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Adithan Varma
On Game As: Adithan
Played By: Suraj Sharma
Concept: Guardian Prince
Date of Birth: 3 August 1902
Apparent Age: 19 or 20
Occupation: Activist/Cook
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Stubborn

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Earthbones Telluric Woodblood
Court: Summer
Keeper: Unknown

“Never be cruel, never be cowardly. If you ever are, always make amends.
Always try to be nice, and never fail to be kind. Hate is always foolish, and love is always wise.
Never give up, never give in. Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.”

– The Doctor

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
– Ray Bradbury


      Edmond -- now Adithan again -- was born Maharajkumar Sri Marthanda Thirunal Adithan Varma, Elayaraja of Travancore on 3 August 1902, in Trivandrum (now Thiruvananthapuram), capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. At a year old, he was dedicated to Vishnu and granted the right to prefix his name with Sri Padmanabhadasa, as his family's tradition dictated. Raised in the royal family of an Indian princely state under indirect rule of the British Raj, Adithan was rich, surrounded by understated luxury, and groomed to be a leader; he was well-educated and well-loved, given attention by his instructors and his parents, and by his parents' advisors and servants. He never lacked for anything but a sense of the real world outside the gates of the palaces and manors in which he resided-- but he got in trouble a lot because he was always trying to get out and explore the streets on his own, and had a tendency to vanish into the kitchens and gardens. He was also an empath but kept it the hell to himself, but it made him protective of people who were being wronged, people who felt betrayed, people who felt sad. He liked studying. He was more or less a good kid.

      The British Empire went to war in 1914, and it brought its colonies and protectorates with it. He followed his favourite uncle out of the East Fort in Trivandrum to say goodbye and good luck when the man left to fight on behalf of the British Raj, and his soon-to-be-Keeper was looking for a prince to make her own, and he was very pretty and very strong-willed. He'd lost his uncle in the crowd and this beautiful lady said she'd help him if she just took his hand. Of course he took her hand.

      As far as the world knew, Crown Prince Adithan suffered a stroke at the astonishing age of twelve. He'd been bright and engaged and cheerful, loving and loved by everyone he encountered, and after the royal guard and his family found him out in the street, he was withdrawn, dull, sullen, and unpleasantly strange. It was almost a mercy when he fell ill and died in the first wave of Spanish Influenza to ravage the country in 1918.

      That was the story of his fetch, written in unpublished family annals and footnoted in history books, difficult but not impossible to look up. Adithan himself was in Faerie for ninety-nine years, and after nearly not making it out at all, he emerged from the Hedge to a world completely alien-- one in which his country no longer existed, his family were generations removed from him, technology had hit exponential growth while he wasn't looking, humans had walked on the Moon, and no one saw what he saw when he looked in the mirror.

      That was in 2013. It's been a bit of an adjustment since then-- and he never thought of himself as violent, and now he never thinks about why it's so easy to be angry and fight when the source of his anger's in arm's reach.

RP Hooks

  • Science fiction is escapist and wonderful. Adi can frequently be found scribbling it in notebooks, though he has never published. He has 2gb of rejection letters: he is, after all, stubborn. His writing is great but he can't come up with plots to save his life.
  • Vegetarian by religion and by choice; he is not vegan, but likes coconut milk all the same.
  • Researching for hire is also a thing he does; as long as he's reading everything he can get his hands on, he may as well make photocopies and do citations for students and professionals who suck at it or are too lazy or strapped for time to do it themselves.
  • Music is a balm for the aggravated soul; Adi is a vocalist and a musician. Unfortunately, he really likes punk rock, and his voice is a little too sweet for it, and piano and sarode, which he plays, are not very punk rock. He should think about busking, maybe. But not in the goddamn winter.
  • Environmental activism is a big part of his deal; he'd like to show climate change deniers the parts of the world that they don't think about.
  • Gardening is an interest and a hobby, as are cooking and calligraphy.
  • His various outfits can be pretty attention-getting.
  • He's really passionate about all kinds of inclusivity and equality, especially religious and gender, but if there's injustice and inequality he happens to see that's not one of those two, he'll do his best to punch it in the face.


  • Kelsey Williams is the Flamesiren he doesn't know helped him get out of Arcadia, who he's endlessly looking for without knowing who they are is Edmond's down-the-hall neighbor who just moved in, and is a-dor-a-ble but not looking for a relationship or even a hookup because there ain't no justice is Adi's other half, sensible and cautious and subtle where Adi is irrational, reckless, and blatant. Is also a beautiful and murderous snarkmonster.
  • November is greatly admired and respected; she is the Rainbow Trickster Devi, and Adi fully believes she's attained moksha somehow, and she has agreed to teach him beautiful things about magic.
  • Poppy is the amazing Autumn siren who Doesn't Ask, and is always sharply pleased to see Adi, and who very much understands when things are too much.
  • Amity Millikan is Mavis's girlfriend and likes court about as much as Adi, which is approximately -3000/5 stars, do not want do not want, and they have immediately bonded over cooking, social anxiety, and cannabis.
  • Tasia is a Summery biker chick from hell with a Right Hand of Doom and a predilection for glamour hedgefruit! Doesn't take herself too seriously.
  • Mavis Octavia Baines is an adorable mortal Adi met at Wegman's at early o'clock on a frigid morning, who helped him read Kelsey's chickenscratch shopping list; they bonded over their queer significant others sending them to the store with shopping lists, and she immediately figured out he was Lost. This is somehow endearing to Adi instead of alarming. He would like to cook for her and her lady.
  • Haruki is a lovely mortal boy who came to check on Adi when he was in bad shape, and brought takeaway, and for whom Adi would love to cook more.
  • CB Alexander is the guy who runs the Cat-22 Collective and who very kindly offered to Adi that he could borrow or read in-store any of the books there, and also made sure Adi actually had a place to stay. Kindnesses are not forgotten.
Leaves and Left
  • Doctor Plague, who calls him 'Sunset Colada', became the former wanderer of Summer's first real friend in Vermont -- they are, in effect, both too old for this shit. She's also seen him at his absolute twitchiest, and still did not judge, and cares deeply enough to be awful to other people on Adi's behalf. It's like Adithan collects murderous snarkmonsters or something.
  • Ashe_Whelan is the awesome Autumn Queen/Councilor who said it was perfectly all right not to pledge to the freehold, and that his help would indeed be appreciated should he choose to volunteer it.
  • Elliot Jones is literally Ed's next door neighbor, and is delightful, and has a very growly stomach and didn't know what a webcomic is, and he thinks he may adopt her for a little while. Or at least feed her.
  • Candice wants a garden too, and talks to trees in the language he's forgotten. He'd like to spend more time around her, and maybe put together that garden in the spring to give her when he inevitably leaves.
  • Ardis Ardeid is a fascinating person who also loves the stars. And bugs.
  • Teagan bought him a fancy sandwich for stealing a corpse.
  • Rozalia is the altogether too tolerant mortician that not only received the corpse but let Ed get followup information on what had happened to cause the body to be a dead one.
  • Vorpal is the overwhelming and frustratingly hard to connect with WYRD 9 SUBLIME LOST PANTHEON KNOWITALL that Edmond can't understand liking and can't understand why Vorpal doesn't like him, it's very confusing and annoying.
  • Ziv is the lovely batling who initially directed Edmond to Tamarack Falls for any and all Freehold needs.


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