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Character Descriptions

  • Changelings: Include a description of your Mantle (if you have one) in your &faedesc.
(Ex. The scent of early blossoms drifts in the air around her when she moves, tiny flowers rising where she steps.)
  • Include the following merits/stats in your &short-desc/on a separate line at the bottom of your @desc:
Presence 4+ PR4, PR5, etc.
Striking Looks SL1 or SL2
(ex. SL2 in short-desc, SL2:Hideously Disfigured in @desc)
Striking Voice SV1 or SV2
(same style as above)
High Wyrd The higher your Wyrd, the more minor traits leak through into your @desc, and the more uneasy mortals are around you.
Sublime If you are Sublime, mortals are going to need to know. See the merit entry.
  • Include the following merits/stats in your &short-mien/on a separate line at the bottom of your &faedesc:
Presence 4+ PR4, PR5, etc.
Feral Mien FM
Gentrified Bearing GB
Striking Looks SL1 or SL2
(ex. SL2 in short-mien, SL2:Hideously Disfigured in &faedesc)
Striking Mien SM1 or SM2
(same style as above)
Striking Voice SV1 or SV2
(same style as above)
Sublime Sublime
Wyrd Wyrd 1, Wyrd 2, Wyrd 8, etc.

Everybody needs one. If you're a changeling, you need two (mask/mien).

No, they can't just be a link to a picture.

You will not be approved without something which makes you reasonably identifiable. If you're not a fan of writing them, bare minimum required is to slap together something short with your age/gender/height/build/ethnicity/eye/hair color and clothes.


@desc me=<mortal desc> - Mortals, this is the only description you ever need. Lucky you!
Changelings, this is your Mask. It may or may not be completely identical to what you were before you were Taken. Your Mask's build, however, is within a few shades of your Mien. (I.e., if you look like a starvation victim in your Mien, your Mask is also going to be scrawny, though it doesn't have to be THAT scrawny. A bulky muscled Ogre is not going to look like a delicate pencil pusher human.) Similarly, your height is within an inch or two of your Mien, up or down. If you are a 7'5" tall gangly Darkling, you are NOT going to be a 6' tall human.
If you are High Wyrd, please be sure to pick one or two "tells" that betray your fae nature. You're too strange for even the Mask to hide you entirely, unless you strengthen it. For example, a Snowskin might always have cold hands, no matter the weather, or a Cat Beast might have amber-green eyes even in his human Mask.
&faedesc me=<fae desc> - Mortals do not need these unless they are Fae-touched with the Seeming merit.
Changelings, this is where you describe your faerie weirdness. Please be thematic and check the Mien Guidelines page. Your Mien could change based on your Wyrd level, your Court, your Seeming, your Kiths, your Entitlement or any Merits you might have.
Your Seeming and your Primary Kith will always be the most prominent features in your Mien.
For example: if you are a Fairest Shadowsoul/Soldier/Hunterheart, with big cats as your Hunterheart aspect, you're going to look particularly shadowy and lovely and warlike with very minor feline aspects, since the Hunterheart is your tertiary kith and the kith which least affects you. Neko, not anthro.
You would not look like a cat anthro until you were very high Wyrd indeed; most of your inhuman traits would come from Shadows and, secondarily, from being a "human" weapon trained for war.
&short-desc me=<brief mortal desc> - Shows up when you look at the room and in +glance.
Both mortals and changelings should have this set. For changelings, this should reflect your mask. You may see SL, SV or PR marked here, generally representing Striking Looks, Striking Voice or high Presence to clue people in quickly to important, noticeable social traits.
&short-mien me=<brief fae desc> - A quick description of your weirder Wyrd-touched self.
Changelings, this is a few words about your faerie weirdness, visible to anyone who can see miens.
See above regarding SL, SV, PR, GB, etc.