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WR02 - West Bank - Old Logging Mill

Worn by time and clearly much reduced in prominence since its heyday, the lumber mill which first gave the nascent town its small dot on the map is still in operation, still active, and while some of the buildings are clearly past their prime, the old wood is still standing. A number of tall, broad warehouse buildings are set close by the sawmills, chutes for logs still visible in their old places by the river's edge.

Set to either side of the road which passes through its sprawl of dirt-lot, sawdust-scented territory, crisp with pine and tamarack, more modern warehouses serve to contain the heavier machinery needed to grade the roads, winter plows stored with strong trucks against the snows of northern mountain life.

River becomes mill as it veers off from the water's edge, and newly-minted Mill Road climbs stubbornly up the rugged foot of Salvation Mountain's eastern slope, the relatively open land around it planted with careful lines of trees to reforest what has been taken for the town and world beyond. A dirt path down at the base of the mill grounds leads up a hillside to the west.

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