Knighthood of the Dragonslayer

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Knighthood of the Dragonslayer

Policers of Lost society, who see it as their task to root out corruption and purge it by any means necessary, infamously including torture.

  • Titles: Knight (Cavaleiro), though also Snakes (Serpente)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Wits + Composure at least 6, Intimidation 2


While the Knighthood welcomes new members, it tests them, examining their life and fetch and durance. Even traitors are given a chance to find a second life within the Knighthood.


The changes are subtle. The pupils shrink and the whites of the eyes become stark and bloodless. Their appearances become minorly draconic as well. Black scales, needle-like teeth, split tongue.


While they take all manner of sorts, they go more for sharp-eyed, intelligent people.


There is no central leadership, they just obey their own tenets. They do as they wish so long as they expose deceit within the freehold.


The Grand Cross of Saint George This cross is cobbled with gems, seeds, glass and other Hedge debris. It's able to sense the sin in a person's heart. It burns the skin if the target's Morality/Clarity/etc is 5 or below. For every dot below 5, it does an additional point of lethal damage. It can be healed, but it leaves a scar.

HR - The Knight gains a +2 circumstance bonus on any Clarity degeneration rolls made while performing his duty. His moral certitude assures him of his path through all but the most heinous acts.



aka Ashoka
Sun Wizened

Entitlement Logs

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