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Alexander Family

Family Motto or Something


Where there are ships, there are rats, and like rats, there are Alexanders.

The family is a relative newcomer, having established itself late in 1869 during a shipping boom for lumber brought down from the forests which surrounded the then-growing settlement of Fort Brunsett and Tamarack Falls. A pair of brothers came, started families, and never quite scraped their way up from the bottom of the barrel. Subsequent generations have glossed over their underlying scum with economics and trade schools, but crime is crime, and grime is grime, and in this family, rough love, or early death, is all too likely.

Thankfully, they breed like the rats they resemble.

There is never a shortage of Alexanders around to blame for various petty crimes or misdemeanours, though the branch of the family in charge of shipping concerns at least pretends to legitimacy...when it isn't smuggling goods for anyone with coin enough to pay for it.

Currently, Tom Alexander is the head of the Stone and Crown Shipping company. Crass, territorial, he favours cheap cigarettes, expensive scotch and remains proud that of all six brothers, he's the only one who scraped up enough cash to get a college education. He's not afraid to take a belt to someone who pisses him off, but he's in control of his aggression; Tom losing his temper is a sign of something gone phenomenally wrong. Tom's wife, Lolita, is a hard-nosed woman who refuses to be more than 29 years old, despite appearances decidedly on the 40+ end of the scale. Lolita is fond of claiming Tom kidnapped her from Mexican drug lords, especially once she has had a few too many tequilas. Mexican she may be, descent and Spanish language unmistakable, but as Tom tells the story, Lolo was stripping in a bar and took a shine to him when he got handsy. They have several children together (PC or NPC!).


  • Utridge Family - The Utridge family has, in the past, had the occasional dealing with the shady Alexanders, but when push comes to shove, it is their own interests they'll protect. The Alexanders are, by and large, on their own.


  • Garreau Family - A century and a half ago, the Garreaus were beginning their great vineyard venture, and an embezzling Alexander was a part of it. Said Alexander is also why, after a short handful of years, all private investors were politely returned their funds, leaving the Garreaus in sole control. There remains suspicion to this day that a 'blight' which occurred shortly thereafter was an Alexander's revenge, but of course no one admits a thing.


The Alexanders are very much city folk. While the occasional deal takes place up in the woods by Tamarack Falls for privacy's sake, most Alexanders prefer living where stores don't close at nine.

As a family, the Alexanders have very little to do with Tamarack Falls. Their business is in Fort Brunsett, the nightlife is in Fort Brunsett, and family elders (with good reason) do their best to subtly steer the newer generations elsewhere. They know better than to tangle with what's there.

  • Stone and Crown Shipping - R06 - The Stone and Crown, locally known as the S&C, hit its centennial back in the 1990s, and it is enormously proud of doing so. While the family itself is settled in Fort Brunsett, many members spend most of their lives ferrying goods up and down rivers across New England and into southern Canada (a two-hour drive north, by car) under the company name, and no Alexander child in the direct family line is going to escape at least one stint as a dockhand for their ships. The family takes care of its own, does its own maintenance, and that is that. Most of its shipping consists of packages and various goods for other businesses in the city. Most of it. The rest, and the reason why the family has managed to hold on to their ships to HAVE a centennial, would be the primary reason for doing their own maintenance: drug smuggling. So far, their secret remains unpunished by the law.
  • The Union - R06 - The Union is as blue collar as a bar can get. Right up the road from the Stone & Crown, it's a frequent hang out for the Alexander clan, its backroom a good place for deals and discussions of a less-than-legal nature.
  • Decrepit Farm - FB10 - While this is technically a "family farm," it has been decades since anything even vaguely resembling farming has taken place there, the land by and large reserved for lawn mower derbies, drunken horse races and every teenage bonfire party no parent wants his or her offspring to attend.

All Alexanders may add one room of any kind to the Decrepit Farm build, assuming they want to live on family property.


Name Influence Position
TomAlexanderIcon.jpg Tom Alexander ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ The One in Charge
LolitaAlexanderIcon.jpg Lolita 'Lolo' Alexander ⚫⚫⚫⚫ Tom's Wife
JamesAlexanderIcon.jpg James Alexander ⚫⚫⚫ Connected
Cb14.jpg C.B. Alexander Where'd He Come From?
IconDefault.jpg Kevin Alexander Family
Jaspericon.jpg Jasper Lekay Alexander Member
KyleAlexanderIcon.jpg Kyle Alexander Bastard
MarcusA4.jpg Marcus Alexander Family
Tasia-icon.jpg Anastasia Alexander Member
Audrey Wilson


Mechanical Bonuses
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Streetwise
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Larceny
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Allies: Alexander Family
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Contacts: Alexander Family
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Tolerance for Biology
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Fighting Style: Streetfighting
e.g. buying Larceny 5 would net you a -5 discount, total, because you get -1 per dot.

When buying discounted stats with +xps, rather than being automatically added to your +sheet, a +myjob will be created for staff to review the discount and manually set the stat/spend for you.

+xps skill/larceny to 4 for 16=Alexander family discount

Physical Appearance

Members of the Alexander family have not had easy lives. They are not pampered princes or princesses, they are not delicate ladies, and they are not weak waifs. They are strong, they are determined, and, yes, they know they're Bad Boys and Bad Girls, and work it for all it's worth.

The core group tends toward middling-tan Caucasian skin with dark hair, and blue/hazel eyes are not uncommon. Tom's direct descendants have their mother's Latin skin, darker than other relations. Ethnically, the original Alexanders were a blend of French, English and Russian, though at this point, they're mutts through and through.

Men and women both tend toward athletic builds, earned through hard work and training, not just for vanity.


  • Common Professions - Smuggler, criminal, cleaner, janitor, corrupt cop, fireman, business owner
  • Resources - Alexander family members are largely on their own if they won't join the family business. Most remain poor, seldom achieving more than Resources 1 or 2.
  • Wanted Concepts
    • Corrupt cop
    • Clever businessman with crime connections
    • Uncharitable charity worker


  • Influence 5 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 4 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 3 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 2 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 1 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.



By and large, Alexanders think the idea of magic is bullshit. They are quick to defend family in trouble, sure, but equally quick to pick on members who won't conform to their expectations. Alexanders learn quickly to hide their gifts, should they possess any, or leave and make their own way in the world.

Other Families

  • Desrochers - A little too clean, but they make a good beer. They're great to beat at football.
  • Fry - Who would WANT to live with cows all day? Someone who has shit for brains, that's who.
  • Garreau - Rich-ass pansies don't know jack. Jerking their chains now and then might wake them up and make 'em see the real world.
  • Lefevre - Weirdos. What do they do up there on that hill? They can't possibly JUST be making maple syrup.
  • Miller - Too goody two-shoes, most of them, but there're a few useful eggs in the bunch. Good money out of those Millers, too, when they need an extra hand in winter for the heavy work.
  • Utridge- Not as clean as they want us to think, but we're okay with that. We'll keep their secrets until someone pays better.