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Summer Brawl May '17

AJ, Eden, Tini, Augusta, Damion, Paige

11 May, 2017

The Summer Court meets to have a friendly brawl.



The Summer cavern looks...well, much like it always does. With the area to relax in, and the different areas for people to train in. Someone's come in early, probably Paige, to make sure they're all clean. No fun beating someone because they tripped on a piece of broken chair from someone else's fight! There's also a pair of coolers set near the training areas, one holding just bottled water, and the other holding beer. And someone snuck in a bottle of tequila, too.

While people start to arrive, Paige is perched on the arm of one of the heavier chairs, and perched in the right word, since she's crouched on it. She's wearing a pair of workout pants and a tank top, her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Damion arrives eventually. Thankfully, he's not getting here at the tail end of the event this time! He scans the Hollow for other Summers and spots the perched harpy, heading her way. He's wearing just jeans and a tee, nothing fancy. He does have his weapons with him just in case. Those get removed now that he's here though, leaning the sword against a chair and setting his gun on the seat. "Hey Paige. Am I early?" he glances around, then peels off his tee. It feels more natural to fist-fight like that for him. Then he begins to stretch, loosening up his body.

Tini's been scarce lately. Off doing her Knightly duty on a hunt. But she'd heard that there was a good old fashioned Summer beatdown happening so Tini walks in. Pushing the hood of ehr vest back and tucking her bow into her mousepouch. yes, the whole thing; all 4 1/2 feet of it and it's design slipping into the leather pouch at her hip.

Striding into the cavern, Vizier Augusta wears her usual golden-scaled robes; sunlight, heat and flames dancing along them. Her fiery, glowing eyes immediately fall on Paige and Damion whom she has met before and she walks over in their direction, whiling giving a look towards Tini as she enters.

Paige smiles at Damion. "A little, but that's okay." She nods to the sword. "But we won't be using weapons here. If you brought it just cause hey, you're in the Hedge, that's fine. But tonight's all about the hand to hand," she tells him, glancing over to the others as they walk in. "Hi Tini, Augusta. Make yourself comfy if you want while we wait for people. There's beer in that cooler and water in that one," she says, pointing them out.

In comes Eden, flashing a grin at Paige, "So.. looks like we should be having an interesting little match here this evening huh??" she glances at the various other competitors that have shown up for the Summer Beat Down.

Damion nods to Paige. "Yeah, I know. But you never know what's going to happen in the Hedge, even here. I was here for the last one, just not long." He turns to watch the others entering, smiling and raising a hand towards those he knows. He...doens't think he's ever met Eden before, giving her a curious looks. "Hey all. How's it going?"

"Adjutant ... Constable..." Augusta says in greeting to the other two. She steps to their side and from the folds of her robe removes the golden rapier from her belt, a Summer Court relic, it is laid with some reverance on a table, before she begins removing her crown and undoing the golden-scaled hedgespun raiment. Beneath she wears a white, loose blouse and long white skirt. Her mantle still shines with sunlight along the white cloth and blue flames flicker along the hem of the skirt. Her hands are still clawed, each finger bearing a long, black talon.

Tini nods her head in agreement with the rest. But she's looking thoughtful, the tolltakers mantle blowing warm desert winds about her along with the faded blood and bruising of her entitlement she looks a little rough today. Though she's smiling as she moves to find a wall to hold up after grabbing a bottle of water. "I still need to get to those kickboxing classes." She says to Damion and Paige. "But at least it'll be a blast getting my tail handed to me." Speaking of her tail she reaches back to make sure that it's still tied up properly.

"So!" Paige says, standing up on the chair. And really, does it help her height /that/ much? Not really. "Has everyone met everyone else? If not, introduce yourself! Rules for this fun little gathering...Hand to hand, no contracts. You're using your skill and only your skill against your opponent. The point of this is to hone those skills. And burn off some of our anger," she says with a quick grin. "Besides, you never know when you'll be unable to use a contract to bail your ass out. If you have claws-" and she holds a hand up, wiggling her taloned fingers, "retract 'em if you can, or use a fist if you can't. We /can/ get people healed, but let's try to keep that to a minimum. You can challenge anyone you like, though of course, they don't have to accept. And no, we dont' have to do one fight at a time." She looks around for a moment then grins. "So fight on!" she says, raising her arms up like it's a big announcement.

Damion nods to Tini, "I gave AJ your number. She was going to call you to talk about signing you up for a class. She's teaching at the gym now...or going to, anyway." He looks over to Eden. "It's Damion by the way." Then he turns to listen to Paige. He raises a fist after her talk, then considers the rest. "...hmm. All women. I feel somewht conflicted here."

Augusta turns and gives a smile to Tini, the only person she really hasn't met in person, "Vizier Augusta Greyfell .... and we really didn't properly meet either, Ms. Lopez." Her fiery eyes look over to Damion and she continues to smile, "Please don't, Constable. Perhaps you'd care to go after the oldest first ... to warm you up?"

Tini snorts at Damion, "Conflicted about what, that you're about to get your ass handed to you?" She counters with a tiny smirk that shows off those white front teeth of hers. She downs more of her water and looks towards Augusta and upnods, "Tini." Is about the introduction she gives as she finds her hand wraps and starts pulling them over her hands. Augusta's challenge makes her snort with some laughter and she glances at Eden and Paige. "Which of you is going to take me?" She asks eagerly.

Eden flashes a little grin, "Eden Lopez, Sun's Tongue." She pipes up, adopting a little defensive stance as Paige announces the fight to begin. She laughs softly as Tini pipes up, "Well, it doesn't matter much to me, Paige?"

Damion chuckles at Augusta's words. "Hmm, perhaps." He raises a brow. "I'm not sure how I'm a constable though. But, far be it from me to deny a lady." He gestures towards the fighting area then walks towards it. He smirks at Tini as he passes her, "Yeah. really not my fear hear, Minnie." He turns back towards her, cracking his knuckles then settling into a boxing stance. "Any time you're ready."

Paige arches a brow at Damion. "We're not exactly weak women, Damion," she says, shaking her head at him. "You really should look past gender. The ruler of our court is a woman. And her second in command, me, is as well," she points out with a smile. "And go ahead, Eden. I'll catch the next fight."

Augusta follows Damion into the fighting area. As prescribed, she balls her fists to prevent her claws from doing any damage. She moves into a fighting stance as well, though less of a boxers stance ... far too brutish for a Fairest, more of a dancer's position. Her glowing eyes light with fire and she gives him a playful smile, "Let us begin."

Tini tilts her head at Damion, "Call me Mini again and Augusta isn't gonna get a chance at you, Toothless." Her tiny nose wrinkles at Damion before looking back at Eden and nods out towards the floor out of the way of the other two squaring off. "All right. C'mon. Let's see what you got, cookie." She teases the other Knight.

Damion winks over at Tini, "Uh-huh. Shaking in my boots here." Then he notes to Paige, "Iknow, I know. But...upbringing and all. Not polite to hit a lady and etc." He turns back to Augusta. "But, time to get over that." He moves in towards the other Fairest, movements fluid as he begins to circle her, fists raised. He waits for something like an opening, then darts in towards her, throwing a feint towards her jaw before instead launching a left towards the somewhat older-looking Summers belly.

"We're not ladies. We're Summers," Paige says with a shrug to Damion. "And it's insulting to treat us like we're more delicate or weak than men. I know men more frail than anyone here." But she sinks back down into a crouch to watch the fights as they begin.

The old sorceress moves defensively as Damion tries to find an opening. When he does, she takes the blow heavy in the right arm. She spins with the blow to bring a fist under his defenses.

Tini waits for Eden to set up. She looks sidelong at Damion and her brow lifts and she huffs his direction. The swift little desert Scout turns to Eden and sqaures up. She dances for a moment before dartin in for a quick sure strike - alas while she does glance a blow off Eden it's tiny fisted and therefore laughable in terms of 'effectiveness'. Then she's darting back out, moving to find another direction to come from.

Well. Damion DID do this professionally. So it should be no surprise he's good on his feet and with his ahnds. He leans back out of the way when Augusta swings at him, planting a quick jab in the other dragons ribs before launching a counter blow towards her jaw. "Where did you learn to fight, Augusta?" It doesn't sound like a taunt or anything. Just casual conversation in the middle of the brawl.

Eden is an incredibly defensive fighter, adopting a jujutsu stance and helping 'guide' Tini away from hitting her, her return strike is likewise ineffectual against the tiny mouse, grinning just slightly at Tini, "This could take a while!"

It is obvious from the boxing match between Augusta and Damion, that the old Vizier is no boxer ... or brawler. She takes every hit in stride though as she answers his question, blocking what she can and otherwise dancing around him, "I was initially trained in the sword in the Winter Court ... and after becoming Summer and joining the Viziers, was trained to use The Sun's Needle ...." indicating the relic sitting on the table, "... boxing I am afraid was never my forte, but I do enjoy the physical work. I may have stopped aging a long time ago, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep up my shape." She blocks his next attack with an arm and goes in to swing in return.

Paige is crouched on a chair while Damion and Augusta spar, and Eden and Tini spar. There are two coolers, one with beer, one water. Right now Paige is just smiling and watching. "That's another point to this. Get better at hand to hand. Weapons can be lost," she calls out to Augusta.

Tini is dancing with Eden, they're both fast and they're both better at defense than beatdown. So they move around eachother throwing punches, dealing glancing blows or missing completely. As Tini does in this case, sending ehr past Eden before she rounds in time for Eden to tag her. And she moves again..

Late, of course, but present, comes the ever smiling (except when she's not) Sheriff Fox. AJ's dressed for a night of sparring, in a functional black-and-red sports bra, along with some athletic tights. She's carrying a backpack, but this time there's no foxes in it. No, because there are foxes out of it. That's right, as AJ enters, two fox puppies come scurrying in after her.

"Huh, so you were a Winter before you were a summer? That's quite a change." Damion might be a prfessional brawler, but he's not perfect. When he misses slipping the next blow from the Vizier, which hits him....well. He's tall. Maybe she was aiming for his belly. Maybe. As her surprisingly hard fist rings his bells, he lets out a hard grunt and shudders, briefly curling over. "Christ! Below the belt, Lady." He shakes it off, then steps in to for a hard right towards the jaw.

Eden manages a glancing hit against Tini , before the two women exchange glancing hits with one another, neither really managing to score a hit on one or the other!

The older lady smiles at Damion's grunt and comment as his swing at her jaw makes only light contact, "Now THAT I learned as a young girl before I was Taken ... Victorian men were not so polite as movies depict them to be." Augusta smiles at Damion as she takes another swing, not below the belt this time. One ball-tap is enough for any man. "As for being Winter. Things happened and the Viziers had to take me in ... it was ... life changing."

Paige glances over when she sees movement then lets out a completely girly squeal and hops down from the chair, literally. "Foxes!" she says, holding out her hands and wiggling her finger at them. The fighting forgotten. For now.

Damion rolls his neck. "Well, I'm sure there've been assholes in every era." He IS kind of focused on keeping her away from his draconic jewels this time around, so doesn't pull away from her blow to his jaw in time, taking a glancing blow. He works his jaw a moment then says, "You're doing pretty good, for somebody who's primarily a swordswoman." Then he's stepping in to the shorter Dragon, throwing out a quick one two towards her belly.

The Vizier smiles, "Thank you, Damion." Blue flames flicker down her white skirt in response perhaps to the compliment. Even out of her golden-scaled raiment, her high wyrd powered mantle is quite a sight and mingling with Damions, to a normal person the air is like a furnace round them. The shots to her belly are blocked as she absorbs the hits with her arms and swings an upper-cut to his jaw.

Tini comes at Eden again, and finds herself sailing through th air. thaknfully Tiny is light and though she's thrown she goes on full defensive while she moves to get up. Keeping her head down she rolls out her shoulders and beams at Eden then goes after her again.

The two fox pups spot Paige, and her squeak, and go running right for her. They must know the little harpy. AJ smiles softly as they go, and she turns, to head for the chairs. Backpack is unslung, and then opened. From it comes first a half gallon of chocolate milk, and then a white bag. It rather surely looks like it came from a bakery. Soon as the items are out, AJ does one quick sweep. She smiles, seeing the various fighters. Her eyes fall on Augusta and she stares for a moment. But it's ultimately back to Paige that she looks. And stares.

Damion lets the blow glance off of his jaw without doing any real damage, respnoding immedietly with a jaw shot of his own. Then he's dancing back, watching the Vizier carefully as he resumes circling her. He now and then glances at the other fight going on, but mostly is focused on what he's doing.

With Damion's last punch hitting her squarely in the jaw, the Vizier dances two steps back. There is a brief moment where her fiery eyes flare up and Damion at least catches a quick flash of real anger cross her face. And it is unsettling ... Viziers have been described as loaded guns with the safety off ... the look passes though and she smiles. One hand goes up in submission. "You have won, Damion. Congratulations." She straightens and gives him a formal curtsey.

Paige plops her butt down on the ground when the foxes come running for her and she laughs happily and starts to deliver ALL THE PETTINGS. "Hi guys! Oh you're so big! Did you come to watch the angry people beating each other up?" she coos them.

Damion keeps his fists up for a few moments, then blinks. "Hmm?" Then he smiles and lowers them. "I'd say it was pretty close, Lady Augusta. You did quite well." He moves forward, offering a hand to the Vizier. If she takes it, he'll release a bit of Wyrd energy into her to wash away any bruising and such form the battle. Then, he'll do the same for himself.

Eden takes advantage of having tossed Tini down to the ground to press an attack on the little mouse while she goes defensive, however, the Mouse is pretty good at protecting herself, and she isn't able to land a blow home on her!

AJ produces some plastic cups from her backpack, and then opens her bottle of chocolate milk. She pours out a cup, then caps it again. She turns, and steps over towards Paige, who is surely getting swarmed by two little furry critters. AJ lowers herself down to sit cross-legged, next to Paige, angled slightly towards her, but still in position to keep her eyes on the fight. She sets down the glass of chocolate milk, and then the white paper bag, right by Paige. "It's... chocolate fudge chunk muffin, in the bag," she says, in a quiet voice.

Tini moves out of the way, rolling out of the way when Eden moves in to attack and she backs away. And again she's off, powerful little legs bouncing her around to try and catch Eden off Guard and keep ehrself protected. In the end it ends up simply being comical, more like a cartoon catfight.

Augusta accepts the hand and the healing. "You are most gracious, Damion." She leans forward, taking his head in her hands and kissing him lightly on the cheek, "You are a true Summer." She takes a step back.

Perhaps embaressingly, the Dragon actually flushese lsightly when Augusts says that and kisses his cheek. "Thank you, Lady." He smiles at her, then turns to see the fight going on between the other two. Then, he starts to walk over to AJ and Paige. "AJ. Good to see you again. I have your classes up on the schedule now. Hopefully you'll get some students."

Paige is happily getting mauled, but she does glance ot AJ when the fox speaks. After a moment she nods and smiles a bit. "Thanks." She glances over when the one fight seems over. "Who wants to fight who next?" she calls out, still giving plenty of petting.

Tini asks Eden as they go round upon round of not doing a whole lot to eachother. "Wanna see if we have better luck hitting bigger targets?" She teases in amusement though if Eden still wants to go she's willing. But .. at this point it's a game of cat and mouse.

AJ's eyes remain on Paige, even as Damion walks over. Soon as she gets that response from Paige, AJ leans over, and murmurs out to Paige. She hesitates a moment there, and then delivers a kiss to Paige's cheek. Soon as that's given, she wobbles back to sitting upright, and then stares up (way up) at Damion. "Oh, thanks!" she says, flashing him a smile. "I'm excited for it!" she declares. Her gaze shifts back to Paige. "I'll fight, of course..."

Damion settles down onto his heels, carefully reaching out towards one of the foxes. He doesn't actually touch it until after it's sniffed his hand and the like, then gently rubs it behind the ears. "Good, good." He nods over towards Tini and Eden. "Your first student is right there actually. You might want to talk to her if you haven't already." He looks at Paige. "I'm up for more fighting if anybody else wants to."

The old sorceress returns to the table where her golden-scaled raiment is and wraps it around her and on. She also dons her crown and replaces the Summer relic sword on her waist while the others are talking. Turning around, she heads back to the group with the foxes, "I am afraid that Damion has wearied me somewhat." Augusta gives the little foxes are given a warm smile ... though what they would make of a scaled, clawed and fiery woman is anyone's guess. "I require some time to myself out in the Hedge. My apologies, Adjutant."

"It does seem like we're both pretty evenly matched, doesn't it?" Eden asks with a little smile flashed over at Tini, mantaining that defensive posture, "But I'm happy calling it a draw, if you'd like.."

Tini inclines her head. "Works for me." She laughs a bit breathlessly and moves over to clap the other Summer on the shoulder. She moves past Eden though and back over to dig some more water out. She upnods, "Hey, AJ." She looks towards the fox kits but stays off by the side. "I'll give the women who haven't fought a chance. but at some point, Damion, you and me. I'll shwo you Minnie.." She jeers playfully with a large smile that dimples and shows off those front teeths.

Paige considers AJ for a moment before whispering back. Then she gently sets the foxes on the ground and gets to her feet. "Sure, I'll fight you," she tells Damion, heading over to a practice area. She's not going to fight around fox babies!

Damion smirks at Tini, "Sure thing. I'll give that booty of yours a good thrashing." He raises to hsi feet again, stretching, then moves with Paige towards the practice area. He gives himself a shake. After the Wyrd-healing, he feels pretty fresh. Hs settles back into his boxing stance, bouncing on his toes a few times, then says, "Bring it on, chickenhawk." The name is given in a playfully taunting manner, one eye closing in a wink at the Harpy.

AJ flashes a smile to Paige, then looks back up. "Hey," she says, to Augusta. "AJ. I'm the Sheriff," she says. Constable, she means, but sheriff. Because Vermont. She then looks over, to Tini. "Hey babe. What's good?" she asks. "I was supposed to call you. I didn't. I'm sorry," she says, and offers an adorable frown. She considers for a moment, then her gaze shifts over to Eden. "Heeeeeyyyy Eden. Wanna meet my babies?" she asks. For all she seems quiet amused, and for all she's scooping up one of the little bitey foxes, her attention does go to Paige and Damion, for a moment or two. She's curious!

Augusta smiles down at AJ, "Vizier Augusta. A pleasure, Sheriff." She then nods to the others as she strides out trailing a carpet of deep gree grass and sun-shaped yellow flowers.

Paige arches a brow. "Do you make it a habit of insulting people? First you talk about everyone else here like we're automatically weaker than you, and now you're calling me chickenhawk?" She shakes her head then suddenly lashes out with a fist. It must be the short thing, though, because she misses.

Tini nods, "Yeah, Damion had mentioned. It's fine. I've beena bit busy the last few weeks anyway. Bounties, what can ya do?" She lifts a tiny shoulder and opens her water before upturning it into her mouth. "He'd mentioned you were doing kickboxing classes. I'm pretty much down. As you saw there at the end I'm more about getting out of the way and fighting from a distance. But that leaves very little in the way of defense if I'm cornered." She watches Eden, the fox kits and then turns her attention to the fight.

Augusta heads out through the tunnel toward the main cavern.

Eden slips away over toward AJ as the foxes are shown, "My, I didn't even know you were pregnant!" she says with a playful little laugh as she settles in nearby to watch the fight between Paige and Damion. "Look at them go at it!"

Damion sways out of the way of the blow, "I never said anything about weaker. My parents just taught me not to hit women. Yeah, I know that's not right, and I don't actually let it stop me from doing it when the situtation warrants it. Just how I was raised, and the habits are still there to an extent." He dances back a little, and winks at Paige, "And...if you do want me to treat everybody the same, it's just teasing. I do the same thing with my sister." His smile fades a little. "Well, used to anyway. Not the fighting as much, but the teasing. It's just part of good-natured sparring, you know?" He darts in, launching a quick straight left towards the Harpies jaw.

"Oh, yes, I was pregnant, but then gave birth to foxes. The doctor was very confused," AJ says, with Eden. There's a roll of her eyes. "Adopted, though. And they don't have names yet. Real, real soon, I'm going to ask them what they want to be called. So they don't end up with some dumb name," AJ explains. She looks back to the fight, all while she wrestles with two little foxes. "Oof. I hope she messes him up..."

"I dunno, he's pretty big and burly." Eden says with a little shrug of her shoulders at AJ, "And hey, you never know what you might have agreed to in the markets! But, I can't wait to hear their names."

Paige's head turns when the punch connects. She doesn't say a word though, just wipes the blood from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. She looks at that smear of blood, then arches a brow and looks up to Damion before she...smiles? Weird. "Pity I said no weapons," she says before she steps in and throws another punch, but yes, she misses.

"What do you mean... markets?" AJ asks, her brows climbing. She glances back over, but is distracted, as she winces. "Ow! Hey... we are playing, young man. We are not trying to kill. I am not your prey," she tells the little fox, that sits back and stares right back up at AJ, like it might just be able to understand every word. AJ does, of course, flick her gaze over towards Tini.

Damion sidesteps the blow from the Harpy, punishing her with a quick bop in the belly before going to make a more serious blow, swinging whard at her with a left. He misses the agile Summer though, and smiles at her, "I'm willing to give it a shot sometime, as long as we put padding on the weapons or somethikng." He circles around her, looking for an opening.

"I don't pad my hammer," Paige says as she half jumps back to avoid Damion's punch. "You can pad up though," she says with a smirk as she sidesteps then throws another useless punch.

Tini leans over to AJ and Eden, "When it's my turn, I'm gonna suggest staves. Not much different than a spear for me. But yanno, without the making people bleed thing. Just a little subdermal bruising. I don't think any of us can take him hand to hand."

Damion says dryly to the Harpy, "Well, I guess a concussion is fine in the spirit of competition..." After avoiding the blow from the blonde, he responds with a hard shot to the gut. He doens't draw back this time, trying to push back the feathered Lieutentant and keep her on the defensive.

"Hitting someone in the head only gives them a concussion if there's something in it," Paige says with a sweet smile before rushing him...and missing. Horribly. It's embarrassing, really. "We could take him," she calls to tini, but doesn't clarify.

"Staves?" AJ asks, looking back to Tini. There's a shrug. "I never learned any of that stuff. I mean, I can shoot a gun. Not too well, but you know, well enough. Kinda learn that, growing up out here... but no weapons. Just... never really interested me. And never really seemed... uh... practical? I guess?" she asks. Then a pause. "Then again, I wasn't diving into the hedge until kinda recently..."

Damion grins at Paige, "That's what I was talking about, yeah." He sees the rush coming, managing to sidestep, drawing back his right fist for a hard haymaker type blow. Which....mostly misses as well, brushing her jaw but not heavily enough to actually do any damage to the durable Summer. "You're pretty damn quick on your feet."

Paige takes a few steps back after that last punch, and turns her head, spitting out blood. It's out of character for the normally kinda girly Summer, but she does it without thinking. "I should hope so," she says, grinning. "Sometime I'd like to fight you /and/ use Contracts. Or my weapons."

Damion bows briefly to her before he resumes his normal stance and says, "Anytime, Paige." He pauses a moment and thinks. "I wonder if it's possible to use Wyrd magic to set up an area where you can use melee weapons without....y'know. Causing serious harm or losing limbs or something." He shakes his head, then notes she's apparently done fighting. He nods at her, "You have great footwork, hon. You could probably make a good go of it professionally if you learned the rest of more formal brawling." He offers her his hand. If she takes it, like with Augusta earlier he'll release some Glamour into her that should wipe out the brusing and the like from the bout.

Tini grins at AJ, "I learned how to stand my ground with guns. Maybe we can work out a trade. But Paige's words get her attention and she smirks. "Yeah without contracts it's a bit hard." She agrees rolling her shoulders. "Hon? Man you're just on a roll. How about it Damion, you let me have a go at you with a stick. You can have one too."

"Eh! I'm okay, I don't wanna learn," AJ says, to Tini. She lifts a hand then, and flexes her fingers, and that pushes those claws out a little further. "Got my own weapon, ya know?" she offers. Then she looks back over to the fight that's finished, and she gives a brief applause. "Good job, guys!"

Paige takes note of that 'hon' too and blinks at Damion, her head tilting in a birdlike fashion. "Huh? And don't need to set up an area like that. We just need a Spring or Greenie on hand for healing. Or healing fruit." But the 'hon' seems to have thrown her off, because she turns away to head toward the coolers rather than taking his hand. "Who wants a beer? Or has anything they wanna talka bout, since we're gathered? I know we're not /all/ here, but..."

Damion quirks a brow at AJ. "On a roll?" He doesn't seem to get it. Then he shrugs and says, "Sure. If you want. We can give it a go. I don't have any staves on me, but I'm sure there are some around here somewhere." Since Paige doesn't take his hand, he reaches out and carefully taps her on the shoulder. Trying to make the touch as inoffensive as possible, but...y'know. Still wanting to wipe out the brusing and such.

Tini smiles at Damion an looks around. "I'm certain there are practice weapons around here. Mind you there are also always pool noodles if we want to have fun with it. I would take some great pleasure in out noddeling you." She trots off to go in search of practice weaposn depite her joking about a foam weapon battle.

"I do doth hereby volunteer to drag one of your busted asses across the way to Spring, if you do break each other," AJ says, hand to her heart, her solemn oath to her dear Court.

Paige grins at AJ as she grabs out a beer. And since no one hollered for beer, it's just the one. She closes the cooler, sits on it and takes a drink. "Good luck, tini. But I thik there are weapons. And if there aren't, we'll work on getting some. It'd be a shame for us /not/ to have some."

Damion laughs at AJ and says, "Thanks. Hopefully it won't come to that." He looks at the others. "None of the rest of you feeling like fighting?" His brow quirks. "Are you gonna take turns coming at me until you kick my ass or something?" He settles down onto a chair while he waits for the kangaroo mouse to return.

Tini assumes, somewhere around here, there are long straight hard things that will work well to beat eachother with. She returns with two staves which have had batting and material tapped around the ends to both protect people and simulate a spear type weapon. "All right, big guy. Let's get down." She lifts one and offers it over to him. A quick glance to Paige, "I don't really have any business. Though, you know, if Summer needs anything I don't charge for Freehold problems." She grins at AJ too but she seems intent on giving Damion what for.

"I am, actually, not in a fighting mood tonight," AJ says, a curious sort of note to her voice. Paige didn't take the offered chocolate milk, so she leans forward and snatches up the cup. "Just came dressed ready for it! Plus, you know, any chance to wear almost no clothes around Stoneheart is fine by me," AJ says, with a sunny smile. "Kick his ass, Tini!"

"I'm in a fighting mood, but the way I want to fight you don't normally do with friends," Paige says, sighing softly. "If you even saw the weapon I want to use all of you would say no," she says, pouting softly. "I haven't even gotten to /use/ it yet," she says, grinning at Eden.

Damion takes one of the staves form the mousecenary, moving back to the practice area. He glances at AJ and smirks, "Just so you know, if I die, that doesn't mean you get the gym 'just cause you teach a class there. Letting you know now." He settles in and gives the stave a few practice swings. He's less familiar with this than he is with his own fists. But, he apparently has at least some familiarity with it. He waits for Tini to take her position, then comes at her, swinging the staff low at her legs, and missing.

Tini moves over and sizes Damion up. She spins the mock-spear and sems quite comfortable with it. But the truth is she's much more accurate with ranged weapons. "I usually try not to let anything get this close to me." She sets up and steps back at the low swing and japs towrds Damion's chest but she miscalculates his size and trajectory and how nimble he is for his size.

After dodging the attack form Tini Damion says, "That's another reason we do this you know. It's fun. But it also lets us identify weaknesses and work on trying to overcome them so they don't bite us in the ass during a real fight." He spins the staff, which is honestly a pointless gesture other than for showing off, then abruptly jabs at her. The padded tip brushes a shoulder, but not enough to really hurt. Then he falls back on the defense.

AJ sits, watching, waiting, sipping chocolate milk, playing with foxes. She seems distracted now, mostly. "You could fight me, Paige. Won't get to use your hammer, but you could try!" she offers, with a sweet smile, and then a giggle.

Paige pouts and scuffs the toe of her shoe on the ground. "See? No one lets me use my hammer. I need to talk to Byron, get him to send me on a mission so I can use the damn thing," she says, sighing softly. "And I would, but I need to get back to Cyclone soon," she tells AJ.

Tini is off her game today, maybe Eden wore her out or maybe he's just tht good. He tags Tini with the edge of his blunted 'spear' and she makes a face but she's more smiling than annoyed by it. "If this was a real fight I wouldn't be trying to pet you with an oversized Q-tip." She teases and misses again with a sigh and annoyed sound. A quick glance to AJ and Paige grants them both a smile, "Take care, Paige, nice seein' you."

Damion chuckles at that, "Yeah, yeah. If this was a real fight, I'd be pulling your arrows out of me and trying to get close enough to hit you with a sword. Or shooting at you, I guess." He circles around her, then moves in for another jab, trying to poke her in the side. He just brushes against it thorugh, and the thrust leaves the dragon overextended and vulnerable to a counter-blow from Tini.

As the fight seems to be going... slowly... AJ seems to lose interest. She finishes her cup of chocolate milk, then rises up. "Alright, guys! This is boring as fuck!" she calls out. Then she looks to Paige. "Another time, I guess. And we should talk, another time. And also don't forget your muffin!" she declares, and points to the little white bag. There's a big, teeth-filled smile, then AJ looks down, and gives a whistle. "C'mon. Going!"

"Trust me. I don't forget chocolate," Paige says with a grin. She hops up and goes to pet the fox babies before grabbing her muffin. "Have fun you guys! Don't hurt each other too badly!" she calls to the fighters with a grin. "And yeah, we'll talk AJ. Take care," she tells the not quite so little fox before heading out of the cavern.

Tini steps past, "You'd have to see me first." The tiny Summer retorts, "To do either of those things." She dances back and swings low tagging Damion along his hip before spinning to set up to defend herself again an looks for an opening for the next strike. She glances back at AJ and smirks, "Well for something more interesting we'd need to break rules. See ya, AJ."