Vanessa Smith

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Vinnie Smith
Confident - Hedonistic - Hedge Witch - Grifter
I'm the shed skin.
I'm the discontent.
I'm the came and went.
I'm the lie you tell,
the lie you tell yourself.

Battle Tapes


» Internet-famous doesn't mean anything in Nowheresville, Vermont.
» But I've got a sizable following on Instagram. #ootd
» Shoplifting is not a problem. It's a way of life.
» Totally a motherfucking sorcerer.
» No time for fluffy witches. Had enough of that in high school.
» Can see spirits whether I want to or not. Annoying. Usually.
» Can totally creep on your dreams. Ugh, you perv!
» Queen of Bad Decisions. Need a devil on your shoulder?
» Back in town after a while away. Hello, bitches!
» This stray cat's been following me around. Cute and orange like me.
» Kinda way smarter than I look, but so not a nerd.
» Might work at Majesty Records for certain definitions of 'work.'
» Frequent lurker at The Seventh House Cafe. Into witchy shit?
» Do you know what delectatio morosa means?


Trick gets me, knows how to live free. May as well be family. «
Grim humor and grounding. Good influence. AV is alright. «
Her brother is totally in love with me. So tragic! «
I'll be your adult, like it or not, Your Royal Buttoned-Uppedness. «
Slither, slink and filth. This place ain't fun without you and yours. «
Ease and grease. Mr. Layaway might just have his shit together. «
Substance and slink in one pretty pale package? Yespls, Private Dancer. «

IC assholery and indifference is not meant to make things unfun.
If you're not having fun, lemme know.