The Seventh House Cafe

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The Seventh House Cafe
Location: Tamarack Falls - North Main Street - MT02
Hiring: No
Owner: Avalon Lefevre


      Worn, aged brick makes up all but one of the walls in the cafe, adding a sense of warmth to it. The granite slabs that make up the fireplace, lit in the colder months, is decorated in theme with the season, and local flora is often on display. Wooden floors show signs of age, but are kept well-tended, and rugs scattered here and there camouflage the worst of damages from a century of use. Plush leather chairs and loveseats are centered near the fireplace and the corners of the room, while high wooden tables and chairs are scattered throughout the space. One corner holds a small stage, for the occasional musician or possibility of open mic nights. The far wall is painted a rusty orange, and tarot cards held in black frames adorn it, the styles varied.

      The counter is a large spread, topped in granite and made in dark wood. A chalkboard declares the daily specials, along with the phase of the moon. The selection of teas is immense - available for drinking at the cafe, or purchase to take home for later brewing. There are crepes and breakfast sandwiches, yogurts, in the morning -- all from locally sourced meat, dairy and eggs. In the afternoon, soups and sandwiches take over, along with desserts. There are gluten-free options - the sign notes that there is a separate prep area for such - along with vegan and dairy-free.

      A small sign behind the counter proclaims, perhaps jokingly, that witch tea is served at 3 on Saturdays.

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Avalon Lefevre - Owner
Tea Witch

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