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Autumn Get Together

"This is exciting!"


Tristan, Haydn, Byron, Dross, Esther, Logan, Ashe


The Autumn Court holds a get together hosted by Ashe where a rousing game of Wake the Dead is played and Black Jack makes an appearance.


Meetinghouse Graveyard

The Autumn Get Together appears to be happening on a rather appropriate evening. There's a steady beat of rain coming down, but it shouldn't ruin the mood at all. The sun is going down, but the light has to filter through the clouds and just casts grey shadows over the Meetinghouse Graveyard. There's enclosed lanterns that line the way up to the Caretaker's House, but Ashe is standing outside underneath a rather large umbrella. There's a pop up tent type shelter as well due to the rain. "Well, hopefully the thunderstorm holds off until after the game." she murmurs to Byron.

A brand new white Tesla pulls up, bearing three guests: Logan, who is driving, along with Dross and Esther. Despite the blinding white of the car, Logan looks quite different from usual. He is dressed in an immaculate dark blue suit, crisp white shirt, and thin dark blue tie, nothing like the California-preppy attire he usually wears. Small silver skulls serve as cufflinks and a tie pin. Also fitting is his mien: while normally there is sunlight shining out all around him, right now he is swathed in shadow. Tiny pinpricks of light dance around the edges of the darkness, but otherwise, there is very little brightness to be found. He opens up a matching umbrella, happy to hold it for Esther and the very tall Dross before he moves along to Ashe and Byron.

Esther levers herself out of the car, looking a touch intimidated by the clean white high tech of Logan's car. She hasn't tried to dress up, but with the layered old clothing she has shapelessly covering her body, she looks pretty Autumn at the moment. She thanks Logan as he helps her with the umbrella, glancing around nervously.

Byron rumbles softly at Ashe with a faint smile, "Well, if it doesn't, at least we get a show, hmm?" He trails off as people start to arrive, loooking over Dross, and then Esther and Logan and offering each of them a slow bow of his head and a low, "Hello." Tiny wings flutter against the rain, scattering it everywhere and doing their owner, well, not a lick of good, before settling back down across his shoulders.

Tristan is dressed in one of his many finely tailored grey suits, an umbrella in one hand as he makes his way toward the tent, having walked from somewhere nearby, no car immediately in sight. He inclines his head in greeting to those that he recognizes and surveys that he doesn't. It's only when he draws close that he gives greeting to those gathered.

Haydn takes his time. While others make their way through the cemetery toward the caretaker's house and, more importantly, those who stand outside it, he's still patiently making his way through the gate. Beneath the cover of an entirel unremarkable black umbrella, he wears a nice enough grey suit which appears well-tailored to his figure except where it strains a little too much over the bicep of his bent arm, empty hand pressed into his pocket. While his eyes remain forward, watching his path, the slick eyeless stalks atop his head turn and tilt, tracking movement. Eventually, he circles the wall and starts in toward the others, but that approach remains slow, utterly unhurried.

Dross steps out, too, not especially concerned by the rain. He's never met Ashe, Byron, Tristan, Haydn, or even Esther before tonight, despite coming in the same car, and although his expression remains neutral as he follows Logan toward the others, there's a slight tension in his jaw that might show to the observant. He nods once, silently, when Byron addresses them, then raises his pale eyes to the others, scrutinizing each face intently in turn.

Ashe gives a wave of greeting to everyone that arrives, she knew everyone but Dross and Esther for the moment. "Good evening everyone and thank you for attending. The weather is a bit appropriate for the event tonight." she tells them as the shadows flit around her. "For those that don't know me, I'm Ashe Whelan, Barrow-Tender of the Autumn Court and Legate to the Black Apple." she introduces herself. "I wanted to get the Autumns together for a bit of fun, so again, your presence is appreciated." she smiles to them.

Logan offers nods to those he knows, and also to those he doesn't. He is smiling faintly, though nothing like his usual bright grin. The umbrella is still held up should Esther or Dross care to join him under it. "Thank you for holding this event, Ashe. I'm very excited to spend some time with the Autumn Court. If we are doing introductions," and he glances at the rest of them, "My name is Logan Brenner of the Dawn Court. Thank you all for extending your Goodwill towards me so I might attend."

Esther nervously rubs her hands together, then speaks up. Her voice is low and raspy, with a Maine accent. "My name is Esther Buckingham. I'm originally from Portland, but I'm from parts elsewhere in Maine as well. I'm new to the area, and I would like to join your Freehold." Then she lowers her head and shuts up.

Byron smiles a little more when Ashe introduces herself and welcomes everyone, pausing for a few moments until others start to chime in. Finally, he lifts his hand and clears his throat, "Byron Dees. Hedge Warden, and the Captain of the freehold Harvestmen, for those of you that are in it. If you aren't, then just Big Guy With An Axe." To Esther, he offers a nod, "Ashe or I can probably help point you at the right people if someone else hasn't already."

Tristan regards the introductions from where he stands off to one side, observing those he has met and those he hasn't. Finally he offers, "Tristan Darrow," with little fanfare or title. He studies Esther for a few moments, and then on to the others, finally resting on Logan, the Dawn, regarding him with some curiosity, at least as far as one can tell given the entirely whiteless black eyes. It seems they're pointed in his direction, anyway.

Haydn does not rush to join in the introductions, though neither is he so far removed as to miss them. As names and titles are announced, he draws to a stop at the edge of the group and waits for an appropriate opening. "Haydn Miller." Those paying attention might catch how his eyestalks have angled toward the grand plots housing the Miller family and the town's founder. When he says, "Knight of the Dragonslayer," there's a weight to it, as if he could see the collected sins of those gathered hanging overhead and might be judging them all.

Standing very still at Logan's elbow, Dross keeps looking over the other Autumns. "I'm called Dross," he says eventually, with a quick glance at Ashe and Byron. He notes the dark glitter in the air around Logan, which seems to hold his attention for a while, before it slips away to the many headstones in the graveyard. Imagining the graves' inhabitants, perhaps. To him, the graveyard seems quite new.

"I try to do a gathering that includes Good Will holders as well, so it's no trouble on that, Logan." the Shadowsoul offers. Ashe inclines her head to Esther, "Welcome to Fate's Harvest, Esther. As Byron said, one of us can point you to the right people, Logan himself is good to talk to on that as well given he's also a Waykeeper." she nods to Logan. After Tristan and Haydn speak, there's a smile, "It's good to see both of you again." she tells them. "Are there any other Autumns in need of swearing to the Freehold?" she asks. "Also, for those that are new, the Autumn house is behind us. It is open to all Autumns, whether they are sworn to the Freehold or not. You'll see that we don't usually break into non-sworn and sworn here much." she admits. Then she looks to Dross when he speaks and she smiles, "Welcome, Dross. I hope that if you need anything that you will let one of us know." she tells him.

"We met at the Wayhouse, in fact," Logan offers, smiling a little at Esther. "We were chatting about her desire to join the Freehold, and so I offered her a ride to the gathering." He stares right back at Tristan for a moment or two, incidentally, that same small smile on his face, but eventually his blue gaze moves to Dross. "Dross is shy, but he has taught me a great deal about your court. For that, I am very grateful."

Esther looks a tad more at ease after all the introductions. "Barrow Tender, ma'am," she says to Ashe, "Logan has been kind enough to interview me already, as he just said."

Byron chuckles softly at the explanation between Esther and Logan and keeps his voice down, "Sounds like a good plan, then." With that little pronouncement made, however, the gargoyle falls fairly quiet and shoots a curious look around the group, then back up to Ashe to see what she's going to lead into.

Tristan's attention shifts over from Logan to Dross, studying him for several long moments. It's not particularly a stare, simply taking in each person, their body language, mannerisms, observing. And then his attention returns to Ashe and Byron after a while, the tip of the umbrella coming to rest in front of him, hands folded on top of its handle, like one might use a cane.

"Excellent." Ashe replies when Logan states they met at the wayhouse. "I'm glad that you are on your way to being sworn. We can see if the Sun Queen can get that sorted for you soon." Ashe nods to that. "And thank you Logan for helping out so much." she tells the Dawn. "Now, for the fun tonight, it's been far too long since we've had a good round of Wake the Dead." she rubs her hands together. "It's actually a game based on your Occult knowledge and of symbols found on gravestones." she grins. "There are four symbols that I want people to find. You can all work together or as a team. Since the sun is almost down, you'll need to use keen eyesight and a bit of luck." she tells them.

Just as well that sworn and non-sworn can mix, as Dross neither belongs to the Freehold nor has much interest in joining. When Ashe addresses him, he gives her the tight-lipped expression that must be his version of a smile, as the corners of his mouth do turn up just a little. He watches the silver shifting through her wide black eyes for a moment, then says, "Thank you." When Logan mentions him, Dross's attention returns to the tall Fairest, lingering on the movement of light and shadow around him. If it embarrasses him to be called 'shy', it doesn't show. Nor does it show if he notices Tristan's attention, except perhaps in that the Darkling, already tall and straight as a fence post, if anything stands even straighter. He listens carefully to Ashe's introduction of the game to come.

Haydn loiters right where he'd planted himself, watching, listening, pale gaze set upon Ashe as greetings are offered and games are explained, but those eyestalks atop his head pivot and stretch and take in some measure of detail. They clearly aren't actual eyes, so it's difficult to know what they actually receive, but they appear curious all the same, which is more than can be said for the man whose head they top. The umbrella toting gentleman simply waits.

Byron straightens up a little when Ashe seems to be prepping the group for going ahunting, "I'm happy to help the group out if people want to make a group effort of it. I'm afraid Im the token Autumn that sucks as far as research goes." That, at least, brings up a warmer smile to his face.

Logan has wonderfully tall and straight posture and is always smiling, even though it's on the thinner, less toothy side right now. He always seems to take in each person equally as he looks around at the group. "This game sounds really fun," he enthuses to Ashe. "How will we set up the teams, or is everyone planning to play together?"

And so the hunt begins. Ashe isn't allowed to play given she runs the game. So she stays under the pop up tent and allows Byron to take the umbrella. Because that's love. Uvall crawls out from under her hair and crawls on top of her hair where he flops.

The graveyard isn't a huge affair and thankfully the markers that give the symbols that they need are easy to find. The four symbols consisted of an Anchor, Butterfly, Clasped Hands and a Fox. All pretty clear symbols. It takes the group about fifteen minutes to find the four, which is a good time!

Despite her great size and the solemness of the surroundings, Esther is like a little kid during this hunt. If that little kid was Wednesday Addams, of course. She actually smiles a little as she walks around the gravestones, trying to find the symbols.

Byron looks a little confused at the last, the fox like symbol, "Someone actually has this on their stone? How itneresting..." He does, however, sort of trail along with the others, peering over shoulders, then pausing to gently nudge Esther with an elbow and points to an old onyx pillar, "Is that it...?"

Tristan strolls through the cemetery, locating each of the symbols one after the other as he gradually and methodically makes his way through the stones. With hands folded behind his back, the Darkling seems to have little trouble locating things in the growing darkness, and eventually, once he has concludes his search, he begins to make his way back toward the gathering around Ashe.

Uvall makes a pass overhead right as they are finding the last symbol and he flits back to Ashe and lands on her head, tangling himself in her hair, "They're coming back." he chitters to her. When she sees them start to come back there's a smile as the group gets back, "Now, who can tell me what each symbol represents? One person can answer or one each. Doesn't matter." she tells them.

Haydn's movements are slow, but his eyes are sharp, careful attention paid to the details of the stones. Rather than move out through the gloom at his patient snail's pace, he points when he thinks he's found something, hoping one of the others might follow up, content to stick close to home base, as it were, while the others do the legwork.

Logan moves along with Dross throughout this trek, no doubt. He's awfully interpid, using the small light he can generate as a Bright One from his hand in order to easily see the symbols. "This is an exciting game," he tells his Darkling friend. Maybe there's good reason that Logan has Autumn Goodwill, if he finds a game like this exciting!

Esther nods enthusiastically as Byron finds the symbol on the onyx pillar. "Yes, that's it. You have really good eyes," she comments. "I do wonder about the fox symbol as well, but I'm sure we can come up with some good guesses."

"Well, the anchor means Hope and Steadfastness." comes a deep voice from behind the group. Everyone is accounted for. So...who is that? If people turn around they'll see a pretty corporeal ghost that looks like he was a cowboy of some kind. He's dressed in all black and his hat is tugged down low on his head. Maybe that's because the right side of his skull is missing.

A cowboy! That's pretty exciting, complete skull or no. Dross turns at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. When the ghost speaks, he nods. Then, running his own hand over a set of clasped ones on one of the headstones, he collects a bit of the rainwater from the granite and holds it in his cupped palm for a moment before returning with Logan to where the others are standing. "The hands mean death," he says, quietly but clearly. He looks back at the headstone as the wind blows the rain around him in a hard, diagonal slant. "Also, love."

Byron chuckles softly at Esther, "Well, Im no good at figuring the symbols out, so I sure as hell hope I can help find them so I'm not completely useless, right?" With that said, though, he's turning to head back to Ashe with the group. he doesn't really have a good explanation to offer for the symbols, so instead cants his gaze around to listen to the others contributing.

"The butterfly represents the soul," Logan says brightly, even though his mien is still dark. "Also rebirth, and resurrection. It was the symbol of Psyche, from Greek mythology." He stands there with his arms folded, smiling. At the ghost, and at Dross, and the rest of them. To the ghost he says, "Were you really a cowboy? Did you know Jesse James?"

Esther doubletakes when there is a "new" entry to the contest. "Welcome, sir. And thank you for the help with the contest." She leans towards Byron and whispers, "Does the cowboy get a prize?"

Ashe gives a bit of an eyebrow quirk and then a smile, "Everyone, this is Black Jack. Black Jack these are some of our new and old Autumns. BJ is our resident spectre in the Autumn House." she explains to the gathered. Then she gives a smile to Dross as he answers after that, "Excellent, yes, that's correct." she nods to this. Then Logan answer and she gives another smile, "Also right." she tells him. "Now, just the fox is left." she grins at them.

BJ gives a bit of a look to the Autumns and his hand rises to tip his hat to them, "I was a bit before Jesse. But given how the world works, I've heard of him." he tells Logan.

"The Fox means intellect and cunning, cleverness over brue force," Tristan says after the others have given their interpretation of some of the other symbols, his hands still clasped behind him. He glances over toward the spectre and dips his head in respectful greeting. Then he looks back toward the others, then to Ashe, curious as to what the outcome of the game might be.

"/Boy/, a real cowboy," and Logan actually forgets himself for a moment. It's like the sun has suddenly started to come up in this dark foreboding graveyard, it gets brighter and brighter around him...before he engulfs himself in shadow once more. Before it can get /too/ bright. "Great to meet you, Black Jack. Thanks for helping us out today. I'm from the Dawn Court, but I have goodwill with the Autumns," he explains, just to make that clear. In case BJ even cares, which he probably doesn't. Then he glances at Tristan with a slight smile before turning his attention back to Ashe.

Byron lifts both brows at the presence of the spirit and offers a bow of his head in greeting towards BJ, "Evening...and welcome to the festivities." A soft chuckle escapes him as the final symbols are explained, though a curious look is shot back to Ashe, interested in hearing the aggregation of what it all means.

Ashe gives a look to Tristan and a smile, "And that is exactly right as well." she nods. Then she is bringing out a small velvet bag, "So everyone gets the prize." she grins. To each person she passes out a silver lapel pin that is in the shape of a bat. "I hope everyone likes these." she tells them as she passes them out.

Haydn slips out as quietly as he'd arrived, a lazy smile on his lips. Given that he's looking at his phone, screen glowing up at him, it might be something's come up.

Esther takes the bat pin as if she'd been handed a gold ingot. Carefully, she pins it to her jacket lapel. "Thank you very much," she says to Ashe. "It was a pleasure to meet everyone, including you, Mr. Black Jack, sir."

Byron takes a step forward to take the pin from Ashe, and shoots an amused grin at the bat in her hair, lowering his voice, "I see how you are...." That trails off as he turns to look at the rest of the group, glancing down to actually stick the pin on the collar of his shirt.

Uvall sticks his tongue out at the gargoyle, "Mine before yours!" he states and wiggles in Ashe's hair. He's a brat.

Tristan inclines his head when the bat pin is given to him, giving a smile amused smile to Ashe, "That was a pleasant diversion, Ms. Whelan. Thank you for another interesting evening."

Logan pockets the pouch with a smile. "Thank you, Ashe! I had a lovely time. Great to meet you all. I hope to come back and hang out with you again soon." He gives each and every one of them a smile, making eye contact whenever he can. Then he looks over to Esther. "Esther, can I give you a ride to wherever you're going?" Dross is a given: he lives in the same place as Logan.

Ashe finishes handing out the pins to her fellow Autumns and their Dawn counterparts and there's a smile, "Thank you all for coming out and I hope that we can get together again for this. We've needed a bit of fun with all the seriousness going on lately." she admits. There's a smile to Tristan and there's a dip of her head, "Anytime. I do like organizing Autumn things." she grins. Then her phone rings. "Well, business always finds me, excuse me all, please feel free to partake of apple cider and things under the awning before leaving." she tells them. Then she's heading off.

Byron grins at the taunting from the little bat and murmurs, "Mmhmms. We'll see if you change your tune when you see the jerky I brought home." He gives Ashe's back a light scritch as she heads off, and lingers for a while to watch the others go, glancing up at the wet sky and down around the other gravestone markers with a curious look.

Esther looks down at her new pin for a while, then glances over at Logan as he asks his question. "Oh? No, I can make my way back now. But thank you very much for the ride, and the conversation."

Dross enjoyed the brief appearance of a more animated bat. The pin he holds by the very tips of his fingers, as if not sure what to make of it. He watches Hadyn and Ashe make their exits, then his attention drifts to the others as he waits for a sign to leave.

"You're most welcome, Esther. I look forward to you joining the Freehold." Logan grins his grin at her. "Goodnight." At that, he starts back to the gleaming Tesla, presuming that Dross will follow along without being told.

Byron notes Dross lingering and offers a smile to the man, tipping an imaginary hat while he finds a good headstone to park his oversized obsidian butt on for the time being. Maybe he's just the cleanup crew. Or something.

Esther looks up at the night sky. "I guess I should be going." She then says her farewells to the group and wanders off.