quiet but excited response but one that is real in his thankfulness. Leaning back in his seat he slips on the seat and nods in thought. "I need a driver is what I need, maybe a lesser mortal type unless there is a god of driving?" One brow shoots up and then he's smiling at her. "What's this place called we're going to? Is it one of those strip places because if it is I need to get change." A teasing waggle of brows follows as he finally laughs for the first time in a long time.