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MT01 - Tamarack Falls - Tenner Plaza

The majority of the town's entertainment has been neatly isolated in one place, though given its proximity to the city down the mountain, it is not a particularly _large_ place. In the center of the plaza itself stands a marble statue of a tall man holding a stylized pickaxe and a stern, sober expression upon his face, with a plaque beneath identifying him as Walter Tenner, once owner of the largest mine in the area, making it somewhat dubious as to whether he ever actually wielded his carved implement of choice.

The local movie theater sprawls along the plaza's curving edge, and while it can't show more than two films at the same time, the town's youth is just as eager to hang out in the arcade. The local bar stands between the theater and a quaint bed and breakfast, and that is that.

The only street exit is to the south on Main, though a well-used dirt track does lead east, up Lazy Otter Hill behind the bed and breakfast. Trees block the view of more than a few grassy curves.

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  • Bill's Bar

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