Log:The House That Autumn Built

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The House That Autumn Built

"The Season of Fear is coming."


Esther, Aaron, Tristan, Logan, Byron and Ashe


The Autumn Court has a meeting for it's Courtiers and it's Goodwill holders.


The Whelan Chronicle

There's a Thunderstorm that's currently rolling through the town. What a great night to hold the Autumn and their Goodwillers meeting. There are tall candelabras placed on the conference table with white candles burning. It lends a bit of spookiness to an otherwise perfectly normal room. On one of the side tables there are refreshments and snacks set out for whoever is attending.

And Ashe is seated to the side of the table this evening next to Byron. The Shadowsoul is dressed in her normal black attire and Uvall is perched on her head with his wings outstretched like a big gothy bow.

Tristan is dressed in one of his many finely tailored grey suits with its splash of color tonight being a deep red. Harrow, the enormous raven sits on his shoulder, perched there and regarding everyone with a fixed stare. Tristan makes his way in and finds himself a drink to take up in one hand before he settles himself nearby, giving a dip of his head to those he recognizes, but otherwise remaining silent.

Aaron comes in through the front door--this time. No closets, no shadow stepping, just through the front door. He, his cat, and his sister all join the fun meeting. Aaron's dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. His eyes show reflect fatigue behind a pair of glasses. Late nights it seems.

Byron is in the middle of murmuring...to the bat, not Ashe, "I said you get the jerky later. I give it to you now and Ashe is going to have meat shavings in her hair all evening." The gargoyle has resorted to his, er, usual choice in clothing, meaning a pair of black MIT sweats that have definitely achieved the rank of 'well-loved', along with sneakers for those big feet. He's chosen the floor next to Ashe's perch, which still leaves him enough room to rest those arms ON the table and his chin on his arms, while he waits for the others to arrive.

Logan seems to like to dress for Autumn events in darker colors, as usually he's fond of lighter tones. Today, however, he is wearing a deep blue double-breasted blazer that's dark enough to fit in, but blue enough to bring out his eyes. It's buttoned and worn over a crisp white dress shirt and very dark blue jeans, with a small gold pocket handkerchief sticking out of his breast pocket and derby shoes on his feet. He adjusts his gold cufflinks, which are shaped like bows and arrows, as he enters the room, offering everyone a beautiful smile and a nod before he, too, takes a seat, grabbing some water before he sits.

Ashe gives a look up when everyone arrives and there's a nod of greeting to each of them, "Good evening." she states as she looks to each of them. She then allows everyone to get settled and to grab snacks if they'd like. "I want to thank all of you for coming that are in Autumn and thank you Logan, for being one of our Goodwill holders that attends things when we open them." the redhead states. "We seem to be missing a few people, but we'll put up meeting minutes later." she waves her pale hand at that. "The reason I've called this meeting is that the Season of Fear is coming quickly and I'd like to speak on plans and what you as Courtiers and Goodwillers would like to see." she explains. "I also have an idea that I'd like to share, I wanted to do it last year but we were still a fresh group most of us." she adds.

Tristan inclines his head as Ashe opens the meeting and says, "I'd be interested to hear what ideas you might have." He lifts his glass then and takes a small sip of its contents, but offers nothing further for the time being.

+summon: You inform Esther that you would like to summon her. This request will expire in 10 minutes.

Aaron makes his way to an empty chair, "I second the curiosity." He covers a mouth, stifling a yawn. Mister Manx--the lean, gangly, almost maeleficent-looking cat, finds a place on Aaron's lap to sit and listen in on the conversation about Autumn approaching.

Byron wiggles fingers in greeting at Logan when Ashe calls him out, but stays quiet for the moment to listen to what she has to say. Rustling his wings in closer against his back, he rocks back on his heels and tilts his head a little to look up at her. He flashes a grin at Tristan's and Aaron's interest and nods in agreement.

Logan beans a smile, first at Byron, then at Ashe. "I have to say, Ashe, I'm really looking forward to the Season of Fear this year." Only Logan could make talking about fear sound like another item on a business agenda. "And I'm sure whatever ideas you have to tell us will be inspiring. I know I always feel inspired when I spend time with this Court." He lets out a small laugh, like the idea both confounds and delights him.

Esther anxiously enters the conference room, hands rubbing together. She's not as heavily clad as usual with the warmer weather, wearing a brightly flowered full length caftan sort of dress and old crocs, which makes her look a little like a destitute Bea Arthur. She yanks a little on her shoulder bag, murmurs her apologies for her tardiness, and scoots over to stand at the back wall.

Ashe gives a smile to them all and then chuckles, "I don't think my idea is really original or well, not cliche for some of us, but I think it's a fun one and we can employee some of our Goodwill holders to help with the project as well. If they want to help that is." she states. When Esther arrives there's a wave, "Come on in and have a seat if you'd like. We're just getting started." the Shadowsoul states.

Tristan glances over toward Esther when she enters, and then his attention returns toward Ashe, waiting to hear what the idea might be. He continues to take small sips from his drink, nursing it as the meeting gets underway.

Byron murmurs, "At this point, Im happy to hear any ideas for something we can all work on together. So doesn't matter too much about creativity...if it works, it works. What's on your mind?"

"I know I'd be delighted to help," Logan says genuinely, offering up his beaming smile. His mien, incidentally, is more on the shadowy side than the bright side today. Shadow ebbs and flows around him like a dark aura. He smiles at Esther as well, offering her a little wave, before looking back to Ashe. "What were you thinking about, Ashe? Don't keep us in the dark!" So to speak.

Ashe gives a grin, "Last year I wanted to make a Haunted House, one that was more an original play on things. Not some Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees rip off. Something that has to do with playing on people's fears. Something that is our original creation. Given most haunted house we can't touch anyone, but we can scare the crap out of them." she admits. "The second idea and this is more a tempering thing, I'd like to suggest we do patrols of usual places like graveyards, old abandoned buildings, places where urban legends have sprang up and make sure that no one is sticking their nose too far into what's fiction and what's fairie as we don't want anyone to get taken if we can help it." she explains.

Esther wiggles fingers at Logan and smiles weakly. Then she focuses her attention on Ashe's suggestions. "I can provide costumes, if we need any," says the seamstress. "And, should we keep our ear to the ground for any particular legendary locations, or just hit all the graveyards and such?"

Tristan listens as Ashe describes the haunted house that she has in mind and there is a slow smile that tugs at the edges of his lips. He dips his head and says, "I like the idea of the haunted house that is of an original nature, rather than simply the recreation of a slasher picture." Though the mention of patroling those areas where others might be taken also gains a slight nod of his head as well.

Logan makes a broad gesture with one gloved hand. "If you'd like, we could use my house for the Haunted House. It would make for a very different environment than your usual 'broken down old building,'" he suggests with a smile, "and there's more than enough room. Just a suggestion." He, too, nods to the idea of patrolling. "That's an excellent idea. I wonder if we could work with the Custodians to get a full list of possible places?" That part is specifically asked to Ashe, though he also glances Byron's way.

Byron considers that for a few moments, then slowly nods, "I've been to a couple of them...even had a little fun scaring the crap out of some kids at them. Sure. We can do that, easy." Says the person that would LOOK at home in a graveyard, "If we have enough interest in that, I'd be happy to work out a regular thing?'

Aaron listens to both optons. Both create a light smile to Aaron's lips. The haunted house idea seems to even cause Mister Manx to smile his sharp-tooth Cheshire smile. "Do we have to choose? Could we not do both? The haunted house of personal fears being a ringing in the season?"

Ashe gives a bit of a chuckle, "We have a few places that we can check out. The bridge in town has it's own urban legends attached to it and we've got the local cemeteries. The East Bank is rumored to be bad juju and people say to stay away from it. Teens and things are known for pulling pranks and getting others in trouble, but we've got a missing kid that's turned up over there and well...we need to steer people away from getting all worked up and going out there without knowing what's up." she admits. "And we can do both, I just wanted to gauge interest on things. And those are just things I've thought on. We can do a few of everyones if people are up for it." she smiles.

"Perhaps, like the haunted house, we can give the people some other stories of fear and terror to tantalize them, to draw them away from genuine places of danger into places of our own making," Tristan suggsts, "And in those places give them the satisfaction of the fear that they seek, with less danger of being taken for their curiosity."

Logan nods around to everyone. "I think doing both sounds like a great idea. And we'd have full control if we use my house," he points out again, adding a grin this time.

Esther perks up a little more. "That sounds like a marvelous idea," she says after hearing Tristan's idea. "It seems we just need to keep people busy so that the people can look for the baby without any interference."

Byron looks up at Tristan and offers, "I don't know any good stories to help with, but if you need help moving things around to set a place up, let me know when to come by and I'd be happy to put some work in." He takes in a slow breath and lets it go, glancing around the room, then shooting Esther a curious look, "That would work. We can come up with things that will keep people away rather than enticing more to check things out..."

"I like how that sounds, Tristan. And much safer for those that aren't initiated." Ashe states with a smile. Then there's a look to Logan and a soft shake of her head, "We wouldn't be using anyone's personal homes for this. There's a house I'd like to take people out to see next week. They are currently getting the history of the house together for me." she admits.

Aaron offers up, "perhaps we add something to the mix of haunted houses..." he sweeps his eyes over to a place beside him. He's quiet a moment, then places a finger to his lips--quieting whoever was talking to him, he then looks back to the others. "I could open a doorway into the Great Beyond. Give people a moment to see what's beyond the world of the living?"

Tristan inclines his head to Byron when the offer of help is extended and nods to Esther as well. Then he nods to Ashe and says, "That way those who patrol might have fewer to have to turn away, if they have some alternate places to wander into."

Byron turns his head back to shoot Ashe a curious look when she mentions a house. One stony brow goes up, "Field trip? Oh REALLY..." The big obsidian gargoyle grins, "That could be lots of fun..." With that said, he trails off to listen to Aaron and Tristan, but nods at Tristan, "Some folks will always get attracted by what ought to scare others, but if we pay close attention to who, we have enough good people to figure out how to discourage the...well, die hards."

"Also, since we have a few Autumns with us, remember that August is wanting the Court to do some digging, so if you've not contacted him, please do." Ashe tells them with a pleading look. "Now, what do people expect from the upcoming season?" she asks. "Does anyone have anything they'd like to see us do?" she adds the question.

Esther coughs into a fist, then speaks up. "I think that the patrols and generating "false" haunted areas are really want I want to see. But, would it be possible to have a Fallen Fair or an Ash Run? I know that we might not have the resources. It's just a suggestion."

Logan, quiet for the last several moments, pipes up again. "Well. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I've been thinking about joining your Court," he says pleasantly. "Seasons don't only change out in the wider world, after all. If anyone sees fit to give me an introduction to your Councilor, I would certainly appreciate that." He smiles, of course, because that's what he does.

"I can offer my services to Councilor Bordeaux to reseach anything magical related," Aaron says after Logan speaks of joining the Court. "If this is the time to do so, I would like to toss my name into the Goblet of Fire to be Fate Harvest's Warlock of the Bitter Winds."

Ashe gives a nod to Esther, "I think I'd love to see those as well. August was unable to attend this evening due to personal reasons, but at the moment that is something that he'll need to decide on, unless the Crown is placed on someone else's head on the Autumnal Equinox." she states. "I will add it to the list." she adds. Then there's a look to Logan and a curious quirk of her eyebrow, "We could get you in touch with August. He's away on Black Apple business, we drew straws to see who was going." she muses. "But certainly. We are always welcoming people into Autumn." she smiles. Then there's a bit of a look to Aaron, "Really with the Harry Potter references?" she chuckles. "Let August know, he'll be happy to have more hands to help." she admits.

Tristan turns his attention toward Logan when he mentions the idea of joining the court, studying him for several long moments, then he says to Ashe, "I've nothing just yet, but I am sure as the season draws closer and we begin work on our current projects, I may think of something." He makes no comment regarding August's request, however.

Esther blinks a little when Logan announces his desire for conversion, as it were. She claps her hands lightly together. "My goodness," she whispers, certainly caught unawares.

Logan looks a little...self-satisfied at the moment? Perhaps. It's not quite smug, but maybe right on the edge of it. "That would be very good of you, Ashe. Thank you." His blue eyes move from Tristan over to Esther with a wide smile, one that doesn't show off his pretty teeth. Moving from Dawn to Autumn may not be the most commonest of Court changes, perhaps. But he seems serious enough.

Aaron smirks to Ashe, "I am filled with fun references, you know that. I will make sure to schedule a meeting with the Councilor."

"It's no trouble at all, Logan. You have many friends within the Court and I think that you understand the emotion. Embracing it is something that is between you and the Wyrd in the end, but I don't think that will be an issue." Ashe tells him with a smile. "I will send word to August in my email regarding the meeting tonight as well. So he'll have lots to do when he gets back." she muses. "Before we get going...is there anything else?" she asks the gathered. There's a look to Tristan and a nod, "If you think of anything, please don't hesitate to reach out." she tells him.

Esther is still a little shocked. "I...I don't have anything else. Thank you for the meeting," she replies.

Logan nods to Ashe, still smiling. "Indeed it is. Thank you, Ashe. I look forward to the season to come!" He gets to his feet, suddenly flashing his blinding grin in Esther's direction. "What is it, Esther?"