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WR01 - West Bank - Lazy Otter Hill

Lush grass, green and strewn with wildflowers in the proper seasons, combines with nearness and a gentle slope to make this hill a picnic hill, a make-out hill, a safe place to look down along its eastern side toward the silver ribbon of the river on a sunny afternoon. Unmown, there are no formal trails beyond the single path which curves along from west to east and cuts down toward the mill along the riverside.

A marriage hill, a romance hill, its crown is dotted with just enough trees to provide shade and photo ops without blocking the view of the valley's three peaks. Salvation East and West rise up in dark, high majesty to cup one side of the land, Mischance climbing to a lower height over the river's forbidden eastern bank. From here, the fire towers at the tops of all three peaks are plainly visible. A bend in the river keeps the distant waterfall from which the town derives its name obscured.

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