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First Court of Autumn

"Does anyone have business?"


Reginald Pook, June, Aaron, Ziv, Etsy, Zillah, Haydn, Rorschach, Allen, Dielle, Logan, November, Byron, Ashe


The Autumn Monarch holds the first Court of Autumn.


The Broken Hearth

It's the first court of Autumn and the Councilors have assembled already. Sitting at a long table that's been decorated in the heraldic colors of each court where they are sitting. The Broken Hearth has been cleaned up and the heraldic colors of the season of Autumn are on display. Reds, oranges, browns, golden yellows and grey dot the landscape of chairs that have been set up for people to sit in.

There is a table set up with a spread of finger foods, sweets and hedge concoctions of the highest degree. Apparently the Autumn Reign was going to start out on a good note. Or at least with good food and a more fixed up place to sit during Court.

There is a pile of Autumn leaves in golden yellows, burnt oranges and deep red that are scattered about the front of the room where the Monarch should be.

Byron has chosen to take up a spot off to the left of the pile of leaves after having finished helping set up the Hearth for the impending invasion of freeholders, and OMG the gargoyle dressed up! Sort of. Black matte fabric drapes from his frame, ragged at the edges where they come to an end just above the ground. Loosely clinging to his frame, and voluminous enough to obscure the rough-hewn lines of that large obsidian frame, leaving only those big wings, his head, hands, and feet clear of their concealment. A silver chain drapes around his neck with a circluar pendant offering the only real piece of contrast against all of the dark he's presenting.

He's chosen a clear spot of ground to crouch down on, resting his elbows on his knees, so he has a clear field of view to things as court begins.

Dielle came in with Rorschach in tow. She heads straight for the finger foods, gets a plateful of sweet things and heads back to a table. She waves at Byron, and guards all the sweet things on her plate like they're the Best Things Ever. She's got the usual clothing on: jeans, shirt, cowboy boots, hat. What else is new?

Logan was here quite early, but he's chosen to stand around near the side of the room the way some folks like to do during court, rather than sit. He's wearing a surprisingly formal suit in brilliant navy, perfectly tailored, with a pale blue shirt and matching navy tie. There's something more Autumnal about it than his usual Hedgespun prince's gear or California casual, perhaps. Eschewing refreshments, hands in pockets, he watches the assembled with his usual smile, light and shadow beaming out around him. He gives a small wave to Dielle when she enters in, though he doesn't approach.

Summer vacation always ends. Wherever the resident Knight of the Dragonslayer had spent his summer, he's been back for a few weeks to start out the school year, teaching at Brunsett High School as he does. Haydn does not look particularly pleased to be here, save, perhaps, the slight lift of his chin, the delicate evidence of pride in his posture, his comfort at how the decor plays so very well with his autumnal mantle of stillness and decay. He lurks to the edge of the gathering, both his pale eyes and his odd eyestalks scanning the room, oft in different directions, eyeing those gathered with the expected, low-grade suspicion that those of his order so effortlessly embody.

November is...well. November. Why be dull and ordinary, because of course a rainbow deity is dreadfully dull and ordinary, when one can be a frosty rainbow with -wings-? Not angel wings, no, and the feathers are as like to break as not, being made of fine and iridescent shards and flakes of faerie ice, but wings nonetheless. The mantle of sweeping, glint-glittering plumage affords a smidge more modesty to her otherwise barely-there silk gown, its sleevelessness more necessity than convenience in this case. No doubt in homage to the season, the longest plumes of 'hair' and feathered arms are edged in black, then gold, orange and red, seemingly aflame.

The too-Fae Dawn slinks in to regard the ever vague-bordered expanse of the Broken Hearth, its changeable size and forever perfect number of seats, but doesn't select a place for herself. Not yet.

You wouldn't think to see Allen at court, but it is the appropriate time of year for him to make a courtly effort, and so here he is. His leathers seem both shinier and dingier somehow, as if he polished them and then rubbed them all over with sand paper. His 8-lb. Sledge is nowhere to be seen, since, you know, he's a court. Curiously, he seems to have fastened several red and yellow leaves to what on a sport coat would be his left lapel.

That's right: Allen has made a buttoneer out of dead oak and maple leaves.

Those leaves that were just lying on the floor start to move and spin up into a tornado of bright colors until they coalesce into Ashe. Who has that ridiculous looking crown on her head. That's the Wyrd for you though! And for added shock value, she's not in her traditional black. No, she's dressed in a orange gown with red accents. She looks around with those black eyes of hers and then gives a look to her husband since he's not that far away. Then her eyes go back to the crowd, "Welcome to the first court of Autumn, please get your refreshments and have a seat if you like. We have a lot of ground to cover tonight." she tells the gathered.

Rorschach crept out from under the rocks. His long coat bled off of him like a vice and down into his mantle was a stain that eeked with the roach. He followed Dielle in with Zillah on arm. Moon Court was making an appearance again at a formal event? Good lord. The high wyrd roach dropped adown into a chair and kicked his feet up. Here we go. Allo world.

Dielle waves at both November and Logan, in their turn. While still jealously guarding those sweets. She grins at her seatmates and continues to watch people showing up.

Byron glances out over the freeholders as they make their way in, flashing a small smile at Dielle and Rorschack and even wiggling the fingers of one hand at them im a bit of a silent greeting, before slowly looking back over to the, er, newly assembled Queen, showing his teeth in a grin for a second, then calming down to watch with some attention slit between her and the rest of the Hearth.

Zillah makes good arm candy - at least for Rorschach. The shadowsnake and the radroach are quite the pair, after all. Zee's in a low-cut dress of black velvet, showing off the patterning of her skin and the ampleness of her busom. Like they're Moon Court-Goth Rock Royalty, she walks with chin lifted and an amused little grin on her lips as she's lead along to a table.

And then there's an Etsy. She's not wearing her usual 'sixteen layers of thrifted clothing' anymore: today it's a hedgespun dress like something out of Sense & Sensibility, if Austen's ladies wore dresses made from waves that crash the length of the mermaid's delicate body, giving the appearance of lace at the squared neckline and hem. (It's not, it's just foam from the breakers. She hums her way into Court, idly eyeing the sweets, and finds something made mostly of honey, before wandering over to settle down near Dielle. Etsy's white Courier sash glitters and gleams, and the lily maid is at the top of her game today, appearance-wise. There's something wild and untamed about her all the same, as if at any moment she could just run off and dive into the ocean, go hang out with the sharks.

Ziv is, in fact, probably late - and looking a little harried when she slinks in, mostly attempting to be unnoticed in doing so. She's dressed a little more casually for Court than she was last time, but at least she's wearing colors appropriate to the occasion - a loose-fitting orange sweater dress and black leggings, with a couple of feathers in her hair around large, pointed ears. A quick glance around and then she moves towards the walls where some of the others are hanging out.

Nope, she'd been here all along. Yes, really.

Never one to turn down food that's just, you know, sitting out there like that, Allen the Shy Gargoyle strides to the table and loads a plate with sweets, finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit of the usual and goblin varieties.

Ashe's announcement makes him look for a place to sit or stand, so he chooses a spot close to the food table. Coincidentally, he's also close (though perhaps not too close?) to Ziv, who gets a small half-wave after he pops a few apple slices in his mouth.

Dielle smiles at Etsy as she sits down, and murmurs a quiet hello to her, before addressing some comments around the table.

"Thank you all for attending tonight's Court. And I would like to get a few things out of the way." the Monarch states. Ashe looks to the crowd, "I may not be the best candidate in the eyes of some, but, the Wyrd has spoken. If any take issue with this, I am sorry." she gives a slight bow of her head. Then she continues, "Moving forward into the Autumn season, I will probably annoy some of you with so many posts and things of that nature, but communication is key within our community." she explains.

"We have many things that are still going on near and within the Freehold. The Soundless, while they have gone quiet, are still very much a topic we need to learn more on. There's also the hob army with the part machine Briarwolves. Our Freehold is still young and has so much room to grow and has a lot of untapped potential. We also have the disadvantage of being on the same ground as another Freehold by the name of the Silver Tree. Which we are slowly gathering information on. Not to mention we have other things happening that we should be looking into. Weirdness usually has something behind it. It is our job to see whether or not it needs to be documented or helped out." Ashe states.

November flashes a swift smile toward Dielle, but sidesteps, lingering near the exit instead, as seems to be her wont. No merry feasting and drinking for the rainbow. Yes standing where anyone who has to enter or leave the room will have to pass through the ever so entertaining changes caused by her Mantle. Because! The faerie Ancient observes Ashe, listening without comment.

"Oh, hi," Ziv sort of squeaky-whispers to Allen as the large, shy Changeling wanders nearer to her. She actually moves in closer to him, better to keep attention off herself, though one ear does turn in the direction of Ashe as the Queen of Autumn speaks. "You're that guy that... with the big thing and you chased..." she kind of squints at Allen for a moment, then goes quiet. Something said by the current Monarch has caught her attention, and a sudden, small laugh leaves her. Just after that, she goes more quiet, turning to watch in listen while in Allen's shadow.

Byron grunts softly at the mention of the machinewolves, but the other gargoyle trails off to quiet again to resume listening, only really shooting a glance back at the rest of the Hearth at the laugh, and then only to see where it was coming from, before he settles back down again, resting his chin on his folded arms.

Etsy's quiet at the table that she's at, signing briefly toward Rorschach and Zillah but mostly paying attention to Ashe. The mermaid's feet dangle inches above the ground -- the perils of being tiny -- and she kicks off her tatty slippers, letting her feet 'relax' and elongate into fins. It's got to hurt to walk on those things stuffed into slippers.

Aaron is quiet when he walks in; cat hedgebeast and ghostly sister in tow. He stands off to the side, hands in the pockets of a light coat. He listens to the Monarch speak, and only moves to nod to familiar faces that catch his gaze.

"Yeah," answers Allen in a low tone to Ziv, "and we had..." but then he realizes how rude that must be and stuffs a finger sandwich in his mouth to prevent further talking. He moves the plate a little closer to Ziv in case she's interested in a date or other more exotic offering.

Haydn continues to lurk on the periphery. There's a seat for him, surely, and yet he doesn't take it, content to stand with his hands pressed into his pants pockets as he keeps watch over the crowd, paying less mind to the monarch than the rest. She's far less suspicious than everyone else, after all.

When Byron looks her way, after her laughter, Ziv abruptly flops her wings up over her mouth and stares back, wide-eyed and apologetic. Thankfully she has Allen right there to partially hide behind, which she does a little - slinking backwards and further out of view. But then she's being offered things, and her head twists upwards to look at Allen, curiously, before she flashes him a grin. It is the date, in fact, that she snatches up first.

June is late! Whether she has an excuse or not, her tardiness is probably not a surprise to anybody who knows her. If it's said that she has the memory of a goldfish that's not fair to the goldfish, whose memories are actually just fine. She tries to slip in as quietly as she can, which means that she has a look of intense concentration on her face while she tries not to trip on her own feet or something and embarrass herself. For the moment she just gets out of the way and hangs out near the door.

Logan, standing with his arms folded against a side wall, glances over at Haydn and offers him a small smile. That smile continues around, even to some he doesn't know, until it eventually lands on June. At least it doesn't look like he's laughing at he fall? Eventually, his blue gaze moves back to the monarch.

Rorschach trailed his eyes around the room. The rock n roll Roach sat leaning back in his chair, arm around the shadow snek. As Etsy signed to them the silent roach signed back, thought he antennae stayed 'tuned' to Ashe as she spoke.

Scuttling in a bit late and looking ever so sheepish is a short man with a pleasing (roundish) build, with pale hair and golden skin. Reginald Pook is dressed in a suit of cerulean blue, with dark tan vest and tie, and a white shirt beneath. In his lapel, a boutonniere of oranges and browns, a proper tribute to autumn. "So sorry, so sorry, so sorry," he whispers, over and over, as he quickly scoots his way over to take the his councillor's seat.

Ashe gives a look to everyone and then continues to speak, "I would like to address Subgroup leaders for a moment. Those that are in attendance." she states. "We will need you to be prepared over the next few months. We've had people reporting strange dreams, which is right up the Watchers alley. Not to mention that there are threats to the Hedge. The Harvestmen should be present in some respect with that." she points out. "The Greenies have been sending people out when they can and that is appreciated. The Waykeepers are keeping us updated with new arrivals and making sure hospitality is met. And I wanted to thank them for that." she states and there's a look over to November for a moment with a dip of her head. "For those not in a subgroup and wanting to help out, I'd suggest meeting with their leader. I'm still leading the Custodians as well." she offers. There's a look to the latecomers and there's no look of irritation on Ashe's face.

Chewing thoughtfully, Allen turns his attention from the plate of food in his hand to the Autumn Monarch, and then to the person she's looking at and oh my that's right the ice queen she's really pretty oh no better look at the plate of food again just stay quiet she can't see you and certainly doesn't remember you it's fine it's fine it's fine.

Maintain eye contact. Assert dominance.

Dielle bites her lip as Ashe speaks, and looks thoughtful. But she doesn't speak up, because she's still mulling a few things over. It's weird watching Dielle think, it's like there's steam coming up from her ears as the gears inside work.

Allen has garnered a friend, though! At least for the evening. A friend that's busy snatching small morsels off his plate on occasion, instead of getting her own. Ziv's still paying attention, at least one ear oriented towards Ashe at all times - but for now she's pretending to be a bat-shaped shadow to the gargoyle. Somewhere, a belfry is missing its residents.

November dips her head to Ashe in recognition. Poor Allen. It's awfully difficult to tell just where her eyes are looking, given that, you know, her eyelids are clear. And so are her eyes.

"I would like to add that this is not me dressing down anyone. I just want to make sure that our groups are prepared in case something huge is about to happen. If I need to address leadership in a negative manneer I will do that privately." Ashe states as she looks to the crowd. She's still standing and probably will be the whole time. "I would like to hear from each court to see if there's any news that they would like to share with us. We'll have Dawn go first." she states with a smile that pulls the stitches in her face.

Zillah, while her black eyes seem focused on Ashe, is still moving her fingers in communication with her tablemates. She looks thoughtful, like she's giving something deep consideration.

For that smile that had been turned his way, Haydn dips a shallow nod in acknowledgement. One of his eyestalks remains turned toward Logan as the rest of his attention contiues to drift. Eventually, as the latecomers start to settle, his attention makes its way back to Ashe, where it stays for the time being. Mostly. The eyestalk not turned toward one particular person contines to pivot slowly.

Pook gets himself settled, then sits straight backed with a excitement on his face and maybe just a touch of mischief twinkling in his eyes. He stares at Ashe for a long moment, then turns to slowly scan over the gathering. Such a warm, loving look he gives, to each and every Freeholder that make eye contact. And even those that don't!

Byron digests the information Ashe is relaying, shooting another look out across the group. This time, at least, its the otehr gargoyle he pauses at and offers a bow of his head in greeting, followed by a faint smile towards Pook while the man settles himself. He also gets a silent wiggling of fingers before attention is brought back to the crown-wearer, spocking one brow up in curiosity.

Dielle looks over at Logan and November. When neither seem inclined to stand up, she does, and says, "Hey, Your Majesty." Reginald Pook gets a smile, and then she says, "Dawn Court's been pretty quiet, nothing terribly interesting to report. Sorry!" Then she sits down and looks rather self-satisfied.

"Hello Dielle and that is alright. If the Court doesn't have anything to report we can move on to Spring." Ashe states with a smile to that.

When Pook looks at Etsy, Etsy smiles back warmly -- and expectantly. After all, Pook's Boss Spring! The mermaid swings her little fins under her seat, and winks aside at Zillah.

Pook blinks a few times, as he realizes attention has fallen upon him. There's a sheepish look, and then he clears his throat. "Oh, you will have to forgive me... Ms. Swift, would you do us the honors?" he asks, with a gracious wave of the hand and an inclination to Etsy.

When Allen decides to look up from his plate of food, he sees Byron's greeting, and returns it in the form of a half-smile and shrug. He swallows whatever it was that he was chewing (dried apricots, probably) and take the top off of another finger sandwich to reveal cucumber slices. He pushes it closer to Ziv in case she's interested in such things, but otherwise stays as quiet as possible.

June makes her way over to the nearest table at this point, trying careful to be quiet. She manages to get into a seat without making a scene, even! Then she returns to listening, waiting, watching.

Aaron makes his way over to the snacks, cause better late than never. His attention still primarilly focused on reports both in and out of court. His Skellington-long fingers delicately pluck a few finger foods onto a plate. A few others are lowered and fed to his feline-like companion. His sister? The ghost? She glowers at Aaron cause she wants food--but the dead don't eat. Or do they? As he travels, he offers light nods to Ziv and November before moving over to stand near the Gargoyle known as Byron.

Ziv's attention is drawn up from the finger sandwich offered by Allen, which she takes and begins to gnaw on, to Aaron as the man passes by with his cat and sister. She blinks a few times, expression going unreadable. But then her free wing-hand comes up, and she gives a wave in his direction, along with a minute smile.

"Pff!" The mermaid wasn't expecting that, and her sea-change eyes slide from sunlit-foam to a brackish olive for a moment before she speaks -- no getting up, because she's taken off her slippers and her fins are relaxing, thank you. "Many of a Springs are busy with Greenies work, Isoldes now Grandmaster and working on cleaning out a gardens. So much work having done, with many plants new added -- scarthistle and the serpent gourds most important. For dream works please come and have a talks with a Greenies, many are having a problems of a dreams, can help. Isolde also did a retreats of Springs, helps to talk of things and recommend very much other Courts to do such a thing."

Screwing up her face thoughtfully, the mermaid adds, "We are havings multiple problems of dreams and many of Springs are working on also this. Dream thing happening to me not a fae things or Gentries or hobs or vampires or humans or anything in my dreams, not sure what yet but is sure of what not. And... um. Trying to coordinates with many others about. So... um. Yes! For problems dreams is some of us talking to teach how to do a fighting betters in dreams so can come and have a talkings with us to make a time to learns to do more of a fightings in dreams in case of invasions. Also recommending for motleys building bastions if can do, thank."

The mermaid leans back in her chair, a floof of lily-scent poofing up from her, the vines of her ridiculous Mantle splaying across the ground.

Pook's lovely and warm smile... well, it stays lovely and warm, as Etsy outlines the work of Spring. As she concludes, his head dips lows. "Well said, my dear. Thank you," he offers to her.

Byron glances up when Aaron sidles over and rumbles a greeting and a bob of his head to the man, but for the moment otherwise remains quiet, not wanting to interrup the incoming deluge of information. Etsy is watched with what looks like mild fascination as the mermaid continues onward, his gaze just sort of lingering on the women when she finishes and Pook offers his thanks.

Ashe gives a look to Reginald Pook and there's an uptick of one silver striation in her eyes. Then she looks back to Etsy when she speaks, hands clasped in front of her and there's a smile to the news, "Excellent, thank you Etsy." she tells her. Then she looks around, "I see no Dusk's here. Moon. Do you have anything for us?" she looks to Rorschach and his table given that's where the Moon court in attendance is seated.

Rorschach looked to Ashe and hopped up on his chair and...signed? This was... not helpful. How and WHY they kept giving the mute roach all the speaking parts was a wonder. About part of of the way through he squint at the Queen for comprehension. Ah! good good! Today's update was brought to you by the dream speaker withthe mantle that looked like a virus. Fingers danced and waved in the air and moment later he pointed up up up at the ceiling where there were subtitles scorched in shadows on the ceiling of the cavern. Ah HA!

Translation: There is coming up an act that seems odd- strange, important. Find the challenge that promotes our 'sins' and our chame. This is not only going to beof import to separate ourselves withteh concept of 'shame' come Samhain, but grow in strengh from abandoning the fear of those judgements as we move through Autumn into Winter. See Cardinal Red Bird for details. We can also direct you.

Of other inport to the Moon Court: Beware dreams haunted in blood, in shadows that stick like tar and gaping echoes that weep their sorrows that try to trap us within. There is an epidemic of hauntings in dreams and both Moon and the Watchers are keeping an eye on this. Come see us if you have information. Family of Silent Nights is also looking to set traps out for these...haunts. The debt to the Family is being covered by the freehold.

From the Harvestmen, We know of the unwanted one by name of Thudlump. We are putting a team in place to hunt him down and find out why he's in possession and looking to solicit dangerous contraband. I will have details for you when asked.

Last: Three crows come to sit on a broken bough. Be sure to watch the fox that hunts them from the shadows on the ground.

Ashe watches Rorschach's hands and there's a bit of a curious look at what he's signing and then when he's finished there's a bit of a nod, "We'll get that discussed as well at a later time." she signs and states at the same time. "Thank you, Rorschach." she adds. "Winter, do you have Court news to bring?" she asks.

It could be the reason that Zillah keeps giving Rorschach the speaking parts is because she likes to watch him. Look at that mantle! Those agile fingers! The show that comes with it. The slithershadow watches, and nods along with everything that he says. The second present Moon Courtier is in agreement.

November tilts her head, glancing toward Rorschach when he gets up on his chair, but shows no outward signs of comprehension. Interest, yes. Possibly mild fascination with the colour trails the buggo's fingers leave as they move through the air... you know. Details.

Oh no, Allen's plate is almost empty, but important Lost are talking and moving their hands around. Plus it's rude to go the food table now which is closer to the ice queen oh no there she is right there so let's just stay over here by the wall with Ziv.

Dielle watches Rorschach and grins as she does, but then ends up losing the smile in a frown as she tries to figure out what Rorschach is talking about. "Man, it's getting weird, here." She crunches down on an apple slice.

Ziv, at least, comes out from behind where she's been hiding as Allen's shadow. Her dark eyes set on Ashe, and then she gives a small shake of her head. No words are offered about Winter, there.

"Thank you, Ziv." Ashe nods to the Winter. Then there's a look around, "Summer? Do we have anything?" she asks to the crowd.

Etsy's settled in, watching Rorschach's hands, not the translations. Her little eyebrows arch up just so.

When no one speaks up for Summer there's a smile and a nod, "Autumn is working on a few things. We'll be holding both the Fallen Fair and the Ashen Hunt this year. So we will keep you posted. We are also working on delegating to get others into research on the different things that have happened. Such as the 13 murdered at Midnight." she states as she looks back to Aaron and Byron. Then she looks to the crowd again, "Any general news that anyone would like to bring to the Crown and Councils attention?" she asks as she spreads her hands in front of her. Opening up the floor. "After that we'll get the pledge done." she smiles.

"Oh!" Pook says, and raises up a hand. "Thank you, your most beautiful red and dark and pale one," he says, to Ashe. "If anyone catches sight of a... wolf... Please do contact me? Interested parties and all... and not just the Northeast Wolf Coalition..."

Logan steps forward, letting the bright light around him shine out just a /touch/ brighter. He smiles radiantly, offering Ashe a very slight bow, hand over his heart. "I do, Your Majesty. First, let me offer my congratulations; I can think of no worthier recipient of the Crown. Also, I was tasked by former Queen Helah in following Samantha Whitaker of the Soundless, and wanted to report that I continue to track her. I have had one meeting with her so far, and hope to have more in the near future. I'm happy to make this a Custodians matter as well," he adds, having said his piece.

The Shyest Ogre in Vermont looks around, and suddenly realizes that he has to say a thing, because Alonso and Iris and other Lost who are better at this speaking in public thing are not hear right now. Gulp.

After Logan finishes up, Allen steps forward needlessly and clears his throat. "Uh, hi," he starts, then clears his throat again. "So, uh, yeah, so there are a group of us who are investigating this whole mechanized Briarwolf and soldier hob army and a tank thing that you talked about earlier, uh, Highness," he bows here, slightly, then hurries on, "and we think we know where they're hiding out and what their all about. We're making, uh, elixirs, that help combat sleepiness, the briarwolves can put us to sleep, it's real inconve... uh, yeah, and mortars and other stuff and we're still getting together information on their hide-out but we plan to attack them when we thing we can surprise them and if anyone wants to help with scouting or planning or fighting or making things they should talk to Alonso, not me, please talk to Alonso, thank you." And with that, Allen edges back to the wall.

Ashe gives a look to Reginald Pook and there's a smile and a little hand wave. But she listens to him curiously. "Is it an actual wolf or...something that can change into a wolf?" she quirks an eyebrow at him. "If it's the latter, we have a Lord Sage that specializes in that." she smiles. Then she looks to Logan and there's a nod, "Thank you, Logan." she states. Then her lips press into a thin line as Samantha Whitaker is brought up. "When Helah stepped down as Queen she did catch me up on a few things and you may keep tabs on Samantha when she is in town. Do not try to follow her back to where she stays and things of that nature." she states. Then there's a look to Allen and a nod to him and his information, "Very good. I shall make sure that the Harvestmen and other groups are made aware and they can contact Alonso." she offers to that.

"Best to let me know if you find any wolves at all, your highness," Pook says, with a gracious dip of his head. "And I will speak to the Lord Sage, and whomever else... might be interested," he says. Then he's back to listening to the others. To Logan, he gives a faint scoff. "She hasn't misbehaved, has she?" Pook asks Logan. Then a glance back to Ashe. "She'll want to pledge again with you..."

Logan gives another little bow to Ashe, nodding. "Understood." He looks over to Pook with a smile. "She hasn't misbehaved /yet/, but I'm sure there's time." Almost like he wants to catch her at it. There's an interested look to Allen and the news he shares before he steps back again, and dims the light down around him accordingly.

Ashe gives a nod to Reginald, "I'll keep an eye out as well and if she does we'll deal with that when she asks." she tells him. She gives a smile to Logan, "Thank you and please keep us informed on things." she tells him. Then there's a look to the room, "If you would like to repledge or pledge to the freehold, please come forward." she states.

Dielle smiles at her seatmates and then gets up to go repledge to the freehold. Oaths, yay!

Byron tilts his head to watch Allen a little more closely as he speaks about the mechanized Briarwolves, looking more thoughtful and holding his attention there for several seconds even after the other gargoyle has relinquished the floor. A single finger is lifted in an effort to signal to Allen that he wants to catch the man before he leaves, but when Ashe talks about pledging, Byron blinks and murmurs softly, lumbering up to his feet. Straightening up and folding his wings in tight against his back, he draws a small wooden box out of those folds of dark fabric, approaching Ashe with it to open and make the contents available for her.

The mention of re-oathing has Zillah oozing up to her feet, reaching a hand down to offer it to Rorschach. There's a bright smile, a waggling of brows, towards the roach. Dielle gets a wink.

That's when June gets up to come forward, and she manages to make it half a step before she catches a foot on the leg of the chair she had been sitting in, trips, and falls flat on her face with a thump. A moment later she rolls up to her feet, looking like she's as amused as she is mortified. Possibly more amused, even. She doesn't say anything, just shrugs and heads toward to re-pledge.

Pook rises up, of course. Only to watch an adorable Summer Beast eat it. His lips press together very tightly and he looks off across the room. No bursting into laughter! That'd be inappropriate!

Ziv has mostly been standing quietly while listening to the others speak. She did about do so, herself, when Allen brought up the issues in the Hedge - but apparently decided not to add anything, at the end. She does, however, chirp and grimace in sympathy when June goes sprawling.

The mermaid looks sympathetically toward June, but Etsy is already repledged, and so stays where she is, swinging her little fins.

Rorschach laced his fingers in Zillah's hand and bit her finger. He stood and joined the others. A repledge? Suuuuure. being Watcher elect, and a Lieutenant of the Harvestmen it was sort of assumed and while he was on walk about, it seemed like the roach was still on team here.

Logan strides forward to repledge as well. "Are you alright?" he quietly asks June as he heads up there, though she seems just fine, doesn't she?

Allen looks ready to hang back, since, you know, public speaking isn't a great thing to him, but then seems to remember why he's really here to begin with. He looks to Ziv for solidarity and then starts walking up front with the others.

Ziv kind of stirs from where she's been comfortably standing all along, then grumbles out a sigh. But about that time, Allen starts moving, and she blinks before skittering forward to fall in with him.

Ashe gives a smile as people start to move forward and then she turns to look at Byron. Who is already moving. There's a smile to her husband, "Thank you. Just keep that for me." she tells him. Then she turns to look at everyone gathered. A breath is taken, "Please repeat after me." she tells them.

"I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest."

"I swear that I no longer serve the Fae, nor will I while this promise stands; that while I am under its protection I will obey the principles and bylaws of the Fate's Harvest Freehold as ratified by Monarch and Council, in return for the support and safety they provide."

"May I perish in exile, should I be forsworn."

Words! Repeated! June pledges herself once more to the Freehold, like she's done for a few seasons now since her return. As long as she doesn't have to promise not to be clumsy it's probably fine.

Zillah's finger is bitten, and then the shadowsnake leans in to bite Rorschach on the cheek. Gnawing on his face for a moment,as they walk towards the gathering. Oh, right, oathtime. She repeats the words, all New York accent and hissed tones, while leaning against Ror.

Without laughing, Pook manages to repeat the pledge. "I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest..." It's said just as Ashe says it. So perfectly so. And soon as it is done, he lowers himself back down into his chair.

Byron clears his throat softly when Ashe intones the oath, nodding his head slightly at her ask. Apparently he's already been through this earlier with the new Queen. His eyes shift to look out across the group that are reswearing the Oath, and the faintest of smiles touches his face, as some thought bubbles up in that thick rock head. He at least keeps it to himself for the time being.

Allen repeats the oath as directed, loud enough to be conversational but quiet enough to blend in with the other voices that are also saying the pledge. He's done enough standing out for tonight.

Dielle repledges herself to the Freehold. It's quiet, sincere, with just a touch of eye-rolling, and a wry smile. She's having a cynical moment. At least she gets the words right.

Haydn swears his oath to the autumn monarch, his words even, his demeanor unchanged. What's a knight without something to protect, after all. Once that's done, there's a slight shift in his posture as if he might mean to leave now that the important part is over.

Solidarity! That's what Allen was looking for, right? Ziv offers it up, in the manner of trying to match words and cadence with him - and she's surprisingly good at it. So at least there, in that little section of the room, it comes off in a sort of odd, spoken harmony. But it sounds a bit nice.

Logan's clear, musical voice sounds out -- not any louder than anyone else's, but bright and enthusiastic. His light shines out a little brighter, too, as though to mark the occasion.

In silence, the little mermaid watches everyone swear to the Freehold, and applauds once it's all done. Etsy's fins sort of fold themselves back up like a fan, and she starts working them back into her tatty silk slippers, apparently preparing to go.

Once everyone has repeated the pledge, they can feel that spark of the Wyrd binding them into it. Ashe gives a smile to them, "That wasn't so bad." she grins at that, the stitches pulling in her cheeks. "I wanted to give everyone a small token that can be worn if you like." she starts to pass out the little autumn leaf pins to them all.

June takes her offered pin with a grin and says, "cool! Thanks! It's not a tracking device or something, is it?" It doesn't SOUND like she's actually serious in thinking it might be, though. She even pins it to her shirt.

"Oh! A pin... oh, I didn't give out pins," says Reginald Pook. "Oh, it's so lovely. I should have given out pins," he says, with a wistful sigh. Does anyone know how hard it is to be Spring Monarch? He goes about pinning it to his other lapel immediately, looking positively chuffed to do so.

Dielle takes her pin, and says, "Well, gee! Thanks, Ms. Monarch! This is real pretty!" It's like she's /trying/ to sound like a shitkicker. She pins it to her shirt.

Logan smiles his thank yous to Ashe, pinning the leaves into his buttonhole. Wouldn't want to ruin the suit, after all. "It's a stylish gesture," he tells the Monarch, but he doesn't hog her time. She has a lot of subjects to attend to!

Zillah, having re-oathed to the Freehold, and gotten a pretty shiny pin, withdraws back to the shadows from whence she came.

Ziv, at least, looks pretty elated when she's offered the pin - the batling even sort of does a little happy dance in place, like a kid. It looks pretty silly, but she's still incredibly cheerful when she goes to pin it onto the shoulder of her dress with a chirp of, "Thank you!"

"I have one more item of business." Ashe states. All joy leaves her face and there's a deadly serious look on it now and no color except for the black in her eyes, "If you are caught speaking to the uninitiated about Keepers, the Freehold or anything of that nature that would endanger our safety or /their/ own safety. You will get one warning. If there is a second incident I will personally cut your tongue from your mouth and put it in the Library on display." she states. "We need to be careful." she adds.

Then she gives a bright smile, "This now closes the first court of Autumn." she tells them.

Etsy's little webbed hands applaud Ashe's proclamation very loudly and quickly. Oh, is no one else clapping? Oh well, the mermaid's still applauding this idea quite vociferously.

Logan looks thoroughly nonplussed at the talk of tongues being cut from mouths. Is it because he knows Ashe, or because it really doesn't concern him. He smiles brightly when Ashe does, bowing slightly to her again before he walks swiftly to the exit, whistling.

"Erm," says Ziv, with a blink at the sudden, aggressive proclamation from Ashe. And then Etsy's clapping... so she kind of claps, too. Even if she were going to do so as aggressively as the lily-maid, she's not really capable. Her clapping sort of sounds like someone shaking a leather jacket.

June hears someone clapping while she's trying to pin the pin to her shirt and so she stops to clap too. It accomplishes two things: serves to a little awkward when only acouple of people are doing it, and results in her jabbing her other hand with the pin. Brilliant! She lets out a little hiss of pain and then a soft laugh.

Allen thanks Ashe for the pin, admiring it's obvious craft and tiny details as only a... gargoyle can?

"Oh, your highness, positively ghoulish!" declares Pook. He stands, and quickly brings his hands together to applaud. "I do love autumn!" he declares, his own smile bright and adoring. Though he does spare a look aside, to mouth out, 'I don't think she's kidding', to anyone that might mistake his love of proper threats for not taking the new monarch seriously.