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Changeling Applications

This page is a supplement to the main Character Creation page, designed specifically to help with Changeling and other fae-related applications. If you are looking to app in as a Fae-Touched, Enchanted Mortal or Ensorcelled, please use the questions below; you have unique considerations which vanilla mortals don't need to worry about!

If you are looking to app in as a Fetch, please see the Fetches/Applications page. Given the nature of Fetches, players should expect that any PC Fetches WILL, eventually, be killed. Staff will not stop Changeling players from performing Fetch PKs.

See the Changeling/Minor_Templates page for our definitions of the non-Changeling templates associated with the sphere. In essence, you are a human if you are not a Changeling. You may be a traumatized human, but you are human, and use Integrity, not Clarity.


Humans have it easy. Changelings/Fae-Touched with Seemings need a bit more work put into them.

  • Check the Description page for guidelines applicable to all players.
  • Check the Mien_Guidelines page for a set of rough examples of what is appropriate at which degree of Wyrd.
The Mien will be influenced primarily by your Wyrd level and number of kiths. Your Primary Kith will always influence your appearance more than any of your secondary/tertiary/quaternary kiths.
Certain Merits (Biological Oddity (HR), Lethal Mien, etc.) may also alter your appearance somewhat, allowing for subtly less human characteristics.
Entitlements, too, always have some effect on your Mien.

Staff will work with you, if need be, to find a good balance of this. Since it has come up repeatedly, suffice it to say that if you want to play a full anthro, you're looking at VERY high Wyrd...


The following questions must be answered in your +bg during CG for you to be allowed out into the world. Changelings, you have a lot more work to do than mortals will.

Mortal Life

Answer both the 'Mortal Life' questions and the questions specific to your template below. You may mix/match and combine orders, write it up as a story or just answer them in bullet points. Staff is peachykeen as long as the data is there.

  • What is your character's mortal name? Is there a reason behind it? (Named after a grandfather, etc.)
  • Where/when were you born? Give your birth date.
  • How was your childhood/young adulthood? What were you like?
  • What is your mortal profession? How do you feel about it?
If you are apping in to work for another player, please include this here.
  • If you aren't a local to the Tamarack Falls/Fort Brunsett area, where are you staying right now?
If your answer is "a hotel" you are probably in Fort Brunsett, though Tamarack Falls does have a tiny bed and breakfast, and many cabins to rent out in the woods.
  • Do you have any family or close friends in the area?
  • Why are you here now? This may relate to the question above.
  • What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?
Taxidermist by day, gamer geek by night?
  • Do you have any enemies? Anyone who would actively do Bad Things to you? Why? do you feel about this?
  • BEFORE you got involved with the world of faerie, did you have any brushes with magic/the supernatural? What happened? How do you feel about this?

Ensorcelled Mortals

  • How long have you been ensorcelled?
  • Who ensorcelled you?
Bear in mind, once you are ensorcelled, it is highly unlikely that Changelings will ever allow you to remain unpledged. Even if you beg for a pledge which closes your eyes to the fae world, no more ensorcellment, you will still need to be bound to secrecy.
  • How do you feel about Changelings in general and your pledgemate specifically?
Do you like it? Resent it? Fear it? Etc. Things like that.

If you want to be ensorcelled to an NPC as part of your background, your NPC must have a name and at least a sketchy description of what s/he's like. The goal on staff's part is to phase people into being pledged to actual players, but we know that isn't always optimal.

Enchanted Mortals

  • How were you enchanted? When? Were you kidnapped? Did you make an agreement you really regret?
  • Who was your Keeper going to be? What was the realm like (if it isn't a staff-generated Keeper)?
  • How did you escape? Were you on your own or did somebody help?
  • What do you remember of it?
Your memories of Arcadia will be very vague, and it's entirely possible you won't know what it was/will just remember it as a twisted nightmare or a really, really bad drug trip.
  • How do you feel about Changelings in general and your ability to see them?

Fae-Touched Mortals

  • How were you Taken?
  • How long did you stay in Arcadia?
  • Who was your Keeper? What were they like?
  • What was your Durance like?
  • How did you escape?
  • What do you remember of it?
Your memories will be very, very vague, if you remember much at all. The Hedge scours most away.
  • How do you feel about Changelings?



  • Is your name different, now that you are a Changeling? If so, what is it?
Changelings often lose access to their mortal identities. The Fetch has their old ID, or maybe they come out of Arcadia looking like a 20 year old when they've been gone for 50 years, and there's just no way to pretend to be their 70 year old self.
  • Do you have a Fetch? If yes, what are your intentions toward it?
  • Whether or not you have a Fetch, do you have valid ID? Are you a legal citizen? If not, how do you compensate for that?
NOTE: If you have a new name, you will NEED to buy the Alternate Identity merit if you actually want any form of legal identification.
  • How were you Taken?
Were you kidnapped? Did you make a deal to serve them for x years?
  • How many mundane years were you trapped in Arcadia?
  • How many Arcadian years was that? (being vague is fine; you may not have ICly had a clue)
Time in Arcadia doesn't necessarily have anything to do with mortal time. Think Rip van Winkle. Spend a year in Arcadia, come out and 100 mundane years have passed.
  • How many years have you been back in this world?
If you have just returned, you probably won't know much about changeling society, and you will have low Wyrd. If you are apping in a High Wyrd character, you MUST have been out of Arcadia for at very least a few years to gain that much Wyrd... It doesn't just happen overnight. ;)
  • Who was your Keeper? What were they like?
  • What was your Durance like? How did it shape you into the Seeming/Kith you have today?
  • How did you escape?
  • Which memory did you follow through the Hedge, and because of that memory, where did you end up?
Escaping Arcadia can happen in one of a few ways. This is often a matter of confusion in apps, so I am attempting to clarify it here. Part of the reason you cannot have high Wyrd as a recent escapee is the simple fact that you NEED TO BE HUMAN(ish) if your human memories are going to stay meaningful to you. A high Wyrd character may not even remember WHY they would want to leave; they have power in the Domain, after all, and they may well rise to rival their own Keeper/become a Fae themselves.
Every Arcadian Domain has at least one exit into the Hedge. It can be disguised or hidden, but it always exists. When you escape Arcadia, you are leaving through that exit, and going into the Hedge. The problem there is, the Hedge is a psychoactive realm which pieces together trods based on where you are trying to get. If you don't have a clear memory of home, you're going to wander randomly and very likely get attacked/get horribly lost. If your BG involves you finding a way out of the Hedge and ending up in Timbuktu with no clue where you are, that's great! You could also stumble upon a group of people who help you, or leave Arcadia with other Changelings who have a stronger memory than you do, and follow them out, etc. Lots of options.
  • What do you remember of Arcadia?
You are unlikely to recall overmuch about it until you are reaching Wyrd 6+. Flashes and glimpses and nightmare images.
  • What has your life been like since your escape?
  • Are you connected to any other PCs?
Were they in your Durance/are they relatives/are you apping into a motley, etc.
  • Are you in a Court? If yes, which, and why? What do you do for your Court?
  • Do you have an Entitlement? If yes, which, why, and what did you do to earn the privilege?
This requires at least a sentence or three. An Entitlement is a big thing in your life, a great honour to hold, and they aren't given out to just ANYbody.
  • Are you in the Freehold?
It has only been advertising for new members since 2016, since it is very new.

Joining IC Groups

You do not need the permission of existing members to join Courts, or Entitlements. If you're not sure about anything, ask! Check their wiki pages to see if any concepts are on their group wish lists for new players to play.

If an Entitlement page is empty, be sure to check in game with the +census command (+help census), because players are the ones who have to add themselves to the wiki pages, and sometimes, they forget!