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Dawn Independence Day BBQ

Dielle, Gisa, Joel, Jon, Logan, November

June 30, 2017

Logan hosts an Independence Day barbeque for the Dawns.



Dielle and Jon arrive together, of course. They walk into the house together. Dielle's wearing a black crop top (with flowers on) that laces up the front and shows off her midriff, along with tiny (wait for it,) Daisy Dukes. And a pair of sandals. Hey, it's hot out. She's got a bag with her, with hers and Jon's bathing suits. She's got Jon by the hand, whether he likes it or not. For once, she's not so much talking as sniffing: it's the bbq. It smells like home to her.

Joel isn't particularly patriotically dressed. He's in a pair of dull grey board shorts, though he does have on a dark red shirt which, if one found something white and blue could maybe, at a stretch, be patriotic. He makes his way through the large house and eventually down to the level where the party is at, taking a look around as he goes with some degree of curiosity, never having been here before.

Jon is a fratboy. Board shorts and a ESX shirt in Greek letters stretched across his frozen frame. He didn't squeeze Daelle's hand but he let her hold it. There was a difference for the guy who didn't touch people. Like Joel he was taken up a bit in scoping hte architecture. "Joel, Sup, man? Logan, killer digs. You knew this." And there was November to which he greeted, "Shit, woman, you wear that you make the whole house look under dressed. Check you out." Which was frat-boy for 'you look nice. It is good to see you'.

Joel gives a nod to those that he recognizes, fellow Dawns from previous Dawn meetings or the club. "Heya," he says to Jon as he makes his way toward the gathering group, "Not too much. Got some work going on at the club. Shows coming up, the usual. You? How are things going?"

November's presence is, of course, palpable before she is visibly present: the downfall of high Wyrd. Granted, not all high Wyrd folks have quite the same combination of qualities... Subtle power weaves its silent metaphor of slender fingers about the hindbrain's awareness of the too-Faerie Fairest, closing ever so gently on her approach, with all the slow inevitability of time.

That said, she looks -wrong-.

Someone that transparently inhuman and, well, transparent, should not be dressed in a t-shirt, well-loved black (okay, greying) jeans and soft-soled leather ankle boots. The juxtaposition is visually jarring, and she has done nothing to soften it, compare and contrast: this is human, students, and this is not. To be fair, the shirt does say CHAOTIC EVIL in large fantasy old-timey letters across her negligible bust, smaller letters beneath explaining: means never having to say you’re sorry.

Following the guidance of the staff, and, for the occasion, ensuring that her own colouration is an eye-tangling, kaleidoscopic swirl of white-spangled blues and sanguine stripes, she studies the area as she walks in, hands in her pockets, cool as a cucumber left near the refrigeration vents until it froze solid.

"Hey, y'all!" says a happy Dielle. "How are you guys doin'? Logan, it smells great in here! November, Jon's right. Hey, Joel!" Bouncy unicorn is bouncy. "What kinda shows? I ain't been to a show in ages!" Her hair is loose and falling over her shoulders. "Logan, how the hell are ya? Thanks for hosting, it's right neighborly." She has been hanging around too many Southerners, clearly.

“Hey, everybody. Great to see you all.” Logan looks up from his preparations to come out and at least nod to everyone, but he doesn’t shake hands like he usually would — because he’s cooking! And wants to stay sanitary, donchaknow! But his blindingly beautiful smile is given, and the light that beams out all around him is there for all to see, hardly any shadow present tonight. “And thanks, Jon, glad you like the place. Everyone, please sit and relax, or help yourself to food or drinks. And let me know what you’d like grilled! I have vegetarian options as well.”

Turning to November, he inclines his head with a smile. “Happy to see you here as well, November.” He glances at her shirt, then up at her face again. “Sure you have the alignment right? I would have pegged you for Chaotic Neutral, for sure.” He winks and wanders back to the grill. Who knew Logan had a geeky side? To Dielle, he also gives a nod and a smile. “It’s my pleasure, Dielle! I’m so glad you and Jon could make it! You too, Joel,” and the light around him beams ever-brighter.

Jon looked down at teh ground, at November, at Logan glowing, and then on the opposite side of them where Logan was not but beams of light refracted like tiny prisms on teh ground. He sighed and said to Dienne, "I'm not buying you a mag flashlight." Becuase that had prism fun written all over it and he knew how her mind worked. "Joel's got soe charity bit coming up at the club if I remember. They were tlaking about it up on teh Ped's floor earlier."

Joel waves to the bouncy unicorn and gives a little dip of his head in her direction, "Couple of different ones coming up. Some more summer theme twists on our aerial shows, and then perhaps something superhero themed on the horizion, for something a little different." He makes his way over to where the there are drinks and acquires one for himself before looking around to the others gathered, offering to bring drinks to those who are interested while Logan's doing the cooking.

November lifts a hand from her pocket, accepting the compliments with an amused Vanna White gesture down her body and a light, "Scarcely any fault of mine, I'm afraid, but I'm certain my Lady would appreciate the pleasure you take in her work." Because casually talking about one's Keeper is a Thing. Nodding to Logan and, incidentally, setting her red- and white-striped, queerly fluid, floating locks to rippling with the motion, she agrees, "The clever would," before glancing around from face to face and inquiring, "What alignment would -you- be?" of everyone present. Gods can be D&D nerds too. Also A Thing.

"Already got one, darlin'" replies Dielle to Jon, but she's got a grin because he read her mind. "Joel, that superhero one sounds great, I totally have to go see it when it's there." She shakes her head at November. "I don't know what the alignments are. Couldn't really say." She sounds a little sad that she doesn't know. She covers that by going to grab a drink, dropping Jon's hand in the process.

Since no one's been real outspoken about what they want grilled, Logan starts putting out all kinds of things. The staff has departed at this point, so it's just the Dawns. He puts out hot dogs, hamburgers, fish, steak, chicken, tofu, veggie burgers, vegetables -- everything is grass-fed, local, organic, and of the highest quality, of course. "What's that about a charity?" he asks, smiling over in Jon's and Joel's direction with a curious light in his eye. He does so love to give away his money. The smile is given to November next, a look in his blue eyes that's still a bit sly, but he doesn't answer her question.

November tilts her head to regard Dielle, then explains, "They are a blend of two axes: good vs. evil, chaos vs. law. You may be Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, true Neutral, etc. etc. They are a quick, vague, easy referent for certain character traits one might expect to be present. For example, a Chaotic Good character is one who is willing to break a few laws now and then, but generally means well by it. Robin Hood, say, would make a decent example." Glancing at Jon, the Ancient asides, "LED lights, faced down through my scalp. Or..." Studying Dielle, she offers, "I could craft you a gewgaw to make your hair glow," ever so helpfully. #1 supporter of rainbows!

Joel considers on the topic of alignment and after a while he says, "True neutral." Finding a drink, he cracks it open and takes a swig before he answers Logan, saying, "The proceeds from the Carnivale show on the 6th will be going to the pediatric wing of the hospital. We do charity shows every so often and donate the full proceeds to local causes that need funding." He takes a breath of the scent coming off the barbeque and sighs contentedly.

Jon kisses the top of DIelle's head as she passed. He neither drew attention to the minute conflict nor ignored it. When November talked about LED's he relented, "Okay I might try that. Diellle, you can have amag-lite." To Logan he concluded with an honest laugh, "I'm a linebacker. Meat. Keep it comin. You want help on that grill you let me know, buddy. I got'chu." The Alignment question got a scratch behind his ear, "I dunno. I might be lawful evil. Don't really wanna be, but I think it's prolly most accurate." To Joel he said genuinly, bullshit aside, "They're really super looking forward to it. It's a hell of a thing. Kids get scared ya know. Don't have a lot of life experiences to fall back on so they work with what they got. So good to see them so excited about something other than being able to eat whatever they want for lunch."

Arriving on her own -- who knows where Alonso is, but he isn't with the golem -- Gisa sets down a small black bag, presumably containing her swimsuit, off to one side, and wanders toward the grill. In silence, she touches Dielle's arm in greeting, waves generally toward the others, and fetches herself up a burger (no cheese) with mustard. Then it's time to find a place to sit and listen to others talk. Not everyone at every party is a chatter. Tonight, Gisa isn't chatty.

Want to watch Dielle's face light up? Mention glowing rainbow hair. "REALLY?" she squeaks. "Pretty please glowing hair oh my god, that'd be so awesome!" Gisa gets a quick hug before she's allowed to go off to get herself food. "Ummm...Prob'ly Chaotic Good, then, or maybe Chaotic neutral. I don't /think/ I'm evil, though Jon might disagree. Heck, I might disagree." She considers the food, then goes over to load up on a lot of veg and a little meat. "Smells yummy, Logan. Hey, Gisa, glad t'see you here!"

Logan smiles to Joel as he continues to grill, grill, grill away. "That sounds fantastic, Joel. Great that you guys do that. I'll try to make it, if I can." He nods to Jon next. "Thank you. I've got it, so far, but if people eat a lot...then we'll see!" He gives a little boyish laugh, then smiles brightly to Gisa as she arrives. "Welcome, Gisa! Glad you could make it." He's already put out several of the cooked items on a table for folks to serve themselves. The tables are fairly close to the grill, so he says, "I mostly intended this as a social gathering, but does anyone have any Court or Freehold business they'd like to bring up?"

Ahhhh. Satisfied rainbow. Dielle gets a swift grin, along with a mild, "Check the Hollow tomorrow, after dawn." Gisa is afforded a nod in greeting, but alignments are Important Business, and the Ancient clarifies for the unicorn's sake, "Evil cares for its own interests above all others. It is the ultimate in greed; chaotic evil, most especially, does as it pleases at all costs, and hasn't any desire to change the world beyond its own interests and what suits it at the moment. It is seldom possessed of a long vision. Lawful evil is generally more appealing -- it is the deliberate, cruel Lord who will keep his bargains, once struck; the knight who has an inner code to which he always cleaves. Law is, inherent in itself, a more comfortable creature altogether than chaos, for most. It is predictable, once you know the rules upon which it functions."

Succinct and simple, November's answer for Logan is a polite, "No."

Joel nods his head to Jon and says, "I know that it'll all be put to good use." The squeal from Dielle gets a little grin from Joel and he chuckles, just a bit quietly at her delight before turning his attention over toward Logan. "It'd be good to see you there if you can make it. There will be several shows through the night, so you can come to any one of them and it would be a help." When asked if there is any business he'd like to bring up, he shakes his head in the negative. "I would really love some sausage and a bit of that fish though.."

Dielle gets a hug, of course, from the gently-warm golem. Possibly overwarmn in the summer air, but so things are. Raising her burger in salute to Logan, Gisa settles in to listen to people talk. Her eyeflames skate to Logan, and she shakes her head slightly toward the golden boy in response. "Nah," she answers after she finishes her first bite.

Jon looked to November and said "Yeah and Lawful Evil is also the man that knows it's wrong and does what he's told because he's told but does nothing to change the flow of tides because it's in his own best interest. Masterminds and apathy may consume the hang that draws the sword." There was no pride in his voice. Fingers lift to his temple and clicked three times before pointing to Gisa, "Shalom, Gisa." He remembered. There we go. To Joel he tilted his head, "True Neutral hh? Let others seek their own path and encourage what need be?" That interested him. Storm grey eyes lift to November and said "Chaotic Neutral to you might be a ploy and you might have a plan. You have plotty face, November."

Laughing at Jon, the sound not .. quite .. human, too fey, too free, November steeples her fingers before herself, posture shifting subtly to a sinister, Disney villainess air while colours flare into a brilliant semblance of flickering, blood-hued flames. Granted, she has no innate illumination on her own, so the colours may end up looking a mite peculiar, seeing as they are the equivalent of a gel filter on anything in her vicinity. She slants a sly smile his way through demurely lowered crystal lashes, then snaps back into casual ease and Happy Birthday USA in an eyeblink, capricious creature that she is, once again a kaleidoscope of dizzyingly swirling stripes and stars. "I am what I am." What, not who. "What do I plan, Jon?" Genuine curiosity touches the words, interest in his opinion.

There is no true business to be had, then. Logan serves sausage and fish up to Joel, and then steps away from the grill with a hamburger for himself. He fixes it up with a bun and everything else and momentarily doffs the apron so he might sit and dine a bit. His blue eyes wander over to November, watching her closely with a small, slight smile on his face, but he seems to have very little to say on the whole alignment topic. Even though he himself pointed out November's shirt first.

"Shalom, Jon," Gisa answers easily, stretching her neck with a pop-pop-pop that sounds like someone using granite balls for a game of marbles. "What is my alignment, then?" She asks this in between bites of her burger; her diamond teeth catch the light as she takes a monster-sized bite out of the food Logan so kindly made. Her fingers click against one another as she adjusts her hands to not squish the burger in question.

"Ok, what's my alignment?" asks Dielle, in unison with Gisa. "Ummm...I feel like there /should/ be business. Just really not sure what it should be. Maybe planning some kinda thing where we do some community good? Cleaning up the park or feedin' people?"

And Dielle adds, "Jon, you ain't lawful evil. That's what you escaped bein'. What are you now?"

Joel looks over to Jon at his interpretation of True Neutral and says, "Something like that," though he doesn't elaborate further for the time being. He looks over and notices that Gisa is there as well and he dips his head to her in greeting. "Had I known, I would have brought some of the blackberry wine," he says. Then he thanks Logan for both the sausage and fish on his plate, adding a few other bites and nibbles to it. He makes his way over toward a seat so that he doesn't drop anything while eating.

Logan smiles between Gisa and Joel. "I have some blackberry wine, if you'd care for some, Gisa." Logan? He's observant. And a good host. He's quietly munching away on his burger, though he does say absently, "I'd be curious to see what people think my alignment is," all cheerful-like, like he doesn't expect anyone to take him up on that, and is almost pleased that they won't. It's a funny little contradiction. He gets up briefly to grab a cold can of lemon La Croix for himself before sitting back down again.

Jon answered November, "Well been watching. I don't think any of this is really about the answer. Seems to be a part of a process. The thinking part, not the answer part. I dunno. Random questions though? Hardly ever random. As for the charity Dielle? Joel's got one lined up. Should check that out. Joel, man, fair e-fuckin-nuff. Still, if we got other ideas on how to make things a lil less shitty I'm game."

"Shalom, Joel. I appreciate the thought. I am glad you are here -- I have not seen you in some time." And then Logan is offering, and Gisa leans forward. "Blackberry wine is my favorite. I would love some, Logan, thank you. I can get it for myself?" She finishes her burger, and turns her attention to the other conversation as she gets to her feet, dusting off her hands. "I am not aware of the ... way one determines one's alignment. I have heard of it." In case people thought she was a hopelessly out of touch golem.

Dielle glances at Jon, then turns to Logan. "You? I wanna say "lawful neutral", but I'm not sure why. Then again, I don't really know what my alignment would be. Gisa, you're lawful good, I think." She takes a breath, then realizes she has a lot of veg left, and starts diving into it.

"It's right over there with the other drinks, Gisa," Logan offers cheerfully, nodding to the little drink station set up in this area. Then he smiles over to Dielle, not confirming nor denying her assessment of him. "Chaotic Good for you, Dielle," and his grin widens. "That's my opinion." He continues to eat his burger, looking a little like he's ruminating over something, although he does not yet say what's on his mind. He eats slowly, moderately and carefully, besides.

November tilts her head, regarding Jon with mild, neutral interest, much as one might offer an inoffensive work of art. "Ninth Spectrum is available for any charity needs. Children do so adore shooting each other in unfortunate places." She glances aside at those less familiar to her, noting, "Face masks are mandatory, and rentable. They can be provided free of charge." A glance at the sky elicits a slight narrowing of inhuman eyes, then a smile for the gathering, and a polite nod toward Logan as the host. "Time." Time? What time? Unexplained time, that's what, because the Ancient directs herself and her long-legged stride toward the exit, not requiring staff assistance or direction.

Of course, anyone looking at Jon would no doubt notice the dramatic shift in his attire: neon banana yellow is tough to miss.

Iiiiit's banana time!

And then Gisa trundles over to get herself some blackberry wine. That's her favorite. "Hmm. Yes. I think that is possibly true. Does a Lawful Good interrogate the law at every possibility?" She doesn't know these things, after all. She does know that she really likes blackberry wine, though, and she really likes good conversation on Shabbos. So she pours herself some of her favorite wine -- a large glass, because rest comes once a week -- and grabs herself another burger, no cheese, mustard, before returning to her chair. And then her eyeflames blink off and back on again as she watches Jon's pants turn the color of a yellow Starburst, or, indeed, a neon banana. "... oh dear."

"That's a very cheerful color," Logan remarks, tilting his head and smiling over at Jon, but there's a whisper of mischief in his eyes. "I find that yellow tends to pair nicely with blue and white," because pretty much all Logan wears is blue and white, with a few shades of yellow or gold. The host is recasting this in his own image, apparently.

Dielle looks thoughtful, and says, "Maybe organize sporting events for kids who don't have the money to do organized sports? Football or baseball or hockey? Something like that?" Then she turns around. "Banana hammock says what?"

Jon made his point to November and then went about getting his food from Logan helping him make sure things got passed back to people who wanted it. He was patient. He could wait and to Logan, was grateful. But there was A murmur and he looked down at his board shorts. The Banana hammock joke drew a grin from him. An honest grin if for a bmoment from teh Jotun who did turn and twerk for the unicorn while taking a bite out of his burger. He stood up again and pointed to her and November "Yeeeah! That's how we do it up in Dawn's House."