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The Fate's Harvest Urban Dictionary

In November 2017, a (silly) game-wide vote was made, asking players to volunteer submissions for our own local MU*rban dictionary.

Original Vote Text:
Sometimes, people leave indelible marks on history: Spoonerisms, the MU*rban legend of how 'mav' came to mean saying something on the wrong channel...

What words or phrases would you say apply here?

As an example (and with much <3 for Kip), Annapurna created the following:

To Kip <something> Up
Verb Phrase

  1. To accidentally make something worse while trying to stay inconspicuous about it.
  2. To bumble one's way into local fame over something one never intended to be known for, esp. salacious circumstances and relationships with multiple unlikely bedfellows.


To Widget something up
Verb Phrase

  1. to engineer up something that no laws of physics or engineering should work.
  2. to maybe accidentally explode something that should work.

"Donated" by Kip

To C.B. the <expletive> out of <something>
Verb Phrase

  1. to throw a molotov cocktail into <something>.
  2. to write a strongly-worded narrative letter to the editor on a controversial topic and get it published as a novel.

"Donated" by Edmond


  1. "English run through a fish filter" - Lumi
  2. Broken or garbled English caused in whole or in part by Lost status, trauma, or brain rewiring.

"Donated" by Etsy


  1. To be of or like a prostitute, but to do so in a manner that is proper and even prudish on the surface.

"Donated" by Cornelius

To pull a C.B. Alexander
Verb Phrase

  1. To show an extreme amount of cynicism and pessimism.
  2. Complain about something before, during, and after - but do it anyway.

"Donated" by Ziv