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Type Bonuses/Downsides


Earthbones: /9 to Brawl and Intimidate rolls while in direct skin-to-dirt contact with earth.
Telluric: +3 on rolls requiring precise timing; while in mortal world, gain benefit of the Direction Sense merit and always know what time it is.
Woodblood: Gain bonuses to cultivating plants as if possessing Plant Empathy, using Wyrd/2 to determine bonus. Bonus also applies to Stealth and Survival rolls while on soil or natural surfaces. The Woodblood may use this Stealth to conceal herself in naturally growing material even if it logically should not work (i.e. a lawn, a garden, a forest -- not a stand of potted plants).

Active (at W5) (1 glamour)

Elemental: Once per day, spend 1 Glamour to increase Health by Wyrd for one scene
Earthbones: +1 to non-combat strength rolls; may be used more than once per roll.
Telluric: Once per scene, roll Wits + Occult (plus appropriate modifiers) to make use of the Clairvoyance merit.
Woodblood: Add Wyrd to Stealth rolls made in any vegetation which might conceivably cover the Woodblood.


/0 on dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize except for seeming-affinity contracts

Pledge Bonuses




Resources +3


Eternal Summer 5

1: 1 glam (+ 1 wp?) or spit on ember, survival + wyrd, remain at comfy temperature
2: 1 glam or within 5m midnight, Mantle + Strength + Occult, produce small light; 1 more glam makes light bigger
3: 2 glam or eat natural ice, Mantle + Stamina + Brawl, +1 str for 1 succ, +1 for every 3 more succs
4: 3 glam or within 5m noon, Mantle + Presence + Occult, bright light to reveal hidden people + challenge magic hiding
5: 3 glam or target touch/wear gold, Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense, TUXEDO LA SMOKING BOMBER, 1 WP for agg

Wild 5

1: 1 glamour or sleep outdoors, persuasion + wyrd, ignore environmental penalties
2: 1 glamour or target has gun, intimidation + wyrd, up to double existing penalties vs target
3: 2 glamour to to aid a mortal, expression + wyrd, environmental bonuses to move, hide, perceive
4: 3 glamour on behalf of 12 mortals, presence + wyrd, conjure weather native to clime
5: 3 glam 1 WP or on family land, survival + wyrd, environment attacks for 50 yards exc. allies

Separation 4

1: 1 glam or nice shoes, dex + wyrd, weightless walking & falling damage turns to bashing
2: 1 glam or unjustly imprisoned, larceny + wyrd, slip bondage or imprisonment
3: 1 glam or escaping a Lost, presence + wyrd, go through a sealed portal
4: 2 glam or unarmed & no aggression, dex + wyrd, add wyrd defense, even against guns or while KO'd. Move gracefully while Dodging.

Communion (Earth) 3

1: 1 glamour, wits + wyrd, sense element
2: 1 glamour, socialize + wyrd, converse with element
3: 2 glamour, persuasion + wyrd, distant vision; 1 wp, briefly direct element

Elements (Earth & Water) 3

1: cloak: 2 glamour or symbol of element, protect from passive harm
2: armor: 2 glamour or in significant contact with element, dex + wyrd, 1 armor + 3L contact damage
3: control: 3 glamour or element dominates, manip + wyrd

Dream 3

1: 1 glam or pluck a Thorn, Intelligence + Wyrd, intuit Hedge features
2: 1 glam or touch temples, wits + wyrd, control contents of sleeper's dream
3: 1 glam, make dream armor / weapon: +ref/contract dream/3

Stone 1

1: 1 glam or outnumbered & unarmed, strength + wyrd, boost strength

Eternal Spring 1

1: gift: 1 glamour, Mantle + Resolve + Survival, heal bashing

Oath & Punishment 1

1: 1 glam or chasing oathbreaker, Athletics + Wyrd, Leap 15 feet per success, or half vertically.

Shade 1

1: 1 glam or knew the ghost, Presence + Wyrd, talk to ghosts in twilight

Wind 1

1: 1 glam, dex + wyrd, boosts dex by successes on next roll

Den 1

1: 1 glam or write name on entrance in blood chalk; for 12 hours, bonus of Wyrd +2 to all perception rolls inside territory.

Vainglory 1

1: 2 glam, Wyrd + Intimidation + 1 (SL 2) – Resolve; convinces target i'm a high-ranking boss, a celebrity, or someone important and worthy of notice and respect. every succ adds +1 on social rolls to impress, intimidate, or command.

Merit Bonuses

  • Fleet of Foot: +3 to speed, -1 per dot pursuing Ed in foot chase rolls
  • Indomitable: +3 to all Composure or Resolve rolls to resist or contest attempts to bend Ed's will to someone else's wishes.
  • Quick Draw (Thrown Weapons): Reflexive draw weapon when defense applies.
  • Thrown Weapons:
    • 1: Add athletics to init when using thrown weapons
    • 2: Staple limb to environment; succ at damage to specified arm/leg/hand/foot and inflict Impaled. LOSE DEFENSE.
  • Visionary Dreams: Your character receives Prophetic Dreams. Costs 1 Willpower point and a Intelligence + Wits roll.
  • Summer Mantle 5:
    • 1: Spending Willpower on strength roll grants 4 dice instead of 3.
    • 3: +1 Armor
  • Clairvoyance: Once per scene with 1 glamour: Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to scry through a particular occult medium.
  • Fighting Finesse
  • Good Time Management
  • Brownie's Boon
  • SL
  • SV
  • Visionary Dreams
    • Resources +3 takes it to 5
    • Demolisher


Name: Attachment Theory Motley Pledge Date: 2017-12-05

  • don't leave the FB/TF area without the other's permission, medial alliance

BOONS       Blessing, Greater (Resources) (+3, all)

      Kelsey:       Adroitness, Lesser (+1, Persuasion); Blessing, Lesser (+1, Safe Place - Edmond's Apartment)

      Edmond:       Adroitness, Lesser (+1, Brawl); Blessing, Lesser (+1, Demolisher)

Edmond: "If you will stay close to me, I will protect you, and I will not leave you behind. I will not leave unless you wish it. Any way you wish to bind this, I will accept. Day to day, week to week, month to month, year after year. Yes, I want to see as much of this world as I can, but there is so much time. I did not like to put down roots, I do not wish to suffer loss-- but it is too late for that, here, now. The attachment is already there. The roots are like mint, Kelsey..."

Kelsey: "Week to week, for now. Not to leave, unless the other one wishes it; to protect one another as we can each do best, and be better for the better cause; and may the Wyrd give us what we need to build our homes where we find ourselves -- like mint; and if one of us should prove unequal to the oath, may the Wyrd guide the other's art to make it good."

Freehold Oath Adroitnesses: Empathy, Occult, Stealth

Empathy, Occult, Stealth


  • Fuck-Off Mood Ring: A mood ring that instead of showing your mood with a body temperature color, writes out appropriate variations of 'fuck off' for a scene if you tell it to go fuck itself. For example, a good mood might be 'Fuck Off A Little Bit Maybe' and a terrible mood might be 'Fuck Off And Step On A Lego Barefoot'.
  • Rock Water Rainbows: Small chunks of rose quartz that glow and cycle through the colors of the rainbow if you drop them in saltwater. They stop when dried off.
  • Rose Pocket: A pocket made of red, yellow, black, and white paisley silk which produces a cut red rose every time you reach into it, but the rose falls apart unless you prick your finger on a thorn in the process.
  • Orange Cleanliness Cup: A plastic collectible 32oz Superman slushee cup which, if filled with at least 16oz of water and dumped over one's head, washes one completely clean of stinkiness and dirtiness but covers one in wet dayglo orange acrylic paint.
  • Rose-Color Glasses: A pair of John Lennon spectacles with rose-colored lenses which, if you put them on and sit down without using your hands, it turns YOU a lovely dusty-rose color for an hour and thirty-three minutes.
  • Card Uncatalogue: A blank, yellowed card from a library's old card catalogue that, if you put it in a blankbook and put the book in the middle of a bookshelf and leave the room, it will put all the books in the room away on the shelves in reverse-Dewey, alphabetizing the fiction by author's personal name.
  • Demon Slinky: It looks like a regular slinky, if sort of iridescent, but if you set it to go down the stairs it will go up the wall and across the ceiling instead, only stopping when it hits another wall, at which time it will fall to the ground and stop moving.
  • Babylon Candle Mini:' A stubby beeswax candle, half burnt, in a battered brass holder; if you light it with flint and steel, it will burn until it is blown out and not lose mass. It will not light with anything else unless you burn yourself in the process.
  • Tailor's Pins: They look like straight pins. If you stick one through the bottom hem of a garment, no matter the original size, it will alter that garment to fit the user-- NOT NECESSARILY the same person as the wearer-- while it is stuck. Clothes revert when it is removed. 1 pin handles 1 article of clothing.
  • Bad Penny: It looks like a regular old dark copper penny, dated 1986. Unless you try and spend it. Then it starts hissing curses at you, audible to everyone around, in a Belgian accent, and vanishes back into your pocket if you try to leave it anywhere. The only way you can get rid of it is by handing it to someone, personally, as a gift -- or bartering it as an item instead of as money.

Given Away

  • Eyebrow Brush: A tiny doll brush that changes the color of your eyebrows to a random color for three hours or one scene if you kiss it and brush it through them. (For Haruki)
  • Grantha Quill: A crow-quill dip pen that only writes in the Grantha script, and only if you use lemon-juice-and-coconut-water ink. If you don't, it won't write at all. (For Kelsey)
  • Twig Bracelet: An oak twig that can be worn as a snap bracelet if you throw it in the air and catch it with your wrist. It can only be taken off without breaking it after an hour and seven minutes. (Given to Kelsey.)
  • Starstone: A piece of blue sandstone in which the white speckles glitter and move if you hold it in your hand while doing a somersault. To turn it off, you have to do a backwards somersault. (Given to Kelsey.)
  • Rainbow Salt: A leaky salt shaker that shakes out sparkly salt of a different color each time you use it, if you shake it once over your right shoulder first. (Given to November.)

Gifted to Adi by November

  • Everbounce: A superball that bounces when you touch it. Just touch it. Good luck catching the damnthing.
  • Cleany Feather: Put in hair, count down from 27 by threes, and your clothes will be clean and wrinkle-free!



  • make a Hollow with Kelsey (shared XP) - get at least a one dot workshop for it (2 xp)
  • crafts spec in tokens (3 xp)
  • raise Occult to 2 (6 xp)
  • occult spec in token recipes (3 xp)
Creating a recipe is an extended Intelligence + Occult roll, with 1 hour required per roll. Specialties in Research and Token Recipes do apply. Total successes are equal to 5 per dot. A 1-dot token would require 5, while a 5-dot would require 25.
+roll/extended=5/6 int + occult
+2 per roll if working 16h a day
+2 per roll if you made the recipe
+1 per roll if doing it in the Hedge
+1 to +3 per roll if relevant workshop
Wyrd + Crafts (extended) -- 2 weeks per roll. (1 week per roll if working on a token made of a material which falls within your Workshop merit's specialty areas; 3.5 days per roll if you have both a Workshop AND the Good Time Management merit.)
25 per dot of Token. 1 Glamour (per roll). You may spend 2 Glamour per roll instead; the extra adds +1 to your successes rolled.
+roll wyrd + crafts + 2 + 2 + 1 16h, made recipe, in hedge (+3 for 3dot workshop, +1 for crafts spec)
  • Work toward the creation of a token may be claimed once per week as a +activity. Please use your +myjob number in lieu of a log.

+req/fae Crafted Token

Token Name?

Moody Blue

How many dots is it?

1 dot

What does it do?

When activated, it shows Edmond's mood via constellations and sky color, the way his skin does, no matter where Edmond is. If Edmond is unconscious, it appears grey and overcast like a winter sky.

Does it have a physical activation cost?

No, one glamour only, and shake it.

What is its drawback?

The first sleep after use nets REALLY GODDAMN WEIRD dreams.

What is its catch?

Roll it around in sandy mud and wipe off just enough to be able to see inside it before shaking it.

What is its mask?

A scratched-up 1.5" glass-and-wood snowglobe filled with murky dark blue liquid and silver glitter, with no scene at the bottom and inexpertly-applied epoxy holding the wooden base on.

What is its mien?

A lovely 1.5" lead-crystal and mahogany snowglobe filled with stardust and night sky, which, when activated, resolves itself into constellations with faintly glowing lines connecting the stars, and/or atmospheric phenomena such as the aurora borealis, the sick green overcast sky of a terrible storm on the approach, eerily silent lightning in a drowning lashing windy downpour and heavy angry clouds which blot out the heavens, sparkling rose-aureate dawn, imperial violet and red-orange sunset...

What is it made of?

A storebought 1.5" glass-and-wood snowglobe filled with translucent dark blue liquid and silver glitter, from which Edmond has removed the scene and figurines.

What are your token-crafting bonuses?



  • oh who even knows

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