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Dawn Shabbos Dinner

Jon, Joel, Kyle, Logan, Sorcha, Dielle, Grillo, Alonso, Lucky, Gisa

12 May, 2017

If you need an excuse for a bunch of people to get together and be social, you can't do much better than a Shabbos dinner. Gisa hosts for the Dawn Court in the back room of Tamarack Falls Jewish Books.



It is just after sundown on Friday night, and the back room of the bookstore has been rearranged just slightly: the couches have been pushed back, the chairs tucked into corners, and a big fold-out table has been set up in the middle of said room. Around it, chairs have been set. There aren't placecards at any of the places, leaving people to select their own chairs as they like. The half-drunk glass of water at the head of the table tends to indicate that's already spoken for, at any rate.

Tonight's plates, for those who've eaten dinner with Gisa before, are the sunrise-orange fleishig plates, with the matching orange-handled silverware and, yes, orange napkins as well. The middle of the table and the mini-kitchen's counters are piled high with food. Rosemary and garlic bone-in loin chops of lamb, apricot chicken, matzoh ball soup, steamed mixed vegetables, Sephardic-style jeweled rice, with pomegranate seeds and blueberries bright against the saffron-yellow rice... and the crown jewel, resting beneath a crisp linen challah cloth but with the colors still visible: a pair of huge braided-style challah, one relatively normal... and the other, well...

The other one looks like Gisa couldn't decide whether to make a challah loaf or a birthday cake for Dielle, and so made both at once. It's rainbow-colored, and there's a stray few sprinkles on the table that escaped from the monstrosity of Rainbow Unicorn Challah hidden under the white challah cloth.

There is some space left on that kitchen counter for at least Logan's contribution to the meal, and there are multiple bottles of wine on the table, as well as a cold glass bottle of ice tea. Arranged at one of the spots along the table are a number of small shot-glass-sized cups full of red liquid. Some sit by the card labeled 'wine' and some by the card labeled 'juice.'

Once all of the Dawns are gathered who mean to, Gisa closes the door to the main bookstore and the door to the street; on both she has placed neat signs reading 'Private Event, Emergency Only.' She lights the paired candles on the table, covers her eyes and uncovers them three times. Sings something in Hebrew: there is a pattern there, a simple melody that is repeated when she picks up one of those shot glasses, gesturing for everyone else to do likewise, wine or juice of their choice, and then, something else that starts with Baruch atah Adonai. A third bit of prayer comes with the uncovering of the paired challah, after which point small pre-sliced bits of the challah are passed about.

"Thus concludes the mandatory religious portion of the evening," Gisa offers, somewhat drily. Her eyeflames flicker and trace 'round the room (that's new). "Thank you all for coming. Let's eat!"

Yes, as promised, the (literal) Golden Boy known as Logan has brought a dish. He's gone sort of dressy-casual today in a brilliant blue blazer with a subtly striped white and blue button down shirt beneath, nice jeans, and brown loafers. No socks, he's still a Californian. His food contribution appears to be two different kinds of potato knishes: both the round, flaky, pastry-like kind, and the square deep-fried kind. Perhaps he couldn't decide, or perhaps he just had to bring both? Either way, they should go well enough with all of the other delicacies.

He takes a seat somewhere in the middle of the table, because he is a pretty outgoing guy and seems to have an innate understanding that many of the Dawns are a bit on the stoic or introverted side. Not a problem -- let the extrovert save the day! Once the prayer portion of the evening begins, Logan seems to be in a sort of rapt attention, listening closely; his Blessing allows him to understand any untranslated Hebrew, which is handy. After Gisa says it's time to eat, his bright, perfect smile appears on his face. "Thank you, Gisa! That was really interesting."

Joel comes in from the bookstore.

Lucky heard about the event, of couse. And while he has no experience with Jewish traditions in the slightest, he's happy enough to attend. Assuming he doesn't botch it all up. Which is probably why he's sitting there quietly, hands in his lap, just kind of watching what everyone else is doing so he can take his cues from the rest of them. There's nothing quite like the taste of foot in your mouth after you've stepped in someone's religious traditions, after all. He does offer the Golem a warm smile, though, and then a polite nod to the others.

Dielle has come in bearing an enormous bouquet of dried flowers, that she puts on the sideboard, far away from the candles. She kisses Gisa's cheek, then falls silent for the blessing. She pays attention, although she doesn't bow her head. (Ok, Dielle's goyische, she doesn't know that she's not expected to.) Her seat is on the other side of the table, opposite Logan. And she's grinning at the challah. That's a BIG grin.

On account of living on Gisa's couch, Alonso's already here when folks are arriving. His duffel bag is conspicuously present here in the room. He's about as dressed up as the man gets. His buck coat traded for a tight vest worn over his billowy-- and admittedly somewhat dingy --frilled shirt. He's wearing the same loose trousers and high boots as usual, and his enormous and ridiculously floppy hat remains atop his head, conveniently casting the Spaniard's face in shadow. Being a stoic introvert, Alonso has seated himself towards the end of the table, where he can partake of socialization by technicality and enjoy his bottle of wine in peace. He joins in on the final prayer over the bread, believe it or not. But that's the extent of his participation. Except for the wine. The wine goes in his big ol' cup, yes it does.

The feline/vulpine duo arrive together, vixen on Kyle's arm. She's wearing a simple little maxi dress of blue with a shrug over her shoulders, and a bright smile on her lips. New experience! Those are fun! Dawn Courtiers! Even better! While she doesn't bring food, there is a little box that she carries in along with her, left on the side board, a little token of thanks. Many faces are unfamiliar, and she stays close to Kyle even as curiosity shines in her amber eyes. Quiet during the blessing, the Hebrew words unknown to her, but certainly enjoying hearing the tone of them as they come.

Grillo usually arrives bearing gifts, but the bug remains quite tired, it seems; he's got a small wooden box that seems proffered out that he doesn't quite announce THIS IS FOR YOU about, and the Semaphore Antennae are at a reasonably wobbly droop. Mister Stylish's posture says something like "I pulled an all-nighter and then drove here. From another state." He's faking it well, but it's the little tells that might give him away to the more observant and empathetic, that and his big-wind-of-change mantle feels very much like the edge of a storm. His manners remain attentive during the blessing, but another small giveaway that he's running on empty and recharging with society is that even once dinner really begins and the social hour launches, he's far quieter and less exuberant than usual.

For his part Kyle just takes in Gisa's prayer and blessing with a mind that is surely filing away notes for his latest update to the homemade manual he's constantly working on. That would be the Jewish Friends for Dummies one. He seems quite pleased to have Sorcha hanging on his arm as well. Who the hell wouldn't?

Logan offers smiles to all who arrive - familiar and unfamiliar faces alike. He's likely the newest member of this little Dawn group, and his connections to all are still shallow at best. Still, he's here. That conflicting mien of his makes any candlelight seem brighter, or darker, depending on whether his light or shadow is toying with it. "Do we help ourselves?" he asks, presumably in Gisa's direction. "Buffet style?"

Dielle points at CJ and points to a seat next to her, as if to communicate that the seat is open and she won't demand overly much from him as a food partner. (She's wearing a maxi skirt, in a deep blue with a pattern of lighter blue leaves and red flowers on it, and a short-sleeved top in silvery grey tucked into the skirt. And her cowboy boots. No hat, though, no protection from the brightness of her hair.)

The blessings are probably the most emotion that most of the Dawns have heard out of Gisa: it's not that Elementals don't have feelings, they just don't emote very well. Once the meal itself has started, Gisa nods to Logan, "Please do. I tried to leave a good space so we can all make it past without knocking each other over. There's wine and sweet tea and water." A kiss returned to Dielle's cheek in greeting, of course, and a small but actual smile for the Unicorn. "If Jon cannot make it late, give him my best, yes?" She accepts Grillo's gift with a look that's as much concern as anything else, and gently pats the bug on his shoulder again. There. There. "I appreciate the effort you made to be here, CJ. Very much." Kyle's arrival is met with a simple, perhaps odd sentence: "You have my permission," and a kiss to his cheek. "Thank you," to Sorcha, noticing the box on the sideboard. The golem is wearing a nice-ish red blouse with elbow-length sleeves, black trousers, and a gold necklace with a small gold Torah-scroll pendant on it. The red looks pretty good with her copper hair and fire eyes. Probably someone else picked it out for her a long time ago.

Alonso seems in no rush to get up and grab food. Mostly, he's just happy to have the wine. He relaxes back in his seat, toasting the new arrivals and the room generally before taking a rather prodigous gulp from his cup. He smacks his lips and rubs the back of his hand over his moustache to clear away and residual wine that may be left over. "Please, please. After all of you. I have been grazing off her cooking all afternoon, and have the welts on the back of my hand to prove it." He lifts his cup towards Gisa pointedly, "You are a terror with a cooking spoon, Miss Cohen."

"Thank you, for having us," Sorcha chimes to Gisa. Her accent is faint, but Scottish, and her tones are warm. And the little fox looks just as pleased to be on Kyle's arms. Enthusiastic, about the whole ordeal. There's wine - she gets some of that, oh yes - and once people are starting to get food, she does that as well. "It's good to meet all of you that I have not, yet. I'm Sorcha," she offers, as her ears flick about in the way of nosy foxes.

Joel makes his way in a little bit late. At least he's quiet and polite about it, sliding in and finding himself an open seat wherever one is available. He's dressed in his usual drab color scheme, all greys and blacks. He sets a bottle of blackberry wine down out of the way, his small contribution to the evening. He settles in and listens through the blessings attentively, his attention on the words that are spoken. When dinner begins in earnest, he looks up again, taking in the familiar faces around the room.

Grillo does end up drifted to the seat next to Dielle, and once properly greeted by Gisa, he tilts his head back a little to observe her face. "Hmmm. You're looking...bright tonight, my friend. Shalom, and thank you for this invitation, of course." It seems he's definitely one for the food, and it will quite possibly keep the cricket from curling up somewhere and gently chirping himself to sleep with his sky-blue scarf pulled over his eyes.

The blue-and-white-clad Logan wanders to the buffet, but he only takes small portions of...just about everything. Too curious not to, but also a moderate eater. He has to try both knishes he brought as well! The only thing he doesn't touch is the monstrous rainbow challah...maybe later, for that abomination of nature. "I'm Logan," he says cheerfully to Sorcha as he heads back to the table. "Nice to meet you. And you," he says to Kyle with a smile, but doesn't overly search for his name; the cat can tell him if he likes. "I'm excited for us to all be together as a court. It's a rare occasion."

Lucky scoots back politely out of the way so that others can get to the actual food parts. It seems that he's plenty satisfied with soup, and some of the wine that Joel brings. There are new faces and old faces in the crowd, some that he's met in passing and other's he's more familiar with. But for the moment, he seems content to stick to the sidelines, just watching the others and offering another smile to Gisa. "Thanks," he tells the Golem-woman. "This is nice."

Dielle waits at the table for a moment, then gets in line at the sideboard to get herself a plate of food. Because yum. She sits back down with a properly loaded plate, and grins at everyone. "Gisa, thank you for all of this. And it's wonderful to be here as a Court. I hope Jon'll be here late, but I'm not going to count on it. How is everyone?"

"That is only because you keep getting in my way in the kitchen, Senor Triste," Gisa answers, chidingly; the shin on her forehead flares briefly, brilliantly, and her eye-flames spark. "You almost made me burn the frosting for the unicorn challah." There's no real weight behind her fussing; it might even border on cheerful. "Of course, of course. Yes, please, introductions," because Sorcha had a good idea. "That is exactly the idea of this," she adds. "There are a lot more of us here than in many other places, so I wanted to be sure we had all met." Joel's arrival gets him a little wave, and her eye-flames flicker again when she sees what he's brought. "Please, pass that up here, will you, Joel?" Blackberry wine is her favorite. And then to Grillo, "It's quite the story, I will tell you about it later if you like. Shalom, my friend." Once everyone else who's going to is starting to get food, she picks up her orange plate and gets in line for food. She spent all this time on it, she's gonna eat it! "Of course. I am so happy so many of us are here. That is the thanks."

Joel's own food selections seem to consist of a bit of a number of items, so that he can try a little of everything, all neatly arranged around the plate in separate piles. He slips back over to seat once he has his plate and begins taking a bite of this and a bite of that to sample the different flavors. He makes sure that the wine makes its way toward Gisa and he dips his head when she waves and says, "Thank you for the invitation." Then he considers introductions, "I think I've actually met everyone here at least once if not twice but I'm Joel White. I run Club Carnivale. Come hang out any time. I'm usually working." He then glances around to the others.

Logan aims his smile in Joel's direction, after a bite of rice. "He is an amazing bartender, if you didn't already know. I keep telling everyone about that drink." To Gisa, he looks over and says, "Gisa, everything is amazing so far. Thank you again for putting this all together! Next time, I'd like to host you all at my place." He nods to himself, like that's settled. That's kind of how Logan works. Idea goes through to execution easily, or at least in his own mind.

Grillo points at Logan, and agrees, "An amazing bartender. That's a relationship everyone should cultivate: someone who can make the best drinks." More quietly, he agrees to Gisa: "It sounds like it is. If you feel like sharing -- I suspect you know I'm always up for a good story." He remains largely quiet, other than these small interactions; focused on getting his plate loaded up, and we do mean LOADED. Apparently he's making up for meals as well.

Dielle is fairly quiet, at this point. She's a little busy eating. Besides, she happens to agree that Joel's a kickass bartender, she saw the drinks he made for people. Talent will show.

"I am Alonso," the slouching Spaniard announces, since it is apparently introductions time. "I live on Miss Cohen's couch and help her in her book shop. Recently sworn to the Freehold in order to assist you all with some recent issues you have had. Waiting to see what comes about in Summer before deciding if I am to be on my way again or not." He punctuates this statement with a large gulp of his wine, then reaches for the bottle again. "So, for the time being at least, you lot are stuck with me and my apologies for it."

"Right, fuller introduction," the vixen says with a bright smile. "Sorcha, and recently arrived, oathed to your Freehold for the season. I know Kyle." A bright, beaming, smile towards him. "And am staying with him." Brow waggle. Foxes. They come in sneaky or ethusiastic, and she seems to favor the later. "I don't work anywhere yet. But hopefully that will change. I like Joel's place, it's got a carosel and that's pretty boss. Also this all looks delicious."

If people are making introductions, Lucky might as well make his own. He sets the soup to the side, giving Joel a little smile. "Showtime, I guess." Standing up, he offers a wave, making with the names and such. "Judge Lucky Donovan. New here. Not yet sworn to the freehold. Still trying to decide whether or not it's worth it," he admits. "The dice are still rolling on that one. I won't bore you with the story of the places I've been before this. But I'm here now. If I can be of help with anything, let me know." Seemingly contented with that, he sits back down and takes up his soup.

Okay, fuller introductions it is. Logan chimes in, after listening closely to all the other intros and nodding and smiling at each person. "Well, some of you know this already, but I'm Logan Brenner. I live in Phoibos House, over near the mountains." Huge mansion. Multi-million dollar home. Most locals probably know what it is. "Recent addition to the Freehold as well. I'm a consultant in media and am happy to donate money or time to any worthy causes. If you know any Lost in need of residence, let me know. They're welcome to stay at my place." He adds, with a bit of a grin, "I'm also looking for another good chess partner or two. If you know anyone who likes to play...let me know!"

"He is! And kind enough to get me my sickly-sweet wine." Gisa pours herself some blackberry wine, a good 2/3 of a large glass, once she has gotten herself a nice assortment of foods -- including Joel's offering. "I am Gisa Cohen, of course. This is my bookstore. This back room is always open for Freehold members, or Dawns. There is a first aid kit, there are spare clothes in that closet in the corner. You can sleep on the floor, because Alonso has the couch. But there is a safe place to sleep." She settles herself back down, flicks her eyeflames at Alonso, and then -- wait for it -- they slide up the insides of her eyepits, and roll right around the edge. Ain't that a new thing. Her attention flickers then to everyone making introductions. Back and forth between Sorcha and Kyle for a moment, then off to Lucky. "I am happy with the Freehold. I hope you choose to swear to it. And thank you, all. I hope it tastes good. The lamb is medium. I do not like it as much if it is all the way through, unless it is kebabs or something."

Gisa also nods aside at Grillo, her chin tipping up at him, after a moment. Tough to track all these conversational threads, but there will be stories for the cricket.

Dielle grins, and since there's introductions being done, she says, "All of this is delicious! By the way, I'm Dielle Henner." She slurs the first name with her Southern accent, it might be Dielle, it might be D.L. "I live with another Dawn over the Aspire Arena, and I work there, too. And no, I don't own it. Got me a roommate, Jon, who's also a Dawn," and she winces, the Don Jon jokes may start any time, since she just thought of it, "who may or may not be able to make it a bit later."

Joel glances over at Lucky when he goes to make his introduction. There's a slight flicker to his lips, a smile in return and a nod. Though when he retakes his seat, Joel says, "I've found the Freehold to be beneficial over the past couple of years, myself. Even if I tend to stick to my own business and that of my own." He then turns to listen to the others as they make their introductions. That little smile curls in amusement as others comment on his establishment, and his bartending though he looks down into his plate -- perhaps not the best at being complimented.

Grillo is nowhere near quick on the uptake. Half the court's introduced themselves and he's stuffing his face with lamb as if someone's going to steal it if he doesn't finish fast. He ends up gulping a bite with uncharacteristic lack of grace, clearing his throat, and looking around before adding his piece. "C.J. Grillo. Lord Echo, currently overworked newspaperman and writer. In the freehold long enough that the responsibilities are no doubt starting to roll around as they do. If I pass out on your floor, Gisa, just...roll me somewhere, I'm portable." The lanky bug continues to twitch antennae in different directions, as if sensing the currents of change nearby.

Having made his intro, Logan sits and nibbles and listens to the other intros. Though he's usually full of questions and comments aplenty, he's fallen a bit silent for the moment as he takes everything in. His attention is a very full thing, after all: bright blue eyes move from person to person like he's taking mental photographs of them all. He was at least hoping for a chess partner, but no such luck there, one supposes. Finally, he decides to speak up again. "So, just curious. Is there any official Court business we should be aware of? I'm too new to have any for myself, really, unless there's been any active, recent concerns about Max I'm not aware of." Whom Logan apparently considers his business now.

"I am glad you are all here," Gisa reiterates. "Another day," she offers between bites, "CJ was bringing up to me the importance of making sure that there are people at the public places in the Freehold. This place, yes, good, it is good that Joel has his bar even though it is not a Freehold place, but many of us -- forgive me, Lucky -- who are members do not go to the Waykeepers house very often. It is a good change, if we do this, I think. To be present for new and current members." She gestures toward Dielle with her glass. "Jon is working on a GED program, for the people who have a need of this."

"Whoever doesn't know me, I'm Kyle. This is Sorcha." That's Kyle indicating the foxy girl near him. "And uh...what did Max do?" He knows Max, you see! It strikes him with some mild surprise and concern to hear Logan or anybody mentioning concerns about her. "Oh also I drive people around for a living. It's pretty great. If you need to get somewhere give me a call."

Sorcha beams to Kyle as he indicates her, leaning over to give him a little shoulder bump. "I'm still getting my feet under myself. So I'm always happy for any help, there. Getting up to speed, getting information from various places so that I know what's going on." She takes a bite of lamb, and the expression of food-induced bliss is on her features, clear as day.

Lucky belatedly tells Logan, "If you're looking for someone to play, I'll take you up on it." Because why not? It's what he does. Though he gives Gisa a chuckle. "No need to apologize. I met one of your Waypeople. It left a bad taste in my mouth. But I've also met a lot of others, and the scales are definitey tipping in favor of joining. First freehold that I've seen where we're even allowed to do it, and I'm already second-guessing the whole process. Maybe I'm just overly suspicious." Thumbing over his shoulder, though, he says, "You need people for your Wayhouse, though, Joel seems like a good fit. Who doesn't wanna drink after coming out of the Hedge? Or from Jersey, or wherever?"

Logan shakes his golden head. "Max didn't do anything. I just wanted to make sure she's staying out of trouble." He says this very pleasantly, like he's talking about the weather, or how delicious the knishes are. Nodding in Gisa's direction, he adds, "Yes, it's a good idea for us to use the public places more often. Are any of you Waykeepers? I was thinking of officially joining that group, as well." He smiles Kyle's way, too, as he has for everyone who has introduced themselves. Then it sounds like Gisa is a Waykeeper, so he looks her way for clarification...though he does pause to grin brightly at Lucky. "I'd love a game, thanks! Anytime, anywhere."

Jon was. late. It was the story of Frostypants Technovaiking's life. He was still wearing scrubs, and looksed all teh world tired as shit. Still he managed to grab a shower in there somewhere. The snowskin usually had expressions that rivaled the legendary base Lego figure(tm) but there was a look at them gathered and there was a shadow of expression. Regret? Ah. Apology. GIsa-way. He did, first, however, go unicorn hunting taking very extra care not to touch anything, and tried as he could to avoid bumping people too. Dainty ass linebacker was cautious, yo.

There's a glance over at Gisa when she mentions spending more time in public spaces, and then when she mentions the Wayhouse. Though it is Lucky who is the recipient of that unblinking all-black stare when he says that Joel would be a good fit for the Wayhouse. "I've got my own bar to tend." It doesn't seem like becoming the Wayhouse bartender is on his list of priorities. "People can find me there if they're in need of a drink." Apparently he's not particularly thrilled at being volunteered, either, his attention returning to his food as he digs in, finishing it off with a pointed interest.

Dielle opens her mouth at the Max question, then closes it again. Sometimes, it's better to just keep one's mouth shut. When the Techno-Viking comes in, she beams at him, and pats the seat next to her. "Hey, Scrubs," she addresses him. "Get yourself a plate of food, then you get to introduce yourself."

Grillo lifts a long-fingered hand and his antenna on the left-hand side raises like a puppet on a string along with it, waving at Jon. The cricket remains mostly an observer, though he adds, "Not a Waykeeper, though I've heard from a person or two that their experience with the Wayhouse here is...distinctly mixed." This small opinion offered, he rises to fetch himself another drink.

"All I know is Max is a bullet magnet and sleeps outside like it's cool, when it's actually super dumb. Especially with you know. Murderers happening." Kyle has no problem stating his opinions on that matter. For no reason at all he shoulder bumps Sorcha and mentions also, "Also not a Waykeeper. But I'm getting a drink." He's getting a drink.

"Yes, it seems like the experiences here with Waykeepers have been mixed. Surely we can change that?" Logan clears his throat at the very blunt observations about Max by Kyle. "Well, I've offered her a permanent place at my home. So if you hear about her sleeping outside anywhere, let me know and I'll be sure she doesn't." He follows this up with his usual bright grin as if to say, see? The situation is under control.

Dielle says, "I disinvited her from our house, she's missing gratitude and graciousness, as well as any damn common sense." She shrugs a bit, and says, "She about bit Gisa's head off when Gisa pointed out that she had a place to sleep. Maybe she just likes it when guys are offering? But I think she's gonna get someone killed, she thinks she's the equal to anyone in the freehold instead of a visitor forced on us." She shakes her head, and then shrugs. "Tell me about the Waykeepers? Who had bad experiences? What happened with them?" She clearly finds that a far more interesting question than anything about Max.

"Hello, Jon. I am so glad you are here." Gisa leans back in her chair, and doesn't ask who Lucky had a bad experience with; her forehead wrinkles up at the concept, though. Curious, or puzzled, or something. "It is not for my temperament and my ability to commit to the times, to be a Waykeeper. I am glad to be a Custodian." She takes bites from various bits of food on her plate, changing it up. Lamb and rice? Lamb and unicorn challah? No, omg no. She pauses and clears her throat, taking a quick swallow of ... blackberry wine, that did not help. Covering her mouth with her hand. "She had a permanent place at John's home -- not this John, but another mensch with a similar name -- but she likes to sleep outside. And does not seem... " She pauses. "She was very rude to me about my hospitality," the golem finally agrees with Dielle, looking at her plate. "She has never apologised." More silence. "I tried to help her understand why some secrets will be kept from her, for her safety, but." Slow headshake. "We have not spoken since." Max hurt Gisa's feeling, guys.

"Not the brightest of things. It still gets cold enough here at night that sleeping outside is not a good idea, beyond there being someone getting their murderface on, apparently." Sorcha returns Kyle's shoulderbump, and holds her empty wine glass out to him. Thank you! "I don't have membership in any of the Freehold groups. I'm just..." a gesture. "Here."

Logan tilts his head, listening to Dielle with a slight smile on his face. Not wanting to start an argument, he simply says one thing to her: "I truly don't believe that Max thinks she's the equal to anyone in the Freehold, and I consider it my duty to make sure she learns that lesson." Smile, smile, smile. So pleasant, so polite. He turns to take in Gisa when she begins to speak. He looks a little more solemn at her point, and nods. "I'm really sorry to hear that. Maybe I can help heal the bad blood between the two of you. Build a bridge." And maybe Dielle, too, but Dielle was talking some active smack. "She /is/ a member of the Freehold, whether or not it suits anyone's fancy. Anyway," and he lets out a laugh, taking a small drink of iced tea. "There's certainly no cause to turn her into a focus of argument."

Lucky looks over at Joel, raising an eyebrow. "Oookay. Bad idea. Motion retracted." He shrugs, finishing off his soup as he listens to the others and their stories. "Max is the hyper chick, right?" As if that should explain everything. "She seems... enthusiastic." A word carefully chosen, there. Seems that opinions on a good number of things are mixed. Though when Dielle asks about Wayhouse experiences, Lucky simply offers, "Some loudmouth that was too full of himself. Kept talking about things he shouldn't where people the wrong people could hear. Not exactly a banner that screams 'welcome to safety'." Of course, not being a part of the Freehold, he has no access to any subsequent information in that regard.

Logan has found something!

"She does, Logan, she believes she should be treated the same as a fresh from the Hedge Changeling, and told everything we are. But it is Shabbos and I would prefer to keep peace." The golem takes a swallow of her wine, leans back. "Bridges will mend if they mend," she answers Logan. "As long as she does not understand that it isn't about her specifically that I do not tell her things, it will not mend whole." She clears her throat. Her eyeflames flicker toward Dielle, and a small, slightly awkward smile toward the unicorn. Kyle's summation of things pulls her attention, and then she nods to Sorcha's addendum. "Ah. Would that be Oberon, Lucky?"

Jon looked to Kyle and arched an eyebrow. "Yeah, hypothermia's a real hoot." Says the frost giant. On the opinion of the others at the table he only offered, "She doesn't think. Doesn't learn how things work, and thinks it's a game. She's fucking waiting to be taken... and I ain't fuckin losing any one of you fuckers because she wants to play tra la la into the hedge. We fought our way out. When she can listen? Maybe." His head dipped to teh hostess and offered her... a bag of smoked almonds. He offered apologetically, "The intent was to bring something but I got tied up at the hospital. It's what the snack kiosk still had after hours." It was not a useful offering but his mama taught him to bring something and somewhere... he was not inclined to upset her. He kissed the top of DIelle's head for a long moment and pulled up teh seat saved for him. There was a nod to the others he'd not directly met; Joel, Sorcha, Logan, and that side of the table but he fell back to being quiet.

Joel is quiet as he listens to the others talking around him, focusing mostly on his food. He glances over at Lucky for a moment and then mumbles, "Sorry," looking a little bit apologetic. He says then, "We met her on the way to that pool the other day. She's the one that climbed the rock." It doesn't seem that he has an opinion on Max, or just doesn't know her well enough to voice one, so he doesn't say more than that. He glances over at Jon when the man gives him a nod and he returns one in kind, greeting the big man briefly.

Dielle reaches over to take Jon's hand and squeeze it for a moment, the nods at the flowers on the sideboard. "Those are from us, too, darlin'." She looks over at Logan and shrugs. "She /said/ it. Actually screamed it at us in a bar. So, yeah, she does believe that. You wanna teach her anything, it's on you and you're welcome to it. Gisa already tried, as did CJ, here, but maybe she takes these things better from men, like I said." She looks at Gisa and says, "Oh, shit, is THAT who was spillin' beans out of season?" Talk about mixed metaphors. "Who was he spillin' 'em to? Never mind, probably ain't my business."

Logan prefers to keep the peace as well. He simply smiles tightly and folds his hands on the table. "We're all entitled to our opinions. But everyone makes mistakes. Oberon made them, too, and now he's being punished." He shrugs a shoulder. "Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, the only answer to being presented with problems is to try and find solutions. Everyone will have a different way of doing that." He turns and looks calmly at Dielle for a moment, and shrugs a shoulder. Still smiling. "I'm sure Max just wants to be treated like a human being and not a lesser-than. Isn't that something everyone wants, no matter what they are? Changeling or Lost?" He could continue, and looks like he might like to, but then he doesn't. He actually stands and goes over to the rainbow challah. "This thing looks intense."

"...so apparently there are a lot of opinions out there about Max..." says Kyle in a quieter almost to himself tone, like he's narrating this. "That's too bad. Guess people gotta peep." By now he has himself a nice big glass of wine and seems eager to enjoy it. "Nobody should be rude to Gisa though. Legends speak of the Gisa and her hospitality, the like of which has never been seen since the days of old!"

Grillo is himself quiet; it's a studied neutrality from someone used to playing observer a great deal. He does, however, note to Dielle quietly, "Publically announced, I thought, where Oberon was concerned." His fingers steepled over his plate, a pause in his chow-down as he pays close attention.

Jon looked to Dielle's hand on his, the Unicorn, and then the flowers on the side relaxing possibly a bit too much observing, "Aw, well that's a far less shitty gift. Good." Ogre may not have polished ettiquite, but he's got the idea down. He waited to observe how people were conveying food to plate and then to face. Right cool, self serve family style. On it. He fixed himself a small plate from teh things around trying a little of everything and blinked at it. "I dunno what i'm eating but it looks good. Thank you for hosting, Gisa."

"Whatever the problems," Lucky says, "there are always ways to fix it. Ways to make it better." Looking around the room, he says, "Isn't that what most of us are -here- for?" So what if it's the Dawn version of the Hallmark card. "Yeah, things might suck. But we're pretty sure they could suck less. This... tradition..." He glances to Gisa, hoping that the word doesn't offend, "comes from a people who escaped from slavery and wandered a desert for fourty years hoping for something better. So the rest of it has to be small potatoes, right?"

Sorcha is quiet, herself. Likely due to the whole 'newly arrived' bit and not knowing who the people that belong to those names are. But there's wine, there's lamb, and there's good company. Things she enjoys, along with the listening. Those big ears are getting a workout.

A small, easy smile sidelong to Kyle; he's one of the people she can actually emote to pretty decently. "I try, Kyle." Gisa takes the almonds and one of her eyeflames winks off and on again. "Your presense is enough, friend. But thank you. I like almonds. You are welcome. This has been good." She sets the almonds down by her plate, off to one side. Her almonds. Snack for later. Goylomim need lots of fuel, after all. "Oberon was taken in hand by Queen Pook. He is not allowed to speak for the season." Logan's opinion on Max has Gisa just shaking her head. "I thought so too." And then she repeats, "I thought so too. I wish you best of luck. I am what I am. Goylomim are not most convincing. Maybe you will do what we tried to, and could not."

Dielle raises an eyebrow at Logan. Just one. "She is lesser. I'd like to keep it that way, I don't wish bein' Taken on most people. Ain't right. She's sworn to the Freehold, which makes her everyone's responsibility, but it'd be nice if she took that responsibility as seriously as the rest of us did. I don't think she's about keeping people safe, she's about proving herself. That's dangerous." And again, she shrugs. "Which is why I happily consign her to your care, Logan."

"Also Gisa, before I forget: you have my permission. Uhp!" What did Kyle just uhp for? He laughs a little and then plays it off like a hiccup, grinning.

Logan cuts himself a small piece of the rainbow challah. While he's over there, he checks not one phone in his pocket, but two phones -- one is a gold iPhone Plus and the other is a black Samsung of some kind. Then he returns to the table with the bread, sitting down again. "So, is there anything else that needs to be discussed? I might need to head out soon, but would like to make sure I don't miss anything of vital importance. Oh!" His smile beams brighter for a moment. "I hope you'll all come to my party, on Memorial Day Weekend. Should be a blast. You'll all get invitations, if you haven't already." Then the serious conversation is considering, so he listens closely to both Lucky and Gisa. To Gisa, he raises his glass of tea. "Thank you for the vote of confidence, Gisa. I don't like to give up." He sips and and smiles at Lucky as well, nodding. As for Dielle...his smile fades a little bit. "Go ahead and do that, Dielle. I happily take up those reins."

Jon looked up to Logana nd waived a hand subtly like suggesting (Bro, 86 on teh 'reigns' thing), but otherwise did not draw attention ot it and didn't readdress it. It was, though, to teh quieter end of the table the Jotun looked and turned his atetention. "Jon. Nice to meet you." He looked at the rainbow challah on his plate and in all deadpan earnestness asked Dielle, "This ain't one of yoru relatives right?"

"We should talk more, soon, about how we can help each other with our projects. I am proud of Jon, and his efforts. The Custodians and Harvestmen will work together on the danger to the Freehold, the Soundless. Please be careful." Gisa waves a hand at Logan. "Thank you for coming. Shabbat shalom." Dielle's words about Logan taking over make Gisa sort of ... look at her plate. She doesn't like that this is how it must be, but apparently it's how it must be with her. Then Jon makes a joke about the challah, and Gisa snorts a bit.

Sorcha's eyes go to the challa, and there's a grin that splits her mouth wide. "That is pretty fantastic looking," she says brightly. "It's so...colored." Amusement, in those amber eyes.

Eventually, Joel slips away from his seat, having finished his meal and putting things away wherever they need to go to help tidy up. When he passes Gisa he tells her quietly, "If you like this one, I've begun stocking it in the bar, and have two other varieties coming." He refers to the wine, and then he starts to move away toward the door as others begin to depart after once more conveying his thanks for the invitation to visit.

Dielle says, with pride, "I think it might be a distant relative. It's beautiful, ain't it?" She nods at Logan, but doesn't seem to be angry. She's cut loose of the subject, having given it over to Logan and it's stopped interesting her. "By the way, I joined the Harvestmen. But I don't have any interesting information about anything."

Logan finishes off his colorful bread and stands. "I would like that too, Gisa. I'm glad to be a member of the Custodians now, and I look forward to working with you. Thank you for the meal. Everything was delicious!" He even repeats, "Shabbat shalom" with a damn respectable accent. It really helps to be able to understand a language just upon hearing it. "Great meeting you all!" Offering waves and smiles all around, he heads out, taking his light and shadow with him.

Logan walks back into the bookstore.

Moving a sleepy Alonso.

Jon literally broke bread and made certain there was enough to go around. You'd think he was lining up shots at the bar in Greek Week or getting ready for some raucas beer pong, but no. Rainbow Challah challenge! It was not forced participation. Maybe it was a subject change or that the Jotun really did find the food and the people around him strangers yet to be less strange with him, pretty interesting. He held up a bit of it. "C'mon, let's do it. Who's doin this with me. We're tryin new foods. It'll be badass. Dielle...forgive us cause your distant baked relative looks tasty as hell" Grim. Stonefaces. Gruff. usually the words picked to describe him, but the college boy had a life when it came to getting people excited about workin on something new. This was his Team now, off the field. Coach would be proud of the effort. Maximum eeeeffooooort... for...eating rbead that is swirly and doesn't fight back. Overkill but fun.

"I am glad to know this. I will order a glass after sundown tomorrow," Gisa answers Joel. She picks up her current glass of blackberry wine and takes another swallow, sitting back with a content look on her face. The glass is raised in salute to Joel as he makes his way out, and then her eyeflames glitter. "Have at. And take some with you when you go, please, any of you. Of any of the food. I will not eat it all." Her fridge will be overflowing for days; in true Jewish fashion she's made more food than anyone could possibly eat. "Shabbat shalom, Logan, walk with care."

Gisa covers her mouth with her hand at Jon's showmanship. Her eyeflames sparkle with delight. She made a New Food, people are enjoying it!

Dielle giggles and takes her bread. "Cheers, y'all. Jon, don't you know by now that unicorns are always tasty? If not, you'll get to learn it later." She takes a big bite of bread and blinks. "Damn, Gisa, this is good!"

Joel walks back into the bookstore.

If people are going to be slicing up a bread-and-icing unicorn, Lucky will take a piece, too. Because why not? It's -almost- cake. Sort of. Though he does glance between the cake-thing and Dielle a few times, suddenly looking a touch uncomfortable as he tears little bite-sized chunks off.

Jon looked to Lucky in a moment of reserve, and again withteh deadpan looking out for the smaller dude, "Brah, seriously, she said it was okay. Your'e not commiting a snackrilige or anything. This is good, Gisa. Can I ask what's in it? Aside from I think egg and baby unicorn." He had a weird sense of humor that one. Bravo on the serious fas, ice man.

Dielle is looking MUCH more cheerful. "All you need to worry about is the powdered unicorn on the unicorn Frappuccinos. That's made from real unicorns. All dried and ground up." She takes a big bite of the bread, to prove it. She chews and swallows and says, "Seriously, this is good bread!

"It's just a challah, but then you put marshmallow fluff inside and sprinkles on it, and you make the icing... " Gisa explains, while Jon cuts slices of the challah. Yeah, there really is marshmallow inside each one of the three 'braid' pieces, and it comes oozing out. "Oh. I didn't realize it would... " ... ooze out quite like that? Her eyes widen, and the ambient temperature around the golem goes up a few degrees. Seriously, that does look a little obscene.

Lucky chuckles a little. "I mean... yeah, sure, but like..." Another glance at Dielle, and he just sort of gives up on whatever thought he was going with. Instead, he just plays with some marshmallow fluff, wrapping it around his fork. "Good turnout, though," he says. "Don't think I've seen this many of us in one place in awhile. Nice change."