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Dawn Court

The Dawn Court

The Auroral Court, The Bloody Rose, The Court of Salvations

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“Have you ever seen the dawn? Not a dawn groggy with lack of sleep or hectic with mindless obligations and you about to rush off on an early adventure or business, but full of deep silence and absolute clarity of perception? A dawning which you truly observe, degree by degree. It is the most amazing moment of birth. And more than anything it can spur you to action. Have a burning day.”
– Vera Nazarian



Influence Titles

The titles below indicate a dawn courtier's level of influence and responsibility within the Bloody Rose. The mantle level listed with each title is the minimum requirement. Meeting the mantle requirement does not automatically bestow a title. See Influence for a detailed look at the system.

Influence 5 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••••

  • Radiance - Leader(s) of the Court, while there can putatively be more than one in areas with a large Dawn population, here in Tamarack Falls, the Court is primarily composed of Freeholders, and their leadership tends to come from members of the Freehold, which effectively means the Monarch/Council member is a solitary Radiance.

Influence 4 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••••

  • Bright Bishop - They are the leaders waiting in the wings. They know and promote the Court's message and purpose, and actively seek to spread the word. They get people moving, they get change happening, and while not all of them thrive in social situations, it is rare for a Bright Bishop to have no social skills.

Influence 3 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••

  • Templar of the Bloody Rose - These are the Knights, the powerful, the strong, but there are many forms of power. Physical might is only one way to win a battle, after all. Cleverness or innate gifts or skillful maneuvering can all serve the Auroral Court. These members of the Court actively seek out ways to spread Hope and Potential, without attempting leadership (yet).

Influence 2 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••

  • Saint/Martyr - Saints are those members who care for others, who offer charity and kindness to the downtrodden and hopeless, who bring a message of possibility and soul-healing, etc. Martyrs are those who make great personal sacrifices for the Court, though in practice, the two titles do tend to end up mixing.

Influence 1 - Prerequisite: Mantle •

  • Aspirant - Those who aspire toward making the world a better place, but for one reason or another haven't really made it above the level of "weekend warrior" or helpmeet.

Freehold Positions

These positions are bestowed upon dawn courtiers who directly serve the Fate's Harvest freehold.

  • Catalyst - The Catalyst lives up to her name: when she arrives, she makes things happen. Whether opportunity knocks on its own or whether she needs to shake things up a bit to get them started, she serves the Freehold by taking advantage of every scrap of potential which comes her way.
Example: Due to her keen eye and good recall, she remembers that a visiting dignitary from a California freehold mentioned his grief over his ailing wife in an off-hand comment at the beginning of the week. She quietly advises the Crown to offer the rare Hera Pear one of the Greenies found, to secure his personal goodwill and sweeten the deal with his freehold.
This role requires good observation skills and a great deal of empathy, persuasion, creativity and foresight.
There may be multiple Catalysts.
  • Dawn Herald - The Dawn Herald serves the Freehold as an organizer of events, functions and rituals specific to the Court. If a terrible thing happens, it is the Herald who steps up to organise a vigil and a message of hope to buoy the spirits of the Freehold and keep them moving forward.
This role requires someone with the organization to keep a calendar and run events, and liaise with the other Courts to ensure schedules run smoothly. The character (and thereby player) must be able, willing and proactive about event-running for the public and for the Court alike.
There is only one Herald.
  • Agent of Awakening - A Changeling's life is a balancing act. If you want shiny power, you have to deal with the consequences of that power, and, sometimes, you lose the path. Or your mind. Or start murdering people because you think they were having a better conversation with your pocketful of stale granola crumblies than you were. The Agent of Awakening serves as an intercessor, a guide, and, to an extent, a parole officer. For those misguided souls who are on the verge of banishment or execution, the Agent may, with the Crown's permission, step forward and take them into his care. Everyone has bad days, after all. Some people just have days which involve long-running plots intended to wreak bloody havoc on entire towns because of reasons which only make sense to Wyrd-addled minds. It's the Agent's job to redeem his target, though it can take years of work. If an Agent ever determines that a target is irredeemable, the original sentence is enacted by the current Crown.
For this reason, most Agents are savvy in physical and esoteric methods for quickly neutralizing trouble, whether mundane or magical. Agents must be strong of will and must be experienced with both speaking and resisting silver tongues.
In Freeholds where offenses are common, there may well be several Agents at once. Each Agent, by custom, only preserves a single ward at a time unless there are no other Agents free to help.
  • (Something Else!) - Summary.

Other Court Roles

Generally internal, these positions represent other responsibilities to which dawn courtiers might be assigned by the court's leadership.


Name Influence Position
HeatherVale.jpg Heather Vale ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Dawn Queen
November-icon.jpg November an Nua ⚫⚫⚫ Templar of the Bloody Rose
Grillo3.jpg C. J. Grillo ⚫⚫ Aspirant
Logan7.jpg Logan Geoffrey Brenner ⚫⚫ Saint/Martyr
LuluMien.jpg Lulu Petit Aspirant

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