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Summer Meeting Feb 2018

Damion, Edmond, Calm, Teagan, June, Paz, Sigrun, Malachi

11 February, 2018

Summers meet and talk about things. Edmond brings bhang lassi and people end up laughing rather than punching each other.


The Iron Church

There's refreshments. Waters, juices, sports drinks, beer, some hard liquor, water, coffee. And an equally diverse spread of finger foods. Vegan, gluten free, allergen sensitive, and strictly carnivorous. That is to say cold cuts. It looks like it was done on a budget, a little bit for most anyone, but not a lot for everyone. Damion has the placed closed up for regular business, and they're checking people at the door to make certain they're on the up and up. Sigrun is already present, dressed in jeans and a black T-Shirt emblazoned with the slogan 'Destroy White Supremecy' running down the front in white block letters. Chairs have been arranged in a circle, and she's loitering just outside of it. Waiting to greet people she knows and meet people she doesn't.

Arriving at a little before the appointed time, Malachi was waiting outside, watching the dial on an old watch until the long hand went straight up and he makes his way inside the gym with a little caution. His eyes move rapidly around the room, noting any other doors or exits and committing them to memory out of old habit. Malachi stops a few feet inside of the door, with that look of one not entirely sure they are at the right place.

Already present: Teagan. The Mirror Spy is lounging on the floor like they live here or something, puddled shadows curling around them, their broken-mirror eyes half-lidded as they sip at a beer. One (1) token machete on one hip, one (1) cold iron machete on the other hip, one (1) t-shirt reading in bright purple letters, in the Steven Universe font: I AM AN EXPERIENCE. Their back-of-the-mirror metallic-black skin shifts and shimmers, and their Mantle -- the Hell Mantle, as Ashe dubs it -- is a mix of broiling heat, the scent of sun-baked asphalt and tar, and bursts and pops of radio static, voices on the edge of hearing crying medic, medic, but nobody ever answers.

If Teagan ever wanted to drive a mortal batshit, they could probably manage it by just sitting Light-Shy in various parts of their house, make that dude think he has a portal to hell somewhere in their home.

Paz is definitely Lost and definitely Summer, what with the furious heat of her mantle and everything. Yep, she has no trouble getting through the checks at the door. She pretty much constanntly gives off the impression that if she had to, she'd just make a new door anyway. Inside she looks around, not unfamiliar with the locale but taking in the changes specific to the meeting. Chairs, food, refreshments. People. She gives nods, then heads over to the table with the foods and takes a couple of cold cuts, takes a beer, and then heads back over to Malachi. The meat has already disappeared into her mouth and down her throat, and she offers him a hand. "Paz," she says.

June would have offered to come help set things up, but she almost always just makes things worse when it comes to that kind of work. Helping put out drinks isn't so much a help if you end up spilling them all. When she arrives she's beaming with smiles, a tiny, clumsy young woman who manages to get five steps through the door before tripping on her own feet and nearly faceplanting. Fortunately she catches herself rather than actually falling. "Hi everyone," she says cheerfully. It might be easy to imagine she was some other Court's member, just with Goodwill, only she has a Summer mantle. A much weaker one than some others, but it's there, warm and full of the scents of summer. Mostly food ones, like summer bbq.

"Okay, folks. Welcome to the Summer Court meeting of February 2018. I understand this is the first we've had in a while, so I don't really think there's any protocol that's established about how we handle these things. I have a list of stuff I wanted to go over, some stuff from the greater court meeting last night, stuff from Cat-22's meeting the other night, and stuff about how we want to handle our court's operations moving forward. Getting involved in Freehold positions, filling out our own roster, stuff like that. If anyone wants to add to the list of topics, feel free to share now, or just bring something up when the time feels right. Any objections to just getting down to it?" Sigrun steps over to the refreshment table to grab herself a beer and proceeds to plop her backside down in one of the chairs before cracking it open.

Malachi wears what looks to be well worn black BDU pants and a black v-neck t-shirt with no pithy comments or the like. His own mantle is intense with steam and smoke rising from his body, boiling lava undulating just beneath the skin and threatening to break free at any second like Vesuvius. He takes Paz's hand and shakes it firmly, but without all of his strength. "Malachi, or Mal, if you prefer to shorten it for your convenience. It is good to meet you, Paz." He offers something closely related to a smile but as much as his rock-like face allows. Looking past her, he watches as others enter and looks over the ones already gathered. "I suppose we should acquire seating now."

Apparently Calm is on some kind of list, since she was let in despite the fact that she's not Summer herself. Clearly not so, if the heady floral scents that surround her and the dark-petaled flowers that bloom in nearby shadows are any indication. The void with nebulae for eyes, dressed in a single, expansive piece of blood-red silk, looks around before silently drifting over to where the drinks are and pouring herself a cup of coffee while she waits for people to gather and things to get under way. When they do, she heads over to the chairs and seats herself on them. "I'm only here to see if there's some way I might be able to help. I expect I'll largely be keeping quiet," she says.

Paz shakes Malachi's hand, her grip surprisingly firm for someone who is made out of nothing but churning sand, and says, "nice to meet you too, Malachi." She speaks with a mixed accent, that of a Spanish speaker from North Philly. "I suppose we should," she agrees, going over to take a seat and saying, "no objections from me, Sigrun. It's good to see a bunch of us together in one place and talking, instead of fighting. As much as I enjoy a brawl."

"Teagan. They/them. Misgender at your own fucking peril," offers the androgyne lounging on the floor and drinking a beer. This is apparently sort of vaguely offered toward Malachi? Or maybe just everybody who may not know them. They raise a hand, vaguely waving, and the broad, deep scar across the palm of their hand -- one of the only fixed points of their appearance -- marks them as a Squire of the Broken Bough. When the Red Panda of Summer appears, the Mirrorskin holds a hand out to her, smiling lopsidedly. "Juney," they call, wiggling their fingers at her. Grabby hand. "No objections, Sig."

June goes to get refreshments, since she can't really help but be drawn that way, but then Teagan reaches out her way and calls to her and her face lights up with delight and she changes directions (without falling) and trundles over to where Teagan's at. She plops down on the ground more or less in front of Teagan, gives them a hug, and the seems to have decided this is just a good place to sit and turns around to do just that. "Hi everyone," the tiny and decidedly adorable woman says, looking around. "I'm June Desrochers. Nice to meet everyone I haven't met before. I don't have anything for the agenda, I'm just glad we're getting together."

Edmond comes in, his own mantle the subtle, sullen hush of the sweltering humid tropical heat right before a monsoon: his fury isn't an active thing, it's a promise. What he's wearing, however, is basically Summer As Fuck: a sunny yellow kurta with an embroidered straight collar under an open crimson silk nehru jacket, and an off-white veshti and embroidered angavastram and sandals because fuck you winter.

He's also carrying a pitcher of something with the lid taped shut, and it's marked 'CAUTION: CONTAINS CANNABIS AND MILK PRODUCTS', and he's wearing the cheeriest of grins, bright in his starry nighttime face. "Sorry I am late!" he announces, holding up the pitcher. "I had to split the batch and made a mess, it was an utter calamity in my poor kitchen. I bring bhang lassi, please no jokes, that is not English!" His accent's a melodic British South Indian; he looks all of nineteen. Once he's either handed the pitcher off to someone especially eager or put it on the refreshment table-- which doesn't take long-- he brings his hands together vaguely at his chest and gives a little bow, pressed hands moving away at the same time. "Also, I am Edmond, namaskaram."

It's like he thinks announcing things and wearing bright colors is going to make everyone look at him.

"Oh. Right. I'm ahead of myself. I'm Sigrun Ljosdottir. She/her. Member of the Charmed Circle." If the golden torc around her throat weren't evidence of such already. But then she's right back to it. "Okay. So. Court. There are notes on the whole thing I can pass out to members who are curious and couldn't make the meeting itself. For us, specifically, Charlie O is looking for help from us to escort folks looking for other freeholds and other hob markets. It's not the most glorious work, but it's a good way to show you want to step up. I'm sure the court, here, would recognize folks doing so and bump you out of squire status. Also, the Harvestmen are looking for more members. I spoke with Captain Henner, Second Kowal, and Lieutenant Vorpal briefly after court and they'd be incredibly eager to stand up more Summers in their ranks. I've already signed on, and I'm hoping more of you will, too. It's the Freehold's martial arm and it's probably the best place for us to lend our help. Get enough of us in there, and we can probably make a case for there being a company of Summers, led by a Summer Lieutenant. Which I think would be awesome. Thoughts on that? Feedback? Heck. How many folks here are members of Fate's Harvest? It's okay if you're not, but just out of curiosity. I won't belabor the freehold stuff if it's, like. Two of you." She raises her hand, indicating her own membership.

Malachi nods to Teagan in return, assuming they heard him give him own name, as they responded in kind. He follows Paz over to the circle and he takes a seat in the circle of chairs, sitting with a degree of measured posture that doesn't really suit the usual Ogre stereotypes. As a newcomer here, he maintains his silence unless addressed, content to learn names from people as they speak. He turns to Sigrun and listens intently to the spiel. No hand raised here, which is not surprising from a fresh new face.

"I'm Calm of the Emerald Court," Calm says to everyone, in an ethereal voice that seems to come from nowhere in particular inside of the empty void from which she's made. "She/her. I'm from the Office of Vizieral Counsel, and have served monarchs of the Summer Court in the past." Which may explain why she's here? Probably. Either that or she's just there to look spooky. Not that sipping coffee is the spookiest thing to be doing.

Teagan leans forward and kisses June on the cheek, before grumbling, "I'm gonna be." What? Teagan? A Freehold? For those that know the Mirrorskin, this is a major change, to put it mildly. Grumble grumble.

"I'm Noble Champion Paz Arenas Zavala," says the woman with a voice like two pieces of coarse grit sandpaper being rubbed together. "She/her pronouns. I'm a member of the Freehold now, and will look into the Harvestmen," Paz says with a bit of a shrug, though that's hard to make out when it's just already-moving sand moving upward a bit more than it was before. "I'm not the best when it comes to that kind of organized structure, but I can make it work. Especially if it might advance the court's interests her."

June looks plenty surprised, and she turns around to stare at Teagan. Not that she looks less like a fuzzy, adorable red panda when she's surprised. "You're joining the Freehold?" she asks teasingly "Are you sure you aren't a mirrorskin pretending to be Teagan?"

"Well, Malachi, I can see about getting you in front of the Waykeepers. They look you over to make sure you're cool before you're allowed to come before the crown and say the oath. The rules of the freehold, its laws and stuff, they're posted at the Wayhouse. I'm actually staying there myself, right now. So if you need a place to stay and want to look into all of that, I can head back with you after this meeting. Okay?" Sigrun gives Malachi a reassuring smile and then prompts June, "They are. Are you? Joining, or a member?"

As people go around and make full introductions, Malachi senses the pattern fairly quickly and speaks up of his own accord after Sigrun addresses him. "That would be very helpful and kind of you, Sigrun. Thank you. For those who did not hear me before I am Knight Malachi Underwood." He looks down at his crotch and back up, with no discernible mocking or humor. "I am a he." Mal states factually and succinctly. "I have just arrived in the last few months to this city. To dispel any possible issues later, I am a Knight with the Tolltakers. I am here on due cause seeking a proper and current bounty, but have decided to remain here for the time being once it is completed. I have no ties yet to the Freehold, though I am happy to offer my sword and strength as the court needs it, to the Harvestmen or with patrols. Perhaps after speaking with this.. Waykeeper, my status with the Freehold may change before next we meet."

"Yeaaaaaaaaaah yeah. Something something do your job something something Hunter of the Longest Wang or whatever the job's real name is," Teagan mutters, affectionately pinching June's side when they're teased. When Malachi looks at his crotch before stating his pronouns, the Mirrorskin's face goes so incredibly flat. "Genitals ain't gender, bro. Y'ain't gonna get laughs with that kinda humor in this jawn." Another sip of beer, and they close their eyes like a sun-napping cat.

"Oh!" June turns back from Teagan and grins at Sigrun. "Yep, I'm a memEEP!" She gets pinched in the side, causing her to let out a yelp, and then she swats plafully at Teagan's hand before she continues. "I'm in the Freehold. I have been considering joining the Harvestmen for a while, if they'll have me, so count me in for this plan." She leans back against Teagan.

As literally no one's looked at him, Edmond laughs and shakes his head, then puts together a plate of tasty-looking vegetarian things-- tiny samples of many things, since there's not an overabundance of stuff, and he pours half of a paper coffee cup's worth of bhang for himself, then listens as he finds someplace to sit. He knows Teagan more or less, so that 'someplace' is near them.

There's a brief lull between people introducing themselves, so he tries again, cookie in one hand. "... Edmond Basumatary, Summer also. I am a very pretty man, and I have no Entitlement. Alas, prior oaths that do not concern fae matters prevent me from joining the freehold, but support it and I am a willing ally; I am motleyed with Kelsey of Autumn, who is a member."

He pauses. "The pitcher of yoghurt drink that I have brought contains copious amounts of marijuana. In case nobody knows what bhang lassi is. I imagine I should have explained that."

Paz makes a show of looking down at her lap, and then over at Teagan. "I mean, I've only got more sand," she points out, since that really seems to be all that there is of her. She turnrs to look at Edmond, then over at the yoghurt drink, and lets out a raspy laugh. "That's probably a good thing to point out before anyone starts drinking it, yes. Drugging people without their knowledge is probably not so cool." She slides out of her seat and heads over to try some of that out of sheer curiosity, though. Like she pointed out, she's made out of sand. She's always a little stoned.

"It is labeled," Edmond says mildly defensively.

Calm sits there, silently sipping coffee and looking like some kind of spectre out of a horror movie. The kind of spectre that comes along and drinks people's coffee while they're sleeping, maybe?

Game: Teagan has a -1-point "Flaw - Illiterate" Merit.

"Great!" Sigrun enthuses, as folks begin volunteering to voluteer. If she weren't already literally glowing, she'd be figuratively glowing right now. "I'll let the Captain and Second know. Hopefully they can meet with you guys directly. That's just. That's awesome. Thank you so much, guys." Sigrun looks down at her notepad and scribbles a few notes before speaking further.

"Hi, Edmond. I will totally drink your weed juice. If you're a Tolltaker, you need to read up on the Freehold Laws before you close out your bounty, just for your sake. I don't want you getting in trouble for doing your job, you know? If it turns out the laws cause a problem with your work, let me know, and I'll help you navigate the matter with the crown. See if we can't work something out. Okay?" Another scribble of a note in the margins. "Teagan had their eyes on Hunter of the Longest Day, and we can never have too many of those. Sounds like you might be cut out for that work. So if you do settle in, and that's a move you want to make, let the court know and we'll work to get you in that position." Which makes a great segue to...

"Speaking of. Are there any court positions or freehold positions that you folks aspire to? Short term OR long term, it doesn't matter. How can we help you get where you want to be?" She looks up from her notepad and scans the room with that intense ice blue gaze of hers.

Malachi looks completely confused after Teagan's remarks. "I don't understand. I said nothing humorous. I was only speaking the truth." Looking like a kid in class who didn't study for the teacher's pop quiz, his face is a complete jumbled puzzle. Thankful for Sigrun calling his attention, he nods with half-neck and half-torso. "I understand and perhaps we can speak later of the details of my bounty. I am not aware yet of what positions are available, but if any require less killing than others, I would be interested. I have spent much time in the court, but usually not with the intentions of staying put in an area."

June thinks about it before she says, "I wouldn't mind being Sun's Tongue, if nobody else is inclined to do the job, but I have the worst memory in the world, so proboably anyone else would be better suited." She grimaces. "A diplomat who forgets any conversation they don't have a written record of, or a recording, is probably not the best choice."

A sort of helpless expression crosses the Mirrorskin's face, and Teagan looks at June, and then, for some reason, at Calm, then Sigrun, before kissing June on top of her crazy profusion of red curls and getting up to get themselves some WEED JOOS. They start with a relatively small cup, taking a small swallow. They grunt when the words 'Hunter of the Longest Day' is brought up in reference to them, and wander back to casually curl up with June again. "This shit is tasty, Edmond, thanks."

"Don't sell yourself short, June," is Sigrun's advice. "Memory is a muscle, and it needs exercise to grow stronger. I can get you some memory games and teach you short hand and some mnemonics and stuff that I use to retain information, names, things like that. If that's what calls to you, dig deep and get it done. We'll help you."

"Anyone else? I think Paz, for example, would make an amazing Red Victor once she's had a chance to live up to her reputation here in town. I myself am just focusing on growing the court's reputation and seeing to it we achieve some organization moving forward. Meredith hasn't shown up today, so I have no idea what she'll say about all of this. But frankly, from what I've heard from folks, it seems to be either we do it ourselves or it doesn't get done. And with Spring just around the corner, we really don't have long to stand up as a court before our season makes another appearance. And this time, I'd really like it if Summer's crown fell on the head of a Summer Courtier, rather than one from the Sun court. Hopefully we're all in agreement there."

Paz drinks down some of the bhang lassi, nods in approval of the taste, and goes back to take her seat. "Oh, I fully intend to be Red Victor," she says with a soft susurrus of a laugh. "Though if anyone wants to challenge me for the position when the time comes, you're more than welcome to try. I don't think I'm suited for any of the Freehold specific positions, though." She takes another drink and then asks Sigrun, "what do you want, Sigrun? Is there any title in particular you're gunning for, or any job you want to do even if we don't have a title for it yet?"

"I've tried," June admits with a resigned tone. "I didn't used to have such an awful memory, either. It was something of the changes They made to me. I'm willing to try things, and to work hard at them, but nothing I've tried has worked so far. If people want me to do it, I'll find a way to make it work like the rest of my life." Her mood has already bounced back, and she has a smile on her face again. "I don't think I'd be the diplomat anyone would expect from Summer, either, but I generally get along well with people."

Edmond looks inordinately pleased that Sigrun's going to try the drink-- and moreso, even, when Paz and Teagan do. He literally wriggles in his chair with glee at the compliment, and thanks Teagan sunnily, then finishes his own half-cup. A half-cup because he knows how strong it is, and ingested weed is always creeper. Then Sigrun's asking about court and freehold titles, and Edmond puts his food down and shifts a little in his seat. "I am in accord, though I have no vote," he says with a laugh. "There are, I fear, no court positions to which I would be suited that others in our Court would not be able to do far more effectively. I am willing to help where I can, save where my partner would object. I will ask them if going along on the quests is all right."

"Oh, honey," Sigrun says with sympathy when June admits she's tried. "We'll try other stuff. Or find you a Hedge Beast Companion with an excellent memory. A parrot, maybe." Sigrun is not giving up on June, apparently. They'll make it work! Paz's question of her catches her just a hair off guard. Her mouth opens, then closes, and she takes a moment to consider matters.

"Okay. Well. I'm just going to be blunt with you guys, okay? I'm a member of the Charmed Circle. For those that don't know, we're ostensibly the leaders among the leaders. Recognized for that fact. Some of us are a real snooty pain in the patooty, and I'll be the first to admit that. My style, though, is to show up and put the work in and help people get where they want to be and make sure what needs to get done is getting done. Because of this, from time to time, I've been an Arrayer of Distant Thunder, a Sun's Tongue, an Iron Adjutant, and a Wroth General. I've yet to wear a crown on my head, and I'm comfortable if that never happens. But rest assured my goal is to make one of you our Arrayer, or be your Arrayer. Make June your Sun's Tongue, or be your Sun's Tongue. Make one of you our Iron Adjutant, or be your Iron Adjutant. Make one of you our Wroth General, or be your Wroth General. Put a crown on one of your heads come Summer, or wear it myself. I am not proud of anything but us, and what we will become together."

Edmond's comments cause her to give him a doubletake. "Wait. You're a Summer that needs permission to fight? How in the heck did you walk into that trap, friend?" She laughs a little at this, not unkindly, but suggesting it must make for a heckuva story.

Calm finishes her coffee, but just holds the empty cup on her lap while she continues to listen to the conversations. She's present, and watching, and attentive, but has said almost nothing up to othis point. Now she breaks that silence. "Is there any way that I can help with your endeavors, as either a Spring courtier or as a Vizier? I can't hold any of these positions, but I wholeheartedly support Summer's efforts to become more unified."

And then another dragon shows up! One less made of sandstorm than others. Damion slips inot the room, taking a place at the edge of the group and listening in like he was there all along. Which he definetly was. No, no. No need to check the minutes or anything.

"I'm not sure, but I'm also no strategist," Paz admits, glancing at Sigrun but offering Calm a suggestion anyway. "Maybe if you run into any Summers who aren't here, let them know the rest of the court would be glad to get them involved?" She shrugs and drinks more weed juice. "It might be useful to us to have an Arrayer, and having our Arrayer be in the Harvestmen is probably a useful way to have them go about their job. There's kind of a lot of overlap around here."

Waving a hand airily, Edmond shakes his head and laughs. "I do not need permission to fight! It is merely complicated when it comes to leaving for potentially long amounts of time, which I understand the quests to be." There's a brief pause, and he leans forward with interest. "Ah! I have a question! Will there be training sessions? Or fighting for fun?"

"I agree. Honestly, we all should have an Arrayer's eye on our friends and acquaintances anyway. But an official Arrayer for everyone to direct those reports to would be helpful. It's a great way to build up rapport with other courts, too. And the Arrayer is a natural dovetail with the Sun's Tongue role. It would make June's job a lot easier, once she has it." Because she will have it, maintains Sigrun.

"Freehold members can train in the hollow for the court at the Freehold's main hollow. There are weapons there that let you go full bore on one another without actually hurting anyone. I know that doesn't work for you, Edmond. There's the Church, here. Damion King runs this gym, so if you're into pugilism, this is a perfect place for you. He and I are partnering up a little. He's helping me get my own place opened to train with weaponry, small unit tactics, formations, that sort of thing. And, of course, we're going to be starting regular patrols of the Loop Trod." We are? "And those make ideal on the job training opportunities. So in that, Calm, you CAN be of help. Putting us in touch with a healer or two willing to patrol with us would be wonderful and enormously helpful."

June looks a little embarrassed to be treated like it's a sure thing she'll get the job, and if she was standing she might be scuffing her toe. Instead she looks down for a moment, back up, and smiles a little, but doesn't offer any more of her thoughts yet.

Damion speaks up from the back of the room, "Yeah. Any Summers feel free to use the gym when they want. You can do any sort of training there you want. Just don't use live blades." He falls silent again, listening ot the speech of the others that have been here longer.

"I can volunteer myself as a healer willing to put themself in harm's way by going on patrols," Calm says with an understanding nod. "I'm not the most skilled of the healers in my court, but I'm usually good enough. I also have some combat training, and I'm quite difficult to hit, so you don't need to worry about keeping me safe. Most of my motley is also Spring, and probably willing to help. I know that Regina would be happy to be a healer for you, and I suspect she could hold her own in a fight with much of Summer." She turns her head to look toward the table with the food. "She's also a Knight of the Knowledge of the Tongue and might be willing to cater your meetings, if you asked. Petra Hirsch is also a healer who would probably be willling to help. Those are the only people I can think of off hand, but I can talk to others."

Edmond nods-- then brightens. "Also, Dr. Isolde Garreau of the Greenies! She picks people up and hauls them away if they misbehave, like sacks of potatoes! It is a hilarious thing to witness. And she is quite amazing."

"Good to know folks, thank you. We'll reach out to them and see if they'd like to join us. You are, of course, always welcome to come on patrols with us, Calm. You've got a good reputation with this court." Sigrun nods her head towards the Vizier and adds, "Thanks again for attending." With that, she slaps one knee and rises back to her feet. "I guess I move to adjourn the meeting, then. Remember: We're a team, and we're stronger together than apart. So support your fellow courtiers in getting the things done that they believe in. Okay? If you guys need me, I can be reached at the Wayhouse. I spend a lot of time in the Hedge, so phones are hit and miss with me, but my room is at the Wayhouse for now. I really am proud of you guys for taking the initiative to be here, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this team. Thanks so much."

June applauds when Sigrun finishes up. Maybe for Sigrun. Maybe for all of them being there. Maybe just because. Who knows. It's enthsiastic but brief, in any case. "It was so good to see so many of us in one place!" she exclaims. "Hopefully we can have this be something that happens more often."

Having been quiet for a while, Teagan, whose broken-mirror eyes have become some sort of weird liquidy-mirror stuff in the last hour or so, slurs, "Motion to close seconded, meeting is adjourned." Since when does Teagan know about meetings? "Yeah, it better be more regular. This is the first time we've had any kind of meeting in at least like six months."

Aaaaand that is when the bhang starts to hit. Edmond slouches in his chair and starts to giggle, hand over his face.

This is apparently infectuous, because when Edmond starts to giggle Paz stares at him for a moment, lets out a snerk, and then starts to giggle too. "What's so funny?" she asks, even though she could be asking herself that too, given she's also giggling. It also sounds really strange coming from a sandstorm.

"I'm a Vizier," Calm says with a bow of her head. "The word means 'bearer of burdens', and I'm usually willing to take on any that the society of the Lost might require of me." She rises from her seat, smooth and graceful. "Tending to the injuries of other Lost, or trying to ensure they don't get injured in the first place, is certainly one of the easier burdens to bear." She looks at Edmond, then at Paz, and then lets out a quiet laugh. "That must have been good stuff," she says.

"We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, but the stars we could reach--" Edmond manages to straight-face sing to Paz under his breath, grabbing at his face at the last bit there, then slowwwwly snap-pointing at Paz, "were just starfish on the" (here is where the snap part of snappoint comes in) "beach~~!"

And holy mackerel that is a shit-eating grin at Calm.

Interesting fact: Mirrorskins don't actually have facial features most of the time, by default. Want to know how everyone knows that now? Teagan's face has sort of melted, and they'll be over here sort of staring off into space with their face a featureless grey-black blob until they're un-stoned enough to remember to have a nose again. Surely this won't freak out anyone who is also extremely stoned.