Chloe Vandermeer

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Chloe Vandermeer
Chloe Fae.png
On Game As: Chloe
Played By: Natalie Grace
Concept: Impish Musician
Date of Birth: June 6 1982
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Busker/Recording Studio OG
Virtue: Kind
Vice: Pessimistic

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Minstrel Thusser
Court: Courtless
Keeper: Unknown

“You made me realise ”
– My Bloody Valentine


      As is so often the case of tourist towns, and trendy areas, strangers appear and start doing what they can to survive. Recently, that's Chloe. Crazily, she looks a lot like a local girl who disappeared over 20 years ago (Chloe Thiel) and was presumed to have killed herself after an amazing local concert with her band "Insane Eyes," prettier for sure, but enough to make some people look twice. Especially when she plays, at least for the few who say the show back then. She's talented too, great singing voice and a veritable prodigy on the guitar. How does she not have a record deal!?

      And the truth? At least for Changeling sorts and those who might know them? She really is Chloe Thiel. She clings to the familiar now, and who knows what happened to her while the Fae had her. But she's slowly finding a way back into modern society, even as she finds herself equally drawn towards the magic of her fae nature.

RP Hooks

  • Local Musician - She's been seen around the Tamarack Falls and Fort Brunsett bars doing Karaoke and open mic nights, and impressing people. Not to mention busking on street corners and such in the tourist season. There's something oddly familiar about her to long time residents too. Amazing voice, and seems to play a few instruments well.
  • 1998... High School? - did you go to high school in the area back in the late 90s? That might be why, especially if you were the sort to go to local concerts. Because Chloe looks a lot like a girl who disappeared back then, but she's way too young to be her! Still, that was one hell of a show! Disappearing fellow students tends to have an effect on kids too.
  • Changeling - She's reasonably newly returned, and prone to long periods of just spacing out at the Wayhouse! She's quite kind though. Not generally approaching others, but very easy to approach!
  • Recording Studio - Works at the Recording Studio founded by Rocco and November. The general purpose office girl! That general can mean almost anything too, need a guitarist? Bassist? Piano Player? Backup vocals? She's got you covered! Not to mention helps with the gizmos and gadgets and general secretarial stuff.


  • Carter Logan - Sometimes the Devil is a hell of a patron! That guitar is amazing!
  • Zillah - And he hangs out with a serpent...
  • Rocco Campbell - Please keep your pants on... please! Even if you are a rock star. Also, kind of my boss now.
  • Kip - I hope it isn't my fault the Bobs got traumatized by the cat!
  • Amity Millikan - Super nice, and gets the out of time way we are both screwed up.
  • Misty - Kitty! There's something odd about this one, she seems much too smart, and too often around.


Chloe Fae.png Chloe Mortal.jpg Chloe Guitar.png Chloe Poster.jpg


My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise

Wait for me because I waited for you
No that's not what you should do
Don't hate me 'cause I don't hate you
Insane eyes
You made me realise
This song is essentially the inspiration around which the entire character concept grew. It is the song that drew her back from Arcadia - via a specific chord known as the "the holocaust," it's the inspiration for her old band's name too. Not to mention mental inspiration for her Striking Looks (Eyes).


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