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Garreau Family

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Often dotty, but filthy rich and rolling in the need for absolutely nothing, the Garreau family transplanted itself to the Tam area in good old 1784, not for luxury or, really, out of any desire to aid the settlers, no, but because the then-patriarch was absolutely convinced that, after reading old medical texts, his vital humours would be much improved by living nearer the pole star. Emphasis on dotty.

The rest of the family couldn't let an old man go off into the relatively unsettled wilderness alone, so the entire branch came right up north with him, bringing labs, medicine, experimental botany and the occasional thoroughly accidental mass poisoning to the valley. When they weren't causing incidental mayhem, the family was much respected for its consistent education and the number of doctors it produced to tend the valley's ills, whether or not they were Garreau-induced.

The family is a great supporter of starving artists and unpopular (sometimes for good reason) theatre. They are the quirky mad scientists and inventors, the high-class socialites who play the game by their own obscure rules, the physicians, the humanitarians, and each and every child is encouraged to pursue their passions. Sometimes, those passions stray into less than legal pursuits, so it's a good thing they can pay their lawyers. Family retainers, of which there are many, are encouraged to keep explosive experiments away from the fine china.

Located on westmost Pine Hill, in the wealthy Four Hills district of Fort Brunsett, their home is a testament to geniuses past, with secret passages and odd, accidental discoveries of rooms no one even knew of not at all an uncommon state of affairs, maintained by members of the Desrochers family kept on retainer for the regular repairs the family requires. The entire western slope of the hill is Garreau territory, fenced in and protected, a vast forested acreage on the very edge of the city.

Outside the family land, but close, the 'Moontide' vineyard serves as their more mundane claim to fame -- and the source of much local laughter behind closed doors. The Garreaus have tried, for 150 years they have tried, but all they can manage to grow is sour grapes.


  • Desrochers - They have worked with us for centuries now, and we with them. They understand construction and logic, and the necessity of letting go.


  • Alexander - A century and a half ago, the Garreaus were beginning their great vineyard venture, and an embezzling Alexander was a part of it. Said Alexander is also why, after a short handful of years, all private investors were politely returned their funds, leaving the Garreaus in sole control. There remains suspicion to this day that a 'blight' which occurred shortly thereafter was an Alexander's revenge, but of course no one admits a thing.


City. The Garreau family was and has been one of the major sources of income and security for Fort Brunsett, their education and insistence upon free-spirited thinking a strong formative influence.

  • Moontide Vineyard - FB12 - The family embarrassment, and pet project. The vineyard is prone to changing hands, caretakers washing their hands of it and lobbing it off to another relative to see if THEY can make it work. Some years, the wine is even good enough for something more than feeding people they don't like.
  • Merriweather Manor - FB12 - The family home, Merriweather is a rambling structure with many a hidden servant's stair and 'lost' cellar.

All Garreaus may add one room to the Merriweather Manor build. Requests to expand the vineyard will also be considered.


Name Influence Position
GigiGarreauIcon.jpg Regina "Gigi" Garreau ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Matriarch
NickyGarreauIcon.jpg Nicky Garreau ⚫⚫⚫ Gigi & Floyd's Son
DismasGarreauIcon.jpg Dismas Garreau Broody Night Owl
Franklyn-1A.jpg Francine Evelyn 'Franklyn' Garreau Drama Queen
Steph7.jpg Steph Garreau Black Sheep


Mechanical Bonuses
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Academics
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Medicine
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Allies: Garreau Family
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Contacts: Garreau Family
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Make Do
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Hobbyist Clique (Philanthropy)
e.g. buying Medicine 5 would net you a -5 discount, total, because you get -1 per dot.

When buying discounted stats with +xps, rather than being automatically added to your +sheet, a +myjob will be created for staff to review the discount and manually set the stat/spend for you.

+xps skill/medicine to 4 for 16=Garreau family discount


  • Common Professions - Inventor, scientist, doctor, professor, botanist, biochemist, reenactor, philanthropist, bard
  • Resources - Most Garreaus tend to have at least Resources 3 on their own, since they are well-educated and acquire good jobs, but the family itself is well into the Resources 5 range and above, supported largely by investments and select patents/medical research these days.
  • Wanted Concepts
    • "Dr. Jones" Medical Researcher
    • Family Historian
    • Well-Known Performer


  • Influence 5 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 4 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 3 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 2 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 1 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.



The Garreau family knows very well that more exists than meets the eye. There is a tacit acceptance of Others, and while individual members' tolerances may differ, the family as a whole maintains a "live and let live" stance toward practitioners of 'magic' or more. Should any members show signs of these gifts, they are often fostered for the summers with Lefevre cousins.

Other Families

  • Alexander - Every chance we give, they spurn. Never trust an Alexander with your money or your faith.
  • Desrochers - Solid, dependable. They understand discretion and they do good work.
  • Fry - Independent to a fault, but they can create wonders.
  • Lefevre - Respect them. They know more than they will ever say.
  • Miller - Reliable, if at times over-proud. We understand their claim on territory.
  • Utridge - A necessary evil. Triple-check any contracts they propose. Political mosquitoes.