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Name Isadora Cruz
Birthdate February 1, 2000
Apparent Age 18
Occupation Hedge Fruit Harvester
Virtue Generous
Vice Addictive
Seeming Darkling
Kith Whisperwhisp
Kith Metalskin
Keeper The Prince of Tears

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All About Isadora

Originally from Tamarack Falls, Isadora took a brief hiatus away from the area and has just recently returned. She finds herself back from her sojourn a little darker and worse for wear and carrying some interesting baggage.

Roleplaying Hooks

Changeling - Life is dark and sometimes the journey is strange and disturbing, but she made it back, with a little help.

Darkling - She is one. And shares a special bond with those of the Whisperwhip and Metalskin kiths.

Goblin Fruit - If Isadora does not eat faerie fruit touched by Arcadia, she will get sick and die. So she's become somewhat of an expert on the stuff and is harvesting it as well as growing it herself. She can serve it raw or cooked up in delicious meals. And she's always happy to share.

Half-Way House - She and Stephen run a half-way house for people who need extra help getting back on their feet.


Stephen: Where you been all my life. No seriously...


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