Marcus Alexander

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Marcus Alexander
On Game As: Marcus
Played By: Benjamin Wadsworth
Concept: Nihilistic Deity of Mayhem, Mischief and Chaos
Date of Birth: December 6, 1969
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Criminal
Virtue: Ambitious
Vice: Violent

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Palewraith Brollachan Hunterheart Grey
Court: Moon
Entitlement: The Lost Pantheon
Keeper: The Borrower

In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster.
A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people.
Suddenly, a small light glowed.
A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions.
A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark.
I laughed and blew it out.

– The Joker, Shadow of the Bat #37


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RP Hooks

  • Something Interesting - Hooks are meant to provide other players and storytellers easy starting points for RP.
  • Something Special - They can be things which make your character unique.
  • Something Shared - They can also be things which your character might share with other characters.


  • Name - You can list people your character knows here.
  • Name - It could be someone they find useful, someone they care about.
  • Name - It could be someone they loathe, an adversary or rival.


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David Bowie - As the World Falls Down

There's such a fool heart beating so fast,
in search of new dreams.
A love that will last within your heart.
I'll place the moon within your heart.

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky
like a tiger defying the laws of gravity.
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva.
I'm gonna go go go!

Michael Jackson - Rock With You

Out on the floor,
there ain't nobody there but us.
Girl, when you dance,
there's a magic that must be love.


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