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MT02 - Tamarack Falls - North Main Street

Main Street's broad path follows the gentle curve of the land on its way north through a somewhat more frivolous series of businesses. The colourful buildings lining the street include clothing boutiques, the town's only liquor store, a few shops only open during the tourist season to cater to that demographic, and the town's sole hair salon, with the somewhat whimsical name of 'Crops and Bobbers'.

The reasoning for this choice becomes apparent when one realises that it is next door to the somewhat incongruously located local emergency station, police and fire combined into one unit. While it, too, is picturesque in a more practical fashion, it at least avoids the mild kitsch a few other shops have wholeheartedly embraced.

The sidewalks here are fairly broad compared to the rest of the town, with more decorative trees to shade them and the benches placed here and there along them.

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