Majesty Records

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Majesty Records
Record Store
Location: Historical District - FB01
Hiring: Yes
Owner: Vinnie

Majesty Records

Who even buys records anymore...

Majesty Records is a charming little shop set up in historical Downtown Fort Brunsett. The shop focuses on vinyl, with everything from rare and exotic, to the latest releases. Beyond records, the store also sells a series of players, listening equipment, and offers outsourced repair services. There's also a wide offering of cassette tapes, because obviously that's a thing.

In addition to a record store, Majesty Records contains a small event space on the second floor, set up with a small stage and all the audio equipment one would need for a concert.


Green - Absentee Owner
Prim Little Brit

Joe - General Manager
Useful NPC

Vinnie - Apathetic Lackey
OOC Contact

Cheryl - Assistant Manager
Angsty NPC

Upcoming Events

Nothing scheduled yet. Check back later for future mischief!


  • (2017.08.31)
After First Blood, Some Wrath
  • (2017.08.31)
The Pretty Lights: First Blood