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On Game As: Masamba
Played By: Michael Jai White
Concept: Champion Shatterer
Date of Birth: Spring
Apparent Age: Mid to Late Thirties
Occupation: Shatterer
Virtue: Optimistic
Vice: Violent

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Render Stonebones Levinquick
Court: Dawn
Entitlement: The Parliament of Victors
Keeper: Arkaea

“It was then that I realized hatred no longer drove me. I was at peace, and my peace made me strong.”
–James Zapata


      Masamba is all he remembered. He doesn't quite remember where his home was, nor what his name used to be. However, that name was what drew him back. At some point in the past he was caught up in trying to find the source of it, but has long since given up. What he fell into was fighting. It may have been for a cause at some point, but now he does so for the thrill of it. The adrenaline rush and the challenge. It didn't take him too long before he became the best at it where he came from, and in turn he became a Champion. Some things have come up, though, and he's been forced to move around until he's found the spot just right for him. As of the last few weeks he's settled on Fort Brunsett to see what bloody mess he can get into now.

RP Hooks

  • Foreign: He is quite clearly not from anywhere near here.
  • Homeless: Regularly steals or pledges for what he needs. Push come to shove he goes after animals whenever and wherever if it'll fill his belly.
  • Strongman: Unsurprising for an Ogre, but a treat for the mortal world. He's been seen a few times online without a name listed, and can be seen performing relatively superhuman feats of strength in videos.
  • Masamba: Masamba is always with Masamba. Masamba is usually flying if he can help it. He also lives in Masamba with Masamba.
  • Fighter: As an Ogre it comes naturally.
  • Arkaea: Masamba's Keeper. A champion of the forces of nature, for better or ill.
  • Changeling: He is one, and he revels in the power of that. He never shies away from his Wyrd nature, nor does he take kindly to attempts to make him act normally.
  • Dawn: He's only been a member for a year, but he's liking it so far.
  • Champion: After killing his supposed mentor he's taken on the power and literal entitlement of being a Parliament of the Victors.
  • Harvestmen: Maybe.



MasambaMien2.jpg MasambaMask1.jpg MasambaMask2.jpg MasambaHBCMask.jpg MasambaHBCMien.png


J.I.D - Hasta Luego

I been going crazy, somebody pray for me.
Take a second, take a knee.
It'll mean everything.
It'll mean everything to me.
I tell 'em get out the way, I'm finna take it to 'em.
Hasta luego, we finna make a move.
Gimme a break, what is you saying to 'em?
Gimme the 'K, I'm finna spray the room.
I'm finna spray the room.

Kirk Knight, T'nah Apex - Heaven is for Real

Gimme your soul, gimme your beat.
Gimme everything I need just to unleash the beast
Darkest angel, but I come in peace.
I flew over heads, I'm a traveling man.
One sick motherfucker with a way fare plan
To eliminate the feeling of the devil on my shoulders.
I remain a soldier, starving artist with composure
If X marks the spot, give me three X's.
Bare strength, hands like I hold them.
More or less I mold them.
I even turn my actions into diamonds if I smould 'em.
Not a simp, son, but finally found where home is.


  • (2018.10.17)
Zombaissance 2018 - Opening Night