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Changeling Courts

'Tis the sad wind that sighs through the withering leaves. Autumn Court The Ashen Court, the Leaden Mirror, the Court of Fear. Affiliated with the emotion of Fear and the aspects of the Harvest and Decay, they know that knowledge is the best weapon, and are determined to use faerie powers (Contracts, Pledges, Tokens, Oneiromancy) against the Fae.
To one who the sadness of freedom knows... Winter Court The Onyx Court, the Silent Arrow, the Court of Sorrow. Affiliated with the emotion of Sorrow and the aspects of Cold and Numbing grief, they know that the best way to survive is to be left unnoticed. Let others draw the Fae's attention. If they don't know you're there, they might not know to watch their back.
It is the reflex of our earthly frame. Spring Court The Emerald Court, the Antler Crown, the Court of Desire. Affiliated with the emotion of Desire and the aspect of New Growth and Rejuvenation, they turn their backs on the True Fae and revel in the delights and luxuries of "real" life. Safety can be fun.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears... Summer Court The Crimson Court, the Iron Spear, the Court of Wrath. Affiliated with the emotion of Wrath and the aspects of Heat and the Sun, they seek to further their goals with strength and martial might. The hunted buck has horns, and the True Fae will feel their bite.
Hope is a thing with feathers. Dawn Court The Auroral Court, the Bloody Rose, the Court of Salvations. Eventually, this torment will end. Dawn courtiers stand ready at the crossroads to be the one bright voice against the dark. They use sacrifice of self to confound the selfish Fae. Agents of their own salvation, creators of the future, they thrive on Hope.
... Dusk Court The Umbral Court, the Glacial Axe, the Court of Dooms. They acknowledge the fact that we are all doomed and must make the fullest of the time left. Acceptance isn't submission. They won't go down without a fight. They thrive on Fatalism.
... Moon Court Court of Night, the Wayward Road, the Black Rock. Valuing freedom and chaos, and reveling in what they have become. They thrive on Disgust.
... Sun Court Court of the Day, The Found Path, the White Hill. Believers in morals, the rule of law, and righteousness. They thrive on Shame.