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RT01 - River Tam - Mill Pool

Smooth enough to be passable, the river here is good for swimming and kayaking, the bank long since cut deep enough to swirl a side pool suitable for dumping logs. While the logs themselves are no longer sent downstream for retrieval, the apparatus remains, much to the delight of idiot teenagers and bold dares to climb its metal frame.

Ropes are stretched from point to point to separate a 'safe' area for children, grab-lines to help keep swimmers from being swept out into the swifter currents near the heart of the river.

Upstream is not an option. Not a sane option. Rocky and utterly impassable by boat, while the banks are gentle here by the pool, the narrower river-head rushes headlong down Salvation's slope some half a mile away in a series of stepped waterfalls and steep cliffbanks.

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