Ardis Ardeid

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Ardis Ardeid
On Game As: Ardis
Played By: Taylor Lashae
Concept: Creepy Crawly Lover
Date of Birth: July 21
Apparent Age: Rude, dude!
Occupation: Professor of Entomology
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Untrustworthy

Freehold: None
Motley: None

“It occurred to me that perhaps I was the subject of an experiment, an experiment, let us say, in love; that I lived my life under (her) gaze, undergoing certain trials for her so that she would not have to undergo them herself. But how are our certainties forged, except by the sweat and tears of other people? If your parents don’t teach you how to live, you learn it from books; and clever people watch you, to learn from your mistakes.”
– Hilary Mantel

“This brand of paper (used by macaroon makers) was not only digestible but delicious.”
– Vladimir Nabokov


      Ardis is a professor of entomology at a nearby university. Fascinated by the natural world (especially insects) from an early age, she finds this profession thrilling and can imagine none better. Recently, she heard rumors that a rare butterfly, the Diaphanous Parnassian, had been sighted in Tamarack Falls and just had to come investigate.

      Ardis would agree that "thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind." Let's hear it for pure reason! This makes Ardis, as a mortal, a somewhat unlikely fit for an area whose relationship to the supernatural one could freely compare to that of Swiss cheese with holes.

RP Hooks

  • Possibly covered in moths. It happens. (Long story.)
  • Pedant. And proud. You know those people who think that whatever interests them must fascinate everybody else just as much, down to the smallest detail? Well...
  • Lost Child Report. One (1) younger sister; long since presumed missing or dead. Ardis isn't looking for her but if you want to know something about this, that can be arranged.


  • Bronwyn - 📌 - Pith; no helmet.
  • CB - 🚫 - Old world underground.
  • Count - 💀 - Keeps Dermestids.
  • Edmond - 💫 - Astrophysics in a hurry.
  • Franklyn - 🌀 - The speed of sound.
  • Green - 🦋 - Abhors cigarettes.
  • Jack - 🐾 - Animal whisperer.
  • Liam - 🌿 - Tree doctor.
  • Zephyr - ⚙️ - Mechanical wonders.


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Lovers Without Borders - Athena from Bow

Hey! Athena from Bow!
You never had a mom at home
Your dad, he cut you from his head
Or so I've heard. How could I know?
It's not the kind of thing we talked about...

Halo Benders - Love Travels Faster

Dry little dutch town drove you away
Chemistry set keeps your mind at play…
Never let on what he meant or what you meant to learn, but
Love travels faster
Faster than aeroplanes
Faster than cats
Faster than robots
Faster than that
Faster than matter
Faster than thoughts
Faster than atoms
Faster than...

Horses Brawl - Maggots


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